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Making A Slave Boy

Kyle was a geeky 22 year old who had just finished university. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and was small of build. He went to Penn State and did computer sciences. He enjoyed his time at university, but being a geek he found it difficult to make a lot of friends. At the end of university he decided to move home to live with his parents. The long trek back to Rutland, Vermont.

His parents lived in a typical house on a small hill. His life in a small town made it near impossible to find a new job. He often did online jobs and basically stayed at home. 

A few weeks before leaving for university one of his buddies was telling him this long tale about a guy he knew who would spend all his time jacking off in his room watching porn. As he progressed his porn tastes changed and it started getting more and more extreme. Paul, Kyle’s friend then discussed that his friend got hooked on bondage and ball hitting that he ended up hiring hookers to kick him in the ball nightly. They both had laughed and found this a strange but interesting tale.  

Now six months of isolation, living with his parents, Kyle had started visiting all sorts of different websites exploring so many different kinks. One of his favourite types of kinks was ball hitting, like Pauls friend, and edging.  He would stay up night after night edging his cock until he could no longer take the temptation. Right at the end he would cum and it would feel like the best orgasm of his life. 

He then discovered that if he let go of his cock at the right time, he would orgasm, but it would not be fulfilled and he could then, after a short time, get back to edging. The videos he would watch of women doing this to men would keep him entertained for hours.  

Kyle then discovered a reddit thread that described male chastity and found this very intriguing. He looked on eBay and bought a small plastic device. Three days later it arrived and he nearly bust his nut before he could even get it on his cock. It took a while for his hard on to go down.  Eventually it did and he managed to slide the plastic over his penis. The trouble was it was way to big for him. Unfortunately for Kyle, his penis was less than two inches when soft and just over four inches when hard. On his small thin frame, he didn’t look out of proportion, but it was something that impacted his confidence.

Kyle then researched reading many threads online trying to find the right device that would fit comfortably around his penis. It took a while, but he discovered a company that would make his size to order. It would cost a lot of money, and Kyle really had to think about it. It filled his dreams for weeks and weeks.

Kyle just finished a large online job and thought to himself that as a treat for all the hard work he had done on the last project, he would treat himself. It took two months for the device to be made and mailed to him. He unwrapped the device, a full stainless steel tube, with a small hole in the bottom (for pee) and a very tight (but comfortable) ring which fitted nicely around is cock and balls. He had a key that fitted rather than a bulky padlock. 

Kyle put it on his penis and it instantly tried to get hard, and it was uncomfortable (as it should be). Kyle then hid the key in a drawer by his bed. An hour later, he had his cock out and came. Unfulfilled by his evident lack of self control he searched online for tools that could help. His results showed nothing. He then went back to reddit and tried to find females that would help in his lock up. He contacted mistress after mistress to see if they would take him on. Not one contacted him back. He made an account on Kik and tried to reach mistresses that way. No luck at all, all that would contact him were males, typically in their late thirties that wanted to take him on board as a slave. For fun he would send them pictures of his locked cock and pretend to be locked by his mistress. 

It was a year since finishing university, and three months since his special made chastity device arrived. He tried in vain to attract a female mistress to his cause.  He had in his contacts around 15 men who he regularly sent updates to regarding his locked position. Never the truth, but it was fun to tease all of these guys. Four of them were international, nine were spread around the country and far enough away from Kyle, one was over in New York State (about 3 hours away) and the other was in Connecticut (about 3 hours away also). 

Kyle decided in a mad fancy to contact both of them to see if they would be interested in playing a role in his fantasy. He sent the messages on Kik. Skylar Matthews (31 M Connecticut) was the first guy to respond. 

“Hi playfulboy, i would be honoured to serve as your master, and being only a few hours away i would be real fun. However, I’m a married man, and my Wife does not know about my kinks, so i probably won’t be much use to you. However, I’d still like to keep up with your progress of becoming a chaste-slave”. 

