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The Key To Happiness (7)

To the Last Drop

“So soon?” I asked.

Last week, Simon had locked up Zach’s cock for an unspecified amount of time, telling him to stand by and wait for his call. Frankly, I had expected Simon to wait longer until calling Zach, at least couple of weeks, maybe even a month.

But today, Simon showed up at the studio and announced that he’d free Zach’s dick.

The 23 year old was wearing blue trousers and a white shirt, a blue tie around his neck. The clothes and his horn-rimmed glasses made him look like a geeky schoolboy. But behind the innocent façade lurked quite a naughty rascal… I had seen Simon in a couple of outrageous video clips that featured him in a boy scout uniform standing in a street booth and selling cookies to unsuspecting passers-by while getting his ass fucked behind a curtain by a bunch of horse-hung studs. His performance had been quite impressive, and he had sold a lot of cookies while receiving a lot of cream. In the end, his customers on both sides seemed to be very satisfied.

“He won’t be suspecting my call this soon”, Simon grinned. “Remember, he has to be here within twenty minutes of my call.” He picked up the phone and winked at me. “Let’s see if he’ll make it…”

I chuckled.

Simon had been playing with Zach for five weeks now. Initially, he had been locked up for “just” eleven days but Simon had extended his suffering twice. Last Monday, he had tied poor Zach up, unlocked his cock and teased his dick before denying him the pleasure of an orgasm by pouring hot wax over his dick and dousing it in rubbing alcohol. After that, he had locked Zach’s huge cock up again.

Simon dialed Zach’s number. After he had finished the call, he hung up and grinned at me.

“I bet Zach’s happy”, I chuckled.

“I didn’t speak to him. One of Zach’s buddies answered the phone”, Simon chuckled. “He said that Zach was in the middle of a workout. Apparently he’s spending a lot of time working out lately. I guess he needs to blow off steam…”

I grimaced in sympathy, imagining Zach at the gym, his dick locked up, pumping weights to get his mind off sex.

“The guy asked me if it was urgent”, Simon continued with a smile. “I told him no.”

I chuckled. “Poor Zach.”

“He’ll be in for a shock when his workout is finished and he gets my message”, Simon grinned.

Zach arrived two hours later, out of breath and sweating. The muscular 20 year old stud was wearing sweat pants and a tank top. His blond hair was shaggy and his blue eyes were filled with a curious mix of frustration, fear and horniness.

Simon looked at his watch. “You are late”, he said matter-of-factly.

Zach opened his mouth to say something.

“I told you to be ready”, Simon continued. “But apparently you thought it wasn’t important. Apparently the freedom of your cock isn’t worth much to you.”

Zach’s mouth was hanging open.

“Two hours”, Simon smiled. “That’s gonna cost you.”

Zach closed his mouth and swallowed hard.

“Take your clothes off”, Simon said. “Let me have a look at your junk.”

Zach dropped his pants with a deep sigh.

His dick was locked inside a little black tube that was bent sharply, preventing him from getting an erection. His big balls, held in place by a plastic ring around the neck of his sack and the root of his dick, were bulging on either side. The skin of his scrotum was taut and it looked as if his balls were going to burst with pent-up sperm any second. In addition to that, they were covered in bruises and I couldn’t shake the feeling that Zach’s frat brothers had something to do with that…

From my position behind Zach, I noticed that his ass cheeks were covered in writing. I squinted to decipher it. His right ass cheek said ‘mouth’, with at least fifty or sixty marks, and his left ass cheek said ‘ass’ with more than a hundred marks. I had no idea what that was all about – but I was pretty sure that Zach wasn’t going to tell me even if I asked…

Simon grinned and smacked Zach’s tender balls with the palm of his hand, making Zach cry out in pain.

“Wow, those suckers are full to the brim, huh?” Simon chuckled. He knelt down, reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He reached around Zach and cuffed his hands together behind his back. Then he pulled out the key to Zach’s cage. Pushing Zach’s gonads against his body, Simon managed to open the cock cage and free Zach’s mammoth cock.

