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Teens in Chastity: I don’t deserve the pleasure that comes with a dick

People have asked us for a follow-up of our article we’ve written 1.5 years ago about young boys who love to be in chastity. It seems that it has a special attraction to get insights why young people in their most sexual period in life love to be restricted in living it.

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Hi Jacob. 10 days has been your former record in chastity. How does it come that you’re more than 15 weeks in chastity now?

I guess it’s ironic that before that, the thought of chastity long term, like really long term made me hard. But after that initial excitement, I remember how good the last 3 days or so was of my ten days lockup before that, and before that I would cage for a day or so not being able to touch my pin dick at all throughout the day. I decided that knowing for a long time I was a worthless sub faggot, I didn’t need a dick at all, and I didn’t deserve one or the pleasure that comes with it. So I locked up, struggled through the first few days and got settled.

Do you still remember when you’ve got the first time attracted by chastity?

After a long time. More and more posts about chastity began appearing on my Twitter. Guys I talked to insisted a fag should be locked up. I started looking at chastity porn, and it just grew and grew on me until I finally relented and tried it out.

How old have you been, and can you tell us what is the attraction of being in chastity for a young boy like you in the most sexual years?

So I got attracted to it a couple of months before I turned 19 but I never acted on it seriously until the end of last year. The attraction of it for me is that it suits my personality. I thought I would die not being able to cum multiple times a day as I had done sometimes before that. But as I learned more and more about myself, who I was, what I was.

I knew that not cumming, no pleasure down there was the key to enjoying and exploring the rest of my sexual adventure. I know it’s weird to say, but I consider cumming a right bestowed on those who deserve it. Because of what I am I don’t get the right to cum when I want, how I want, my pleasure only comes from the pleasure others receive. Locking up young in my teens hopefully will imprint this in me forever.

I knew that not cumming, no pleasure down there was the key to enjoying and exploring the rest of my sexual adventure.

Do you feel different if you’re in chastity?

Not so much now. I feel almost normal. I notice it when I piss, but otherwise I’m pretty fused to it, so I feel pretty normal. I’m lucky the cage is really comfortable. I feel more submissive though. More like a fag. But it feels right. The more I do it, the more days go by, the more right it feels to wear it

Have you never been frustrated during the last 15 weeks and have you never asked yourself why you’re doing this?

I’ve never questioned myself. I made a commitment to this lock up, and I’ll stick to it if it kills me lol. Have I been frustrated, of course, that’s part of the fun/pain. You are made to suffer the ignominy of not being able to fulfill a basic human function. I see a great post on Twitter or a hot video on xhamster. I’ll watch it and strain or rub my balls but my days of getting hard during long jerk off sessions are long gone, and I’m perfectly happy with that.

How have you got motivated to wear the chastity device long term, and what is the goal of it?

To be a better sub. To convert anything sexual into serving others. To remove sexual pleasure from my life through masturbation. I want my sex life when it comes to fruition to be completely submissive, my mouth and hole will give the men pleasure, that in turn will give me the pleasure I need.

And I got motivated for pretty much the same reasons. It felt like the kind of thing a sub boy should do. It felt right, so I did it, and I was right to think that haha.

I can imagine that to start with such a project during the pandemic you’re not allowed to meet people in real life doesn’t make it easier. How you compensate this missing real life use of the boy?

I expose myself online. Chat to guys. Make pictures and videos when I can. But it’s okay. I never factored in the pandemic because I started doing chastity towards the end of last year, and it has already been raging for ages by then

Do you have had an orgasm during the last 15 weeks?

Nope. I got some morning stiffness occasionally, still do sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever had a wet dream to be honest. It was never a thing with me when before this.

You wear a no name chastity device. Are you happy with it, have you had some issues with, and can you recommend it?

Absolutely. I didn’t want to splash out on a fancy brand early on in my journey. I may well upgrade later down the line if I can afford it, but this is so comfortable the ring doesn’t chafe at all. The plastic ring I had before on a different device was awful. But this metal is smooth and snug.

So now you’ve to tell other guys who are interested to try long term chastity some good reasons why boys like you should be in chastity, and probably you have also some advice.

I can’t recommend chastity enough to any sub boy. Try it for a week, a month, do Locktober for example. Obviously it won’t be for every sub boy. But this increase in horniness and frustration can be put into making you a better fag boy. I can’t say what kind of device to get, but nothing too small straight up.

I thought I would want the tiniest thing because it would be more submissive, but luckily I plucked for the correct one. But yeah, just do it, try it, if you are a sub boy in a partnership give him the key. Just do something to not cum for a few days and see how you feel lol

You’ve mentioned at the beginning that chastity is the right thing for a worthless sub faggot as you are. I think our readers will have to read more about that side of you soon.


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  1. nice guy with a true sub attitude, i as a slave like that in a guy very much.
    The sub feels to be a worthless sub that won`t deserve an orgasm – thats the tricky part. Like this consensual nonconsensual slavery its similar with to be worthless. One feels worthless, and even feels good about that, but at the same time one craves for the affection and confirmation of a superior Master to Top to lift one up, even if its just for a moment of the day…

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