Damn, thought Kyle. He waited for the other guy to respond. Normally it was within a few minutes. But it was ages before a response. In fact three days later Kyle got a response from SadoDaddyRob (M, 38 , NY). 

“Boy, you don’t get to choose your master, he simply with start owning you. But if you want to offer yourself over to someone, consider it done. Provide me your email.”  

Kyle immediately closed Kik, in fact he turned his phone off. Panicked and then immediately searched online for a username SadoDaddyRob. He couldn’t find anything on reddit or any other thread. He even signed onto Recon, still no profile. Two hours later Kyle responded. 

“Hi SadoDaddyRob, I’m not sure i am ready to pass on my personal email. Could you give me more information about yourself.”

“Why did it take two hours and 13 minutes to respond to me?, boy”

“Sorry Sir, i panicked”

“First strike, you get two more”. SadoDaddyRob responded almost immediately.

“Yes Sir, I understand, may i ask a question?”


“Sir, I would like to know what you look like and if you could send me some information about yourself, like what do you do and what you want from me” Kyle really wanted to find out before agreeing to anything.

“I’m glad you asked.  I’m in real estate, i work out three times a week, so not really pumped but i like to keep myself in shape – see picture attached.  I want to explore your kinks as fair as i can take you and push you further than you thought you’d go. I’m an adaptive master, i will obey set guides but will push you.  If you pass me your personal email, i can give you a list of dos and don’t and you can respond honestly to them.” 

Kyle looked at the photo, he was topless with slight hair on his chest and wearing checkered boxers. He was muscular but not overly built, almost a six pack showing and a lot of hair on his stomach. Kyle, never before really interested in guys felt like this dude would give a good hug and that he would feel safe with him. 

“OK, Sir, my email is….” 

Kyle exchanged his email address and set about idly chatting to him. All night Kyle chatted away and found out more information about him. He got to see more pictures as the night went by and sent some risky pictures of himself too. Kyle was so enticed by him, and was almost swooning at every word. 

After he finished chatting (around 2am) Kyle checked his email, and saw that SadoDaddyRob had sent him an email. It was a term and conditions email. Basically it had a list of various different things from ball hitting to scat. Kyle ticked all the things he was willing to do and then put a question mark on the things he didn’t think he was ready for at the moment but would consider later and then a cross on the things he was unwilling to do. 

His list of things he was willing to do were many, edging, milking, cock and ball torture, chastity (he double ticked that), orgasm denial and ruining, polishing, slavery, humiliation, pornography making (as long as his face was covered)and other things. 

He put a question mark on pee play – as he had seen some videos online and although he wasn’t that interested in it from a male point of view, he did not know if in the future of play, he would consider it. The same with anal play and forced sex, he wasn’t interested in men, but he would want to be a slave and most slaves had dildo etc. to play with. He also question marked the public humiliation box. 

He put crosses on a few things, scaat, Public sex and mass exposure. He also crossed the risky behaviour and whoring / selling body. 

He then signed it (digitally) attached a picture of his face and sent it away. The next morning he woke up to a lovely email with an invitation to join Master Rob on Friday evening at 6pm, with his address and joining instructions. Kyle instantly jerked off and came pretty quickly, he then read the joining instructions again. He noticed that he was to keep his cum as long as possible and ideally it should be 4 days of no jerking off before he joined Master rob. It was Monday morning, so that meant he had till 6pm to jerk off. 

Kyle probably jerked off 6 more times, the last one had nothing left. The four days dragged on and on, Kyle had a small project that he finished off during the week and tried to get as much sleep as possible. He kept reading the instructions, he was to get there by Friday, at 6pm and would leave on Sunday at 4pm. The rest of the instructions told him where to go and how to enter the house. 

