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I Completely Transformed People With My Hypnosis

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Jack Drago

1980 | 180 cm | 66 kg

Pacifica (CA)

Jack Drago’s Twitter

Hey readers, today you need to be careful not to fall asleep. Not because it’s gonna get boring, but because we got a professional erotic hypnotist here. Jack, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? What do you do and like and what is erotic hypnotism?

Yes. I am a porn star and erotic hypnotist. I have been doing hypnosis on and off since I was 19 and making erotic hypnosis files since 2014. I am also a fisting top, leather man and BDSM Dom.

What do I do? The short cryptic answer is “I distill my shadow and sell it on the internet.” Which means that I take my sexual fantasies and turn them into files that allow my subjects to live them for me.

What is erotic hypnosis? Hypnosis is a brain state where the conscious mind disengages and the subconscious mind underneath becomes open to suggestion. Erotic hypnosis is when I do that for sexual purposes.

I will give you an example: last night I made a subject ejaculate in his pants from texting me without ever touching his dick. He said it was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had because it just kept going and going.

That sounds hot. How do you get them to do that? Did you just put him to sleep and tell him to cum? Or is it different than the shows we see on TV? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hypnosis is a skill. This particular subject has trained extensively with my trance trainer, so I really could knock him unconscious in about 4 lines of text if I wanted to. However, I found it sexier for both of us to go slowly and have me seduce him into trance by first talking about hypnokink and the things we both like about it and getting him horny to trance; then talking about the way that being horny makes you suggestible and how being suggestible lets your hypnotist take control, which triggered the fetish for control loss at the root of his kink at which point I told him that cumming hands free would be a pretty awesome proof I had control over his mind… If I go any further into the explanation your whole audience will nut themselves.

Haha yeah some may ๐Ÿ˜‰ But that sounds like a lot is possible in erotic hypnosis, if one just suggests it?

But it’s just a trivial example of what I can do with hypnosis. I have completely transformed people. Turned straight guys gay; turned fat guys into bodybuilders, enslaved people, turned whimpy subs into alpha male Doms. All kinds of things.

I have a series called Shattered Heterosexuality. A guy begged a free copy on the grounds that it would never work. He’d never even thought about being with a guy. Two days later he was freaking out that he couldn’t get hard for girls anymore. Within a week he was exclusively masturbating to gay porn. A month later he messaged me that he’d lost his anal virginity and thanked me for turning him gay for life.

Quite the extreme changes. Are there certain requirements for those things to work like that?

What’s required for hypnosis to work is a subconscious desire to be whatever the file turns you into. Hypnosis can’t make you do anything that you would truly never do; but it CAN release desires that you might be in denial about. Think about my previous example. I honor the fact that the guy had no conscious thoughts about being gay before. However, he “got curious” about whether or not it would work for him to the extent that he was willing to message me, and deluded himself about “this will never work” so he could listen without fear. Apparently his subconscious mind really, really wanted to turn him gay.

Generally speaking, the more a file aligns with what the subject desires, the more effective it will be. That’s why all my files say exactly what they do and contain safety suggestions that make it so the user’s mind can use the file to get exactly what it wants regardless of any mismatch between the file they bought and their personal goals. I believe that good hypnosis is hypnosis that reliably achieves what the subject wants in a way that works for them and lasts for as long as it is useful.

Safety Suggestions? That sounds like you need to be careful what you say when you’re a hypnotist? And do those triggers I heard about work the same way?

Yes, words matter, and the structure of ideas that lie behind the words are critical to the success of the whole endeavor. I am very careful about how I write my files and I make a point of testing extensively to make sure that they work and are safe to use.

For example, my most recent file system is a nofap weightlifting file called Bull Power. It took me a month to write and record the first version; then 3 months of testing and tweaking the suggestions and safeties with half a dozen test subjects until I was absolutely sure that it was effective.

I was one of the testers myself. My leg press max went up by over 120lbs, doubled my bench press max, and became a daily gymgoer. I also dramatically increased the volume of my ejaculation and basically eliminated penile mastubation from my life. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s incredibly effective at what it does.

As for triggers, they can do a wide variety of things and take a number of different forms. My trance trainer file has a trigger set that will make the subject drop into a blackout deep trance with the right combination of words as long as they trust the person triggering them. Submission Trigger has similar “magic words” that compell the subject to obey any command from the dominant triggering them that are within the negotiated limits of the scene.

However, triggers don’t *have* to be words. My jockstrap penis growth file implants a Jockstrap fetish and uses the jockstrap as a trigger to tell the subconscious “it’s ok to get hard and grow your dick now”. My Hypnotic Steroids file uses taking a little white placebo pill to trigger the release of testosterone.

