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Gear sexuality by rubngum

An interview with Rubngum, a real gear lover and designer.

I Am A Universal Fetishist

10633342_522868287849192_365659944505492227_o-e1426173399163[1]rubngum (45) from Chur (Switzerland) is a big gear fan and sm guy. He organises gear parties and develops new toys and horny gear for Blackstore. Here he talks a little bit about his projects, his preferences and his gear sexuality. (translation by Stormy)

MasterMarc: Hey rubngum. You are a total gear freak and you’re also the organiser of the Gearblast parties. The upcoming event will be held in Berlin on April 3rd and 4th. So this event, that you and your team put together, what is it like and how can we envision it?

rubngum: Hey there! It’s the fifth time we’re doing Gearblast. Its target audience is gear heads, i.e. anyone who has a gear fetish: this is the place to be. We rent an attractive Club in one of the bigger cities and equip it with furniture and toys from Blackstore. Two nights in a row we then welcome our awesome guests from all over the world. This year we chose Berlin for the party and we’re doing it on the Easter weekend, when Berlin is packed with the local fetish and leather community.

We picked the JamesJune club as our party venue. It has two areas and an outdoor area. We’ll have quite the party program, from breath control contest to combat show.

MasterMarc: Combat show…wow, that sounds dangerous 😀 So what kind of people attend your party?

rubngum: Show segments have always been a part of Gearblast and we have something on every year. It’s well timed combat scenes in full gear, very exciting to watch as the protagonists move in their armour and also very nice to listen to. Gas mask breathing sounds, armour clashing noises and fight sounds.

The gear fetishists attending this party all love to show off their outfit but also love to admire that of like-minded gear heads. The outfit plays the main role at this event.

MasterMarc: With gear being so much at the heart of this event, I’m guessing a lot of people might wonder if they have enough gear and especially enough hot gear for this event. Are there minimum requirements? And is there any kind of gear that isn’t welcome?

rubngum: Yeah, I guess that’s probably true. Well, the dress code is very broad-based but all skin should be covered and a helmet or mask is mandatory.

MasterMarc: You are a complete gear freak yourself. Tell us what turns you on about that and what is essential to you.

rubngum: It’s about the feeling of doing something extraordinary. Some people are exclusively turned on by leather or latex or have a very particular fetish. I am a universal fetishist – I can’t specify the one thing I enjoy the most. Sometimes it’s a full rubber outfit, sometimes it’s bike leathers. And in many cases it’s the combination of several fetishes.

It’s probably the transformation into something else that’s most appealing. The sexual stimulus that results from this is amazing. To see yourself or others in the outfit is somewhat surreal. The person and the body becomes irrelevant, only the manifestation is important, breathing life into gear.

Many people live their fetishes just by themselves. I want to get in contact with like-minded people and I want to see and feel them. Playing together, touching each other, from just touching to sex, all is possible. When having sex, the gear is very important to me, not the person that’s in it.

MasterMarc: Your latter statement suggests that your sexual partner and his needs are not important to you but rather that he’s an interchangeable object with you just getting randy with his outfit. Is that really so?

rubngum: Yes, it actually is. When I’m being asked about my sexual orientation, my answer is that I’m a gear-sexual. Almost sounds like a completely new definition, like metrosexual. 😉

The people inside the gear are also important to me, but only after the sex. My play partners are almost always a perfect match and tick as I do – gear-sexuals. To them I’m also just an outfit.

MasterMarc: Interesting. What kind of interaction is there, what’s special about this kind of gear sex? How can we imagine the action? I assume you’re much less sensitive to touch in this kind of “packaging”.

rubngum: It’s all about cerebral cinema. To know and to see you’re being touched is great. And in combination with bondage and/or additional toys like gags, plugs, e-stim and furniture, the lust factor increases.

Of course there are materials that enhance the touch sensitivity, latex and lycra being two of those. It’s the overall context that generates sexual lust. It’s all in your head.

MasterMarc: And you provide several little movie clips on your homepage to help with that “Kopfkino”.

rubngum: I use my movies to help people understand what it means to be a gear-sexual and to show how you can act it out with play partners. It’s my self-realisation.

MasterMarc: Is it true that you develop new gear for your Blackstore shop yourself? What kind of abstract fantasies are you trying to actualise and how can we imagine that process?

rubngum: I create and develop all of Blackstore’s own products. With 25 years of experience, I’m often dulled and “regular” gear often fails to excite me. Therefor I search for the more extreme, the more extraordinary. Because there was no such thing on the market, I started creating and producing my own stuff. Some of it made it into serial production and thereby into the Blackstore product range. Our current “Rebellion” – bondage range with the ultimate full body suspension harness as well as the Rebellion leather bike suit are good examples. Already a classic per se is the “Perfect Rubberboy”. The look is legendary and everyone knows the photo.

I get my inspiration from being a bottom with my top. In this secluded world, new product ideas emerge. Meanwhile, many hundred prototypes and test products are stored in my playhouse. Some of them are being developed further, others remind me of old times.

I also develop new products or deliver product ideas to other manufacturers, such as RubbersFinest (the thick rubber helmet with video goggles or the neck smell bag), StyleFetish (several furniture items) or Wildgasmasks (Anubis mask versions), Blackstyle (bondage suit) among other labels.

MasterMarc: I bet some gear fetishists will cum by simply imagining the collection in your playhouse. Finally: What are your wishes for your upcoming Gearblast party and what do you think will be its highlight?

rubngum: I dream of an ever growing Gearblast that becomes an established event for all gear heads. To show their fetishes, live them, play and meet each other in real life. Gearblast is a global phenomenon, USA, UK and EU. We already have requests from France, Italy and Spain. Who knows, maybe it’ll be just around your corner sometime soon.

I personally look forward to wearing my six brand new outfits, to enjoying other gear heads’ reactions and meeting lots of friends. One of the highlights will surely be our breath control contest, in which two teams are going to compete against each other.

MasterMarc: I hope your dreams will be fulfilled. Thanks so much for taking time for us. Have fun showing off and getting kinky.

You can find rubngum on Gayromeo and on his private Homepage. Visit also his online store Blackstore on which you can find a lot of his very special gear.


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  1. How is it possible to achieve arousal when your flesh is armored like a medieval Sir Lancelot? Is it mostly psychological, rather than tactile? I have yet to read the entire interview, but my first impression is that it would be difficult to grab one’s privates in order to cum. And does’nt naked flesh stimulate an optical factor? I will return to this interview and possibly become enlightened.

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