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About Body Writing, Piss, Exposure And Other Humiliations

A talk with Castrokink about the importance of HUMILIATION.


MasterMarc: Hi Castrokink. Great to have you back with us. Today I’ll talk with you about humiliation. How important is it to humiliat your slaves and what is the goal of it?

Castrokink: Hi Master Marc. I’m thrilled to speak with you again.

As is the case for any form of kinky play for me, the goal of humiliation is to further drive a boy into a submissive state. When a boy feels humiliated, the power differential between dom and sub increases.

As to how important it is, that all depends on what drives a boy. What are his fantasies? What internal place does he want to go to? There are some boys for whom humiliation doesn’t do anything or for whom it has the opposite effect. For those, humiliation is generally not part of my play.

It’s good to note also that what may be humiliating to one boy may not be humiliating at all to another. For example, some boys feel humiliated just being stripped naked in front of a fully clothed dominant. Other boys are completely at ease in that situation. Finding the edges of an individual boy’s comfort and exploiting that is one of my very favorite things to do.


California (U.S.)

MasterMarc: Humiliation is really a very personal feeling. And out of my experiences things which have been a humiliation in the beginning become normal with the time. How do you see that?

Castrokink: Generally, you are correct. As an experience becomes familiar, it becomes normalized and less humiliating for a sub.

However, there are certainly boys for whom a type of experience is such a deeply rooted fetish, that it remains humiliating even after experiencing it a lot. There is a boy I play with who really gets off on the humiliation of being forcibly exposed in public. It triggers him every time no matter how often I do it.


For the majority of boys I humiliate, I vary up the methods and activities so they do not know what to expect. The surprise is a big factor in the intensity of reaction I get out of a boy.

At the end of a recent play party, blunderfistogre and my pup Whisper were on cleanup/teardown duty. When it was time for them to start, I ordered them both into the bathroom and on their knees side-by-side. Then, I recruited another player and we both pissed on them while they were fully clothed. The boys then had to complete their teardown shift drenched in piss in front of everyone else at the party. I also made them ride the subway home reeking of piss. This was a successful humiliation scene partly because I’d never done that with them before.

MasterMarc: Sounds like an interesting party. 🙂 I know that you are a master who knows his responsiblity. As you know by yourself, humiliation can also belike playing with fire because the limits of a slave can be very situational. Do you have any advices how to minimize this danger?

Castrokink: Humiliation definitely has the potential to go wrong. As a form of edge play that toys with deep-rooted emotions, humiliation requires a vigilant dom.

First, humiliation needs a lot of upfront negotiation. I ask a ton of questions about what humiliation means to a particular boy. I ask about specific activities. If the scene will be verbal, I ask about specific words. For example, some boys find it humiliating (in a good way) to be called “faggot” while for others, this would trigger a scene-ending negative reaction. I want to know in advance.

Second, I pay attention to my sub’s reactions. It’s generally easy to see if what I’m doing is having the desired effect. If I’m unsure, I check in with the boy. “Are you okay?”

Lastly, the more taboo the humiliating act, the more care needs to be taken before, during, and after a scene. More extreme things like feminization, small penis humiliation, racial degradation, and the like should never be approached lightly.


MasterMarc: Body writing seems to be one of your kinks. Do you see it also as humiliation? And can you tell us, what for you the attraction of body writing is?

Castrokink: Body writing is often a form of humiliation. I enjoy body writing quite a bit for a number of reasons.

Body writing ties in very nicely with one of my primary fetishes: exhibiting/posting photos of boys in helpless or humiliating situations. As body writing is visual, it translates better to photographs than verbal humiliation. There is something very hot about a picture of a boy helplessly bound with “whore” written across his ass!

Body writing is also a form of humiliating objectification in the sense that I’m labeling a boy as I might a book or something I’m storing in my basement.

There is also the surprise a boy gets when I remove his blindfold and he gets to see what I wrote on him. It’s even better when it’s on his back or ass and he was to twist and strain to read it.

I really like body writing as it is persistent after the immediate scene is over. At IML in Chicago this year, I made boys leave my room shirtless with humiliating phrases written on them. They walked through crowds of men so they’d feel the states of others, thus adding to the humiliation. At public events, I’ll often write on Whisper so that thousands see it.

It is also persistent in the sense that the sub must scrub to get the writing off of him. Each minute he spends scrubbing is reminder of his humiliation.

Finally, I like body writing as it allows for creativity. There’s an infinite combination of things to write and body parts on which to write them.


MasterMarc: It is also a kind of labeling boys. What do you think about permanent marks like tattoos, brandings, etc.?

