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I’m probably too soft for Batman’s Catwoman

An interview with Rony about KITTY-PLAY.

MasterMarc: Hi Rony. Petplay has become very popular. Everywhere are dogs wagging, woofing and more. But in the online world the cats are not really visible. You are a KITTY-PLAYER. But before we talk about your main fetish i would really like to know what have been your first steps in the kinky world and when was it?

Rony: I’ve been a late comer I think. In my late teens and early twenties, anything remotely kinky would have just disgusted me. I swore then leather was for shoes and belts only but I was a sauna regular. However, I think joining Fitlads in December 2013 did help first because the chav turns me on and second because i started talking to people with some kinks. First kink I had suppressed was piss play. I did try a couple of times, including during a session where I was drunk and stoned (that top was great!!). After that, I started getting interested in Fitlads sister site Slaveboys, and the rest is a natural story unfolding.

MasterMarc: And how does it come that you have explored the kitty play? I ask it because i see many differences between being a slave and being a kitty. What are in your eyes the differences?

Rony: Well I’m definitely not a slave. That isn’t my thing whatsoever but I can be docile at times.

Joining a kinky website opened my eyes to many things, though I’m quite on the softer end of the spectrum! I discovered the puppy world there which felt weird at first. I’m not really a dog person in real life and owned more cats then dogs. I met a dom who had a pup when in Scotland and that opened my eyes. Pet play in general is fun and far from what I’d put as an extreme: slavery. Obviously, I couldn’t be a pup, it didn’t feel natural but a cat did feel most natural so I started meowing. That confused a lot of people and still does!! Lol

Now, of course, being a pet is about headspace and involves dom / sub dynamics but for me, it happens either with doms or other pets. I’ve been known to dom a pup or two ๐Ÿ™‚ but it’s not always about sex, it varies with my mood and libido haha ๐Ÿ™‚

I would think in some master / slave dynamics there would be more restrictions. I’ve seen doms who had pups / slaves whom, I felt, were treated in a way I wouldn’t want to be treated. It’s just not my thing. And well, we all know a cat is quite independent ๐Ÿ™‚

MasterMarc: Cats just do what they want and they can be very demanding and at the same time also callous if they aren’t in the mood. Can you tell us the differences you see between a human dog and a human cat?  

Rony: Well after all the King of animals is a big cat sniggers … Joke aside, I see pet play as humans behaving like bio animals so I would think it is only natural that the differences exist.

I wouldn’t call myself callous but I expect a no being understood as no. For me respect goes both ways. If I’m not in the mood I generally don’t go into headspace so I remain human. Obviously, I am unlikely to go fetch something but yet can be very very docile. Then petting (belly rubs, scritches etc.) will have to be in a random number of my choosing (can’t have too much of a good thing hehe). I’ll admit I’m quite partial to twine balls or anything dangling I can play with or a laser pointer lol. On the sexual side of it, it’s slightly different. I am not into pain at all and I enjoy arse play a lot so foreplay is important to me. Generally become very docile with a finger in me (as long as I fancy the guy!!).

Oh and that so called war between cats and dogs doesn’t exist. I attend pup events as often as possible and never had any problems. Pups know how to recognise their general and they do a good job as soldiers for when us cats take over the world haha!! Seriously, I have no problems with pups, otherwise I wouldn’t have associated with 2 of them to co-found Mr Puppy UK

MasterMarc: Hehe. I see refugees are also welcome in the pet world. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you tell me, what kind of s/m and authority elements  are included in the sexual games you like to play and how important is the dominance of a handler for you as cat?

Rony: It is quite varied to be honest. In general, I prefer to sub and I prefer the guy to be on top. I can vary from just plain vanilla sex to being made to feel like a bitch. Being a cat also goes with me treading the gender line as I see fit. I enjoy chastity which is quite controlling as much as wearing lingerie for the guy. But I don’t go into full cross-dressing. Used to do drag but it wasn’t sexual at all. Let’s just say I enjoy feminisation as a way of dominating me! I’ll admit using words like pussy and cunt quite often and love hearing it during sex.

