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I Hate My Master (4)

I stayed on my hands and knees with his dick in my mouth for a while. He watched a movie, even dozing off a bit. I just waited, I could do nothing but run over my situation in my mind. It didn’t get any better. Even limb, he was big, so I was having to hold my mouth open. No way was I going to bite down. With all the control he had over me, I might not survive. I hated Chris so much for what he was doing to me.

After an interminable time, Chris stretched. “Slave, go and make me lunch. You can get yourself something while you work.”

“Yes, Master.” I started to get up. He slapped me.

“Crawl, bitch. You crawl unless you need to stand up to cook or something.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to the kitchen. When his lunch was ready, I crawled back to his. “Lunch is ready, Master.”

“Good slave.” He walked to the kitchen. I crawled.

“You remembered to set the table. Good boy.” I felt a sexual wave of pleasure with his words. “Get in kneeling display. When you serve me lunch, that is the position you take.”

“Yes, Master.” Chris read his tablet while he ate and I just kneeled there with my hands behind my head. I felt like shit being used like this. When he finished, Chris turned to me.

“After lunch, I feel like fucking. Get on your hands and knees slave.”

“Yes, Master.” I got into the new position and Chris pulled his shorts down, but he came to my face.

“Suck me quick. It’s all the lube you’re getting.”

“Yes, Master, but why dry again. My ass is so sore.” I pleaded.

“Because I like it that way.” Chris shoved his hardening cock in my mouth, roughly fucking in short jabs while I tried to wet it as much as possible. It was the only way I could save myself any pain. Chris pulled out and quickly made it to my ass. He pushed in, and even I could tell I had less resistance than before. It still hurt. And I hated it like I hated him. Chris went hard and fast, like he just wanted to get off. And I was just the object to get him off. It was quick and really rough on me.

He finally came, at least he was done. But I couldn’t stand getting fucked.

“You will always clean me off after I fuck you slave.” Chris said with a slap to my ass.

“Oh, please don’t make me do that all the time, Master.” I said, but I was moving to get his cock in my mouth.

“But you will. And with every fuck, you get a mouthful of it. Your duties never stop.” I was cleaning his deflating cock. “Once you finish here, you need to make my bed, clean the place up. Everywhere but your old room. Leave that. Make it perfect.”

“Yes, Master.” I said my mouth full of dick.

Chris pulled out and headed back to the living room. “Get started slave.”

“Yes, Master.” Great, now I was his maid. I should have figured that was coming. Once I had washed the dishes and straightened the kitchen, I headed for his bedroom to discovered I was getting down on my knees. Shit, I had to crawl. It seemed my body remember orders even if I didn’t.

I was almost there when I heard him shout “Fetch me a beer.”

“Yes, Master.” I called back and turned around. I also discovered that fetching a beer didn’t let me walk. I crawled with the beer in one hand. It was awkward and degrading. I got dismissed with a wave of his hand. He didn’t otherwise acknowledge me.

I made his bed, picked up, and moved to the bathroom. I occasionally heard Chris move around and talk on his phone. He was ignoring me while I labored.

“Slave, come here.”

“Yes, Master.” I started to crawl to the living room.

“Kneeling display here.” Chris pointed in front of him. I got in position.  “I’m going out for a while to hang out with friends. You are shit at sucking my dick, so we’re going to do something about that. While I’m gone,  your going to watch some of the best cocksuckers in porn.” He clicked on a disc in the machine. Naturally, it was gay porn. I made a disgusted face and he laughed. “Whenever it’s done, just restart from the beginning. And, for more fun, I want you to slowly stroke your dick. But you can’t cum. Something else I have control of. You can only cum when I say you can.”

“I don’t want to watch this shit Master.”  My disgust was growing. The guy on the screen was sucking one dude off and stroking two other cocks, one in each hand. I had already started to stroke my own dick.

“I don’t care. You need training. I don’t want a shitty cocksucker, I want some skill. Pay attention and commit what you see to memory. You will get some skill.” With that, he just walked out, leaving me to stroke my cock and watch gay porn until he decided to come back.

I couldn’t look away, I was under orders to watch the screen, so I did. My dick got hard, even though I didn’t want it to, and I kept stroking it. I’d seen a lot of porn, but it was regular straight or lesbian porn, this was different. I had to keep watching the gay porn, recoiling inwardly as I was not only watching it but pulling on my cock at the same time. And I was really paying attention, since I had been ordered to. I couldn’t block it out at all. They were doing things I had been forced to do. Some of them really seemed to be into it, especially this one bearded guy who showed up a lot and kept getting cum all over his face*.

I watched as some of the guys deep-thoated the dicks they were working on. Some who tried to stuff multiple cocks in. Some who kept going and going. They did seem to get into it more than the chicks I had suck me off.

The disc ended, and I was still stroking. As ordered, I restarted it saying “I can’t fucking believe I have to keep watching this shit.”

I watched the disc over and over again. My knees hurt, and I couldn’t believe I was staying hard so long. I didn’t actually want to cum, but I had been stroking for so long I was amazed that I hadn’t shot off. Chris had said I couldn’t cum without his say-so, and I wondered if I wasn’t cumming because of the order, or because I didn’t like watching gay porn.

