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How to find the right Chastity Device

There are a lot of chastity cages out there, and the ideas they come up with inventing them continuoe to impress. But which one of them is the right one for you? What will your dick feel comfortable and snuggly (or uncomfortable, if thats what you like) in? For those who still have yet to try it out themselves and don’t know which kind to purchase first, I will make a little compilation of my experiences and tips I can give.

First of all, you need to know your situation. Therefore you should ask yourself the following questions.

Are you a beginner?

You should know that no device is gonna be perfect. There will always be something, a hinge, a sharp edge etc, that bothers you a bit about the device. Some of them can be “fixed” with tape or otherwise. But some you may just have to try to put up with. It is, after all, a cage.

One thing you can’t get around is to do a first few tryouts. You will need to know the nicks of your junk. How hard are my night erections? How flexible are my balls? Will they slip through my ring? Such things you just have to go through.  You may don’t want to spend extremely much on your first cage then. Going right to customized could potentially be a mistake as you don’t know your own dicks reactions to being caged. You can find quite a few cheaper ones with which you can experiment with ring sizes, length etc. that allow you to experiment with it a bit.

And even though none of them are high quality, some are actually quite comfortable. But please beware when browsing on aliexpress or buying stuff from china! Some of the metal ones may look good. But there seem to be a few which, even if they sell as stainless steel, have nickel in them. A substance around 10% of Europe is allergic to. Prolonged wear can lead to nasty skin rashes on your privates. Furthermore some of the cheaper plastic cages are quite thin and brittle. I’ve heard of a few horror experiences where they broke. They may be a cheap option, but you’ve got to be aware that it’s always a bit of a hit and miss there.

What’s your goal?

Depending on your chastity goal ( 1-3 days, a week, a month, a year ) you have to look for different devices. For a short session a cool restricting looking cage may be good enough, but the longer you wish to stay in it, the more you have to look into design.

Metal or Plastic?

That’s a pretty important choice. It affects what design you go may go for, and both materials have it’s perks and downsides.

Metal Devices

Very popular, since they give off the image of an inescapable, unbreakable prison 🙂 


  • Really easy to clean
  • Basically unbreakable


  • Weight is not for everyone
  • Ungiving metal constructions can be painful if you get really hard erections

Plastic Devices

They are lighter, more snugly often, and can at times even make you forget you even wear one altogether if they’re designed well.


  • Very light
  • Often more “organically” designed


  • Often harder to clean while wearing
  • Needs more frequent lubrication to prevent chaffing

What Design do I go for?

Depending on what design you go for, your chastity experience can be very different.

Complete enclosure: Often more comfortable, but if without breathing holes, brings more skin problems, itching etc later on. Complete enclosure also means in case of a hard-on you will have a lot of pressure from everywhere on your dick. Sometimes that’s better sometimes it’s not. It’s more of a type choice honestly.

Ringed and open Design: More breathable, but larger open areas mean that if you get a hard-on, the blood will accumulate there, and bring a pumping effect like with a cockring, that may be painful in a cage. Not taht

Edged vs Round: Edged looks cooler, but latest at day 3 you’ll start to feel the pressure points, especially if it’s the ball ring part. Round is more comfy. If you still decide fore edgy, please keep some waterproof tape around, in case you need to tape over some parts.

No matter which choice a lot of the pumping blood will accumulate in areas of your groin behind the cage, both visible dick parts outside as well continuations into your body. That’s uncomfortable no matter what sadly, and something you’ll have to go through. However there’s one factor thats very important for comfort in that aspect:

What Ring Size do I get?

That’s the part I see most mistakes made. IF you buy a size too small, you will have definite uncomfort when wearing. And I know some now fantasize “but a bit of uncomfort, that’s hot!”. But it’s really not. It’s not the hot kind of pain. It’s more the “I’ve just hit my toe on the edged side of the tableleg quite hard” pain after a while. I’ve seen people make the mistake on purpose, wear it, hurting, and then leaving the cage in a box forever more, as wasted money. And if it’s really too small, you can even injure your blood or pump vessels. So please be careful.

Too small is definitely bad. But also be mindful not to buy too large, because else your balls or your dick, or even the whole cage will slip out, and it loses its purpose. It’ll be like some oversized pants with a belt which only has too largely set holes.

Furthermore, another tip. When buying a cage, really look if there are any open hinges or other similar uncovered design parts. That’s where your skin can get trapped in or chaf against. And that’ll really hurt, especially when waking up with it in the middle of the night.

