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He Shoved It In My Mouth And The Musk Wafted Over My Senses

Coywolf Lobo

1991 | 175 cm | 83 kg

Auburn (CA)

Twitter  of Lobo.

Hey everyone, today we talk to someone with a sensitive nose. Lobo, you got a thing for smells right. How did you notice that?

Lobo: Well, adolescents always seems to play a big role in finding what you are into no matter how small it may seem at the time. I’d say I was around 16 when the hormones began and my curiosities emerged. In my case they always seemed to happen in the locker room, granted my high school days were deep in the closet but that didn’t stop me from sneaking peaks or wondering why I didn’t mind the musky air. It was only until I was around 20 years old, when I was living on my own, did I come out as a gay man and from there moved into the discovery of kink play. Granted I lived in a small town at the time so my options were limited to light bdsm(cuffs, collars).

I want to repay all the communities that helped me become the openly kinky person I am.


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>When I was 22 I moved to the Seattle area with my boyfriend at the time (now husband) I was introduced to so much more thanks to the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. I was first introduced to the Seattle Pups and Halnders(SEA-PAH) at a house party and from there went to my first social. I found out what puppy play was and I immediately got into it! The people in SEA-PAH helped me discover just how much I enjoyed leather, bondage, impact play, musk, and my fetish for jockstraps haha. Now I’m currently a board member for the Seattle Men in Leather community going on my second year! That is how I want to repay all the communities that helped me become the openly kinky person I am. For no matter what your kink, fetish, sexual orientation, or what/who you identify as is, we are all one big family! ;3

Very true words 🙂 What would you consider important for you when playing with others?

I cannot stress how much communication is important! Not only for the kink/fetish life but life in general. I wanna say more so in the kink scene as there are, in a lot of causes, people in relationships, kinky or no, one or both parties would like to experiment more with others. In which communication about what you or the other is ok with and what you want and what isn’t ok must be communicated to one another so that drama can be avoided and a healthy experience can be created.

I am a collared pup by a Sir who also has a husband and have an Alpha and we are one big family even though my husband has his own Daddy as well.

I’ll take myself as an example. I’ve been with my amazing husband for over 6 years now and in that time we have grown into an open relationship due to time and communication. Yes we’ve had our ups and downs and disagreements but be both have made compromises to make the other happy because beneath the “physical stuff” we love each other.

So, we have our friends and currently I am a collared pup by a Sir who also has a husband and have an Alpha and we are one big family even though my husband has his own Daddy as well. It may seem like a big web cause it is haha, but I works because we all communicated and it all works because of it.


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See, in the kink community there are bonds and “family structures” I like to say that form. It can be a Sir/Handler/Daddy/Master/Mistress or a pup/slave/boy/girl/toy or any other number of Dom/sub relations even regular friends or fuck buddies! they all hold a certain degree of communication between them and without it, I believe you’ll lose that experience and connection. Or without it you may find that you run into trouble a lot more and feeling like you aren’t getting what you are looking for and in worst cases, getting something you didn’t want at all.

Preach 😉 Ok, tell us a bit now, what do you actually like about the various fetishes you got?

Some of my most fetish related things I do more often, in fact daily would be my fetish for jockstraps and having that pup like headspace haha. Like, I wear jockstraps all the time, they usually replace my need more normal underwear haha, it’s a bit embarrassing to say. But I like the feel of them, the feel of my ass being more exposed by one less layer of clothing.


Seeing them on others is definitely as appealing to me as well! Combine that with musky play and you’ve got me whimpering haha! As for the pup stuff while in gear and in that scenario pup play allows me to put on a persona or “pupsona” if you will haha that allows me to forget about the worries and stress of the real world. It gives me much more confidence about myself, it is relaxing for me, freeing even regardless of gear.
But in my case the gear, mostly the hood, does help get me into that “zone”. Though, unlike a lot of pups I don’t really act like a pup all the time. I do bark and woof and put on some characteristics of a dog however I do talk like a human, mostly am on 2 feet at socials where I do most of my pupping. However behind the scenes in a more closed environment it gets more headspace related, on all fours, can’t talk but bark and whimper, being a good boy type thing for sure!


Well everybody’s got a different type and style of playing, and lives it out in his way. Speaking of type, what’s yours. Which kind of guys are you into?

