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From subby slave to Protocol Dom

Seven: Hello Lumos, it’s great talking to you. You are having quite a change in your fetish life recently, and I really want to talk to you about that. But before we can dabble into that, I think we need to hear about your past and where you come from as well. You had a pretty early interest into fetish, right?

LumosHey Seven, absolutely!

My perverse journey can be traced right back to my childhood – as doubtless it can for so many kinksters; as I watched 1968’s Planet of the Apes something awoke within me, I saw something strangely appealing about chained, caged men (seriously that film is hot). I quickly began to fantasize about all manner of abduction scenarios and at the ripe old age of 17 I decided that I was ready for my first physical foray into the slave world. Ever since then BDSM has been a significant part of my life.


United Kingdom

I found that I loved it – and not only that, but it came pretty naturally.

Seven: Planet of the Apes… so, when you grew up, have you come to like hairy men? (sry couldn’t resist 😉 ). Yes, you went quite far down the rabbit hole, didn’t you? What are/were some of your experiences and interests there? How did it continue?

Lumos: I wont dignify that with an answer….

But “Apes” aside, you’re spot on. I moved to London at 18 which enabled me to go further than I could ever have hoped. By 21 I was fortunate enough to be serving several regular Masters; they weren’t all good but it was undoubtedly a wonderful learning experience.

I guess I’ve always tended to have quite an eclectic taste in fetish; generally favouring total power exchange, high protocol and regimented service over kinky sex, pup play and slightly more common contemporary fetishes. This proved somewhat challenging for finding a more permanent Master – total power exchange is fun, but you need to be able to find people who’re experienced in taking that power!

Sev: Finding trustworthy people to do that with and to you certainly can be difficult. And for a longer time as a slave even more. What made you like such heavy power exchange so much? What was the appeal of it to you?

Lumos: So there’s always the innate sexual thrill of BDSM that undoubtedly all of us involved in the scene have, a thrill that I’ve often found difficult to rationalize at times.

But to focus on power exchange in particular – I get a kick out of the idea that it’s stripping a human back; removing their wants, their desires, their thoughts and placing their focus entirely on pleasing another being. At the time, as a “professional” with a reasonably stressful job, the idea of being able to switch off and to simply serve was immensely attractive.

Seven: That indeed is is a very powerful and alluring sensation. But now you have actually started to enjoy dominating others as well. That is quite a change from what you just described you had searched before. How did that come to be?

Lumos: I’ve actually enjoyed Dominating boys for the past few months FAR more than I’ve enjoyed submitting in a long, long time.

It started with our house New Years party; we had lube wrestling and no one could be bothered to clean up – I made the decision to get a slave to do it. Though the slave ended up doing a rather lackluster job, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I actively _enjoyed_ ordering him around. I’d always assumed I was a slave because it’s how I’d felt when flirting with BDSM as a young teen – I’d never stopped to re-evaluate what I’d wanted ever since.

Now, as a 26 year old, tall and _somewhat_ muscular man, I really didn’t feel naturally shy or submissive. I’d put a string of mediocre meets over the previous years down to inexperienced Dominants (aside from Sir Jason – hi!) but the reality is I just wasn’t entirely of a submissive mindset or disposition anymore.

Seven: How did you deal with that sudden realization and development?

Lumos: After being adamant since my young teens that I didn’t have a Dominant bone in my body – the first step was to confirm it wasn’t just a blip.

I planned a series of private sessions where I worked on training several slaves away from my home, a home which I share with several subs from the scene (hey Spook, James and Nito!). For the training I adopted the high protocol that I’d so readily sought as a slave just a few months earlier. To my surprise I found that I loved it – and not only that but as someone confident, outgoing and fairly experienced in BDSM – it came pretty naturally.

Seven: As you have experienced both sides a bit, how do you compare the two things with each other? What are some of the similarities and differences for you? Are they two completely different worlds or just sides of the same coin?

Lumos: As a slave my meets were far more “miss” than “hit” – I typically found them enjoyable where the abuse was kept to a minimum and the focus was on service. I’d oddly derive more enjoyment from looking back on the meet in a slightly voyeuristic way rather than in the moment – perhaps a telling sign.

As a Dominant the enjoyment has been far more gratifying and immediate. I’ve found there’s something distinctly comforting about having a slave adopt a strict protocol; sitting patiently at my boots waiting to fulfill every desire, no whim too perverse or mundane.

I do still technically identify as a “Switch” – as a matter of caution if nothing else. After unearthing my Dominant streak so recently it would be naive to suddenly claim that I was #1 Mr Dom Top UK. With all that said, all of my current BDSM interactions are as a Dominant and will remain so – I’ve not felt this comfortable or natural in BDSM in years. Long may it continue!

Seven: I get that. Never say never again. So now that you discovered a whole new side for yourself, what are some of the drives and goals you set for yourself?

Lumos: In the short term I will continue experimenting with the two boys who’re currently proving good fun for me – right now I need to focus on their abilities to be ignored, stored away and used as objects. They’re both a little needy for my liking.

I’m also in contact with two established Dominants who’re far more experienced in high protocol training and old-guard BDSM than I – I’m pretty excited about having the opportunity to learn from them.

In the longer term I’d undoubtedly love to train up a “lucky” boy as a more permanent personal slave and full rubber drone of my own – but there’s no rush – it’s still early days after all!

Seven: Sounds like you’re ready to embrace that side of you. I wish you good luck finding that “lucky slave” and great fun exploring and training those boys 😉 Thanks for taking some time for us.

Lumos: No problem – and thank you!

Who wants to submit to Gimp Dom Lumos?! 😉
Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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