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Chastity re-enforces the mental idea that I’m not a real Man

I will only be permitted to cum if it’s from the alpha’s cock pounding me and never by direct contact with my cock

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Are you a sub/slave/faggot or how would you describe yourself?

I lean more towards a faggot. Based on the stereotypical traits of a faggot it matches my persona and the kind of service I can offer to Alpha’s. My desire to serve in various ways is very overpowering and faggots know their place in the hierarchy. I also get much more aroused from being called a faggot by Alpha’s than any other word.

What’s your motivation for being in chastity?

Well, first and foremost, being locked keeps me much more submissive as opposed to being unlocked. A big motivation is that it re-enforces the mental idea that I’m not a real Man but merely a boy who does not have the same freedom as Alpha’s do. An Alpha can jerk off and cum while I can only strain in the cage and I like the humiliation aspect of it as well as knowing that I have a cock but I can’t touch it, which in turn makes me want to focus much more on an Alpha’s cock and pleasure thus my full attention is on him and not myself. My biggest motivation is I’m a better boy locked and more obedient and submissive and eager to serve while I suffer in the cage. Alpha’s deserve to have the full attention on them. Right now I have no desire to ever have sex or service Men unlocked.

How long have you been into chastity?

This year will mark 5 years since I first locked. Since then I have been in and out of cages for a longer time and trying to build up a much longer-term caging.

What device do you wear?

I have two cages, a metal nub which I bought on Amazon and a slightly bigger metal cage that allows me to get moderately hard but not jerk off. I think metal is more secure. Currently I’m locked in the slightly bigger cage and haven’t cum since it was locked.

Are you locked 24/7?

Currently I am locked 24/7 whereby the cage is not removed at all. For cleaning purposes, I clean in the shower/bath and use a qtip bud to clean thoroughly and this has worked well over the years with no bad side effects. The only time I feel it is acceptable to be unlocked is either for an emergency or if an Alpha wants to unlock it. I have gotten to a point where I no longer have any desire to be unlocked but only to serve Men, despite still having urges to jerk off and/or cum – the mindfuck drives me from being denied.

Do you have a keyholder?

Currently I don’t have a keyholder although I have met an Alpha where he will ultimately take the keys and enforce my chastity. If all goes well, he’ll most likely take the keys when I see him next. Although I have self-discipline to a point, it’s still better to have it enforced as I have come close to unlocking for my own selfish wants and if the keys are not with me then this will not be possible even if I have any urge of any kind.

What’s the longest you’ve gone locked?

The longest lock up sentence I have had was +- 28 days. Unfortunately it didn’t go beyond that period because I caved in and unlocked. I was punished for unlocking though. For 2021 I have a goal set where I will either spend most of the year locked or entirely locked now that I have an Alpha to enforce this.

Don’t you miss masturbating/cumming while locked up?

Yes and no. Although I’m locked and prefer being locked I still have random urges when extremely horny to just jerk off and blow a load – it adds onto the mental mind fuck and slowly I start to realise that masturbating and cumming is for Alpha’s and not faggots. For the times where I did unlock and jerk off I ended up feeling guilty immediately afterwards.

How often are you allowed to cum?

Currently the rule is not being allowed to cum at all unless it’s an anal orgasm from an Alpha’s cock pounding me. I have managed to surrender the ability to orgasm by means of my cock being jerked off. My Alpha also feels that I will only be permitted to cum if it’s from his cock pounding me and never by direct contact with my cock.

What were some of the problems you’ve had with chastity devices and how did you solve them?

I have experienced a few. One was getting a device with a rung which was too small and caused discomfort around the balls. I have also had a cage where pulling out was very easy so to combat both of these problems I had to measure and get a ring which is not tight and which also doesn’t leave a big enough gap for the balls to be pulled out – this means that my cock and balls are properly trapped.

What are some of the positive effects of chastity you’ve noticed?

There have been a few. One was the extra energy I received since being locked, I am more energetic and much more eager to serve Men as a locked boy. I think Alpha’s like that when boys are almost always ready to serve them and submit to them. Another effect is that when I’m locked my mind goes into a much more submissive state 24/7 which makes servicing much more enjoyable for both me and my Alpha. I also gained motivation as a locked boy to work out and open myself up to a much more wider variety of kink.

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  1. that was an intriguing interview about chastity and the reasons etc. as a tpe slave this slave is also under chastity,but still without a cage – which is hell at times, trust it!
    keep on the good work guys
    slave rupert

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