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I Hate My Master (23)

I woke up before Chris and stared under the bed. No dust bunnies, which was wrong somehow, but Chris made me keep it clean like he would ever look. I was going to have to go to work with this stupid hair and in clothes Timmy had left out for me. I didn’t even know what they were. I knew it was going to be terrible.

“Blowjob.” Chris said over me. He was awake.

“Yes, Master.” I got up and pushed the blankets aside to get my mouth on his morning wood. I got to work using the skills I had been trained with. I didn’t want to, but my programming meant I had to give it all I had to every man who used me. I was shoving it as far down my throat as I could, which was to the base. My tongue was moving and my lips were active. I had to do the best job I could to please him. I was gagging on his cock  but have learned to control my throat muscles much better than when I first started sucking cock, that was a depressing thought. He was laying there making me do all the work. I had to do this all the time, and offer up my ass anytime he or one of his friends wanted to fuck. I was perpetually screwed.

Chris finally came. At least handling his boner each morning was fairly quick, as he needed to get to work. Once he was satisfied, he headed to the shower and I had to quickly make his bed and get started on his breakfast. After he had eaten and let me up with a snap of his fingers, he laughed commanding to get dressed. I showered before crawling to the bedroom that should be mine. As I crawled down the hall dread grew in me. It was going to be so bad. It was. The shirt was too bright and colorful, the pants too tight. I looked like I was going to a gay bar determined to bring someone home. There was no way I could make it through the day.

I got in and began to crawl to the kitchen to get my lunch. Chris didn’t give me a lot of spending money so I had to brown bag it. Chris was in the kitchen “Stand up.”

“Don’t make me go to work like this, I look like a fucking fairy. Please, please don’t Master.” I begged him as I rose up.  Chris circled his finger and I turned around. Chris had an evil grin on his face. “Come on, this is too much. Please, I’m begging you.” I even bent my knees a bit, on my own, showing how serious I was.

“Those pants are so tight, if I cage your cock everyone could see it. Now get going you dumb shit. This is going to be so great. Don’t forget this is the day you hit the gym, and be sure to get a shower. I don’t want you stinking up my house.” Chris turned and headed out, waving me down to my knees again.

“No please, really Master. Don’t make me do this.” I got back on my knees as Chris walked away, what little hope I had of getting out of this going with him. I cursed him as I crawled to my car, only able to get up on my feet when I was out the door. My gut was ice driving to work. When I pulled into a parking space, I gripped the wheel tight, I took quick inhales of breath. I needed to get myself psyched for this. I had no choice, I had to do it, but it was going to rip me apart.

I got out of the car and turned toward the office. My throat closed up. I noticed how the pants gripped my legs, ass, and crotch. Everything was tight. My legs pressed against the fabric. I hated it all, and the tightness of the shirt and pants left nothing to the imagination. I was glad I was in good shape. But I wouldn’t choose any of this. I walked into the office and I could see the double takes, people leaning over to comment to those nearby, and I know I heard some stifled laughter. Zane was across the way, and I couldn’t avoid seeing him take a great deal of pleasure at my get-up. I cringed as he obviously enjoyed my humiliation. I’d gotten things over on him lately, and it had to make him feel better seeing me like this.

I tried to focus on my job, to not look at anyone. It felt like slugs sliding all over my guts, I could see people looking over at me no matter how I tried to avoid it. More than once I caught myself staring at whatever was on my desk. I had to get it together, or my job was at stake. It was a struggle. Every time I got up for coffee or anything I felt like I was on display, I couldn’t have gotten more attention if I waved my arms around. Once in the restroom I ran into Zane. He was zipping up before going to the sink. He didn’t say anything, but the smirk on his face said all he needed to. I looked like I was a whore, trying to get his attention. Like I was trying to get any man’s attention. Chris had literally whored me out, and this made me feel like I was advertising my services at my job. Everything else in my mind-controlled slavery was hard to take, but this–this was the beginning of professional and social suicide. Damn Chris.