I had the test subjects for that one take before and after testosterone tests. Almost every subject who was medically tested showed an increase in testosterone levels after taking a pill they KNEW consciously was a placebo, and several guys had their levels go up by several hundred points.

In one of the scripts I am working on, putting on a backwards baseball cap gives the subject permission to turn his intelligence off and be a dumb bro until he takes the hat off. Triggers can come in many forms and do practically anything your hypnotist programs them to.

Sounds impresssive. But it makes me wonder though. When you go normal into trance session with a subject can always give consent or resist in that situation. However, are triggers always consensual? I mean, once you install a trigger, would the subject compell to it even if it in certain situations doesn’t want to? Because if one does BDSM, such situations could arise with sexual hypnosis I imagine. And even if it was consensual non-consent, things could turn bad.

I build my triggers to preserve the ability to non-consent because I view consent as a key value. Not every hypnotist is as ethical as me unfortunately.

There’s nothing in the structure of hypnosis itself that forces me to do it, though. It’s totally possible for a trigger to work in ways that the subconscious mind wants but the conscious mind doesn’t.

The real key is to find a well trained and trustworthy hypnotist. There’s a lot of folks out there who treat it like a role-play with no consequences and that can get truly dangerous.

Real hypnotists ask about your prior experience with hypnosis.
Real hypnotists are more interested in YOUR goals than theirs.
Real hypnotists are serious about consent and want to know what your limits and requirements are.
Real hypnotists say NO if you ask for something truly unsafe or bad for you.

That is some very good advice. But you yourself are quite lucky to always have a trusted hypnotist nearby in yourself right? But does such self-hypnosis really actually work? Can you get hypnotised by your own voice?

Personally, I can only get hypnotized by my own voice and I consider myself my own best subject. Let me tell you how I changed from self hypnosis. Circa August 2014 I was a femme vers bottom who was grappling with gender dysphoria. I couldn’t be “man enough” to be happy as a male but had no particular interest in transitioning to female. I found Warp My Mind again via a link to a file called Curse: Castration.

I hesitated a long moment and searched for penis growth instead. I found that I couldn’t trance to it, and the suggestions weren’t quite what I wanted. So I dug out the erotic hypnosis book “Look Into My Eyes” that the sub who had gotten me into hypno when I was 19 and started writing my own files and using them. Within a month I was gender secure and honestly wanted to become a masculine, dominant alpha male. Within 3 months I had written an hour long overnight file that made me sober up, go to the gym, and be motivated to keep making hypnosis files.

3 months after that I was noticeably more cisgendered and working on a 9 part system to hypnotically trick the subject into systematically Manning up every aspect of their lives without their conscious awareness. I listened to each one for a month. My life changed exactly as specified in the files: my mannerisms, interests, tastes in TV and movies all changed. I grew a beard, doubled down on becoming a weightlifter, slowly stopped wearing my femmer clothing in preference for camo pants, metal T-shirts and leather jackets.

By the end of the 9 months I had gone from more femme than masc to being 97% masculine on the same gender test. I wrote and tested the jockstrap file and finally got the penis I always wanted. Over the last 3 years it grew from 6.5″ to just under 8″ and got about 1/4″ thicker. I also grew hair on my chest and raised my testosterone levels by almost 400 mg/dl from the combination of weightlifting and Hypnotic Steroids. Last June I left my hometown and moved to a new town where nobody knew me before. Literally no one here can believe that I used to be that guy until I show them the pictures.

Haha wow alright. Kinda makes you your own best showcase to prove your hypnosis works ๐Ÿ™‚ Last question. You already gave some, but would there be any other advice you got to young guys who’d love to try out normal or erotic hypnosis once?

My advice is to start with something safe and easy to explore with. Assume the hypnosis is going to work and pick a file that is something you can live with if it works for you. I often recommend EMG’s “Never Fully Flaccid” as a test file since all it does it give you a semi erection all the time and most guys can both get convinced by that and be happy with the results.

And if you wanna go for one of my files probably the most harmless one would be Fluffy White Cloud.

You can find the text of this file here if you want to check.

After that, it pays to trance train. Hypnosis is as much a skill for the subject as it is for the hypnotist and learning to trance well pays off with success with practically anything you choose. My general advice beyond that point is to pick ONE file you know you want and stick with it every day until it works. It takes 21 days to build a habit, so I usually recommend listening for at least 21 days past the point where you start seeing results from a file before you add another file.

I know the “kid in a candy store” feeling of wanting to get everything you want right now. A lot of subjects wind up failing by trying to do everything all at once. Be patient and work through the files one at a time and you will ultimately get everything you need. Persistence and consistency are the keys to long term success.

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