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Pleasure Slave (8)

Somehow it seemed much easier and more natural to bein the showers with Gary now.  Well, I mean, whenyou’ve jerked a guy off, there’s not much reason to beshy, is there?    There were some of the other guys inthere, too, and I reckoned I was getting used to thisvery communal life as I hardly noticed as they pissedand crapped in the open lavatories along one wall, andas I needed to go myself, I almost felt relaxed as Isat there.

Gary was chatting to the other guys, and they wereswapping stories about the clients they’d been withthat night.  Almost to my horror I heard Gary say”….and of course I was just having fun, in the closeconfinement cage with Steve!”

One of the guys laughed, slapped my butt playfully(something else I wasn’t used to – this casual bodycontact between strangers in the shower) and said”He’s a good fuck, isn’t he?”

“I don’t know, we didn’t….”

“Hey, Steve, you don’t know what you’re missing!Gary’s really hot, and it makes a great change to havea firm young guy like that – most of the clients arepretty old, and not in good shape….  You’ve reallymissed out there….”

Once again this casual, shame-free attitude to sex wasalmost shocking.  I mean, you just don’t talk aboutfucking like that, do you?  Especially not fuckingother guys?

Gary didn’t stay as I sat there and munched my waythrough the tiny helping of slave chow – I was nowreally starting to feel hungry with the reducedrations they were deliberately feeding me – as he saidthat he’d got to go off and help Master Brett shower,shave and dress.  As I had assumed when I’d firstseen Master Brett, I knew that his immaculateappearance could only be achieved by the efforts of aslave, and it seemed that Gary was that slave as hewas Master Brett’s valet, as well as, he told me,being his sex toy when Master Brett did not want anyof the other slaves.  Gary didn’t seem to mind sayingthis at all, and I realised just how much theattitudes of a slave really did differ from those of afree man – I mean, fancy a twenty-two year old guyseeming happy to say how he was used for sex by anolder guy!

I spent the morning working out, interspersed by smallintervals of meeting some of the other guys andgenerally chatting.  Actually, I suppose, what theother slaves had said yesterday was right – thiswasn’t such a bad life.  I mean, I like using my body,liked working out, and here I had a superb gym andother in-shape guys to exercise with, too:  it reallymakes a difference, doesn’t it, to look around the gymand see properly toned bodies working hard, ratherthan a lot of flab?  And compared of some of the jobsslaves had, it was a veritable paradise.

I got fed at lunch time, again, a very small portionof chow compared to what the other guys seemed to get,and it obviously wasn’t the practice to “share” with anew guy.  They looked a bit pityingly at me as Iemptied every grain from my bowl, but said that itwasn’t allowed to give your food to another guy as ourdiets were “scientifically”  controlled.  “You can godown on me and have a big helping of my cum, though,for dessert”, one said “Our owners don’t mind that,and if you’re really hungry…..”

It wasn’t clear whether he was joking or not,  butfrom the way the others were nodding, I suspected thatit was for real.  I began to wonder just how hungryI’d need to be before I would willingly suck a guy’scum out from him – although it clearly was no big dealfor them.  Again, another example of how verydifferent my life as a slave now was from that which Iwas used to.

I was going to work out all afternoon, too, but I’dbarely started when a guard came over and said thatMaster Brett had ordered me to go to his room.  I wasabout to go straight there, when one of the otherslaves said “Hey, Steve – are you going foreducation?”

“Yes, I guess so….”

“So you’d better get through the showers.  Cleanyourself inside and out…. Master Brett will have youwhipped if you get any of your shit on him….”

Look, the first time you have an enema it’s awful.The cold of the nozzle on your ass, the difficulty ofgetting it through your sphincter, that awful feelingof the water filling you up, and the way that all yourbelly muscles feel they’re being stretched.  Then whenyou take the nozzle out, that mad rush to get over tothe bowl and expel it all, before you have to leak allover the place.  In one way I was really glad I wasalone in the showers at that time of day, as I don’tthink I could have stood having other guys watch me gotrough all of this humiliating experience – I know I’dseen the other slaves do it yesterday, and that washow I knew whet needed to be done.  But I wasn’t readyto have other guys watch – and listen – as my bowelserupted explosively into the lavatory bowl.  Mind you,it was different, I suppose:  you know how it is ifyou’ve got chronic gut cramps and you’re bursting togo, then finally get to a lavatory – the absolutesheer relief of it.  Well, I suppose it was a bit likethat, really.

