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Coach Black

The scoreboard read 72-70 as both teams frantically ran to the other end of the court. With only a few second left in the game, Johnny tried to keep up with the rest of the team. In a school populated almost entirely of blacks, Johnny always felt left out. No one ever wanted to include the white kid in any activities. Even joining the basketball team seemed nearly impossible.

He tried his best to get to the ball, but countless black boys raced past him at incredible speeds. Before he even noticed what was going on, one tall black boy caught a pass and launched the ball from the three-point mark. The crowd erupted in cheers as he sunk the basket without even touching the net. Even though Johnny hadn’t been an important part of this game, he still felt proud to be a part of this victory.

Just like the rest of the team, Johnny walked over to get congratulated by the cheerleaders. He could feel his heart beating as he approached the sidelines. Beautiful young girls bounced up and down. He sat there quietly as he watched their big meaty tits flop around inside the skimpy tops that barely contained them. Finally he felt the courage to go over to the crowd and join the rest of the team.

He finally approached one of the girls. Her skin looked like polished porcelain. Even though she was only 18 years old, she had tits bigger than most full-grown women. Her silky blonde hair fluttered from side to side as she continued to cheer. Before Johnny could even get a word out, she seemed to have a disapproving look on her face. Instantly, she shot him down before he could even open his mouth.

“I don’t think so, little boy.” Johnny was shocked. Not only did she completely shut him down without even letting him speak, but they were both the same age. Why would she think of him as some “little boy”?

“But…I…” Interrupting him again, she pointed out to one of the other basketball players.

“I’ve had my eye on a big strong man like him for a long time now.” She looked back at Johnny with a disgusted look on her face. “I doubt you would even know what to do with a girl like me!” Johnny watched as she walked over to the other player.

He couldn’t help but be impressed by him too. His skin was as smooth and as dark as rich chocolate. He was at least a foot taller than Johnny, and far more muscular. While Johnny had the physique of a computer nerd, this guy had the physique of a Greek god. When she finally stood beside him, Johnny was amazed to see just how much taller that guy was. He towered above her as she looked up at him with a huge smile. Johnny listened closely to hear their conversation.

“Hey, stud! That was a really great game. I couldn’t help but watch as you completely dominated the court.” She said in a seductive and sexual manner. He looked down at her as she purposely puffed out her chest. She pushed out her huge plump tits that were already struggling to be contained in her tiny top. Johnny could see the man’s eyes getting bigger as he examined the young girl’s massive bust.

“Yeah, well…I just did what I do best. Dominating just comes naturally to me.” He said, having every bit of confidence and cockiness that Johnny wished he had. Johnny could literally see her swooning in front of this alpha male. He pushed his open hand towards her face and gently caressed her cheek. “Maybe you’d like to see what else I can dominate?” She practically melted in his hands.

“Oh…yes please, sir.” She muttered, practically in a daze. They ran off towards the locker room. Johnny watched as he slapped her on her tight young ass, then they both disappeared into the dark room. As disappointed as Johnny was, he was used to it by now. Day after day he watched as the black hunks got every girl in the school. The second those girls ran their hands over those giant rippling muscles, they were hooked for life.

Johnny walked over to Coach Black, who was sitting at the sidelines reading over his clipboard. Even more muscular than his players, Coach Black was a hulking man of pure muscle. Just his hands alone must have been as large as most guys’ heads. He noticed Johnny, but never gave him the light of day as he looked back down at his clipboard.

“That was one hell of a game, huh coach?” He glanced up and gave Johnny with the same look that every other black guy in the school gave him.

“No thanks to you! I’ve got a team that’s practically the pinnacle of human evolution…and then there’s you.” He tossed his clipboard down, stood up, and walked over towards Johnny. “How the fuck do you think you can compete with my boys?” Johnny stared down at the floor, feeling weak and powerless.

“Well…I…I’m trying my best, sir.” He said, in a timid voice.

“Your best isn’t going to be enough to reverse millions of years of evolution. Face the facts, Johnny…you’re worthless. There’s nothing you can do that my boys can’t do 10 times better!”

“I know!” Johnny yelled, almost breaking down into tears. “All the girls in the school are running off with these guys and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. There’re better than me in every way.” As Johnny hung his head in shame, Coach Black smiled deviously at him.

