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If you think about it, wouldn’t you prefer a ruined orgasm today over a full orgasm 200 days later?

Hi Az. 239 days is a long time. But there are still 7.5 months until you get unlocked. How is it to be in chastity for such a long time?

Hi MasterMarc, being in chastity is an awesome experience kink wise! In the first few weeks, I was constantly horny and desperately wanted an orgasm. It really brought out my submissive side and gave me a new focus on how to direct my submission for pleasure to my DOM, rather than focusing on my own orgasms.

Having been locked in 250 days, I’m now able to control my horniness and channel it into other areas of life such as fitness and work.



New York City (U.S.)

The constant state of horniness is a huge attraction for me.

Before we talk more about your long term experience you’re in right now, we have to look a little back. What have been your chastity experiences before?

They have been mostly short term lock ups , ranging from a days to a few months. They were mostly ordered by the dom a couple of days/weeks before our meeting to get me horny.

I enjoyed those too and it gave me a glimpse into the potential of what chastity could do for me. A dom once teased me with permanent chastity while I was in bondage during a session and I remembered getting really hard and that’s when I realized a longer term chastity sentence was what I was seeking.

It’s fun that you get a hard-on thinking about long term chastity, a device that prevents the same thing 😊 What is for you the special attraction of it?

It becomes a lifestyle, a mentality of submission. Understanding the needs of your KH and how you can best serve Him. My pleasure is now derived from being a proud locked individual serving My KH and being my best self, both in life and kink. 😈

I like the idea of not being able to jerk off and having one cum’s forcibly extracted.

When I’m rewarded an orgasm, it is usually through a caged orgasm with a vibrator and a vibrating butt plug (if I’m good). These caged orgasms usually are ruined orgasms and make me even more horny after. The constant state of horniness is a huge attraction for me.

8 cm

13 cm


Holytrainer Nano

172 days

Current Enclosure

Start date


Days to date

239 days

Days total

458 days

Days to go

219 days

End date


Can you tell us how your behaviour has changed in the last 250 days of constant horniness? What is the difference between Az one year ago and the boy who is kneeling in front of me now?

I’ve been inspired to workout harder and more frequently. This comes from increased energy redirected from the constant horniness. At the gym, I get turned on by the smell and taste of sweat and used jocks and assorted locker-room smells and sights.

Also, I’ve started exploring my dom side as a way to release my pent up horniness. I had the luck of domming some great individuals and look forward to doing more in the future.

You dom while you’re in chastity? And how can take the boys a Dom for serious who is not able to fuck them, that’s not really a man, more a pussyboy?

Good question, my sessions don’t usually involve sex. It’s not really the focus. But if the subs wanna get fucked and I’m in chastity, that’s why we have fucking machines 😈!

Hehehe. Yes fucking machines are a good invention even for Masters like me … I mean guys who are not in chastity. 🙂 As you’re going more to gym now I’ve got to ask if your device has ever been seen by others?

On leg days when I’m performing squats, I’ve had to wear looser shorts to in order to conceal the Holytrainer outline. New York is pretty liberal and people mind their own own business but I’m generally discreet.

Once, I went swimming and the cute lifeguard gave me a long look as he saw my cage imprint clearly from my tight speedo. He gave me a knowing look and smiled as I hastily exited the pool. I was embarrassed but got a hardon in my cage.

Seems the little fag boy loves the humiliation of such moments. Am I right?

Yeah – you’re probably right there. Being in bondage with my caged dick on display to a party of kinksters is one of the things I would like to experience more of.

Can you tell us why you would love to get exposed this way?

The feeling of being powerless while multiple strangers grope me is very exciting. My nipples are wired and playing with them while I’m caged gets me hard instantly.

With me caged, it’s even more apparent that Im a submissive, it’s such a head trip seeing someone jerk their dick while Mine is locked in chastity.

Seems that to dom is just a substitutional act to compensate the “frustration” of being long term horny and that at the end you have a real submissive nature. Is that true?

