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Latex changes all the sensations that you feel

An interview with CJ Ros (30), a real rubber enthusiast.

MasterMarc: Hi Cjros. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. I really love to visit your blog on tublr because there people can see, how various rubber and latex fashion can be. Before we start to talk about latex in general I have to as you, why latex is such a turn-on for you?

CJ Ros: Hi MasterMarc. It’s really great to be interviewed for SadoSam, thanks for the invitation. I don’t think I’ve ever had an opportunity like this before…and you certainly don’t fiddle around with small talk! To answer your question, what isn’t there to like about latex? I think my love for latex is similar to many latex lovers out there. When lubed up, it’s slick and shiny so that it slides teasingly over your skin. It can also be sticky and cling to the body for a bit of exciting friction in life. The thin layer of latex changes all the sensations that you feel through the latex, which leads to a whole new realm of experience. Latex is also tight, and that feeling of compression is comforting, almost like a full body hug. It makes one feel sexy because it’s holding all your wibbly wobbly bits just a little firmer. It also has the ability to cover your whole body, yet still leaves very little to the imagination. Depending on the outfit, the latex can transform you into someone or something else. Latex is really quite amazing! It is such an interesting material and it has an appearance that is unlike any other. I don’t know anything else that can capture the comic book superhero aesthetic that I grew up with and love so much.

MasterMarc: That sounds to me, that it is more a costume than a clothing. Something which helps you to slip into a role. Are you acting different in rubber than in real life? And how does your rubber-me change?

CjRos: Hmm….I would say it’s both costume and clothing to me. For example, I made this cute, blue tank top with red stripes that is purely a clothing item for me. It’s bright and fun, so I like wearing it out to regular club nights. When I go to bigger fetish events, I often get a bit overwhelmed with everything that is going on, and using the latex like a costume is really helpful. It gives me a role to play, and in playing the part, it distracts me from my nerves. I wouldn’t say that I’m a different person when I’m in rubber, but it allows me to focus on different aspects of my personality that are not as dominant when I’m in my regular clothes. Of course, the aspect of my personality that comes out depends on the outfit. A lot of my outfits end up having a superhero/action type theme, and these push forward a similar traits like a penchant for dramatic poses and for climbing and jumping off things – overall hyperactivity. Outfits like my motorcycle suit, or police-type shirt make me feel more serious and authoritative. I don’t usually wear them out because they’re antisocial, but hoods always make me feel subby. I think that we can only be ourselves, but different looks just allow various facets of ourselves to push through. Even if we are consciously acting, that acting has to come from something inside us.

MasterMarc: If you say, that you can just be yourself, than I would really like to know, who are you, how are you and what are you into? 

CJ Ros: Well, I don’t know if I meant that wearing latex let’s me by myself. Rather, it lets me express different aspects of myself. I like to think that I spend most of my time acting/being who I feel most comfortable with being, regardless of what I’m wearing. That person is… well, I’m a bit scattered and disorganized, but that’s because I find everything interesting to me. I like meeting new people and making new connections, but I do so better in small groups or one-on-one. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so you know right away if I like you. I’m a bit of a nerd, and I try not to take anything too seriously. I also really enjoying being outside, exerting myself (cycling, running and hiking!) and exploring the world around me. I enjoy creating things with my own hands, and feeling more connections with the things I use, and the foods I eat.

MasterMarc: How long are you into rubber, how have you discovered your love for this second skin and what have been your first steps into the fetish world?

CJ Ros: I think I started getting into rubber when I was 15 or so years old. I was a chubby, asthmatic kid and I never really liked myself, so I was really fascinated with transformations. I hoped that maybe I would wake up one day and be someone/something new. This is how I got into masks (halloween), and costumes (like super hero outfits, furries, etc), and this eventually turned into latex. I’m not really sure how that transitiion happened, but it probably had to do with seeing some really cool transformation scene and noticing the latex in it.

My first steps into the fetish world started in my early twenties, when I was asked by rubbercanuck to be a model in a fashion show for Vancouver’s Rubbout rubber fetish weekend. I ended up getting my blue and black latex ninja outfit made for that fashion show, and that set everything off. Now I have too much latex, and I can’t even fit it in my closet!

MasterMarc: Hehe, it seems that now a lot of guys become jealous about your rubber collection. Could you show us some of your favourite leatex outfits and tell us, why it is so special for you?

CJ Ros: I don’t want people to be jealous of my collection! I’ve always been very happy to lend things to people if they want to try latex for the first time, or whatnot. Over the past year I’ve been really lucky to have a couple of sponsored photoshoots, so I happen to have a lot of latex catsuits from Latex Catfish. Of those, my favourite is definitely this red and black neck-entry suit. I call it the Red Racer, but I don’t know if it has another name. I like this outfit because it’s my first neck-entry suit, and I until I tried it on, I didn’t know how nice and comfortable neck-entry could be! It’s definitely the suit that I can wear the longest and move around the most in…no zippers on the front and back also decreases the stress points on the catsuit. I love how it looks with this leather hoodie that was made by a local leather maker (House of Basciano).

Prior to this outfit from Latex Catfish, I’ve made a few things for myself, including my favourite sleeveless shirt. I like it a lot because it’s light coloured and fun, which  makes me want to go dance. I often wear it out on non-fetish club nights. It’s one of the first shirts that I made, and I was really happy with how it turned out!

Aside from that, I guess I also really like my signature ninja outfit. It was custom made by Hypershine Latex in Vancouver, and was also one of my first pieces of latex gear. In some ways, you could say this outfit started it all!


photos by @shinycreature

MasterMarc: You look great in the suits. I really love your ninja dress. 🙂 Btw. How important is for you the sweaty feeling when you wear rubber and do you have also other kinks you think rubber is the right dress for it?

CJ Ros: I think that there are a lot of different types of sweaty feelings when you’re wearing rubber. When I use powder or water based lube, I find that getting sweaty usually isn’t very comfortably. The latex usually feels cold and clammy, and just not very nice. On the other hand, wearing rubber with a good dose of silicone lube feels very nice. It tends to glide and slip over they body more organically, and it also seems to be warmer…maybe I’m wrong about that.

As for other kinks that rubber works for? Well, I guess I think that leather and latex can match together quite nicely. I might be a little wary of bondage and pain/whipping related things, because the friction would make me worry about my latex surviving the night, even if my fears are unwarranted. Haha, I guess rubber works really well if you personally don’t like getting too dirty, but you like dirty things…it’s like a full body condom!

MasterMarc: Now it becomes interesting. :)) What kind of dirty things do you like?

CJ Ros: I like to think that I have something interesting to offer besides sex . I just meant that a lot of people associate rubber with activities like watersports, which makes sense in a way…rubber wellies, etc. It seems to me that the chemistry between two people plays a huge part in what they are willing and interested in doing together. You could be mostly vanilla except you like wearing rubber while doing vanilla things, but then the right person might come along and suddenly you’re exploring bondage, CBT, or other things. For me, I find that those kinds of things are fairly personal and only come out with those one-on-one interactions with another person. It’s also a bit exciting to let people find out individually what works or what doesn’t.

MasterMarc: OK … I’ll not ask more about it :)) Even if it would be very interesting. 🙂 CJ Ros, it was really a great pleasure to talk to you and to get an insight in your shiny rubber world. I hope we will continue very soon to talk about rubber and more.

You can find CJ Ros on Tumblr.

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