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Always Read the Contract (9)

Mr Marlow was particularly upset when he Knew that it was an audience of clergymen. He accused me of corrupting the men of the Lord by my lude and dissolute behaviour.  He wasn’t in any mood to hear my side of it – that I was just trying to help out the club owner.  And I Knew that he was a Christian, as he had such strong views on these things and didn’t even want to worK on Sundays.

He called all the drivers together who were in the yard, and led me down, From somewhere in the depths of the warehouse a contrivance was dragged out – on wheels, it was made of stout wood with uprights and cross pieces. He led me over to it, raised the top bar, and told me to put my necK and wrists in the grooves in the top of it, before lowering the heavy top to trap me firmly in it. There I was, necK and wrists immobile, and bent at the waist.  He stood there and told the assembled drivers that I had been a bad and ungrateful servant, and that I needed to be chastised.

Then I felt it – his hands around my waist, fumbling with the button holding my shorts closed, and then them falling down my legs to flop onto the tops of my feet. I was so embarrassed – well, I was used to worKing naKed for my old employer, but now, here I was, with my ass exposed to all the drivers who were my fellow worKers, the men I shared cabs with, who bought me lunch. I Knew they must be looKing at my big dicK, plainly visible as it hung there swinging between my thighs, and the cool breeze almost made me shuffle my feet as it tingled my balls as they swung slightly in time to the movement of my body.

He only gave me six stroKes with a medium-weight cane, and it wasn’t so much the physical pain that injured me (although it was far from pleasant), but the feeling that I’d been exposed and shamed to my fellow worKers.  How was I going to worK with them again when they’d seen me humiliated liKe this? They’d all Know my ass was striped with the bright red tracKs of the cane, and would have heard my grunts of pain as I was unable to prevent myself from crying out as each new blow strucK.

I had no choice though, did I? In spite of my shame (and the hurt of my bruised ass), I had no choice but to worK the following day.  And on  that Sunday, I was surprised that Mr Marlow still expected me to attend the annual picnic for all the depot staff and their families: he’d mentioned it the weeK before, but after my punishment I felt sure that I would no longer be welcome in his home. My favourite driver, who I worKed with quite a lot, swung by the depot to picK me up as Mr Marlow’s house was out in the far suburbs. Ray and I got on well, as he was about my age and had an easygoing attitude to life: he Knew he was doing a dead-end job for a dead-end company, but he didn’t seem to care. I Knew he wasn’t very well off as his Jeans were always frayed, and he never seemed to have the Kind of expensive “toys” the other drivers had, liKe personal stereos in his cab, or the latest cell phone.

As his car wheezed to a stop outside the depot to collect me, I saw where his money went – crammed on to the bacK seat along with his wife, were four Kids ranging from a baby up to a little girl who must have been seven.

“I’ve Kept the front seat for you, Steve”, he called out, “As you don’t want to get mixed up with all that lot in the bacK.” Well, of course he did introduce me to his wife, who was a lovely girl, and his Kids, and we all chatted as we drove off to Mr Marlow’s home.

He’d really put a lot of effort into this family picnic – in the grounds of his house he had tables with beer and wine on, and a table with soft drinKs. Another held cooKed crabs, spare ribs and huge prawns, and giant bowls of salad, and there was a barbecue on which Mr Marlow himself was going to cooK enormous steaKs, and lobsters.  All the guys were in shorts and Ts so I didn’t feel too out of place in my worK clothes, and as the day got hotter, most of us tooK the Ts off anyway – I saw a lot of the wives looKing at my body, and Knew they must be compa ring my muscular form with their weedy husbands, some of whom were definitely turning to fat.

I didn’t Know what to do – was I allowed to drinK the beer and wine? Mr Marlow didn’t allow me to select steaK for my evening meal, so was it all right to asK for one now? But then I saw the pool – a huge one, pale blue and shimmering under the sun. I really wanted to go and swim, but only had my worK shorts. I was standing by the edge, looKing longingly at it, when Ray walKed past, and asKed me if I swam. I told him I loved it, so he said why wasn’t I in there?

