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When the 100th dick pic slowly feels boring, the chastity pics feel to never become so

Hello dear readers, I’m here today with Capri, a locktober challenger from germany. Tell us a little about yourself Capri, how long have you already been doing chastity? When did that interest first develop in you?




Hello Se7en πŸ™‚ I’m Capri, 31 years old. Your first question’s already quite deep for myself I got to sayπŸ˜„ It feels like yesterday that actually it’s been over 8 years now already since I’ve seen a hot guy in a CB6000 for the first time and been totally turned on. His locked cock looked so hot and the guy always looked so very horny and into it in his videos. I liked that very much, and I’ve always been into edging and had a thing for CBT. Naturally not to the same degree as today, but with 18 I’ve already had my first ball stretcher and on dick and balls I’ve also liked to play harder than other teenager might have. I also got interersted in everything that you could use on those parts and makes you horny (and cock cages do that incredibly). While after that I’ve been for a long time only a voyeur, my interest to try out chastity myself steadily grew. I’ve tried out to keep myself chaste without cage, but I’ve never managed to hold out more than a few days πŸ˜›

I’ve got an own X-Tube account back then, on which I’ve uploaded my own videos and also got into touch with many kinky users. Among them was also somebody who lent me out his CB6000 (copy). Sadly I got to experience then what so many of us chaste boys still do today: The cage didn’t fit. A few more cheap asia-imported cages later I came to the conclusion that no (back then) off the shelf available cage would fit me, because my flaccid dick was simply too thick for them. Over time I discovered also Tumblr and with it the bottomless depths of NSFW blogs, which got me even further into the chastity fever.

The thought of finally really locking up my cock and in the best case even hand over the keys started to get stuck into my mind, so much that I began to inform myself about custom cages and later on landed at Steelworxx. Late Pup Nobley, who you might still remember from the Tumblr Era, I already followed back from the time where he wasn’t yet a pup and made especially chastity photos posts and experience reports. He was for sure one of the reasons why I decied to take the step and spend so much money for a custom chastity cage. I wanted to be locked like him and so many other boys. He was also the one through who I came into first contact into pup play πŸ™‚

Back to the topic: I was still in the middle of my studies and had a side-job. So I saved up as much as I could and bought my first real chastity cage: A Steelworxx Looker 01 πŸ™‚ I got him in january 2016, as my media library tells me just now, and he was my whole pride back then haha πŸ˜› I started my own tumblr blog and posted my first real locked selfie. That went quite well for a time until Tumblr didn’t want us NSFW blogs anymore end of 2018. But I’m glad that I made it over to Twitter safely where you also discovered me now πŸ™‚

The Steelworxx works you can really count as a class for themselves right? your last paragraph makes me want to ask: how much do you connect chastity with exhibitionism for yourself?

That’s a really good question. I know a chastity boy who only came to posting pictures of himself through his Master. But for myself, that always went hand in hand. And from what I see on the web it seems to do so for most chaste boys πŸ™‚ I always had an exhibitionistic side. I like to got to the sauna or to nude beaches and lakes.

Basically, I like to be naked as much as possible, also at home when the temperatures allow it. As I mentioned, I already had an X-Tube account and uploaded videos when I didn’t yet know about chastity. Therefore I’d say that there isn’t compulsorily a connection between chastity and exhibitionism. But as I like both very much, both go into a natural symbiosis πŸ˜›

I have to confess though that chastity, if nobody saw it, would by far not be as much fun. The chastity community is so big nowadays that it’s just great to belong to it. For me it’s also fun to show myself unlocked. But when the 100th dick pic slowly feels boring, the chastity pics feel to never become so. Earlier during tumblr as well as now on twitter the chastity pics seem to be more enjoyed by others too, they always got more likes as “normal” NSFW” pics.

When showing yourself locked and sharing your own chastity experiences, you very quickly develop a dynamic with others through how you can get to know (sometimes great) people, but especially also get a lot of approval and motivation. Maybe that also leads to a kind of conditioning of us chastity boys to show ourselves locked so much too haha, who knows?

Hahaha that may very well be so. A good devils circle so to say. And see that similarly myself, positive motivation, also through such communities, are an important feeling in chastity. It does let one hold out a lot longer, and makes it easier for your mind to do so. It also gives a feel of success for yourself. How long is your record by the way? And what would you like to beat as a benchmark?

Now people surely are going to think: He talks so much and seems to have so much experience – he surely must have been in chastity for months at a time. No, sadly not. My record up till now is at 32 days, and I want to break it this time with and after october. A benchmark I didn’t set, and I also don’t want to if I’m honest. From my own drive I would find it cool to be locked for 2 to 3 months. But the best would be to have a Master at some point, who does take this decision from me. I can imagine very well to just let myself fall and enjoy not to know when and how or if I’m allowed to cum.

I have been chaste for years now, but in average always just maybe 1-3 weeks in one run at most. Sometimes I had just one orgasm between sessions, sometimes I was free for several months and wasn’t motivated enough to start another chastity session. That may be to one part due to not having a longterm Master, but only just changing dominant friends that motivated me shortterm.

