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Being coerced into something you secretly kinda wanted has been foundational to my sexuality

Hello dear readers, I’m here today with royal cumslut FucktoyFelix. Say Felix, can you tell the readers a bit about yourself? Who are you, what do you all like and are you into?

Well I’m a furry, a raver and a transmasc sex worker mostly online. I’m also a psych student. I’m really into hand drawn animation n stuff too I guess

That’s quite a fun combination list 🙂 Was it the furry world that got you drawn down the kinky rabbithole? Or what drew you in there? And what exactly was the allure of it for you?

I think I’ve been kinky since I was born. Whenever we played house as kids I always wanted to be the dog, i was obsessed with cages for some reason. Any excuse to be put in a cage or be an animal.

My friend and I used to play this game where I had to ‘torture’ her to give up some magic amulet or something. Me and my sister used to play master and slave. I think the first time I was ever turned on was around puberty reading a boys love comic where the main character is sexually assaulted by his crush.

That dynamic, being coerced into something you secretly kinda wanted has been foundational to everything in my sexuality after that.

I remember such games in my past as well. Now I play them out a little different though 🙂

You’ve very clearly been exploring that foundation. What was it like when you began with that? Such coercion fantasies always carry a whiff of danger after all.

I’ve had a lot of more vanilla partners over the years so I’ve rarely been as immersed as I’d like.

Even with them I’d play that i was saying ‘no’ in my head, cuz it was so fundamental to my ability to enjoy sex.

I’ve never been in any real danger. Closest I guess was dating a girl who self identified as a sociopath.

We were able to explore my interest in being punched in the face since she was into martial arts.

And she got me into some of my harder kinks now, begging to be murdered, gaslighting, etc. She was a psych major too. She was the one that conditioned me to cum from verbal commands and other triggers.

Huyh that’s a fantasies many would shrek back from when just even hearing them likely xD But I assume when in no real danger, it is when played right, quite an adrenaline rush though?

Also, orgasming from wording alone? That’s not an easy feat. Did you use hypnosis and such for that?

Yeah I know most of my fantasies and play are way too hard for even most other kinky people. It’s made it hard to find people I can connect with fully. I think a lot of doms into kinks that hard are scared of themselves for it, so they hold back a lot, which is frustrating to me.

Orgasm conditioning is simple enough, and doesn’t require hypnosis though hypnosis can be a great supplement to it. Humans are just animals, and can be conditioned just like any other mammal.

It’s like pavlov’s dog, but instead of ringing a bell to trigger salivation…you connect orgasm with a phrase.

After you’ve done that, you can use the new verbal trigger to create other new triggers easily. It used to be hard for me to cum now I cum from all penetration.

I used to be able to cum from armpit licking, feet stimulation, nipple stimulation, and having my tongue piercing played with.

But it’s been a few years since that training has been reinforced so I’m not sure how effective most of that would be now. I need to be trained again.

Hmm yeah, at times it’s almost as if doms need some training too at times to expand their boundaries ;P Although to play at that level it needs a ton of trust I presume, and doing so isn’t easy.

And you go quite deep into kinky mindsets with such training. Is it something you wish for over longer periods of time, or do you keep sex mind and the rest mostly separate?

Oh yeah! I mean if I’m working a normal job, that’s probably the only time I’m quiet about my sex life. I have a very sex positive community, and I guess I’ve cultivated that to an extent by being the way I am.

It would be hard to be my friend for very long if you have a problem hear about sex and kink. So all my friends are the sort of people who are really open about that kind of thing.

Same for me. And despite having such interest-focused friends, there’s still a huge diversity in them, so it’s still always interesting 🙂 Hope that’s the same for you.

Last question. What would you say is your kind of fetish sex for you? Is it a need, a want, an additional flavoring of sex, way of life… And what do you get out of it, being treated as a fucktoy etc? What does it give you?

I’d consider it a need for sexual expression. I think everyone has that need, but culturally it’s shamed. I think there’s nothing more unhealthy than shaming the things that people can’t separate their identity from. I think that shame kills people.

In my daily life it’s not unusual for me to be in a leadership role. I guess being a fucktoy is a break from that. It feels fulfilling, satisfying, complete. Sexually serving someone with 100% of my being feels like a calling, i dont question it too hard.

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