Castrokink: I’m wary of permanent marks as a form of humiliation. It would require a lot of negotiation and discussion over a period of time before I’d consider it.

However, I think they can be an incredibly endearing way to signify a d/s relationship.

Last year, I had the pleasure of witnessing a friend brand his boy of eight years. One of my own boys has indicated an interest in branding one day and it’s certainly something I’d consider in the context of a long term relationship.

MasterMarc: Why is such a permanent mark a turn-on for a top and why for a sub?

Castrokink: On one level, it is the same feeling as locking my collar around a boy’s neck, only amplified greatly. It’s about an ongoing power exchange. For the top, it’s stating, “I own you.” For the bottom, “I am owned.” Obviously, it’s also a signal to others who see the mark

On an even deeper level, a permanent mark is a permanent bond and commitment. Whereas a collar can be unlocked and removed, a brand or a tattoo is forever (barring a medical procedure.) It signifies an enduring love that transcends any moment in time.

The actual act of branding a boy I love would be the ultimate in dom/sub power exchange play for me. It does not get much more powerful then permanently marking a boy as your property.


MasterMarc: Let us talk about another ‘humiliating’ action you really love … PISS. Can you tell us, why piss action has such an attraction to you?

Castrokink: Piss is one of my very favorite fetishes. It gets me excited for many different reasons.

We are taught from a very young age thaturinating is something we do privately and in a special room designed just for that person. When we do it outside of that context, it becomes shameful. Shame is one of the main drivers of humiliation–that feeling that you are doing something wrong or forbidden.

Urine is a waste product–it contains all the stuff your body rejected and filtered out. When I piss on (or in) you, I’m telling you that you’re so low, you deserve nothing more that my body’s waste.


Piss also allows for a lot of creativity, which I value as a dom who plays do often. In one of my favorite humiliation scenes to date, I saved nearly three gallons of piss in jugs prior to the scene. He had asked me to do the humiliating things other boys couldn’t handle. When the boy arrived, he was stripped and chained on his hands and knees to my toilet, with his head over the toilet bowl. I had already filled the toilet with my piss that morning so o started by pissing on his head then dunking it in to the bowl and forcing him to slurp. The warm piss on the back of his head and the cold piss in his face and mouth set the tone for the rest of the scene. Over the next 90 minutes, I pissed on him repeatedly, pissed in his mouth and ass directly, and funneled the stored gallons in both ends. I also plugged the piss in his ass each time. I kept tally marks on his back with a marker as to how much piss I’d put in him. I caned his ass with his head in the toilet until there were bright red stripes. By the end, he was shivering and shaking, utterly broken. That’s when I removed the plug and fucked his ass still full of piss before sending him out the door filled with and covered in my urine. It was amazing. We still talk about that scene.

At the same time, piss can be extremely intimate. It’s an exchange of body fluid from the same sex organ we fuck with. At the end of every night, when my boy Whisper gets on his knees and drinks my piss with his mouth around my cock, it isn’t a humiliating act in that moment. It is a way of connecting intimately before crawling into bed.

As you can see, piss gets me really talking. I could probably write an entire article on piss play.


MasterMarc: We really have to talk about that in an other article. 🙂 I started my first piss games as i was 8 years old. I think that could become a good article.

Last but not least, what other humiliating games do you love? 

Castrokink: I touched on it briefly, but one I enjoy a lot is forced public exposure or forced public sex acts. Last month, I took Whisper to Mr. S Leather for the pre-party they have the day before Up Your Alley, one of our kinky street festivals. Quite a few visitors from out of state recognized us. One was Pup Turbo from Portland. He and I hit it off, so while we were talking, I was playing with his ass. I noticed him getting hard. In front of a few dozen people, I forced Whisper to his knees and made him suck off Turbo in front of everyone. The flashes from cameras going off added to the humiliation. After Turbo came, I then took Whisper to the bathroom and made him drink my piss before taking him back to the sales floor to fuck his face myself.


Another boy I played with last summer would often meet me outside my favorite bar. Whenever he did, he was required to remove his shirt, lie on the cement, and stay quiet as I stood on his back and continued my conversation with friends.

Most recently, I did diaper humiliation with blunderfistogre. He was forced to wear a diaper which I filled with my own piss out to lunch and then sit in it through a two hour meeting I had to attend. When I finally took the diaper off after pissing in it a third time, I wrapped the whole thing around his head and rubbed this piss in his face.

Though I could go on and on about humiliation, I’ll wrap up here and leave a few things to talk about next time.

MasterMarc: There are still many things to talk about. Thank you, Castrokink, and see you soon.

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