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Being Yourself Is Absolutely NOTHING To Be Ashamed Of

Today, I’m visiting a crazy guy from Florida. Some of you have seen him in some porn scenes, or you know him from his CHATURBATE channel. He is a total exhibitionist and if you have seen him online you know him as real boy but also as femboy in girly cloths. Hi Elis. Which of these two personalities is representing your real me more and why?

That’s a hard question to answer in all honesty. I’d say that currently the femboy in me has been taking over, that my desire to dress, act, and be treated more as a girl would be had been overflowing to the point that I am starting to question how I even perceive my gender identity. But it fluctuates. Sometimes I feel more like I’m super boyish and that I just want to be treated like a boy, but in the back of my head no matter how I look at it , I feel like the exhibitionist is always there

Which of the two personalities is the more sexual one? If it comes up to sexual action, you feel it more satisfying as boy or as femboy? And can you explain us a little about the differences in the sensations you get?

My feminin side is the side I’ve been training to make act like a slut.

The more sexual side would have to be my feminine side, as that’s the side I’ve been training to make act like a slut, she’s there more to be used and abused than to be a dynamic and expressive person.

When I dress like a girl, even the clothes get me more aroused, the feeling is oddly freeing and just sensual , especially the more I pass off as a girl. It is a feeling like “even straight guys find me sexy, maybe they even want to fuck me, or let me lead them on” there’s no better feeling to be honest. I feel like the girly side of me takes over, of course, I get a lot more emotional, a lot more submissive, and so much more docile and soft spoken when I switch to my girly persona than I do as a male. It is odd, but it feels like I’m more free when a guy can get control of his little catgirl. It’s invigorating.

One of the facts which is funny to see – and a horror for every modern and emancipated woman – is that most of the cross-dressers and femboys love this old picture of a woman, a dependant wife which is just there to please and to serve her husband. What is the special attraction of it?

I’m not really so sure, to be honest. Maybe it has something to do with the amount of sexual repression I’d undergone growing up here. I was always told that being girly and acting “gay” was bad, and made myself hate it for so long that I began making myself resent things which I loved just for the sake of pleasing others and being looked at in a brighter light in their eyes. I guess the alluring nature of this type of stereotypical and archaic womanly lifestyle is that it is every macho-man’s fantasy to have that in his life, even if only momentarily, and it feels nice having that desire and lust be directed onto me.

The archaic womanly lifestyle is every macho-man’s fantasy.

Hehe, I think we should talk a little about your submissive and slutty nature. 🙂 What is in your eyes a good bitch, and how do you fulfil this image? What are you into?

To me, a good bitch is one that is bratty and needy in the streets, yet subservient and dirty in the sheets. I get so turned on when my Dom puts me in my place, when he takes the lead and shows me who’s in control. If he and I are compatible, then I listen to him without question, I do my very best to please him because I want him to be happy even if it hurts me, even if I don’t like the pain at first I begin to like the pain if he likes me being in pain, because it means something that I deal with it in that scenario. If he lets me be free to try and make him aroused, then I use my body as best I can, slowly, and timidly I move my hips in an effort to get his attention, flaunting my skin starting down my body, maybe play with myself if he wishes, I try to be his fantasy so what he says goes…

Well personally, when it comes to being fucked, the harder the better is what I’ve come to realize, but sometimes the other guy can get tired out or just need a break from doing all the work, and he starts to push himself all the way into me as close as he can get … I love that feeling, I love feeling the warmth of his body pressed up against mine when he has me on all fours like his sweet little kitty jitty, the slick sweat from both our bodies causing him to slip further in as he slowly rubs his hands down my back … But I’m still craving more, I can’t let things die down, so, my feet wrap around his legs and I throw myself back onto his dick like any good little boy in his right mind would do and get him energized again.

Sometimes I’ll say something stupid or weird to see how he’ll react, it’s a bonus if I get him angry because that testosterone just fuels more fun in the fucking. I start thinking; “maybe I can get him to spank me, or use a toy while he fucks me. Pull my hair? Maybe I can get him to hit me? Yes! ALL THESE THINGS!”

As femboy I just want to make the mens life easier.

You seem to be really a bitch, and one of the good ones. Do you need the dominance of your partner just in bed or also in life?

In life, most certainly. I don’t want to be domineering, but I’ve kinda had to be for so long because other people are let-downs. It’s extremely difficult for me because I’m mildly autistic and have awful ADHD, so having someone who can tell me what to do and support me to help me advance in life is something that would really help. I like the dynamic of being able to help by doing things that make their life easier as well, like wearing maids outfits to clean up around the house and serving them drinks and helping them write papers, etcetera. It’s just a nice feeling overall and kind of goes back to that typical housewife idea we had talked about. There’s a yaoi , Blood bank I think is the name that my friend showed me that really shows the kind of way I go about my life with such a partner. Like, I don’t want someone else to depend on me for EVERYTHING, I just want to make their lives equally easier and have a sense of balance between the two of us. Like, I don’t want someone else to depend on me for EVERYTHING, I just want to make their lives equally easier and have a sense of balance between the two of us.

