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I Want To Feel Like A Physical Victim

MasterMarc: Hi Migikun. You’re one of CastroKink’s boys and you’ve started with your own blog on KINKFINITY. You’re young and into kinks. Can you tell us, when you’ve discovered your kinky side and that you like to be dominated?

Migikun: Ever since I was around 11 years old, I noticed that I always have had a tendency to be a follower rather than a leader. I get scared when I want to request something. For example, I wouldn’t even ask my teacher if I can go play with the computer or go use a coloring book; I just sat there awkwardly without knowing what to do. That would be the earliest forms of submission to me, having to rely on someone else’s decision (preferrably on someone who has authority of some sort, like Castro Kink’s).

After that, I started discovering my kinky side right after my ex-boyfriend whom I had my very first relationship with, broke up with me around July 2015. Seeing so many people enjoying themselves in their leather and chains and rubber and masks lured me into the kink community so effortlessly. That’s when I met the very first guy whom I tried rope bondage with, Jawsie. He was very welcoming and nice to me! This first encounter made me realize that the kink community may be paradise for me because I’ve been trying to escape the drama that my first and passed relationship caused me.


Californa (U.S.)

MasterMarc: Have you never had bad feelings about being submissive? I talk for example about feelings that you’re disapointing your family and friends because our society demands dominant qualities?

Migikun: As every human being would feel, of course as a submissive, I feel a lot of bad feelings throughout my journey. My very best example would be feeling guilt and shame because of my family. Firstly, I grew up in a Filipino household where respect for the elders and parents is a customary thing. It’s your life, basically, to be there for your family 100%. While being in kink, I do my best to hide what I do from my family, especially my parents.

My parents did a lot for me. They made it possible for my family to immigrate to the United States, and for me to experience the kink community. While I am proud of being a submissive kinkster, I’m also happy for my parents to the point I would hide and sometimes not prioritize my kinks for them because I love them as much as I love my kink.

In societal standards, I do not care much because I’m lucky enough to be living near an area where being kinky is a normal thing. Actually, I’m glad that there are these societal standards where most people stay away from you because of what you do, because one can get that feeling of uniqueness or variety in life. I even told my friends that if kink was as normal as vanilla encounters, it’d be boring for us.


MasterMarc: Can you tell us, what kind of feelings you get, when you serve, when you get used and also kind of “abused”? What are the aspects which makes you happy to be in this situation?

Migikun: As a person, I always want to be a good person to anyone as much as possible. And whenever I serve Sir Castro Kink, I always get the feeling of satisfaction and the feeling like I did something valuable to him. But my fantasies that require force and (consensual) abuse hit me in a different way. I always wanted to feel like I’m a physical victim. So I tell Sir to be rougher and such, and I feel like I’m doing my part not only as a sub or captive, but I also feel like I can let go of the troubles I have in society and just allow the violence fulfill my fantasy of being used or (consensually) raped.

The aspect that makes me happy to be in such situation is the complete trust I give to my dom when it comes to doing a scene with him. It makes me happy that I can give my trust to someone who can make my fantasies become as accurate as possible in real life. Even though my Sir thinks of things to do as we go, he still remembers each and every one of his subs’ wants and needs, which makes me feel safe and happy to be with him. And I believe that that should be a reason why people feel happy with their doms and subs; because of trust all kinksters give to each other to meet their kinks.


MasterMarc: Is it for you just a sexual desire or do you need also dominance in life? 

MigikunMigikun: To be honest, my sexual desires make me crave dominance in life because of how I deal with my sexual desires.

Whenever I’m with another person or in public, it’s really difficult for me to cum or achieve orgasm, even if the person is very close to me or when the situation is very relaxed and intimate. To make up for it, I then become more submissive and I would hope that my partner (Sir, for instance) would read my body language and become more dominant and aggressive to me.

In life, I’m always hungry for both dominance and sexual pleasure. It all lies on how Sir and I will be getting to those wants and needs.

MasterMarc: As sadOsam is a fetish magazine I really have to ask you, what kinkd of sexual action do you love, what makes you hot, what are your limits?


Migikun: Oh, I thought this is a psychology website! Just kidding!

I would have to start with anything sexually vanilla. I love cuddling and kissing so much that those things make me immediately hard. One thing that I consider pretty odd is that I don’t like being prepped in the hole by fingering or rimming because it causes me a little bit of discomfort. So I usually ask my Sir to just slather lube in there and slowly stick his hard cock inside me without ever pulling out. When I’m comfortable, he would start pulling back and pushing forth, gradually increasing speed. Of course, with Sir’s sadistic disposition, he wouldn’t do as I request, which is fine because we’ve already discussed our consents and limits. Being an inexperienced bottom (in terms of insertive, anal sex) I am, so far my favorite position would be laying in a prone position while my dom rams his thick cock inside me like a madman. I’m a little bit rusty on any position that requires me to lay on my back (missionary, on a sling, etc.) but I really want to push myself in order to become more comfortable to be fucked in such positions. Besides, I really want Sir to see my scared, almost crying face when he drills my hole. And I want to see his scary, angry face. I’ve also tried getting fucked while standing up with a help of a wall at Steamworks once. It was okay, I just needed lots of lube (I mean, who doesn’t?)

What makes me hot is just the fact that a man can captivate me just by using consented force. Him grabbing my arms, legs, neck– everywhere really makes me horny. I seem like I’m protesting or resisting, but that’s just a part of my fantasy where I’m being forced to do a dominant’s bidding. What also makes me hot is when a dom is vocal. Not just in terms of safety (I always emphasize on safety), but also the way he talks dirty to me makes me give in to submission. Being a bratty boy I am, I always resist… until he whispers the violent things he wants, will, and about to do to me while I’m just there, helpless with the web of ropes while his weight presses against my body.

Limits, between Sir and I, are easily managed when openly discussed, preferably for a good amount of time. Limits are not a bad thing, but only when passed arbitrarily. My limits would be using extreme electricity (stun guns, etc.), CBT (although I want to slowly get into that despite going flaccid immediately when I see balls being stretched or spread apart), piss play, scat play, sounding, cutting… I have a long list of what my limits are, but you can always ask me on tumblr!


MasterMarc: You are a young sub exploring your kinky side. Do you have any goals in your mind and can you tell us how your slave life should look in the future?

Migikun: It’s been a year since I dove in the kink community. For now, I haven’t the slightest idea of what to do other than let life be my second master, listening to what it offers me. And I’m glad it introduced me to Castro Kink. I have no goal for now other than make him and his subs happy just by being myself. I also am looking forward to learn about the wisdoms he can teach me as much as I can. I can see that as a privilege, being with Castro Kink and everyone in the family. Therefore, I have difficulty providing a definite answer regarding my goals as a novice kinkster.

My slave life? I think I can safely assume that I will be in emotional and physical captivation in a pretty long time (insert perverted laugh here).

Being a captive in the kink community is a difficult thing to describe… it’s like being in a slimy room full of cock of different sizes. Every step you take, you hear the squishy, wet sounds; your feet leaving stringy slime in the path– that’s how it feels. And it feels incredible.

MasterMarc: Sounds like you’re on the right way. It was great to talk to you and we are looking forward to read more about your experiences, thoughts and feelings in your blog on sadOsam.

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