Friday came and Kyle had worked out the best route to go. He told his parents he was meeting friends from university and he wouldn’t really be on his phone at the weekend. They were grateful he was leaving the house. Kyle took four buses that day but finally reached Kingston, New York, once off the bus he called an Uber. The Uber dropped him off on a long wide street with various small and larger houses up and down the boulevard. Kyle looked at the address again and noticed a medium sized white house, with a flag outside, a small box on the porch and a netted door. The sun was out but on its way to bed and Kyle stepped up towards the house. It was 5.55pm and he wanted to make sure that he was early. 

The joining instructions said that he was to leave everything he owned in the box in the porch, except his wallet, phone and any medication he had. It mentioned that he was to enter the house without clothing but wearing his chastity device. He also was to keep the key within his wallet. 

Kyle looked around the neighbourhood, and could not see many people around, he also noticed that once on the porch you had to be directly outside of the house in order to see in, and so therefore he was relived that he would not be exposing himself too much. He stripped down to nothing, put everything into the box and as it shut it clicked. Instantly Kyle boned up, but his cage prevented him from getting to far with it. He opened the door and then found another small box just inside of the house. Kyle was to put his cell, wallet and medication into this second box and knee on the floor and wait for Master Rob.  Kyle did just that and knelt down and waited.

Kyle was excited, nervous, scared, aroused and couldn’t wait much longer. But that is what Kyle had to do. It seemed like forever (when only a few minutes had passed) and Master Rob walked softly up toward Kyle. Interestingly Kyle could smell the scent of Rob and felt soothed by it. Slightly musky but with a hint of soap. Master Rob stood in front of a naked (except for the cage) Kyle fully dressed and smiling. Rob was cuter than his picture showed and much more built. He stood a 6ft 5 inches and towered over Kyle (5ft 8)

“I’m so glad you made it boy”  Rob patted him on the head

“Thank you Sir, I’m here willing to serve” Kyle spoke, he felt in a dream world

“Good boy, by entering my house you have confirmed that you are willing to be my slave until 4pm on Sunday. We will see this as a beginner and we shall make further plans once this weekend is over.  Now boy stand up and show me that body”

Kyle stood up and turned around, bent down and spread his ass. Rob inspected him and then carefully placed his hands on the boys bottom. Kyle squirmed slightly and felt his cock hardening. He was so turned on at that moment his could bust. 

“A boy who winces at my touch is a boy who will be easy to play with, good boy” said Rob. His hands now moved from Kyle’s bottom and went straight to his balls. He squeezed them and gently hit them, each time Kyle’s cook would try to grow. Rob then moved his hands over the boys stomach and then up and over his nipples. He gently rubbed and these and commented on how smooth the boy was. 

“I did what Sir requested, i removed all my body hair for you Sir, even on my legs” Kyle spoke

“Good boy, you can get a gold star, arms.” 

Kyle lifted his arms and Master Rob bent down and smelt them. “Um, you need to bathe. Go boy, and wash, a slave in my servitude should always be clean”. 

Rob pointed to the end of the hall and Kyle moved over to the door, inside was a small bathroom with a toilet and sink and a small shower. Kyle turned on the taps and washed himself. As he was washing his cock tried to harden again and Kyle wished he could jerk it. His thoughts were only of Rob.  He washed himself paying special attention to his under arms, his groin and his ass. He washed off the soap and then dried himself on a towel. He put the towel back in and walked out of the bathroom.

“I’m in here” Rob shouted from one of the rooms

Kyle walked towards the sound and entered a living room, the room had four chairs in it, a giant TV, a load of speakers and was illuminated in a bright light. Rob motioned for Kyle to come closer and then pointed to his feet, lifting them as Kyle squatted down. Kyle then became his foot stool. From here, Kyle could smell Rob and his muskyness was now over powering Kyles senses. He was getting hornier and hornier. In fact, Kyle had never been as horny as he was at that moment. Kyle off in a dreamworld of smells, did not notice Rob moving away from him, when he did notice Kyle quickly followed him. 

