Hello dear readers, I’m here today with Pup Sheen, a puppy who loves big things probably a bit different and bigger than most. He’s into hyper.

Now how did you get into that Sheen? What were your moments where you thought “I’m into that, I wanna do that!”, and where you started with trying out things there? What’s your story? 😉

Woof! 😉 Well I’ve always been fascinated by size, be it junk size or physique. Ever since I was an early teen I found myself watching lots of porn involving saline infusions, glucose, even some guys with silicone [although it was a bit more rare to see then, c. 2003]. I was always heavily interested in working out as well and just happened to find myself around guys that were also pretty goal driven in the gym, albeit straight.

It wasn’t until 5 years ago really that I began to think of this growth all over as less of a fantasy and more as a realistic goal. I actually managed to meet my partner bc of our interest in mods, and we hit it off right away. Now I’m back working out and have about 2.2L of silicone :3

XD I believe those things are pretty noticable in your pictures yes 😉 And I’m sure the readers are wondering many things now too.

You say these are silicon insertions. Does that mean it’s permanent? Do you have to watch out where you infuse it? And most of all, how does it feel?

Since it is silicone it is permanent, yes. As time goes by new tissue grows around the silicone/surrounds it. Because of this the end result is much larger than before. The human body is weird!

Adding silicone is definitely not something that I would suggest anyone try on their own. All of the sensations that I experience now are amplified.

Everything is much more sensitive than it was before, but in a very good way! 😈 It feels wonderful.

How important is hyper for you? Do you see it as something essential/core for you in play and attraction to others?

Hyper/growth kink for me is vital, but I wouldn’t call it essential for all play or


Lots of guys shy away from play bc they either aren’t into it [silicone] themselves, or even those that do like it may think bc they are not siliconed, i wouldn’t be interested.

That couldn’t be further from the truth 😅😂 im not purely into silicone.

Hyper is and will always be the most intensely sexual thing to experience for me. Sex is great, but I truly am most aroused by progress with growth and with size comparisons.

Haha well truth to be told I’d probably while not shy away feel a little bit lost how to start with such sheer mass in front of my face too 😂 So size comparisons would be a way to start off there then?

And you mention growth. Does that mean that each workout got kind of a little bit more sexual intensity than for many for you? Or the look of progress in the mirror? 😉

Size comparisons are definitely a great place to start. I love junk worship giving/receiveing as well. I’m one very oral pup!

Working out can be a very sexual experience for me. When I’m able to get a really good workout in, or see visible progress it’s a huge turn on. It’s more of a turn on than traditional sex for me. Bigger is better in my opinion 😋 [for me anyway].

You’re also a pup, and I presume you also got other kinks. What are they, how do you like them? And is hyper something that’s easy for you to integrate with them in play?

I enjoy quite a few things when it comes to kink: musk/scent, sports gear/socks, WS, toy play/stretching, leather, piercing, hypnosis, forced growth, body hair, I have lots of turn ons haha they don’t all have to be associated directly with hyper, though I think many are.

Have you set yourself any goals for your hyper kink? And are there other kinds of mods, or other kind of fetishes you think you may want to try out?

I’ve definitely as of late started to focus more on my fitness journey as it pertains to hyper. Really wanting to get to bull pup status here. As time goes on I’d love to try out other fetishes and experiences as I’m able. Really would love to try some anon type sex parties, being more open and part of the community. 2020 made me realize it’s definitely time to open up and just have fun.

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