Most of the time I only do it for myself, because I love that feeling of the so to say continuous horniness, the pulling in the balls, the knowledge of the fact that I become more and more depraved and do things I would never feel brave enough elseπŸ™‚ On the other hand the short periods also surely are owed to never having found the perfect cage. My first Steelworxx Looker 01 was with an integrated urethra plug to protect from pulling out. Spoiler: I had such squeezable balls I still could escapeπŸ˜†

In the beginning it took a long while until I could even sleep a night with that cage, because it always stimulated the urethra a lot when wearing it. over time I started to get used to it, and the cage became so comfortable I could even manage 2 weeks at a time in it. However, then I got an injury in the urethra due to this plug and couldn’t wear it for months after, and in the end sold it. I have to say though, thats simply a problem for myself, I’ve got a friend who manages to wear such cages with plug without problems for months. It shows again there’s no one perfect cage for everybody. What works for one may not work at all for the other.

The following cages I’ve got from another custom cage producer were quite nice, but I could pull out my dick way too easy, so that my motivation declined more and more quickly – because why should I wear a cage when I can pull out my dick and wank at any time anyways? For making photos it looks cool, but my wish for an escape-proof chastity it does not fulfill. That was the main reason why I got myself a PA piercing – besides that it looks hot and I like piercings on guys. After gotting myself pierced I had to keep myself free for about a year first though, since such a piercing had to heal first and needed time to stretch and become stable (for some it goes quicker, my duration was longer).

Now I’m finally securely locked in my PA, but I still got to say: Pulling out and wanking doesn’t go, but over the years I’ve found so many ways to get off even when locked that I have to grin with a teary eye about my own efforts sometimes πŸ™‚ But well, as long as it is fun, it doesn’t matter, right? πŸ˜›

Hahaha yeah that’s sadly the reality that I had to accept after some years as well. Chastity cages are more of a promise than a real unescapable prison. And yes, in fetish it’s definitely about fun. Why else all that? Locktober also goes into that. How does that go for you atm by the way? And sidequestion: Cumming with a PA-lock? How do you manage that? That’s hard!

For me Locktober goes well at the moment still, but I’m suffering (in a good way) a lot. On one side I haven’t been chaste for a longer time, and the new cage I’m wearing I’ve only got shortly before locktober. As it’s the most comfortable that I ever had I am looking at it in good spirits and think I will manage the month without unlocking. But being locked, and feeling that unrelenting cage around my cock does make me a lot more horny than just being chaste by itself. And I’ve promised to post a daily photo as proof in which I am locked or locked with jock too.

Besides locktober I’m also making jocktober, only wearing jockstraps this month πŸ˜„ and to make the photos, posting them on twitter and see the reactions also adds to the horniness for me…. that and I may also spend a little too much time on twitter watching how the other locked boys do… and hot guys of course too πŸ˜›

In short: My balls are so full that they feel like they could burst at any moment πŸ˜›

I am quite happy with the situation, but at the same time I also feel overwhelmed and can’t think about anything besides sex. But exactly that is what makes chastity.

I don’t want to complain πŸ˜› The thoughts of rattling the cage until I cum do become more though, and I have to pull myself together more and more to stay a good boyπŸ˜‰ I hope that it becomes a little better soon, because the first days in chastity are, as well known, often the worst.

Cumming with PA-lock? Easy πŸ˜› I have already mentioned that I love CBT. A few years ago I’ve seen a guy in the web that could cum from ballbusting alone. I already liked that kinda thing back then, but never thought one could even do that. After a few months of occasional practice I’ve actually managed it myself to cum just from hitting my balls. And I liked that so much that I’ve started to do it from time to time again. In the meantime to today I’ve also had a sub-Master sesssion for a few months with a top friend, who liked me chaste and only allowed occasional ballbusting orgasms. At that time I perfected that practice, as you can surely imagine haha

When I’m horny I can cum within a few minutes from ballbusting – even if I’m locked (and then it doesn’t matter with or without PA-lock).

That’s great on one hand. But on the other also really stupid, cause I could cheat and chastity become more of a trust thing than I’d like ultimately.

Then there’s of course the methods everbody could do it with. I’ve seen uncountable videos where chastityboys either cum through rattling their cage or using a massage wand.

When a guy wants to cum, he will find a way to do so πŸ˜› Sadly πŸ˜›

Well, sometimes our human ingenuity can also be a small curse xD Last question, do you have any tipps you can give to chastity newbies that may think of joining you for locktober or otherwise in chastity?

I think the most important thing is to have fun with it and don’t stress yourself. First: You don’t need an (expensive) cage, to be chaste. With a (good fitting) one it makes of course more fun and it’s also a help to not touch yourself down there immediately.

Second: Don’t compare yourself with others. Do make yourself realistic goals that fit you. As a beginner that usually wanks 3 times a day, 3-4 days in chastity may already be a good and doable challenge. The nice thing is that you can always do more πŸ˜› You can make a week out of it, then two weeks and after that a month or more.

Who sets realistic goals and masters them, does get a feeling of success and joy to continue. That goes for all areas of life, not just chastity. For locktober it means: don’t be sad or demotivated if you don’t make it the whole month. Especially for newbies I find the whole month to be extremely difficult. Respect if you make that. But even chastityboys who are at it longer do not manage it often to stay chaste a whole month. Even for me it’s a hard challenge.

But should I become weak during locktober and get off once anyways, I wouldn’t throw the towel but just continue going. Then you might have a gap in locktober, but you stayed at it. That does require true strength and engagement πŸ™‚ It’s about the fun and in locktober also the feeling of being part of it – right in the sporty sense πŸ™‚

Good words to end on. Thanks a lot for your time and I still wish you and all the other locked guys good endurance and fun with locktober. Should you be interested in how his run goes, take a look at his twitter timeline down below.

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