Is it a need of the feeling of being needed and being useful?

Somewhat. I think it also kind of stems from my discipline oriented childhood. I grew up with a military type family, so things were often scheduled, strict, and serious, and it’s something that I absolutely am NOT when I’m on my own. For the most part, yes, though. I feel kind of dull and listless by myself most of the time, and having something that isn’t my personal problem to focus on makes things smoother for me.

Let us talk about your dick. 🙂 You’re a pussyboy, so we really have to talk about. How useful is your dick in your eyes and what kind of relationship do you have with it? 😉

Well, it all depends on who in using it with. When it comes to relationships with someone more submissive, I use it as a tool to keep control; I use it to tease, I use it to please, I use it to put my partner at ease! But when it comes to my dominant lovers things become complicated ; I can’t always get hard while I’m getting fucked in the ass, despite my obvious arousal from the act, if they are being completely dominant, then I become completely submissive, and my dick becomes pretty much useless. The same goes for sessions with femdoms, I don’t have interest in using it, I don’t get the drive to do anything with it. But… I do take care of my member. I take him out to play at least twice a day.

You’re running a CHATURBATE cam show twice a week. How important is the dick in front of the cam and what can people expect from your shows?

Right so I do my CHATURBATE shows on Wednesday and Sunday nights, times usually start around 11pm (ET) and run an hour or longer depending on what I’ve done. For the most part, I don’t consider it always necessary to make my dick the focal point of every video, but there are times such as when I suck myself off or when I’ve got to cum or when I’m fucking on cam that I make sure to show my dick from every possible angle that it can look cute from. I usually do more straight stuff depending on whether people want to tip that night. There are few exceptions where I don’t meet my goal but decide to do an exhibition because I prefer having more fans of my content in the long run, and people getting a taste of what I have to offer is always nice. Some days the content can be really intense, like me being dressed up in a special outfit and cycling through outfits and doing characters and hitting myself and trying my hardest to be as slutty as possible, and then there are days when I just get on and do basic stuff like show off my body… On occasion, I do videos where I suck myself off but for now I only do them from one angle ever as that is the most strenuous thing my body can do, especially if I’m not meeting goal lines. Sometimes I just like to see what I can do on cam, though, and I have to go all out no matter what.

Of course, you can catch me at random times throughout the week for chat sessions or for random exhibitions by following my account. It’s quite worth it.

Click here to visit Elis Ataxxx Cam Room

Can you explain us, why do you love to present you in front of the camera? What is the sexual appeal for you?

Well… Validation to my sexuality is nice, knowing that hey, I’m not the only one who finds this stuff attractive, I’m not a weirdo. I used to imagine myself getting fucked by older men starting when I was way younger ; like I was 11 years old when I first started wearing skin tight clothes and doing martial arts stretches, specifically ones that were vulnerable positions, in front of my window, hoping some guy was watching from outside, or maybe he would watch and then come take me by surprise. Of course, this would have been a very serious crime and I know it may make people feel uncomfortable to think that someone so young was thinking like that, but I just couldn’t help it. This was the time I was just starting to hit puberty and I was having so many weird new ideas popping into my head. I didn’t tell anyone of course, I’d always find chances to try and have something happen, like I’d bend over in the streets at night and pretend to be looking for something and I guess the idea of getting fucked out there while I was helpless and alone really turned me on because it could feel this rush of energy flowing straight down to the bottom of my body… Let me note also; this doesn’t mean it would have been something I’d look back on fondly, quite the opposite. I was putting myself into dangerous situations because I didn’t know any better, I didn’t have life experience and rape and molestation were concepts I didn’t quite understand, so I’m glad that the men there had the decency to let me be… I just wished more people would have been open and okay with alternative lifestyles and sexuality throughout my growing up.

Having other people watch me and sexualize me and knowing that they are cumming from watching me makes me feel special, it makes me feel like I’m being thought about on a level that is primal and deep in the human psyche, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the baser reason for our existence is reproduction and sustainability, so being open and gratified for my sexuality is very important to me… Even when it feels too hard to do.

Whether you are – it’s YOUR life!

I think the Master should shut-up now and delegate the closing words of this interview to you. I am sure, that you have something to say to all young boys who are thinking that they are weird, just because they feel that their sexual needs are different.

Being yourself is absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of, it’s worth everything you are made of to tough out the adversities you will have to face from being yourself in this world full of cretinous bigots and closed-minded zealouts because at the end of the day, it’s YOUR life. Whether you are gay, straight, polyamerous, an atheist, Satanist, Christian, artist or weirdo in general, it doesn’t matter. If you aren’t causing physical harm to the people around you (if they didn’t ask for it, that is) then you shouldn’t be worried. Be unapologetically yourself. I do that, and of course I have tricks and tips for living this way with little worry, but I never had those people telling me it was okay for me to be what I am, I just had to learn to tell myself that, and everything fell into place from there.

Elis Ataxxx

United States

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