“You know what…I got an idea. Why don’t you go up to the classroom and I’ll send a couple of cheerleaders up there in a bit.” Johnny’s eyes widened.

“A-Are you serious? That would be great!” Johnny ran off, excited to finally get some alone time with these girls that had ignored him for years. “Thanks, coach!” He yelled back as he raced down the hall. Coach Black just smirked at him, excited to find another white boy that would soon fall into his trap.

Johnny slowly opened the door to Coach Black’s classroom. Once he noticed that no one was in there, he walked in and stood up by the front desk. It wasn’t more than a couple minutes until the door creaked open. Three beautiful cheerleaders, still dressed in their outfits, strutted into the classroom. Behind them was Coach Black, staring at their asses as he followed them.

Johnny’s heart began to race wildly. He couldn’t help but stare at the skin-tight outfits that squeezed ever so tightly at their young voluptuous bodies. Every step they took made their heavy busts rock from side to side. Almost in a trance, Johnny watched as they walked up to him.

“So this is the kid, Coach?” One of the girls said, trying not to laugh.

“Yeah…that’s him. You know what to do, girls.” Reluctantly, the girls left the coach’s side and walked over towards Johnny.

“Well why don’t you show us what you can do?” One girl said, laughing to herself for a brief second, clearly humored by Johnny’s timid attitude.

“Ugh…okay.” He carefully reached toward her uniform. Before he could get ahold of it, she grabbed the bottom of it and yanked it off herself. Johnny trembled slightly with anticipation. Sadly, this was the closest he ever got to having sex with a girl before. Her bra was even tighter than her outfit was. He could see her breast meat squeezed tightly and spilling over the top of her bra.

“What’s wrong, little boy? You afraid of some big, fat tits?” She said, in a mocking manner. He didn’t even notice the joking comment; he simply stared at her huge, soft tits. “I can see you’re gonna need some help. Don’t worry, little boy, I’ll get it.” Sounding disappointed, she unbuttoned the clasp in the cleavage between her tits. With great force, her bra flung open. Her two heavy utters flung outward, finally freed. They slammed back down against her torso, causing a loud thud to echo through the room. Johnny just stared in awe as her plump, floppy tits rocked around on her chest. The excitement brewed inside of him as his tiny, rock-hard dick was pressing against his shorts.

“Don’t just fucking stand there. Go on and show me what you can do!” She ordered. She yanked off her shirt and revealed her tight teen pussy. Johnny slowly approached her as she lay down on top of one of the desks. Her pussy, which was nothing more than a tiny little slit, proved that she was incredibly tight. He reached down and put his hand on her small, shaved pussy. He slowly inserted one finger into the airtight slit. He was amazed at how tightly her insides squeezed against his finger. He tried his best to hit her G-spot, wherever that might have been. The girl was clearly becoming frustrated as Johnny fumbled around inside her pussy.

“Are you serious? Is that all you can do?!” She erupted, slamming her hand down on the desk.

“That’s enough!” Coach Black yelled, rising from his chair. “I can’t sit back and watch some retard fumble about any longer. A girl like this deserves the best…and it’s clear that you can’t give it to her.” He marched over and pushed Johnny aside. “Let me show you how a REAL man handles a tight white pussy.” He lifted his hand up and slapped it down against her pussy. With a loud slapping sound, the girl yelped. She smiled, clearly content with being manhandled.

He pressed a couple fingers tightly against her clit and began to shake his hand back and forth, faster and faster. Eventually his hand was practically vibrating from the intense speed. The girl was panting and moaning uncontrollably. When she reached the apex of her arousal, Coach rammed a couple fingers deep into her pussy. She yelled with pleasure and threw her head back against the desk. Coach Black jerked his fingers around inside of her, violently yanking at the most sensitive parts of her pussy.

“Faster, faster! Please don’t stop!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. She threw her head back as the finger fucking frenzy reached its climax. Johnny stared with amazement as Coach Black moved his fingers so fast that all he could see was one big motion blur. The girl began moaning uncontrollably as her legs twitched. Eventually he slowed down and withdrew his fingers. They were dripping wet as he pushed them towards the girl’s mouth.