Mike dropped the mail off saying “Aren’t you getting enough dick already? Looking for more?” He said it louder than he usually teased me. Then he grabbed and squeezed my shoulder. It was a possessive squeeze. Anyone seeing it would think I was taking his dick. The idea that anyone at the office would find out I was his bitch boy terrified me.

I took my lunch outside so I could avoid having to talk to anyone, going to a bench. Sure enough, 10 minutes after I sat down, Zane walked by. I kept my head down, but watched him under my brows. He was looking at me with a grin on his face. He had to have seen the shudder I made, one more bit of humiliation I had to bear.

After eating, I sat and looked at the ground. If I had been going to a club to pick up a chick I wouldn’t have minded so much wearing what I was, as it adversited my assets. But I didn’t want my assets on display for my co-workers. I felt like a piece of meat. I’d been a big man in the office before I met Chris. I used to make comments about the women and the ones I’d bang. I moved in with Chris and all that went away. I wanted to save a bit of money so I answered a stupid roommate ad and that has ruined my life, making me a bitch to Chris. When Mike started using me, I became withdrawn at work, in hopes that he wouldn’t feel the need to “take me down a peg”. For a while, work had been an escape from Chris’s control. Now even that was slipping away from me. Chris’s mind control of me kept me from quitting. If I could think of some way to escape, but no matter how much I wracked my brain, nothing ever came up. My lunch time finished, I dragged myself back to the office.

I couldn’t shake the idea that people were walking by me to catch a look at me. I was struggling all day with my work. I caught some errors before they went out, but missed others that got quickly bounced back to me. What else was I screwing up? Mike was too busy to use me at work, but he and Jim laughed at me the entire time during my cocksucking lessons.

I had to go to the gym after my cocksucking lesson. Chris had said I needed to go this morning, so I had no choice. I cringed as I went in, looking so stupid. I was greatly relieved to open up a locker and strip off. Buck naked I took a deep breath, so glad to be out of it. Being naked in a locker room was not a big deal, but I was so relieved to be out of it I was chubbing a bit. Fuck! How could I forget what Bastion did to my pubes! Trimmed to rows each dyed a different color. I looked like a stupid fag. I got into my shorts quickly, desperate to hide my pubes and glad no one was around. Why couldn’t any part of my life be normal. The work out was cathartic, my hair was still fucking faggy, but I was in good shape, so easier to bear. I felt so relieved, my chub kept trying to come back. Nothing like getting as far away as I could from all the Chris shit.

I worked up a really good sweat, feeling so much better. My t-shirt clung to my ripped abs and tightened on my arms. Catching myself in the mirror, I realized my body looked good.  Even if I did getsome looks for the stupid hair. Exhausted, I headed back to the locker room and stripped down to hit the shower. I tossed a towel over my shoulder and realized my cock was hard. I sat down wanting to toss my towel over the crotch to obscure it, but couldn’t will myself to for some reason. Fuck, why did I have a boner? I dug my fingernails into my leg, but it didn’t wilt me at all. How was I hard at a time like this? Realization dawned on me when I found myself standing up and heading to the shower, dick still hard, rainbow pubes on display. Chris had planned this. His orders for me to come to the gym were designed to humiliate me. He had to have planned it as I wasn’t doing this of my own volition. I soaped up, facing out, so anyone could see me erect. At least the place was empty, but not for long. Two guys entered talking. They stopped when they saw me.

“Well, look what we have here, a fag with a rainbow crotch.” One said as they looked with disgust at me. Then laughed at me when I didn’t stop, applying the soap along my shaft.

“Not waving his flag, waving his pole to get attention.” The other said. They both laughed.

“That pole doesn’t need any attention, but I have one that does.” The First guy said, grabbing his dick.

“I’ll take care of it. You can shove it in me as hard as you like.” Those words came out of my mouth, but I didn’t plan on saying them. I sure as hell didn’t want to have their dicks in me.

“Just hoping to get on your knees and take a smoke on these?” The second guy groped his harding dick.

