Hey there, Se7en here, today with a small collection of sexual safety facts / recommendations. Why the random? Well some of you are quite creative when playing, and if you look at number one I think you’ll see why it’s there. In any case, I hope some of these facts are helpful to you, and let you enjoy a safe fun kink exploration

1. Uncooked eggplant has something called alkaloids in it. It’s something many people don’t realize they are allergic to, and can cause severe rash when used. So do many other vegetables and food, they have various kinds of natural protections. That’s why we process them before eating.

That allergy also goes for when you put it up your ass. It’s therefore always recommended that you put on a condom on them if you are in the mood to experiment.

2. Bondage can pinch / cut off blood flow in certain areas. This leads to blood-pressure problems and fainting if unmonitored. That even happens to pros. So always check on your sub regularly when doing bondage. Symptoms are: Tingly feeling in extremities, cold extremities, confusion, slow answering to questions or general unresponsiveness. Always keep safety scissors nearby so you can cut them free if needed.

3. Bondage is keeping someone in a position over a longer period of time. Our bodies aren’t made for that. If it’s an unnatural position, like for example folded limbs position, you are pinching, among other things, nerves. This can lead to them emitting pain, and if kept like that over a long period of time, can even damage the nerves. That also goes for stressed muscles, tendons etc. When doing bondage sessions, it is therefore a good idea to, even if sometimes only slightly, to change positions, or loosen the rope in some areas, to prevent injuries and dangerous situations.

4. When doing E-stim, it’s a very common mistake by beginners to just place the electrodes all over the body. You should never put two connected electrodes cross both sides of the chest. The shock could go through the heart and produce irregularities in the heart beat. Kinda like a defibrilator does contract it, and makes it beat. And there’s a reason you only do that in emergencies. E-Stim companies always recommend to use it below the chest, in the stomach area. If you still want to play around there though, at your own risk, use two separate connections to stimulate both sides ( a channel diodes connecting to the right, b channel ones kept to the left for example), in large distance of each other, so no current will go across the chest. Never let electricity go near the heart.

5. Oil-based Lube should never be used with latex condoms and gear, as it dissolves them, rendering it broken. Only use silicone or waterbased lube, and no hybrids. Some water-based lubes are actually hidden hybrids, so always check the ingredients list on product back side for oils.

6. When whipping or doing a kind of pain play, it is common courtesy that if you beat them, you also administer “first aid”. That means desinfectant and wound healing ointments. It is common courtesy because you have brought him to play in your area, naked, sweaty, and with various sexual fluids, which are quite the germ transporters. If there are any open or hidden wounds, they can become infected if not treated soon. So please do it.

7. Whipping and pain play is always dangerous. It is therefore good to have a safety word. If you are the kind that plays without, or have a sub that will never say it, regularly go to him, and check his breathing, bloodflow, if he’s shaking, or in cold sweat. These are all signs that he and his body are reaching its limits, especially the last sign. He might not be showing much because of the adrenaline, but if they are there, it’s probably time to end. And don’t forget point 5. (also, please don’t take these signs only, always look at your sub, he might have his own “tells”, and they vary from person to person).

8. Don’t do stuff with glass. Just. Don’t.

9. Waterballoons are not safe to play with in anal play. There is a reason for special inflatable devices. They’re not made for putting inside material wise, and if balloons burst, there is a pressure explosion of fluid and air. That can lead to injuries in your rectum.

Last but not least Nr. 10. When doing depth play for the first time, you may encounter several barriers. First, you got your outer and inner sphincter muscle. Then are your rectal folds, also called houston valves, there to prevent your “stuff” from going down, and putting pressure on your rectum nerves. There is also the curve to your sigmoid colon, usually a curve to the left. Pushing past those barriers should be done slowly, by shifting the toy and yourself, as not to injure yourself. As for the curve, that should be done even more careful. It is the easiest point to injure when doing depth play. Explore slowly. You may also temporary dislocate (as in move it due to your toy) your sigmoid colon during play. That happens, but should be done with care. It may happens that you see blood when doing depth play. That happens, don’t be too alarmed. It may also look like more than it is due to the fluids. But nonetheless, it’s most likely a good place to stop on that day. And if the blood persists, maybe go to a doctor.

Also a second tip is that if you’re using a long/deep single point exit anal shower showerhead that pushes past your folds, only use it at very low pressure. It is exactly that curve that else gets most of the pressured waterflow, and that makes it irritated and very vulnerable later on.