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We Were Watching The Other Pups Play With Each Other. And Then The Ball Bounced Our Way.

Pup Osca

19XX | 1XX cm | XX kg

Perth (AUS)

Hello readers, I’m talking to a pup from down under today. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself. How did you first get into contact with pup play?

I was curious about the fetish scene, so I joined our local Fetishmen group and went to one of their social drinks outings. And somehow ended up having an introductory rope play class at my house for a small group of 5. Then word got out within the group and that 5 ended becoming a 32. ^^’

After the class a few of the guys geared up into what I later discovered was pup hoods/harnesse,s and were just having a blast in my backyard, wrestling and playing pup mode tug of war, and I thought to myself that this could be something I would enjoy doing.

XD hahaha wow so your first encounter was unintentionally hosting a fetish party? And how was it when you first tried it out? We’re you nervous, awkward, did it feel comfortable?

I went to a fetish event a couple weeks later where the staff had laid out a pup play area with foam matts and toys. I was a bit reluctant and nervous at first cus everything was all new to me, and most of the guys I just met that one time at mine briefly. But I saw a rubber pup on the sidelines who looked just as nervous as me, so I went up and introduced myself. Found out he was a visiting pup from the eastern states and that he didn’t know that many people either, so I felt a little more at ease after that.

While we were talking, we were just watching the other pups play and interact with each other. And then the beach ball bounced our way. We rolled it back, only to have it hit back in our direction. We both ended up joining a circle of pups passing the ball to one another until someone would decide to hog the ball and then get tackled and jumped on by pups.

I wasn’t really nervous after that. I was too busy having fun getting tackled or booped by other pups to feel awkward. I do recall a pup being put in time out cus their were puncture wounds in the now flat beach ball. I felt guilty that he got in trouble especially since those bite marks were mine xD

I chatted to a few pups after I played and everyone was so open and friendly as welcoming me into the group. I also learnt about buying knees pads when I woke up the next morning with bruises ^^’

The rope play was fun too. We learnt a few types of knots and how to make a few chest harnesses. We took it in turns to make a harness on someone else, and I got stuck with a sub who constantly was making sure he wasn’t doing it to tight and getting all flustered when he had to yank the knot tight. I remember him giggle and saying “there’s not a dom bone in my body, unless someone is fucking me”.

Yes, the knee pad experience is almost like a right of passage I guess. I had it after my first party too. And after the second I learned that you can’t buy ones that move easily and are meant to be worn over longsleeved gear, and not a short rubbersuit. I assume that wasn’t your last event you went to afterwards? How important are they to you?

Events are the best way to learn and understand pup play, plus I super enjoy the intimacy of wrestling and cuddle piles when we all play. Since pup play is such broad spectrum there are all kinds of pups, from the cute n cuddly to the full rubber kinky ones, and it’s so amazing that we can all get together and talk about it all in a safe environment.

We are lucky here in Perth that we have support from so many venues. From where we hold our major moshes at Tiki as fk (A private bar that we can play in away from prying eyes) to the bears letting us come play and hang with them at their casual meetup nights and events.

We also have support from local drag queens, and have made a name for ourselves in the local gay community. That happended mostly by going to the weekly amateur drag on Wednesday night and gay bingo on Thursdays. There’s always a pup or two at these and that’s helped a lot of new comers come out. And it is a great ice breaker for those who are new or looking to join.

We also do a lot of small social gatherings, like going to the male saunter, movie nights, picnics or just chilling and playing games at someone’s house. Which I think are super important after big major event, because puppy highs are a thing and the come downs from these events are also unfortunately. Plus helps with a few of the puppers who have anxiety in larger groups to come out of their shells.

You’re right, events are important. They can bring people all sorts of things if they are willing to interact with each other. Friends, experience, self-confidence… Lastly, where would people find your group if they live in the area and wanna see how it’s like once?

It’s called Wa-pah (western australia pups and handlers) on Facebook. It’s a closed group for privacy reasons but we have a few pups from outside in it because they come down to visit or contribute to our community in some way or another.

Thank you for talking to us Osca. I hope your group continues to be so awesome and wish you still a lot more fun memories with them in the future.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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