“Yeah, I’ll hit my knees right off. Just snap your fingers.” I gave a winning grin. Did Chris plan all of this? Send these two guys or did they just get lucky? While I was contemplating this they looked at each other, lifted eyebrows, and snapped their fingers.

I dropped the washcloth and dropped to my knees, crawling up to them. The towels around their waists hit the floor as I approached. I reached both hands up and took a grip on their penises, starting a good firm stroke as I opened my mouth and took First’s in. Running my tongue over the head, getting closer and repeating it to stimulate him. “Aw, fuck yeah.” He said above me, and I moved my mouth over to start bobbing up and down.

“Skank’s going right at it.” Second commented to his buddy.

“Yeah, well, got a look at this dick and couldn’t stop herself. Paints up pubes to attract a real man.” I heard First say this and completely cringed. I was already red from my embarrassment of sucking these guys off in the shower after they caught me, and all they had to do was snap their fingers. It was so degrading. And I was caught with a rainbow on my crotch.

How could dudes do this? Get sucked by a guy so easy? They didn’t seem gay, I didn’t think there were a lot of gay guys, but they took to me like a free juice bar. “You gotta try her.” With that First pulled my head off his dick and moved it to his friend’s. I got right to work as he shoved me pretty far down the length.

“Shhhiiiitttt. Yeah no delay, just get started. Total skank for dick.” Second thrust his hips into my face, the surprise causing me to gag. Gagging made them laugh.

“Yeah, paint herself up like she does, all begging for it.” First laughed.

I took Second’s shaft all the way in, pulling back while running my tongue back and forth on the underside before I came off completely and moved back to First. On First I twisted my head back and forth as I quickly took him pubes deep. They wanted me on their boners and slobbering, so my programming made me do it. I had my hands on their thighs so I could shove the dicks further down my throat. I was gagging, which they liked, and spewing out fleam onto the floor.

“Skank is making a mess. Loves our dicks bro.” First and Second did a high five over me. I switched dicks again, I was not sure which one was which at this point. It was a dick in my mouth and I was mostly able to tell which one I was on based on which direction I was leaning. Both had decently thick pubes, and one had low-hanging balls and the other’s balls were closer up. Programmed to service my best, I had a hand on whatever prick wasn’t in my mouth, and I was going full force for a wet, messy couple of simultatous blow jobs. My hands were sticky with my own spit.

Whichever man I was blowing grabbed my head and did a series of rabbit-quick thrusts into me and shooting gobs of creamy cum into me. Once done he pushed by head away and I instantly moved over to his friend and dove back on his dick, to have this one grab my head and rabbit into me as well. Just like his friend, it didn’t take long for him to finish at this point. This one pushed me over onto the floor. “Now get out of here skank, men are ready to use the shower.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you for using me Sirs. I am available for your use any time you wish.” I had to begin my exit by half crawling as I struggled to get up. They laughed at me while they started the water and started to get clean. Being released from their control, I wanted to get out as soon as possible. I was a mess, and as I started to get up around came Zane from the office with a towel wrapped around him. His eyes immediately went to my crotch and he saw my rainbow pubes. “The fuck!” said Zane as he sneered at me. Then his shocked gaze followed me as I I scampered past him to get to my locker, throwing my shorts and trainers on as I rushed out the door.  Just as I thought I had endured the worst with the two guys, now my rival and antagonist from work discovered me naked coming out of the shower with gay colored pubes. The problem just got exponentially worse. And nowI had to go to Chris’s house.

As programmed, I stripped down when I got to the house and had to get right onto making Chris his dinner, standing like a personal waiter while Chris ate. He never asked me what happened at the gym. My use by the two guys and discovery by Zane was not a concern for Chris.

Remembering all I have endured, every time I thought there was no possible way for me to sink even lower, or my humiliation to get worse, it did. Every single time. Damn Chris. And now I dreaded what he had planned after he finished his dinner, and just as bad–what it would be like seeing Zane at work tomorrow. From the frying pan into the fire.   

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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