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The Duke’s “Kink and Fetish”

Duke / Faust

London (UK)

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Hello dear readers, I’m sitting here today with some kinky royalty 😉 Welcome Sire Rubber Duke. Would you please introduce yourself? Who are you, what do you all like n’ do, and are you into?


So I’m Duke, or Faust, depending on how people found me, I’m a YouTuber, I’ve been doing YouTube since 2013, I was a comic book YouTuber for a very long time, but that has changed recently, which is something I’m sure we’ll talk about 😛

What am I into? That’s a very complicated question, but I’m sure you can guess by my name, I really like Rubber…quite a lot.

Haha yeah, you talk about that like and the story about how it came to be in detail somewhere 😉 But still I want to ask you before we go into that, what exactly are some of the things that fascinate you about that material? What does give you the kick in it or looking at it? It’ s more than just the shiny reflection right?

Yeah, absolutely!! The shiny side of things does help, but I’m very much attracted to the aesthetic of the masculine form, if I look back on my life, my first fetish I think was probably for speedos from when I grew up doing competitive swimming, Which I think is a prime example of clothing/gear on the “masculine form” haha.

Plus I think rubber is a multi sensory experience, you have the feel of it, with its distinct smell, then feeling another guy covered in rubber pressed against you, while you’re also covered in rubber, there’s very few things that feel that good!

That is interesting to me, because often what I hear from people their main attraction is more the transformative aspect into something different. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for you apparently? Or does that also play into it to some part?

To an extent, sure!! But I dont really equate rubber with a transformative thing? It’s more in the dynamic you create. Like, I did a scene with a guy who knows I’m bodybuilding, so he had me wear full wrestling gear. I’m not a wrestler, but because we created a coach/jock dynamic, there was that transformative aspect there.

So that is to say, the transformation comes in gear + dynamic, for me at least!

That is indeed true, much of the transformative aspect comes from the dynamic and the mindset you put yourself in 🙂

And I believe you also mentioned that somewhere 😉 So lets finally quit dancing around the ball and talk about it openly.

You’ve created a following as a youtuber for comic books, and just a not that long ago you dropped quite a bomb onto some of them. You openly talk about your fetish side, what fetish means to you and in general too, and more. What brought/inspired you to do that project / change?

I’ve always kind of had a rule with the content I produce, I should make things that I am inspired by, and I love philosophy content on YouTube, ContraPoints being the main inspiration behind my Kink/Fetish video.

I sort of came to realise that there is a lot more philosophy behind kink and fetish than people give the scene credit for, and so I kind of wanted to address that.

Originally I was going to do a video about Grant Morrisons comic “Marvel Boy”, which was published by Marvel in the year 2000, this comic has thinly veiled fetishes and kinks all through it, but the more I worked on it, the more I just wanted to do a video on my experience on the scene, and then add in some philosophy, and over time it grew to be the short film that it is.

Hehe calling it a short film is quite right i’d say, the duration goes a little over what most call the “attention-span appropriate” 3-4 or 8-12 min. But it is all very well versed and transitioned. It didn’t feel boring when watching and time went by surprisingly quick. The effort made definitely shows.

How long did it take you to plan and create this project? And have you learned some new things yourself while doing so, whether about yourself or fetish history ;)?

Aww, thank you!! Well I plan on maintaining that for the one I’m currently working on too!

So I started writing it in July, and I filmed it in December, the script went through 3 or 4 total overhauls in that time? (Plus I moved in September, so that caused some major delays :P). But now I’ve done it once, the 2nd video in the series is actually going a lot more smoothly!!

I did learn a lot about myself! I found out I had some fetishes I didnt realise I had (one of which is the theme for said upcoming video), the realisation I have a speedo fetish being a big one!! I always thought the full coverage of rubber meant I couldnt be into speedos, yet here I am now, planning a speedo photoshoot 😛

Oh really? I’m gonna be looking forward to seeing that 😉 And I can fully relate to that believe me. The things I found out about myself while writing for this magazine made me look at my past and some behaviours in quite a different way. But that’s also part of the fun, isn’t it? Such kinky creations can be a journey into self-discovery. But I’m wondering, how were the reactions by your viewers when you opened up to showing that part of yourself though?

It’s so true!! Sexuality is so fluid, it can take some time to realise “oh wow, I am sexually attracted to this item of clothing” 😂

So my viewers loved the video, I’ve had a lot of people who have nothing to do with the kink and fetish scene say how the video educated them, and made them see sexuality in a way they’d never considered before.

I think what helped was, when I started making comic book videos, the comic book landscape on YouTube was pretty much 90% right wing americans, who didnt appreciate my gay ass being on the scene, then over time, I was able to change a lot of peoples minds, so people that were familiar with me, were kind of use to me offering a different perspective on sexuality already. It is very much an amplification of my “brand” as it were.

The response from the fetish scene has been amazing too!! So many people I look up to have watched the video, and contacted me directly about it, which has just been…incredible.

I can understand why. You touch a lot of important topics for kinksters, and go into them and explain them in good detail. I won’t go into them all with you here, as that’d likely take another interview itself xD but it’s good representation for sure. I really hope many of our readers will go take a look.

Since the video is quite long though , so for some viewers it might be hard to remember all those things you talked about. So I want to ask you, as creator, what do you hope are some of the most important points, parts and/or messages people hopefully will or should take away from the video?

Well, that’s a hard question, and I’m not sure I can properly answer it. The artist in me wants to say “it’s philosophy, I cannot tell a person what they should take away” then vanish into the night followed by artistic glitter. I’ve noticed that no two people seem to have the same emotional experience from my video, but it has struck a chord with the people who have seen it, so I would say:

Ddont focus too much on trying to keep all the info from the video in your head if you’ve seen it, its more the internal emotional experience from the viewer that interests me as a film maker, but if there was a bit of info that interested you, I encourage you to follow that bit of info!!

Well it is often said emotional experience often lets you remember the other knowledge presented more easily. And you do a good job on that end. So hopefully people will keep most info.

Last question. As someone who’s also comic book lover … do you know where can I find some good kinky scenes in ones 😉 ?

Haha well, marvel boy by grant Morrison is filled with fetishy things, the boy literally wears a rubber surfsuit and biker boots!!
Or if you want something a bit more sexy, sex criminals is about people who have the ability to stop time when they orgasm, so 10/10 would recommend that!!

Hahaha oh that I gotta take a look at for sure. Thanks for the recommendations Duke, and for the whole talk. It was a real pleasure, and I wish you all the best with your videos 🙂 I’ll be looking for them in my subscription news.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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