Fearslave tells us about his new CHASTITY DEVICE and his experiences after a month.

My New Chastity Device

fearslave-foot-001i’ve been always into chastity since i knew there was such thing for men. i wore a CB3000 a long time ago (CB6000 was not even on the market yet) without a key holder. The longest time i wore it was about 2 weeks, which ended with a flooding wet dream inside the device.

Master always regards chastity devices more as a symbol than an effective mechanism – a guy would always be able to find a way to “come” (like i can with only rubbing my nipples) if he does not willingly submit his sexuality. i was still so eager to wear one and after begging many times, Master let me do some research to find a good one – no cheap plastic, and must be totally secure and lockable without escape.

i first turned to Steelwerks Extreme as it’s possibly the best you can find. i even met its owner Chris at seriousmalebondage studio when they videotaped the “gathering” of amazing chastity enthusiasts. Finally i didn’t follow through, mostly because i felt the devices would be too bulky for my build, while i didn’t want a minimalistic type which i guess would only prevent me from stimulating others but not constrain an erection – preventing an improper erection by keeping “it” downward is important to me and seems only achievable with a design with base ring.

After a lot of research, i finally decided a customized design with Steelworxx (it’s interesting they got such similar names). It’s a combination of Seduro Cage 2 and Looker 3, with additional scrotum lock. After over 2 months’ wait, it finally arrived in a package from Germany!

imageThe device includes a base ring, a cage, a removable titanium urethra tube, a PA pin with key, and a removable and lockable scrotum ring.
Below is a look from front. The urethra tube is screwed on with a nut that sticks out a little bit. The scrotum ring is not perfectly horizontal, and i guess it’s due to an extra enhancement to the connection between base ring and scrotum ring. It doesn’t matter much after i wear it.image

The urethra tube is the best part. Thinking about my slave cock is locked both outside and inside is very erotic. It’s also the most difficult one to get right. When i ordered it, i just got the PA at gauge 8. The PA ping was in turn a gauge 8, which presented some problem after i tried it on: by nature the PA ping must be externally threaded, so it easily scratched the other side of the PA hole in the urethra. i finally find a solution and started to stretch my PA. Now my PA hole is gauge 2 after a couple month of stretching (yeah it’s fast and i was surprised it was so easy). i’m waiting for a flesh tunnel to put it in and the pin would go through the hole of that tunnel without contacting any flesh of mine.


The scrotum ring shares the same lock/key as the base ring, which makes things easier. i found i would need some more serious ball stretching to wear it long term, and fortunately it’s removable.


To break in the new device was quite challenging at the beginning. i only got experience with a plastic CB and i don’t remember it was difficult. The steel cage is a totally different thing. i woke up literally every hour at the first several nights with a painful erection. It finally got better after 3 or 4 days and i could sleep through the night. The excitement at the beginning caused constant arousal and some edema, which are now gone too. It’s nice to feel the slave cock peacefully staying inside the cage.

i wear it day and night for over a week now and feel better about it each day. It gives me a secretive happiness when i work in my open floor office. So far nobody notices anything except my gym trainer – i believe he stared at my weird bulge when i lunged on the leg day. A couple of days ago i got an involuntary release during sleep without a wet dream, which may be the best as Master doesn’t need to bother milking me for health purpose. The current rule from Master is that i would have a quick health-only release every two months if no release happens before that. i’ve happily submit all the keys to Master and permanent chastity finally becomes a reality!

After One Month

i’ve been wearing the new chastity device for over a month. It has been a great experience.

The first 4 days or so was quite difficult, i woke up multiple times each night and had to do something to ease the burning pain on the skin around the base ring, like going to pee or applying some lotion. After that period it got much better, and i can normally sleep through the night.

The device prevents erection but heightens my awareness of any movement of the slave cock. i enjoy the weekends when i can go commando and feel the heavy pull of the device. The size of the base ring is pretty good and i don’t get blue balls, but the ball sack gets sensitive and provides some interesting sensations. The more sensitive genitals and the excitement of being locked up seem to cause more nightly emissions, which have happened every two weeks so far, but the strange thing is that it now happens without a dream and i don’t feel an ejaculation in sleep.

i’m still figuring out the best way to have my PA piercing and urethra tube co-exist perfectly. During the month i had to take the cage off several times, mostly for trying on different piercing jewelries. Wearing the device with the tube is totally another level of chastity. The tube slightly slides in and out with each mild inflating or shrinking of the cock, and any involuntary attempt of erection is like the cock gets penetrated deeper. Each time when that happens i’m like “oh my god oh my god please please don’t…” but with each word it grows uncontrollably and makes that penetration faster and harder. Something i haven’t figured out is that when i pee with the tube on, sometimes it vibrates like those hoses that vibrate and make noises when air is in them.

i got a pair of looser jeans a while ago to prepare for the device and i’ve been in them to go to work every day. Seems i have to say goodbye to my skinny jeans, or maybe i should get another shorter and smaller cage after this one has done its job of training and shrinking the slave cock.

Master’s rule is now that i will get a release only for health purpose on the first day of every odd month (He just ordered a prostate vibrator/massager for it), but if a nightly emission happens, i need to reset the clock and count another two months. Now when i serve Him, i don’t get improper full erection any more, while i touch, worship and suck His Master cock eagerly and He comes as He wishes, which made me feel so right and happy.

i didn’t think too much about it when i put it on a month ago, but now thinking about it, i realize more often that i probably never get a full erection again, let alone any real orgasm. Such thought itself is better than an orgasm: there’s nothing more erotic than permanent chastity.



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