It took me three changes of water before what seemedto be coming out of me was clear, and I hoped that wasenough.  I pulled on a fresh pair of shorts, made myway along the corridor, knocked quietly at MasterBrett’s door, then stood there, head bowed, as I’dseen Gary do the previous day.  You feel really stupidwaiting there – just like when you’ve had a problem atschool and have to wait outside the principal’soffice.  Some of the office staff walked by in”normal” clothes, but never gave me even a secondglance – evidently having a slave mostly naked,standing in the office just in those tiny shorts, wasan everyday occurrence for them.  It was almost arelief when I heard the call of “enter” from inside.

Once of the oddities of my new home was that you werenever really sure of the time.  There  was a lack ofclocks, and I of course no longer had a watch.  Ofcourse you could look out of the windows and see thesun and so on, but even then, the whole atmosphere wasdesigned to create a mood:  when I went in to MasterBrett’s “office” the heavy curtains had been pulledacross the windows, and the room was dark andmysterious, lit only by the dim pools of light fromthe shaded lamps, and the flickering of the fire inthe big fireplace.  It might have been early eveningin winter, in some old farm house in Vermont orsomewhere.

Master Brett was sitting at his huge desk, and I wentand stood in front of it.  He just went on signing thepapers in front of him, not seeming to notice me atall, until he suddenly said “Steve, assume the ‘rest’position when you’re waiting for me – head bowed, feetapart, hands neatly clasped behind you!  Don’t move,don’t shuffle – stand stock still, until I recogniseyou.  That’s the proper slave way.”

I did as he said, and just stood there for severalmore minutes.  Somehow, having to do this emphasisedthe control he now had over me –  I couldn’t wanderaround the room and look at the books on the shelves,I couldn’t scratch an itch,  I couldn’t even move myhead to look around.  Fortunately, though, MasterBrett seemed to finish what he was doing, and lookedup at me.

“Right, Steve – we’re going to continue your initialtraining today.  Young Gary has told me that you hadan introduction to masturbation last night…. And Ithink I’ll let you explore that for yourself.  There’sa lot to be learned, though – most men think they knowhow to do it, and of course you know how you like towank yourself.  But there’s a lot more to learn aboutthe whole thing, as after all you are supposed to be apleasure slave, and the men who hire you will expectyou to do it in a way that pleases them, not the waythat pleases you!  So be sure to spend a lot of timewith the other off-duty slaves, and really explore thetopic properly.  And the same with cock sucking – youhad a little introduction yesterday, but you need tobecome really experienced:  I’ll expect you to be ableto take any dick that’s presented to you and be ableto really cause its owner to have a lot of fun, if heprefers not to use your ass.”

“Still”, he went on, “You’ve got a month.  That’s howlong we give you.  After our meeting I’ll give you arecord sheet listing all the slaves here and you needto ‘tick off’ the ones you’ve been with, and what youdid with them.  It’s pretty tiring, as we expect youto jerk off, suck and fuck each of them, and they todo it to you, so you get a proper experience of beingwith all kinds of different men with all kinds ofdifferent requirements for fun.  And bear in mind thatyou can only do this on days when your fellow slavesare not working with clients – be sure to do thescheduling properly, and not get to the end of themonth and find that there are three or four guys youcan’t go with, or have to go with all in one day,because of the exigencies of the job.”

“You’ll also see that you need to go with some of theslaves several times – in particular, you’ll spend alot of time with the nigga, as I won’t tolerateprejudice here and you need to be as comfortable attaking black meat as white.  And, of course, from timeto time I’ll call you in here and have you demonstrateon young Gary how well you’re learning your lessons.Now, is that all understood?”

“Sir, yes.”

“Good.  Remember, I run a tight ship here, and failureto obey orders is not tolerated.  So make sure you’reproperly on top of things – if you work it all outproperly, you’ll only need to cum about four times aday during training, and a fit young guy like youshould easily be able to manage that.”

