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The World cup in Russia is going into its crucial phase but for us the most important balls are still hanging between men’s legs, and also they can have the Russian national colours red and blue. 🙂 Today we want to present you a kinky illustrator from Russia. RubberBoy is 33 years old and living in the north-west of Russia.

Hi RubberBoy. Seems that Rubber is not only one of the main topics in your art but also in your life. How does it come?

Yes. I was attracted to rubber from childhood. I did not realize clearly why, but even then I associated rubber with male images, such as a worker, a diver, a scientist. Later, when I was a young man, I found out on the Internet that a huge number of people love the same thing as me. Then my fetish began to develop, I found rubber friends, bought my first latex clothes. Gradually it grew into a way of life: communication, travel, participation in rubber parties, etc.

You’re from Russia. How is it to be a kinkster in your country? How do you live your gay and fetish life there? Is it difficult to get connected to others?

Recently, the fetish community is growing rapidly. If before, no one could even dream of real rubber parties in Russia, now such events are held periodically. Since 2017, the elections are held here Mr. Rubber Russia. Thanks to social networks, kinksters know about each other and have much more opportunities for communication and meetings. There remains only one “small” problem – huge distances in Russia 🙂

For how long are illustrating kinky pictures, and can you tell us, why you love rubber motives which I think are difficult to create cause of the shiny material rubber is?

I think I created my first fetish illustrations 6–7 years ago. I graduated from the university as a professional designer and illustrator and almost always worked in this field. As an artist, I always wanted to carry on paper those images that excite me. As I went deeper into the world of rubber fetish, I realized that I needed to translate all my ideas, fantasies in illustrations. Rubber fetish for me is always not only a way to achieve physical pleasure but also includes a huge aesthetic component. Illustrations can express this most of all. Drawing scenes in which the characters are dressed in black shiny latex is not difficult for me, on the contrary, this process captures me, and brings only pleasure.

Last but not least, where can our readers find your artwork and I know you’re doing it also on commissions, so how can people contact you if they need a special illustration?

All my artworks can be seen on Tumblr and also on Facebook. There, you can also contact me if you want me to create an illustration for you.



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  1. Very interesting perspective to hear the latex BDSM community in Russia is growing and is doing fine. A very different perspective from the rantings and cries seen in the media which seems to report on how unfair it is Russia mistreats its gay community

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