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Containing Justin

On a dare, a famous twink gets talked into a chastity cage. Relinquishing the keys, he wonders, “Ok, what’s next?” It would be the beginning of an amazing, sexy, impossibly horny journey.

Day 2

Justin experiences the first steps that follow being locked in chastity. Straining to harden, being kept tiny. Wanting to jerk off, being unable to cum. Dildoing himself for relief as he experiences a new, initial level of horniness.

Day 3

Justin’s descent into helpless, perpetual horniness continues on his 3rd day locked in chastity. Reduced to begging his friend for a mercy fuck, he’s nevertheless experiencing sex on a whole new threshold.

Day 4

Now that Justin Stone has been caged for 4 whole days without the ability to cum, his horniness levels have built up beyond anything he’s ever experienced. It’s an amazing feeling, but also frustrating. What will happen to him next?

Day 5

Unable to cum for 5 whole days, @justinstonexxx has reached a level of horniness and desperation he never felt possible. He’ll do anything, obey any order. Fortunately, a visitor arrives to provide much needed guidance and a focus for his attention.

Day 6

With each passing day, as a boy is kept in chastity, his readiness to please and to be obedient increases. On Day 6, king Justin Stone agreed to be a good boy and to shave off all his pubes. Lord Chirenon approves.

Day 7

After seven days in the cage, king Justin Stone realizes where it was all headed. “I did the Lord proud,” he says, “I am so happy.” Now he’s ready to have his own cage in time for his birthday. “I need one,” he agrees. What a good boy.

Day 8

Chirenon disciplines Justin to help him realize that obedience is in his own best interest.

The Interview with Justin Stone

Lord Chirenon
Lord Chirenon
For nearly a decade, I’ve created original stories through photomanipulation with comic captioning. I’ve helped to popularize male chastity, providing inspiration and Rules for boys to follow. I have a much broader range of fetish interests that include overturning power dynamics: these themes include top-to-bottom, muscle-theft, age regression, gender transformation, and other role reversal and transformation themes. Enjoy!

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