He got up from the desk, and to my amazement there wasa kind of scrabbling sound and Gary got to his feet -he’d been kneeling under the desk, as  Master Bretthad been working away.  As I watched, Master Bretttucked himself in and zipped up the fly in his elegantsuit  – evidently Gary had been servicing him as heworked away.  Gary just smiled at me, looking pleasedto see me, and scurried to find his owner’s suitjacket and carry it to him.

“No, you fucking idiot, Gary!  What do I want thatfor?  It’s cherry picking time, and that always makesme hot and sweaty.  The last thing I need is ajacket.”

Turning to me, he went on “Now, Steve, there’s alittle custom we have here when we have new recruits,especially new recruits like you who have notexperienced other guys before.  Master Jed and I liketo be the first up that virgin ass of yours, to be thefirst to take your cherry.  So it’s cherry pickingtime, as we say!  You’ll have lots of other dicks upyour ass before you’re very much older, but a manalways remembers the first time… I like to thinkthat when you’re old and grey you’ll still rememberme, the man who first put his dick up your lovely,tight, virgin, ass.”

“Please, sir….”

“Steve, you don’t speak unless you’re spoken to!  Iought to take the cane to that ass of yours  – infact, I might, as it enhances the experience offucking… well, at  least for the guy delivering it!But I’ll indulge you this once…. What is it?”

“Please, sir, do we have to do this?  I really don’twant to go with guys, sir.  Couldn’t I work for you asa slave doing something else?  I could be a gymteacher, work on reception… Something like that.”

“Now, Steve, don’t be stupid!  The other guys heredon’t need teaching in how to use the gym – our littlesystem of recording and punishment sees to that.  Andwe have a slave for reception – a cheap slave, one whocost a lot less than you!  You’re a pleasure slave,one who’s going to be properly trained to give ourclients a whole lot of satisfaction, and in returnthey will give me a whole lot of money, which will payback my investment in you.  You cost a lot of money,you know – handsome, fit, young guys with a goodlength of servitude always do, as you’d expect.  Ifyou add it the time it takes to train you, and thecosts of providing you with this great place to live,right in the centre of the city, warm, comfortable…Perhaps you don’t realise how much all that cost.  Andit has to be paid for, and the only was that happensis when clients pay fees, high fees, for you.  So theonly way  I can make a profit is if you are working ata high-revenue task.  So that’s why you need to befucked.  And that’s all there is to it – it’s a simplematter of profit and loss:  unless you know some wayof bucking the basic laws of economics, which, asyou’re not the US Government, who can spend and spendas they like, I doubt.”

I decided to risk even a caning, and have one last go. “Sir, please… I don’t like sex with men….”

“That really ought to earn you a thrashing, Steve!Never, I repeat, never, lie to me again!  Gary herehas told me about the fun you two had in the closeconfinement cage last night.  You fucked him, as nearas damn it, so I don’t understand why you’re soworried about the real thing.  Anyway, it reallydoesn’t matter – I have decided, you’re my slave, andso you’ll do as you’re told.  Slaves don’t decide onthese things for themselves, Steve – they obey theirowners!  Your opinion is utterly worthless, as it’s aslave’s duty to obey, not to do as he would wish.Now, before I lose my temper with you, bring thatpunishment horse over in front of the fire…”

The horse, on which I had been caned the day before,was still standing in the far corner of the room,  Iwent over to it and was surprised at just how heavy itwas – still, I suppose it was solid oak, and it neededto be really massive to be able to restrain a slavelike me.  It was a real struggle to get it across theroom and on to the deep pile rug in front of the fire,and I could feel myself breathing hard as I stoodthere.  What the fuck was going to happen now?  Surelyhe wasn’t going to cane me again?

“Lose the shorts, Steve, and on the horse!  You knowhow.  And Gary – leave his nose free this time, butrestrain his wrists.”