“There you go”, Simon smiled, his eyes on Zach’s enormous tool.

Within seconds, Zach’s huge schlong awoke from its forced sleep, and it fattened and grew to a very impressive erection.

“That’s a thing of beauty”, Simon smiled, gently jerking Zach’s cock with both of his hands. “Oh, my.” He licked his lips and looked up at Zach who stared down at him, fearing some kind of mean, nut-crunching attack to come any second.

Instead, Simon opened his mouth as wide as he could and took Zach’s dick in.

“Oh god”, Zach whimpered as he felt Simon’s tongue on his shaft.

Inch by inch, Zach’s dick disappeared in Simon’s mouth.

“Oh god!” Zach groaned as the head of his dick reached Simon’s tonsils. “Yeah, take it all!”

Simon’s neck bulged as Zach’s cock slid further and further down his throat.

It was quite amazing.

Watching Simon impale himself on Zach’s humungous cock was like witnessing an animal devour its much bigger prey.

Finally, Simon’s nose disappeared inside Zach’s pubes.

Zach threw his head back, groaning in pleasure.

Simon let out a noise. It sounded like he was humming something.

“Oh god!” Zach yelped as his dick was tingled by Simon’s vocal cords.

Then Simon started moving his head back and forth, deepthroating Zach like the expert cocksucker he was.

Simon’s hands were wrapped around Zach’s huge, lowhanging balls, gently massaging them while Zach’s slid back and forth inside his throat.

It didn’t take long for Zach to cum.

His body tensed and his eyes started fluttering. His hands clawed into each other behind his back.

Simon was humming happily as Zach’s enormous pent-up load found its way down his throat.

It seemed like an eternity, and I started to worry. How on earth did Simon manage to hold his breath this long?!

Finally, Simon pulled away, gasping for breath. “Holy fuck!” Drool and cum ran out of his mouth.

And Zach wasn’t finished shooting. Rope after rope of cum landed in Simon’s face, plastering his face and his glasses with a thick layer of creamy jizz.

Zach’s body was shaking as he emptied his balls on Simon’s face.

Simon’s mouth was wide open and he tried to catch every last drop.

Zach’s dick continued sputtering jet after jet of salty jizz into Simon’s mouth and onto his face.

When Zach’s orgasm subsided, Simon grabbed Zach’s cock and started jerking it as fast as he could. He kept his mouth open, Zach’s dick resting on Simon’s tongue.

A few moments later, Zach came again.

“Fuck!” Zach yelled. “Fuck!”

Simon laughed as his mouth was filled with Zach’s second load, and he eagerly gulped it all down while jerking Zach’s dick.

“Oh god”, Zach groaned. “That was amazing.”

Simon chuckled. “It tasted amazing as well.” He stroked Zach’s fat dick with both of his hands, trying to make it stay hard even though it had just delivered two enormous loads.

Zach groaned. “Okay, umm, thank you, I guess.” He  grinned sheepishly.

Simon looked up at him through his cum-stained glasses and grinned, feverishly jerking Zach’s huge cock.

Zach chuckled. “Okay, I think I’m done”, he grinned.

“Oh, I don’t think you’re done, yet”, Simon smiled.

Zach blinked. “What do you mean?”

“There’s another load in those big, fat suckers, and I’m going to get it”, Simon whispered, both hands rubbing Zach’s meaty schlong.

Zach shifted uncomfortably. “Well, leave a bit for the others”, he said with a weak grin.

Simon shook his head. “I’m going to milk you dry”, he said with a wink.

Zach gulped. “But I—“

“Shhh, here it comes”, Simon chuckled, opening his mouth wide to catch Zach’s third load.

Zach’s body tensed and he let out a groan. It sounded a little less pleasurable this time, even though his cum shot was still very impressive.

Simon wrapped his lips around the head of Zach’s cock while stroking his shaft, sucking out every last drop.

Zach was grunting and groaning.