Yes, I’m a proud locked submissive . Defintely wouldn’t label myself a dom top by any means.. but maybe the right sub can bring that side out of me 😈

Hehe, are you so unhappy as sub?

On the contrary, I’m quite fulfilled as a sub but since exploring my dom side, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with some awesome kinksters too which I’m grateful for.

You’ve told us before that you would like the humiliation the exposing would give you. Do you think that to be in chastity, a kind of castration, to take you the “most important” pice of menhood away is also a kind of humiliation?

Absolutely, not being able to touch my manhood and have a normal orgasm by jerking off is certainly humiliating, which also makes it much more kinky. My KH @pushytopnyc emphasizes this in my training that my orgasms should be caged or anal orgasms and not by jerking off. Cumming by the aforementioned ways also enforces my place as a submissive and reminds me of my place.

Over time, I’ve become accustomed to caged orgasms and that’s the new norm for me presently. It’s humiliating but that humiliation has become a part of the reason why I am able to cum in my cage.

Tell us a little more about your cumming while you are in chastity. How has it changed during the last 250 days?

Previously, I would cum either by jerking off or a dom would edge me till I came.
Now, because I no longer have that option, i cum through the following ways:

1) caged orgasm: this involves a vibrator being attached to my cage, usually while I’m in bondage. And as soon as I’m at the brink of orgasm, the vibrator is switched off resulting in a ruined orgasm

2) anal orgasm: a vibrating butt plug is inserted up my ass, I’m given instructions to clench and made to watch bdsm porn till I leak cum. This takes more practice and usually placing a vibrator on your caged cock helps speed the process up

3) or if I have been a good boy, I get unlocked and maybe get edged or milked by a Venus.

Either way in all 3 methods, my cock is locked 🔒 securely back before the restraints are removed.

Do this kind of orgasms give you a satisfaction?

The caged orgasms are pretty unsatisfying and leave u wanting more but that’s part of the whole appeal of chastity: you always want more because you never get a full orgasm. If you think about it, wouldn’t you prefer a ruined orgasm today over a full orgasm 200 days later? I would. 😈

Hehe. So you take whatever you can get. 🙂 But I’m quite sure there are other satisfying reasons why you love to be in chastity.

I think chastity makes me more submissive and doms like that. 😈 being in control of a submissive in chastity is a huge turn on for some. I share my chastity interest w some locked boys on twitter, recon and Together, there’s a great community which shares tips and look out for one another and form meaningful relationships

If a straight non kinky guy at work would ask you about the reason, why you’re in chastity, what would you answer him?

I would respond with a question: are you interested to become a locked guy yourself? If so, I might have a gift for you 😈😈😈.

And what would you advice him if he would be interested? Or do you have some advices for guys who are interested in longterm chastity?

Yes in terms of advice for someone wanting to go into long term Chastity:

1) set achievable goals on how you will stay locked long term.

2) find a device that fits you and suitable for long term: plastic, metal, etc. I’m locked in a Holytrainer: that works for me but it’s not for everyone. Try a cheap cage off amazon and experiment if you like it. Do some research on different cages by speaking to different people

3) if possible, have your keyholder keep you accountable on your goals and any rules established. Don’t be discouraged if you give into the horniness and have unauthorized orgasms. Keep going!

4) finally, ENJOY it! Long term Chastity is a ride and there will be ups and downs. But what you may get from it is definitely worth it.

To those who still have questions, feel free to reach out to me on twitter if you wanna chat about it. DMs are open. 🙂

Let us look forward: The twitter chastity trophy has set the 9th of April as your release date. Do you really still want to get released or should it become a normal thing for you to be in chastity?

No. I do not want to get released and am craving a longer chastity sentence. I do need a more secure device in order to go permanent. Maybe I’ll let Twitter decide how long my chastity sentence should be extended by.

I think before the next challenge will happen we have to do another article with you, to motivate people to vote for more time. What do you think?

That’s a fantastic idea! This current lockup lasted 15 months which is a little more than a year. Maybe the next lockup is double that, which makes it 2.5 years, the thought of that gets me hard in my cage. 😈

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