“Taste your cunt, bitch!” He jammed his fingers into her mouth. Hungrily, she licked and sucked on his soaked fingers. She finally fell down against the desk, still panting and moaning from the incredible orgasm that erupted throughout her body.

“Thank you, sir. That was incredible!” The girl stood up and started rubbing her hands all over his chest. He looked over at Johnny, who was standing in the corner with his mouth hanging open. With a cocky smile, he said

“See, loser? There’s no way your puny little hands could have done something like that.” Johnny stood there, stunned by a strange mix of shamefulness and excitement. “Now I’m gonna show you what REAL men do with women.” He said, practically yelling at Johnny. “Hey, sluts! Get the fuck over here and show this tiny little loser the only thing white sluts are good for.”

With smiles on their faces, they all gathered around the hulking dark coach. One grabbed his shirt, while the other two started yanking off his shorts. With his shirt removed, all three girls now focused on freeing the massive beast that was straining the seams of his shorts. The three of them grabbed his shorts together and yanked them down. His rock hard shaft shot up, slapped him on the stomach, and then flung back downward. The girls hungrily watched as his shaft rocked back and forth in front of their faces.

They all ran their hands up and down the gigantic shaft. Even with all three girls’ hands on his shaft, it still wasn’t completely covered. Johnny could help but let out an audible gasp when he realized that Coach’s dick was more than a foot in length. Hearing Johnny’s feminine gasp, Coach Black looked over at him as the three cheerleaders slowly jerked off his monster cock.

“I told you that you couldn’t compete with me and my boys. Ain’t nothing that a white guy can do better than a nigga, that’s for sure!” He looked down at the hungry sluts that were obsessed with his horse-sized member. “Don’t just fucking sit there, you stupid whores! Start servicing me!” To Johnny’s amazement, the girls seemed to respond better to violence and anger than anything else. They smiled and shot Coach Black loving looks as he dominated and controlled them. As one girl poised her mouth in front of his cock to blow him, another girl went under his legs and got ready to lick his huge low hanging balls. The last girl suddenly got excited and started to clap her hands.

“Ohhh! Goodie! That means that I get my favorite part!” She rushed around to his backside and knelt down. She grabbed his two ass cheeks and spread them apart. With obvious excitement she got ready to start dragging her tongue all over his puckered black asshole.

“Okay, girls!” The one in front of his cock suddenly spoke up. “It’s time to show this disgusting little white boy what women will do for REAL men.” Before pushing her head towards the massive cock dangling in front of her, she gave Johnny a look of disgust and hate. In unison, they all started pleasuring Coach Black in every way they could. He grabbed the head of the girl in front of him and began impaling her throat on his dick. To Johnny’s amazement, every single inch of Coach Black’s monster cock disappeared inside her mouth. He could she her throat starting to bulge outward, as more than an entire foot of thick black meat went sliding down her esophagus.

Coach grabbed her by the hair and started thrusting in and out of her mouth. As thick strings of spit began to erupt from the sides of her stuffed mouth, the girl under Coach Black began hungrily dragging her tongue over his sizeable nuts. She sucked one completely into her mouth, looking like a chipmunk that ate too many nuts. As she licked and sucked the Coach’s meaty nuts, the last girl rammed her head face first into the dark chasm of his ass. To her delight, she licked every drop of sweat off his tight puckered asshole. All of them degraded and demeaned themselves just to make him happy.

Jonny couldn’t believe his eyes. Not only had he never seen women act like this, but he had never seen three girls pleasuring one guy at the same time. Even more amazing was the poise and confidence that Coach Black had. Johnny would have cum within a couple seconds if he had three sluts dragging their mouths over the most sensitive parts of his body. Instead, Coach Black stood there with his hands on his waist, allowing these girls to degrade themselves for his own amusement.

“Do…do you think I could try that, girls?” Jonny requested, in a timid way. The three girls removed their mouths from the Coach’s body. Suddenly, they all burst into laughter.

“Are you fucking kidding me? There’s no way you could handle these girls.” Coach said, slapping one of the girls on her big plump ass. “If you think you deserve this kind of treatment, than why don’t you show these girls what you have to offer?” Johnny looked down at the tiny bulge in his pants. Even though his dick was rock hard from watching those girls serve the Coach, you could barely see his dick pressing against his shorts. Timidly, he began to pull down his shorts. Finally freed, his short little dick sprung up and stuck straight out.