Simon looked up at him, licking his lips. His face was smeared with cum and he had a huge grin on his face. “The first three loads were easy”, Simon said casually. “Now comes the painful part…”

I grimaced in sympathy. This was a rollercoaster ride for Zach, and now he was on his way down…

Simon winked up at Zach and balled his fist before punching Zach’s nuts hard.

Zach let out an anguished scream.

Simon continued jerking Zach’s cock, refusing to let it go limp, while punching Zach’s balls again and again, ramming them into his body.

Zach was screaming and squealing in pain as his sore balls were pounded by his cum-hungry tormentor. With his hands cuffed behind his back, there was nothing he could do as Simon stroked his dick and punched his nuts, hell-bent on whipping another load out of Zach.

Zach’s screams echoed through the room as Simon’s fists used his nuts as a punching bag while he stroked Zach’s fat cock with his free hand.

When Zach’s balls pulled up in their sack, Simon didn’t stop. On the contrary, in addition to the stroking and the punching, he started sucking on the tip of Zach’s cock until his mouth was flooded with another warm, salty load.

Zach’s face was a mask of pain. When he was locked in chastity he had dreamed about being able to shoot his load again – now it was turning into a nightmare.

His drained balls were punched again and again as Simon tried to coax yet another load out of them, sucking on the tip of his dick like a hoover and frantically jerking Zach’s dick.

It took quite a while until Zach’s spent nuts delivered their fifth load of the day, and it looked like Simon was a little disappointed with the amount of cum.

Stroking Zach’s cock at a steady pace, Simon let Zach’s dick slip out of his mouth. “Looks like you’re running on empty”, he said with an almost chiding voice.

“Oh god, please stop”, Zach croaked.

Simon chuckled.

“My dick is hurting”, Zach groaned. “And my balls—“

Simon interrupted him with a well-placed uppercut that flattened Zach’s huge testicles against his body.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs. His nuts were considerably swollen by now, and the skin of his nutsack was beet red, just like his dick.

“I was counting on at least two or three more loads”, Simon said casually. He continued jerking Zach’s dick.

Instead of punching Zach’s balls, he grabbed the left one in his free hand and closed his fingers around it.

“Oh god”, Zach grunted in a strained voice as Simon started digging his fingertips into the tender flesh of his testicle.

Squeezing Zach’s poor left nut with all the force he could muster, Simon resumed sucking on his cock while stroking the shaft.

Zach’s face was contorted in agony as Simon squeezed yet another load out of him.

His orgasm was anything but pleasurable, and he screamed in pain when Simon’s mouth filled with Zach’s precious juice.

After Zach’s left nut was squeezed empty, Simon turned his attention to Zach’s right nut, and his zealousness was rewarded with another small but nutritious load that Simon eagerly gulped down.

After that, Simon made Zach orgasm two more times, but there was nothing but hot air coming out.

When Simon was sure that he had completely drained Zach’s balls, he leaned back and wiped his forehead. “Damn”, he mumbled, stretching his fingers and exhaling deeply.

Zach fell to his knees, his hands still cuffed behind his back. He looked down at his bruised and swollen balls, grimacing in pain, an incredulous expression in his eyes. His dick was red and raw, dangling limply between his thighs. It looked like a useless appendix to his body, a ridiculously long piece of meat with no purpose or vindication.

Simon took off his glasses and licked up the cum that had dried on them.

Then he got up and straightened his clothes.

“This was a lot of fun”, Simon smiled. “Would you like a glass of water?”

Zach looked up at him, glassy-eyed and sweaty. He nodded slowly.

Simon walked to the kitchen as Zach stared down at his spent dick.

I grimaced in sympathy and decided to give Zach a bit of space.

I followed Simon into the kitchen where he was pouring Zach a glass of water. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a little plastic bag containing a white powder that looked quite familiar.

A little while ago, a powerful drug had surfaced that caused involuntary and voluntary orgasms.

“Is that what I think it is?” I grimaced.

Simon grinned and nodded as he poured a generous amount of the powder into Zach’s glass.