I felt the heat of the fire on my naked butt as Istood there for a moment, then the faint shock of thecool leather of the horse’s “back” as I lay on it.Gary at once knelt at the front legs, and I heard acouple of “snap” noises as my wrist bracelets wereattached to the front legs.  I was able to turn andsee Gary helping Master Brett undress – his shoes,suit trousers and cotton boxers were all taken andneatly folded.  Master Brett then stood there as Garyunbuttoned his shirt and helped him out of it – hedidn’t have a T on, I saw, and so he was now as nakedas I was.

Master Brett walked slowly around behind me, then Igot a shock as he pressed his body against my butt -it was the sheer unexpectedness of feeling the warmthof his skin against mine.  He leaned forward and ranhis hands down my back, from my shoulders to my waist,as if savouring my flesh.  My whole body trembled -was it in fear, was it in anticipation, or was it somemore basic instinct, that said that this was what abody was for, to be caressed and used by another man?I felt something soft yet firm pressing at my butt,and Master Brett was rising and falling softly on hisfeet, so that this delicious sensation was heightened- I cold feel his wiry pubic hair scraping over mytender butt, and knew that it must be his dick thatwas rubbing up and down the cleft between my buttmuscles.

“Now, Steve….”, I heard him say, then his hands cameup off my back, and the next instant I felt themresting on my ass cheeks, then his thumbs were gentlyprying them apart.  I started to shuffle uneasily, asmy feet were free to move, but he almost whispered”Easy, boy…. We’ve got a long way to go yet… Letme just look at that asshole of yours…   Now….”

The sensation came back again, but much firmer, moresolid.  His dick must be pressing into the widened gapbetween my cheeks.  And then I shivered withexcitement, as his warmth actually hit the tenderpuckered skin of my asshole itself.  I’d never feltanything like it, never experienced another man’s skinagainst mine here – after all, even when you have arectal examination at the doctor, he uses a latexglove!  It felt so strange – I had expected it to beawful, to hate it, but instead it was exciting,different, exotic….  I heard myself give a low moanfrom deep down inside myself, driven as it were bysome primeval instinct.

He carried on rubbing himself up and down against mefor what seemed like an age.  I was moaning andgroaning with pleasure, and wasn’t sure whether thesheen of sweat that had broken out all over me wascaused by this or by the heat of the flickering fire.The only sounds in the room were of his body againstmine, my animal-like expressions of something, and thecrackling of the logs.  It was as if the world outsidethis place, outside the interaction of the two of us,had ceased to exist.

Suddenly he stopped, and came around to my front.  Isaw his big white body, over weight and faintlyflabby, standing my me, his dick jutting out at rightangles from underneath his belly.  “So, Steve…. Notso bad, is it?”

“Sir, was that it… “

“Oh, Steve, you are an innocent!  Of course not!Don’t you think you’d feel it when this big solid dickactually docks inside you?”

As he spoke, he was rubbing his dick, and it bobbed upand down excitedly close to my face.  I could smellthat smell that I’d learned yesterday, and it servedonly to make the whole atmosphere even more erotic.  Ishuffled on my feet, feeling my buttocks, now togetheragain, sliding over each other – it’s odd, isn’t it -you don’t think of your muscles moving against eachother there, until they’ve been pried apart, thenallowed to come back together again.  Or perhaps itwas that there must have been some pre-cum leaking outof him, and they were now lubricated slightly.

“No, Steve, there’s a long way to go yet.  But this isyour first time, and I want you to enjoy it. I couldjust stab my dick up into you – you couldn’t stop me,as you’re restrained, and though that might beexciting for me, you really wouldn’t like it, and itmight even damage you – a guy’s sphincter can get tornby a real rape, you know.   But we’re going to do thisproperly – stretch you and relax you, so that when Ido get to slipping inside you it will be just that -your ass will welcome my dick just as if it’s a longlost friend, that it wants to throw its arms aroundand welcome, before squeezing it with joy… That waywe’ll both enjoy it, and you’ll have some reason toreally remember your first time.”

“Now, then, I need to lube you properly and stretchyou a bit.  I’m a bit of an environmentalist myself,and don’t like to use all those artificial lubes,especially when the body provides its very own,specially formulated to make skin slip and slide…Gary – milk Steve here, and be sure not to lose adrop!”