Generally, always look at the cages design and see what is there that might presses against your skin anywhere. It also pays off to look at the rings shape. Is it a mere thin ring? An organically shaped to distribute weight? A thicker ring with protected hinges? They all provide a different experience, and have their trade-offs and -ons. Thin rings are usually bad. Lot of weight and pressure on very localized areas. Shaped rings are better.

When measuring, use a wider rope. Not your thin household rope. Don’t tie it like you want to your shoe. It needs to be snug, but not press your sacks skin together too much. Experiment. Let it at a length for a few minutes. Does it pinch in any areas, feel uncomfortable? Take your time. A few minutes of testing more will save you disappointment later.

What you won’t be avoid to a certain degree is that when you get an erection, the ring will be pulled forward with it, and with the ring also your balls. That may hurt. Its kind of the deal you got your self into when getting a kcage. However there’s signs that your ring may be too large or too small depending on the degree of pain from it. Your “best case”, if you can speak of it as such I guess, is if it gets pulled a little, with not too much pain. If it’s a pulled little more, it might also be still be fine. If it can’t be pulled forward at all, it also may be too small, resulting in more pain from your ring and your dick from not being able to expand at all. That’s unhealthy by the way. And your balls pop out, it’s liiiikely too big 😉

What length do I go for?

Another thing I see often is people buying the wrong length. This is also often somewhat on “purpose” I know. Some of you wish to look/ become smaller down there. But if it’s your first purchase, especially if you want to wear it more than a day, for your own sake, buy one that fits, and with enough room that if you get hard. And by that I mean one you wont have your press your dick in there like meat for a stuffed sausage. Trust me, the only thing you’ll be missing is waking up yelping out in pain in the middle of the night, realizing your mistake, and running for an ice pack or the keys. It’s not a hot kind of pain you’ll experience, it’s wasted money and more imporantly you’ll have a bad first experience, and may put you off from something you might would’ve enjoyed.

If you want to get smaller cages, do it in gentle stages, over months and years. There’s no way cheating around that. You will hear that from all the experienced wearers you look up to.

For measuring, a good tip may be to measure it small, and then just only slightly pumped up. Not hard, just when you’re beginning to grow.

I have Issues wearing my Cage?

No cage is going to be perfect. There’s always someplace that may pinches a bit, that hurts when you get horny, that chafs. Our dicks are not made to be caged, it’s a choice we make, and you will have to go through some things with your willpower if you fall this choice.

However there’s some small things you can do that may to lessen these issues. For chaffing and pinching it’s cream and lubrication. I specifically use skin cream, and baby oil. First gives the skin some fats and oils it needs, which reduces reddening and provides protection layers for chaffing/skinreddening from rubbing. Second provides long term lubrication, which lets your skin move without pinching.

If you have any uncomfortable parts, you can also tape them over with waterproof tape, or sand them down rounder etc. You could also use a dremel to change it’s shape. You’re not completely at the mercy of the produced product, you can make it more custom and comfortable if you’re a bit creative.

Will my cage be secure?

This answer may will disappoint you. Fantasy fails to meet reality. I’ve yet to find a cage that I couldn’t break/slip out of, and in some cases, also back in again. Chastity is, foremost of all, a promise you give. Whether that’s to yourself, to your viewers, dom or master. It’s a test of willpower and resistance to escape and wank. And most before all, a chastity cage is symbolism of this promise and test. It might enhances your feeling of being trapped, and you connect it, which helpes a lot, and provides you with lots of different feelings. But the barrier itself is in your mind. Nonetheless, it’s still an important device I think. A catalyst if you will, to live out your kink and promise.

Chastity with a Prince Albert Piercing

Nothing imprisons a cock like having a metal ring pierced through it and secured to a chastity device. It’s the ultimate anti-pullout chastity lock. However, again like in many things, reality often fails to match fantasy here.

There are devices who advertise that they are compatible with some PA locks or have them included, but most aren’t well thought out and you will most likely wake up whincing in pain cause the lock will either pull or push into your midnight wood. I’ve tried several, from integrated PA to looped through wire. None worked well. Some were even bloody. So be careful what you spend your money on.

A few customizable cage companies have some versions which sound promising, but I sadly haven’t heard enough positive reviews to really make a recommendation yet. A few were even bad. So for now, it’s more dream.

I hope this guide helps you in your search for your device, and wish you good luck finding your ideal cage.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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  1. Very specific and useful information for beginners like me … In my case, I am thinking of buying a cage called “Looker 01” since it attracts my attention visually, and the issue of weight being made of metal I do not think it will reach be a nuisance, however the biggest question I have is about the ring, I really don’t know which ring to choose, I have no idea how to choose it… and I also don’t know if you can buy those rings specifically to buy all or most sizes to try, and since it is not an inexpensive cage, I wish I knew well which one to choose…

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