“HAHA! What a fucking worthless piece of shit you are! That tiny little dicklet couldn’t even satisfy a mouse!” By now, Coach Black was holding his sides from the intense laughter. The girls just looked at Johnny’s small dick with disgust and pity. Coach Black began to walk over towards Johnny. His giant meaty dick was slapping from side to side with each step. As he reached Johnny, he looked down at the poor shaking kid. He grabbed him by the hair and lifted his head up to face him. As a couple of tears ran down the boy’s face, Coach Black just smiled.

“Whites losers like you don’t deserve to fuck these tight white whores. In fact, you’re pretty much just like those sluts. You and them are only good for one thing…” Johnny looked over at the girls that were still panting from their ravenous licking session. “…worshipping niggas!” Still ahold of Johnny’s hair, he threw the boy down onto the teacher’s desk. He looked back at the group of girls sitting on the floor. “Make yourselves useful and hold this loser down.”

The girls sprung up, eager to follow any order Coach Black gave them. Each one grabbed a different part of Johnny’s body and held it tightly against the desk. Johnny squirmed more and more as the Coach’s giant throbbing dick got closer with every step he took.

“P-Please…don’t do this! I…I… I’m sorry for what I said. You were right…I’m worthless!” He stopped for a second.

“I’m glad you know that…but now it’s time for me to show you just how better us niggas are!” He said, as he grabbed the base of his dick. He squeezed it tightly, causing his already gargantuan dick to swell even a bit more. Coach Black noticed Johnny’s fear and anticipation.

“Don’t worry, honky. Once you feel this big ol’ nigga dick inside of you…you’ll never be able to think about anything else again.” He pressed the big fleshy head of his dick tightly against Johnny’s airtight asshole. With a strong push, Johnny’s virgin ass instantly swallowed the bulbous black head. He let out a scream that filled the room. Coach grabbed him by the waist and pushed harder. His giant meaty shaft started to buckle at one side, as he tried his hardest to force his way into the tightest hole he had ever been in.

“Damn, honky! With a hole that tight, I just might cum early.” Coach Black said, sounding surprised.

“Really?!” Johnny perked up, excited by the thought of ending this painful experience early.

“Yeah…it might only take me an hour or two till I cum if your ass is gonna be this tight the whole way through.” Johnny laid there with his mouth open in awe. He waited for Coach Black to smile or laugh…but it never came. Finally, the realization that Coach was completely serious washed over him. He struggled as hard as he could. The cheerleaders just giggled to themselves as they held his body down against the desk.

“Wow! Look how weak he is! He can’t even resist us!…and we’re girls!” One cheerleader said, looking at the other two.

“Of course he’s pathetic!” Coach Black erupted, while still pushing tightly against the boy’s pale ass. “He’s a fucking white loser!” Hearing the white race get verbally degraded must have excited the girls. Two of them started rubbing at their pussies, while the third one crawled down under Johnny’s ass.

“Coach…do you think I could help you? I just wanna help lube up this faggot’s ass. I wanna see that giant nigger dick slid right in with no problems!” She exclaimed in a peppy school-girl tone.

“Make it quick, whore!” The girl smiled lovingly at her master as he slid out the head of his monster cock. She collected a big wad of spit in her mouth as she stared at Johnny’s slightly stretched hole. Suddenly, she threw her head towards his ass and began slurping her spit over every inch of his hole.

“Holy shit!” Johnny exclaimed. He had never felt any sensation quite like this. Coach Black looked at him with disgust.

“Typical white faggot. You love having your ass played with, don’t you bitch?” Johnny didn’t even consider responding to his coach. He could feel his eyes starting to roll to the back of his head as the cheerleader drenched his ass in her thick salvia. Coach Black lunged forward and grabbed Johnny by the throat.

“When I ask you a question, you fucking answer it!” Coach screamed at Johnny with his thunderously low voice. “I’m your master now, and you’re gonna show me the respect I deserve!” He tightened his grip and smiled as he watched the life get choked from Johnny. His once pale face was now starting to turn purple as he struggled for his life.

– The end –

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