That’s a very broad question to me haha. Not one that I can necessarily answer easily if I’m going to be honest. I suppose it would really depend on how me and the other connect. Sure, I find physical attributes attractive, say I was feeling more dominate and toppy then I’d go for more of the twinky, small type. However, if I’m feeling more subby/bottom I would go for more of the bigger “daddy” hunky type. That all being said it doesn’t rule out the possibility of those roles being reversed.

What I find most attractive about a person is their personality…

… regardless if they’re “in shape” or out. That bring said, I do enjoy nerdy guys, someone who enjoys video games, anime but also the outdoors and sports! I also like long philosophical discussions and debates, I love learning new things and am open minded to other’s ideals which I think makes me very easy to talk to.

So, I can be physically attracted to someone however if we don’t connect or just have a difference in personalities it’s hard to get past that and is usually a deal breaker for me but only in the sexual department heh. Guess what I’m trying to get at is that I’m into all kinds of people! Haha.

Well, I guess it’s as you said above: it’s all about the connection, right? 😉 Now I really wanna know though, can you tell me some of your fond kinky memories?

You mean kiss and tell?? Haha, I’ll be happy to! So, one of the hottest experiences so far will have to be when I helped my Sir work on his one room cabin that be built himself out at a LGBTQ campground. Like a good dog I agreed to help him during the weekend, it was the off season, so the campground was mostly deserted besides some regulars. The day was nice and sunny and after cleaning the brush and fixing up around the campsite and having a cold beer, all sweaty in the sunlight. It was after that my Sir decided to lead me into his cabin’s bedroom, there he threw me onto the bed with a wooden bedframe.

I Couldn’t sit right for the rest of the weekend

We made out for a while before I noticed him taking off his belt. “Get on all fours pup.” He said so I obeyed. He then, without me noticing pulled out some rope and tied my wrists together and onto the bedframe so my arms were extended and having to balance my weight on my knees. He then proceeded to pull my pants down and spanked me with his rough, firm, hands. Slowly at first but then harder and harder, my ass stinging and getting warm. I let out barks and whimpers as my body began to tremble with each impact. “Open your mouth boy.” He said. I opened it panting and was greeted with a sweaty, musky jockstrap that he was wearing all day in the sun. He shoved it in my mouth and the musk wafted over my senses.

He then kept beating my ass, using his belt and a leather paddle. By the end of it all I was laying on the bed with a bright red and bruised ass, whimpering and drooling onto the jock in my mouth, the endorphins running and my mind in a haze. He then untied me, and we snuggled for a good long time before heading out to dinner. I couldn’t sit right for the rest of the weekend haha!

Oh I know that last bit as well. But honestly, you seem like you’ve experienced quite a bit already. do you still have kinky fantasies and dreams you wanna live out once?

Well, yes. Many actually! I can think of quite a few actually, but for now I’ll talk about one fresh in my mind. If you ever been in a fraternity or have visited any gay porn sites you’ve probably seen or heard about the “initiation” parties that fraternities have. One of my fantasies involve me participation in one of those initiations with a few jockey bros. We’d get drunk and then the paddles get whipped out. Each one taking turns hitting my ass with it while I’m bent over on the couch, hands tied behind my back, only wearing a jockstrap.

I have yet to experience being the one in a sling yet! That one I am working on currently!

After a while they’d all take turns with my poor red ass or mouth until everyone was satisfied. Afterwards we’d all order pizza and hang out like it was all casual fun haha! Other fantasies involve more rope bondage and suspension, some locker room scenes as well. Oh! Funny enough, I have yet to experience being the one in a sling yet! That one I am working on currently!

Alright we’re almost at the end now. But I got one last question: What would you say to people who are interested in fetish stuff but unsure how they should get into it, or to try it out?

I get this one quite a lot and it is one of the hardest for people who are looking at getting into the kink scene to do and a very hard one to answer since we are all different and take things in different ways. My best answer is to take easy steps, first, find out what you are interested in. From there, by the powers of the internet, you can research them and see if there are any social gatherings around you. I know for some areas these places are few or are far away, but I urge you to take the time to go to one, so you can get the feel of it.

I want them to experiment!

Biggest challenge I hear is making that step to going to an event and talking to people. Thankfully we have online forums and websites where we can discuss in a more “secure” environment in this day in age. Lastly and most definitely I want them to experiment! Always in a safe environment or with safe and trustworthy people of course. You can do all the research you want and believe you’d be super into this one thing but when you experience it for yourself, it ends up being something you hate. I speak from experience haha all that time tricking myself I was into something I wasn’t.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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