Night fell, and I was stuck re-watching the porn and pulling on my dick. I couldn’t do anything else. I almost wanted him to come back so I could stop, but I couldn’t decide if it would be worse to watch the porn or have to suck him off, which I was sure he would make me do when he came back. He sure didn’t take me into consideration for anything he did. I’d been there for hours, and he still wasn’t back.

It was pretty late when Chris finally came back. He stood there and laughed at me, a straight man watching gay porn and pulling on his dick.

“Enough slave, you can stop now.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You must be hungry slave.”

“I am Master, very hungry. You left me here unable to do anything else.”

“Big fucking deal, dumbass. Fetch me a beer, than you can make yourself something to eat. Be sure to thank me.”

“Thank you Master.” I crawled out to fetch him a beer and back to eat.

When I had finished, Chris passed the kitchen and ordered me to the bedroom. There he had me up on the bed, mounted and fucked me quick. I was just an object to him. As I cleaned him up, as ordered Chris said “You will sleep at the foot of my bed. That is where you sleep unless I order it otherwise.”

“Yes, Master.” I fell asleep in misery, my ass hurting, and feeling completely degraded by what my life had become.

Sunday Chris slept late, so I could as well. He took a shower as I made him breakfast. He came in and watched me finish cooking, serve him and crawl under the table to suck his feet. I couldn’t believe I was having to still do this. When he finished, he continued to enjoy my work until he finally said. “Stop now slave, get over here in kneeling display.”

“Yes Master.” I got in position, looking at him with pure hate.

“Great face, I love having you hate this so much. It really gets me hard forcing you to do all this.”

“Master I can’t keep doing all of this, it’s wearing me out.”

“Fucker, you’re in good shape, don’t wuss out like a pussy, you can do this, it’s just like a work-out.” He laughed. “I collared you yesterday, so you are like a dog, a pet. You’re going to start eating like one.” He put a bowl on the floor, filled it with cereal and milk, and said “Eat dog, no hands.”

“Yes, Master.” I started, I made a mess and Chris just laughed at me.

When I finally finished Chris said “OK dog, I made you breakfast this time, from now on, when you make yourself food here, it all goes in the bowl. When you do dishes, wash it, and it goes in here.” He indicated a cabinet. “Now follow me.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled after him into the living room.

Chris sat down on the sofa again. “Let’s see what you’ve learned, get to sucking my cock.”

Reluctance and doubt showed on my face. Reluctance to suck his dick again and doubt that I had “learned” anything yesterday, even with my forced watching. “Yes, Master.”

I got to work, hating him and hating what I was doing. I had been ordered to learn to suck dick like a fag, and it seems I had picked something up, I was rolling my tongue over his head, going up and down his shaft, other stuff. I moved my head faster than I had before. Chris finally came in my mouth, it was always too long. “Swallow slave.”

I swallowed, mumbling “Yes, Master.”

“Always swallow slave.”

“Yes, Master. But I don’t want to swallow your cum. It’s demeaning.”

“I want you to, that’s enough. And you’re still shit at sucking cock, so you have to work to get to be so good I will want you to suck me off all the time. Do you understand me slave.”

“Yes, Master.” He was so hard on me.

Chris went over to a side cabinet and started doing something I couldn’t really see. “Since you are so bad, you need practice, and since I deserve the best cocksucking, you’ll have to practice another way.” He moved and I saw a big dildo sticking out of the cabinet. What was he planning? “So you’re going to practice on this. Get over here and start sucking slave.”

“Yes, Master. No, please don’t make me do this.” But I was crawling over to the dildo anyway, completely unable to resist his commands.

“You need the practice, dumbass.” Chris walked off and left me there sucking a dildo, on my hands and knees.

He left me there for hours, until he wanted lunch, which I made and staying in kneeling display while he ate and read his tablet. After that I was ordered to clean. I was also ordered to do his laundry. As things came out of the dryer, I was informed that I had to iron everything, including his tee shirts and underwear. Creases had to be sharp, and every part look professional. It was hard work, as I wasn’t a maid or whoever the fuck irons clothes. So it took a long time.

As I finished, Chris dressed and prepared to go out again. He summoned me back to the TV. “This time, you do more than watch.” He tossed a dildo at me. “Watch it on a loop again, but now you’ll do what you see to this dildo.”

“Yes, Master. Don’t make me do this, the disc is so long.”

“Oh, you’ll do it. Until I tell you to stop.” He just left.

I was left orally pleasuring a dildo while he was out enjoying himself doing hell only knows what. My head, mouth and tongue tried to imitate what I saw. I started to panic when the first deep-throat scene came on. I knew what was coming and the dread was knotting my stomach. My hands forced the dildo down my throat and I gagged hard. I coughed and gasped, but still kept on. I didn’t have any choice. Damn, I hated Chris. I had no need or desire to suck cock, much less to do it well.

After I had been doing it a while, I discovered what I should really have been dreading. That sucking this much would make my jaw ache. And ache it did. My throat was raw, and I had to keep going. The ache turned to pain, the pain to agony. The agony to torment.

Chris didn’t stay out as late tonight as he did last night. He didn’t have me suck him, and just fucked me, had me clean him off and fell asleep. I crawled to the foot of the bed and closed my eyes. Tomorrow was Monday, I would have to go back to work. What was my life going to be like there?

*Griffin Barrows, for those of you interested. The author would love to have time with this man.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.


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