“Good boy, you may now have a small rest, it has been two hours since you have been here and we have a busy night ahead.  Kyle had followed Rob into the master bedroom, inside this room was all sorts of different implements from whips to chains and dildos. Kyle instantly boned up again, and felt frustrated at not being able to jerk.

Rob opened the closet and showed Kyle a large box. He pulled Kyle over and then pushed him into the box. The lid on the box was shut and Kyle trapped inside. Kyle heard the familiar sound of a pad lock and heard the closet shut. Kyle assumed that this was his time off. 

Kyle couldn’t remember how long he was inside of the box, as he had fallen asleep, but when he had awoken he started hearing noises, at first he thought it was the TV but after a while the noises sound like people. Dread filled Kyle head as he did not want to show off his body to people he had not met. 

The closet door opened and then the pad lock was removed, light illuminated the box and Kyle was pulled up. A head mask was placed over Kyle head with only eye, nose and moth holes in it. And then Kyle was marched out towards the living room. Before entering the room, Master Rob tied Kyles hands behind his back and pushed him further into the room.

Inside sat and stood 12 men all with beer or other drinks in their hands. As Kyle was pushed in all of them turned around and looked at him. His cock instantly boned up and he felt so embarrassed. 

Master Rob had taken Kyles hands and now hooked them to a big hook on the ceiling, this made Kyle look like a long thin boy showing off his body to all the people in the room. Master Rob moved towards Kyle’s chastity device and in did it, Kyle’s cock sprung to life as the chastity device was removed. 

As this happened a bit of noise occurred in the room, a couple of the men licked their lips and some smirked. 

“Thank you gentlemen for attending here tonight at such short notice” said Master Rob, all the men in the room nodded or raised their beer. “This boy came to me yesterday, he is fully untrained and sold as seen. He will require training, no more than a couple of months and is quite clean. He was straight and had only every been with two people prior to coming here. His balls are tight and he has been without orgasm for 4 days. Who is going to start our bidding tonight”.

Kyle was shaking, stunned and tears had formed in his eyes. He could not believe that this was happening to him, it must have been some sort of mistake, as he had not ticked that box in the terms and conditions. Kyle tried to speak but somehow could not. He had forgotten that Master Rob had inserted a ball gage into his mouth. 

As Kyle was standing arms strapped and cock free, it had gone down with the realisation of his situation. Which caused his extreme embarrassment as his cock was almost now inverted into his body. One of the men, a tall guy with a huge beard came walking up to Kyle and placed his hand on his chest. He moved it up and down, across the nipple, and then down towards his stomach. The man now forcefully moved his hand down towards Kyle cock, as it passed closer to his cock, he started to feel aroused again. His cock quickly boned up. The man causally stocked his cock, Kyle winced. 

The man walked around the other side and slid his hands over his buttocks, and then rubbed his finger around Kyle’s hole. He then walked off. Each man in the room did the same, each rubbing his cock and hole. Slowly everyone in the room had fully investigated Kyle and his body, and Kyle was now feeling so horny it was unbelievable.

“Right gentlemen, bidding starts now” Master Rob clasped his hands.

The bidding went on for some time, and there seemed to be a bidding war, at the end though Master Rob said ‘Sold’ and the total figure was just over $12K. 

Kyle was left in the middle of the room and all the guess’s were idly chatting and enjoying their beers. Another couple of hours later the last person left and Master Rob eventually untied Kyle’s hands and placed them behind his back, retying them. Master Rob put the chastity device back on and took him to the bedroom. As they reached to the bed room the ball gag was removed.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing, i didn’t want to be sold” Kyle was so angry

“It doesn’t matter what you want, you are sold and come Sunday at 4pm you leave me and become the property of Stuart Ballintrye.” 

“What the fuck, I’m not here to be sold, I just wanted to explore my kinky side” 

“Boy, I am fed up with training you little boys to become someone else’s slave. Now i just find them, and get the buyer to train.” 