Gary went out of my field of vision, but I knew thathe must have knelt behind me, as I could feel hisbreath against my naked ass.  I closed my legs,instinctively, to hide my hole and my dick and balls,but I felt Gary’s strong young hands trying to forcetheir way between them.   But I’ve got strong musclesthere, and by clenching my butt firmly and notallowing my feet to move apart, I was able to resisthim.  The next instant I felt a resounding slap on myass, as he must have hit me!

It actually stings, you know.  You don’t have to use acane to hurt a guy’s ass – a strong open-palm slap onyour bare skin can be quite painful.  I sort ofyelped, and shuffled my feet, to try to ease mydiscomfort – and then Gary was right in!  I heard himsay “OK, Steve, keep your legs open”, and then he washolding my dick.   I couldn’t resist now, could I? – Imean, his hand was right around my dick, so close tomy balls.

My body wasn’t helping in any of this – I wentcompletely erect, in spite of knowing that this was anutterly humiliating position to be in.  Gary nowpressed his face against my ass – I could feel hisrough stubble on my sensitive skin, and pulled my dickdownwards and backwards.  That only made my erectionworse, as I tried to fight it – I could feel his handreally gripping my dick, and he almost pulled it backbetween my legs before he began to stroke it, gentlyat first, and then with increasing vigour

I know a slave isn’t supposed to do it, but I startedto curse him, telling him to fucking leave me alone,that he was a little bastard, and that I’d really beathim up the moment I was free.  Master Brett seemed tobe laughing at this, and his dick bobbed up and downas if he actually found it funny…. And all the timeGary’s stroking of my dick went on and on.

Actually, looking back on it, it’s the sort ofsituation that’s a bit of a turn on – I was powerlessto do anything about it as my wrists were secured tothe front of the horse, and I had a young guy actually”milking” me, using me to produce semen for my owner,as my owner watched.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been”milked” from behind like this, but it’s a reallydifferent sensation from a normal jerking off, even ifthat normal jerk-off is being done by another guy.Somehow, having your stiff dick pulled backwards andstroked through the inside of your thighs is acompletely different feeling, especially when the guydoing it has his face pressed into your ass!

I couldn’t help myself – very quickly indeed I shot myload, and lay there on the horse, panting slightlyfrom it all.  I heard Master Brett say “Good boy,Gary”, then he disappeared from my field of view.  Amoment later he was rubbing and pressing himself intomy ass again, something that he evidently found verysatisfying as I could hear small grunting noises fromhim, then it stopped.

The firm pressure of his hands on my ass cheeks toldme that something new was about to happen – I wasbeing spread apart.  And then there was a pressure onmy hole, a firm, insistent pressure that wouldn’t goaway.  I could feel something wriggling around,pushing, urging, trying to make an entrance.

“Relax, Steve”, Master Brett said.  “It’s only myfinger, and it’s for your own good.  You need to letme stretch you a bit, and to lube you…. Now, justrelax, and let me in….”

I tried my best, but as you probably know, you can’treally stop a guy’s finger from penetrating you, canyou?  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,actually – once I’d got used to the idea that my holecould be violated in this way, the actual sensation ofthe finger sliding in and out wasn’t so bad.  Hewithdrew it frequently, and each time he went back init got easier and easier.

“There, see?”, he said quietly.  “Your own cum is agood lubricant, and as I spread more and more of itaround, it gets easier and easier, doesn’t it?Now…. For the next stage….”

I grunted again as he now pushed two fingers into me,and of course once that had happened, he was able tobegin stretching me:  it’s a funny sensation, isn’tit?  The way that you kind of know your ass is beingopened out, but it feels good.  And when he then putthree fingers in and really began to stretch me, itdidn’t feel any worse.

I’ve no idea how long it went on for – the warmth ofthe fire, the relaxing atmosphere in the room, and thecasual way that Master Brett was playing with my bodyall combined to make me feel very lethargic, and therewas a huge sensation of being at ease with the worldthat swept over me.  So when I felt something quitedifferent pressing against my asshole, I really didn’tcare much.

This was totally different – warmer that his fingers,and somehow more insistent.  I could also feel hisnaked legs pressed against the back of mine, and Iheard him say “Now, Steve, this is it – a man’s dickinto you for the first time.  Just relax….”