“This is going to get ugly”, I said, watching the drug dissolve in the water.

Simon chuckled and handed me the bag. There was still enough powder in it to drain the balls of a football team completely dry. “In case you need it.”

We walked back into the room and I put the drug in the drawer of my desk.

In the meantime, Simon had unlocked Zach’s handcuffs.

Zach immediately grabbed his junk, and he tugged listlessly at his thoroughly drained balls and his spent, raw cock.

Simon ran his hand through Zach’s blond hair. “You’re free now.” He grinned. “Aren’t you happy?”

Zach let out a bitter laugh.

“Here’s your water”, Simon smiled.

Zach emptied the glass in one gulp and handed it back to Simon.

He looked down at his crotch with a miserable expression on his face. His big, meaty cock looked like a lazy elephant’s trunk, dangling sadly between his thighs, red and raw and completely limp.

Zach let out a sigh and turned to get his clothes.

Suddenly, he stopped and turned around again, a funny expression on his face.

Simon grinned.

Zach’s eyes darted to his crotch.

His limp dick stirred.

“Oh god”, Zach groaned, sounding like he was going to puke.

Instead, his cock grew half-hard as if it was inflated by an invisible air pump.

“Oh god!” Zach repeated, his body convulsing.

Simon chuckled.

“Oh god!!!” Zach bellowed, falling to his knees.

Simon put the glass down on the floor, right below Zach’s semi-hard schlong.

With an anguished wail, Zach’s balls contracted and a spurt of sticky cream shot out of his dick right into the glass.

Simon looked at me and grinned.

We sat down on the couch and watched the spectacle.

Zach’s face was a mask of pain. His eyes were clenched shut and he was grinding his teeth as a steady flow of cum poured into the glass.

“Wow”, I mumbled. “I didn’t think there was anything left in his nuts.”

Simon laughed. “That stuff is awesome. It’ll empty his poor balls completely. Every last drop of cum will get squished out.”

Simon was right.

Zach was grunting and groaning and moaning in agony as his body was rocked by a series of painful, involuntary orgasms.

After Simon’s repeated manual depletion of Zach’s testicles, his cumshots weren’t as capious any more. It was a more or less steady trickle of semen – but it seemed to last an eternity.

Sweat was running down Zach’s body as his balls were violently drained and the glass got fuller and fuller.

After twenty minutes, the flood subsided, but the orgasms didn’t stop. After another five minutes of dry-cumming, it was finally over.

“Oh god”, Zach whimpered. His hands wandered between his thighs, tentatively touching his sore, empty balls. He winced as his fingers touched his sack.

“Well, I guess you won’t be fucking anything for a while”, Simon chuckled. “But at least you’re not locked in chastity anymore…” He winked at Zach and walked up to him. He held up the glass and looked at it. It was almost completely filled with Zach’s juice.

“Cheers”, Simon grinned.

Zach watched, grimacing in pain, as Simon eagerly gulped down his violently extracted load.

When the glass was empty, Simon licked his lips and smiled.

Zach looked down at his crotch. His drained balls were dangling low in his sagging ballbag, and his dick looked like a deflated balloon. He let out a pitiful sob.

Simon grimaced in mock-sympathy. “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright in a couple of weeks.”

Zach sighed. His eyes fell on the chastity device. “Can we destroy that thing, please?”

Simon grabbed the device and looked at it. “You know, I think I’ll keep it.” He winked at Zach. “Who knows, maybe we’ll use it again sometime?”

– The End –

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Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling has been into ballbusting ever since he can remember. He has published hundreds of stories on his website In addition to testicle torture his stories feature themes like wrestling, chastity play, edging and milking, muscle worship, small penis humiliation, oral and anal sex, public humiliation, domination, and many more. In 2017, Alex wrote his first ballbusting stories in his native language and started the German blog in collaboration with another author. In 2018, he has teamed up with fetish porn producer Toby Springs to produce a series of ballbusting video clips. Alex lives and works in Germany.

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