“Why are you doing this” Kyle wanted answers

“Because I need the money, now you have to go in the box, your choice if you are gagged or not, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Kyle thought to himself that it was just easier to comply and he would try and reason with Rob and see if he can get out of this, however, he had never felt so horny in all of his life. Perhaps this was just speeding up his kink. 

Kyle went into the box and his head was filled with all sorts of fear and anxiety, but he had never felt anything quite like this and wanted to see it through. Perhaps he could cum tomorrow and it would make it all seem great. 

The next day came, it was a day of doing not a lot, he would clean the house, clean himself and then cook. He did so many chores, Master Rob I’d not seem overly interested in him. But he did manage to get some more information out of him. 

It appears that Rob has sold many more boys into slavery before, and that he was quite good at spotting a boy would would cooperate with it. He found that once the boy was gone he would pay a compute hacker to remove every aspects of Rob and Kyles messages together, and remove any trace of him entering this area. Tomorrow, once Kyle was gone, it would remove all aspects of Kyle being in the house and then write a letter to his parent expressing that he has gone somewhere else and that he wishes not be found. Enough traces would be left in order to remove any trace of him and send every person looking far and wide away from where he would be. 

Master Stuart, Kyle’s new master, would pick him up tomorrow and take him away to his new home, it was somewhere mid west, where Stuart would train him and take over control of him. Rob did not mention anything else, it was most probably because he did not know more. 

It was strange, but Kyle still felt in awe of Rob, and would still worship him. He found out that Rob first slave was his own slave and had been with him for 2 years. Rob was made redundant at work and then got into some real financial difficulty, Robs first slave suggested that he would sell his own body for Rob to make extra money, but as Rob tried to do this, he found out that if he just sold the slave he could get himself out of financial trouble. He did just that and then set about doing it as much as possible, and now sold around 4-5 slaves a year. He was living a rather luxurious life. 

The day dragged on and Kyle went easily into his new home (the box) and then woke on the Sunday morning. Kyle was so happy that this was the day he meets his new owner. Kyle thought i was odd that before Friday he was a free man, and now he was getting a new master. He was rather excited, but couldn’t say why. In fact it was strange, as he was fighting it on Friday and now on Sunday was accepting it. Why was that. He was actually excited about it. 

Quickly the day was running on, Kyle was told that he needed to clean himself and remove every bit of hair from his body. So Kyle took the time in doing this. Kyle stood waiting by the door, unclothed with only the metal tube over his cock, hard and horny. The door opened and Stuart walked in. It was the guy who first came over to Kyle and checked him over. Stuart was the most beautiful man in the world and looked like he would look after Kyle, more than Rob would. Kyle nearly came from looking at his new master. 

Stuart took his hands and ran it through the boys hair, and then ruffled it. He then moved his hands down Kyle’s back and then towards his bottom. He poked a finger into Kyles hole which made him leak so much pre-cum. 

Rob entered the hallway “Stuart, just sign here” 

Stuart signed his name “Anything else, the money was transferred this morning”.

“Yes, i saw, thank you. One last thing, just let any others know that if they want to buy another specimen like this, seek me out.” Rob shook Stuarts hand.

“Will do, and thank you, he will fit in nicely with Craig and myself”. 

“Good, well keep in touch and let me know how he breaks in” Rob walked them to the door. 

Tears fell down the checks of Kyle, not from anger or of hopelessness. No Kyle was crying with joy. He finally found his meaning. Kyle, fully naked and collared walked out of the house in daylight and hopped into the trunk of the car. He would await his new home. 

That’s the end of Kyles journey, he found his home. He moved in with Stuart and Craig, and became there personal slave. He never touched his penis again, and over time the blue balls subsided and he finally stopped aching. Stuart looked after him, and even in old age, Stuart made sure the ‘boy’ was clean and fresh. Kyle in the end didn’t remember his previous life as a free boy. He was happy a slave. 

JJ2000 is an online kinkster with a passion for small boys to submit and know their place. Remember, keep that cock locked, always.

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