But I didn’t, of course!  The thought of his huge fatdick pushing into me was too much.  “No, Master,please, no…”, I half whimpered.”Now, Steve, don’t be silly!  You know this isinevitable.  An owner always takes his slave’s cherry. Just relax – try to push out, as if you’re dropping aturd, and it will all be over in a moment.”

In spite of my terror, I tried to do what he said, andthen I felt him pop into me.  I just knew that hisdick head had breached my sphincter, and he was nowinside me.  I was no longer a virgin.  I was no longera proper man – I was being fucked by a guy!  I wantedto cry, or to scream with impotent fury at what wasbeing done to me, but what was the point?

Slowly, very slowly, he carried on pushing, and moreand more of his dick slid into me.  It mostly felt OK,no, more than that – it actually mostly felt good.But sometimes there was a sharp pain, and I winced.At once Master Brett would stop, run his handsencouragingly up and down my back and whisper “OK,Steve… Take it easy… there, now, that’s better,isn’t it…. Now let’s move on….”.

I knew his dick must be buried right inside me as Ifelt his pubic hair scratching at the tender skin ofmy ass, and he leaned right over me and whispered”There, Steve – you’ve taken my dick now.  You’reskewered on your owner’s dick, and I now possess youtotally and utterly.  Now, let’s do some seriousfucking….”

He was really good at it.  As you probably rememberthe first time you were fucked, it’s a bit scary.  Andyour body doesn’t really know whether to gasp with thesheer pleasure of it, or cry out with the pain – thatspecial, very special pain, that only comes when adick is sliding in and out of your delicate membranes. Master Brett varied the length of his strokes,sometimes taking long, slow ones, and sometimes awhole series of little short ones;  he varied thepower, sometimes just being gently assertive, andsometimes almost slamming his body into mine at theend of a stroke; and he paced it well, sometimesstopping for many seconds to let me recover, or toanticipate the next series of movements.

All the time I could kind of hear myself – I seem tohave lost conscious control of my voice – making moansand groans of pleasure, or tiny yelps as thatexquisite pain from a well controlled dick struck me. When I heard him shout “Jesus Christ!  Yes,  yes, I’mcuming…..” and slam into me one last time, I wasalmost sad it was over.

He fell forward onto me, his dick still buried intome, and I had to take the weight of his big body onmine.  It felt good, though –  he was hot, wet withsweat (as was I), and somehow it felt good to feel hisheart pounding and his lungs sucking in the air as helay on top of me.

Finally, very slowly, very slowly indeed, he pulledout of me.  I felt empty – figuratively as well asliterally, and just lay there.  He came around tostand in front of me, and I could see his flaccid dickhanging there now, shining with cum and sweat.

“One last thing, Steve:  clean me up.  Get that tongueout, and clean my dick and balls.”

“No, Master, please, no…”

“Yes, Steve.  It’s only our cum, our sweat, and yourass juices, after all – all good wholesome fare!  Ilike to teach you slaves to do this from day one, asit reminds you of the importance of really cleaningyourself out before you go with a client:  if you hadbeen negligent in that, it would be a very unpleasantjob indeed! Now, come on, lick me clean… Get thattongue out.  A lot of guys find this bit of it almostas sexy as the actual fucking, you know.”

I didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t want to take hisvile dick anywhere my mouth, especially as I couldsmell the cum and sweat assailing my nostrils.    Idid everything I could to try to stop him, but hehooked a finger through my nose ring and pulled myhead up off the bed of the horse, then guided my noseand mouth in to his crotch.

“See, Steve – these little control things we have onyou can come in useful, can’t they?  Now, be a goodboy, and lick me clean.  I’d hate to have to get thecane out and ‘encourage’ you, after we’ve had thisfantastic  time together.”

So I did.  And, like a whole lot of things in life, itwasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  And as I thenlay there watching Gary help him dress, I thought thatmy life had now irrevocably changed:  I was no longera  real man – I truly was now a slave, something to bekept to amuse my owner.  It was as if the lastvestiges of my freedom had vanished, along with myvirginity.

To be continued …

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