Piss play is also a big fetish of mine preferably where I’m lower than the dom. Add a bit of bondage and you generally have me.

That said, I have the urge to play with subs too. I’m very partial to a nice hole and enjoy seeing one quite loose. I like toys and I enjoy fisting but I’m not practically versed in it as yet.

It is also important for me to know the dom as a minimum of trust is necessary. I am very pro safe sex and expect it to happen with me (but people make the choices they want if they choose do go bare). I feel that having a regular handler, boyfriend or fuckbuddy would help me explore my sexual list

MasterMarc: That was an interesting answer because in my sensation a cat is more a female personality and dogs are more masculine. Do you think that human kitties have in general this kind of sissy-boy desires?

Rony: Absolutely not at all!! I know some kitties who are far from being sissy-boys. I believe the idea of the stereotype comes from the fact most human kitties are women. Having been to a few fetish markets, kitties and ponies are prevalent in the heterosexual spectrum. Things are changing though. I know one male kitty who’s hetero-flexible ??

I guess you could call me a sissy-boy but I prefer to say “pussy by name, pussy by nature” ??

One could also say that beta pups are the bitches and therefore could be sissy-boys too. I feel generalising is dangerous. Sex and fetish are both individual likes and dislikes and it just happens some people have the same likes and dislikes ??

MasterMarc: You’re totally right. To generealize is something which is not really a good idea in the fetish world. On your pics we can see that you like rubber and lycra. I think for a lot of people the kitty fetish goes togehter with lycra and latex. How do you see it? And are you as dangerous as Catwoman is and do you scratch other pets eyes out if your handler don’t has you at a short leash. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rony: I actually started with Lycra as it is still quite affordable and breathable so it doesn’t collect sweat as much. Leather is my second favourite thing now I know how good new leather smells. Rubber is quite new. Not only it is quite as expensive as leather, I never really enjoy being constricted. I might in the future get a proper rubber catsuit as I get used to rubber. I still prefer to remain in as little clothing as possible so a jock and footwear are a good combo to go out in ???

I’m probably too soft for Batman’s Catwoman, I don’t scratch much really. That said, I will retaliate where appropriate, just not deal the first strike ??

MasterMarc: Do you have also had contact to other petplayer than just dogs and cats? What are your experiences and what do you think about?

Rony: I have been a few fetish markets in the last few years and there I have met ponies. I know a bunny as well but that’s pretty much it. I have contacts in the furry world but I doubt they’d wanna be called pet players.

These experiences are mostly knowing their fetish. I haven’t played with other pets really. For me it’s each to their own. A pet player should follow his inner animal and be proud of it. I may be a house cat but some are tigers too. Each pup is a different breed depending on their pet persona.

MasterMarc: What qualities does a good kitty handler has to have ?

Rony: now that’s a tough question. To handle me, one would need to understand me and get to know me. He would’ve to understand when I’m in headspace or not, what buttons to push and when. There will be times I’ll feel very docile and others more playful and times I’ll be happy to push my limits. He should be able to read and communicate with me. Anyone out there fitting the profile?? I’m actually not that bad haha ?????

MasterMarc: Can you give some advice to newbies who would be interested to become a kitty? 

Rony: follow your inner kitty and be yourself!!! Trying to be what you aren’t isn’t gonna help. Of course don’t be scared of those puppies, a ball or a bone distracts them quite easily if need be sniggers

A cat doesn’t need an owner and most handlers are generally pup handlers so far. The more kitties we get out there, the more kitty handlers we’ll find so don’t worry if you can’t find one straight away. Get out there and make yourself known as a cat. And of course feel free to contact me on Twitter @Kitty_Rony ???


Are you a pet, pup, slave or something else? Write your comment, we want to know what you like!

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