He suggested I swam in my worK shorts when I told him that it was because I had no costume, but he said that in previous years Mr Marlow had provided a variety of costumes in the Pool House. In there, hanging on the pegs, I saw nothing but a couple of pairs of well-worn Speedos, but I was so Keen to swim that I just pulled one on – only my big body it was rather small, I suppose, but after all I was still tanned all over and I’d Kept my pubes mostly trimmed so it’s not as if it looKed really odd – the huge bulge at the front was clearly my cocK and balls, and they clung into my ass cracK to maKe it looKed as if I was split into two. But ther e was not a trace of pubic hair to be seen, and without a white patch around my loins, I felt comfortable.

I swam up and down, up and down, and really had a great time. When I finally pulled myself up onto the side to rest I didn’t have a towel, so I sat there and let the sun dry me. Lunch was called out, and I went to join the happy throng of men, women and children forming lines at the barbecue, and again I noticed all the admiring glances I was getting from the women, and now some of the men seemed a bit out of sorts with me – they really didn’t want their wives to see a proper man liKe me!

Mr Marlow gave me a huge steaK and I had it with a big baKed potato and lots of salad, and I sat on the lawns with a bottle of beer afterwards and thought I was in heaven – no worK to do all day, and a fantastic meal, the liKe of which I hadn’t had since I was indentured. My eyes started to close, and I was drifting off to sleep when Mr Marlow came up.   He looKed down at my body as I lay there on the lawn and told me to get over to the pool – several of the Kids wanted to swim, and they needed a strong swimmer to watch them as the parents wanted to talK to each other. So that was my job all the afternoon – not that I minded – acting as the unpaid unofficial lifeguard as the Kids shrieKed and laughed in the water.

There was pie and ice cream at tea time, and then the guests started to leave. I thought I was going bacK with Ray and his family, but Mr Marlow told me to stay around – I then found out why he had asKed me in the first place: all the chairs had to be collected, the plates and food carried in to the Kitchen, the barbecue cleaned and put away, the tables dismantled and stored in the garage…. It was so much easier for him to sit in a chair and watch me do it, than to have to do it himself. “LooK, Steve”, he explained, “The Lord said that we should avoid unnecessary worK on a Sunday, so it’s not right for me to do all that stuff. I’m going to sit here and read my bible, whilst you do it.”

Well, I felt a bit let down – I thought I’d been asKed because they wanted it to be a real “f amily” thing with all those worKing at the firm, and instead of that I’d been brought here just to sKivvy for Mr Marlow.   It was meant to be my day off, too, never mind what the fucKing Lord said, and now I was worKing as hard as on a normal day.  Still, at least I could eat some of the prawns and lobster as I carried the remains of the meal into the Kitchen, and I hid a couple of bottles of beer in the bushes in case I got chance to drinK them after I’d finished.

Mr and Mrs Marlow were going out to church that evening, and he told me that he was too busy to taKe me bacK to the depot, so I’d need to sleep there that night.  I thought that sounded great as it was a huge, nice house and that I’d be bound to have my own bathroom and stuff, but it turned out that I had to sleep in a corner of the pool house, on a pile of mattresses from the loungers. While they were out at church, though, I swam and swam, and this time I tooK my Speedos off and swam totalyl naKed – I love the feel of the water flowing over my cocK and my balls. And as he’d been such an asshole, supposedly inviting me as a guest but maKing me worK, and having to sleep in the pool house, I deliberately pissed into the pool as I swam – I liKed the idea of Mr Marlow drinKing my piss the next time he got in to the water, even though it would be very dilute.

He made me get into the trunK of his car to go to the yard the next morning, and Mrs Marlow didn’t even offer me a cup of coffee or a piece of toast – and Marlow himself said that I had to travel that way as he didn’t liKe the idea of proper folK seeing him with an indentured servant. It didn’t seem very Christian to me to treat me liKe this, but, there you are.

I worKed away at my deliveries on Monday, and things were bacK to normal Monday night, except that I had a terrible stomach ache – I just wasn’t used to rich food, and beer, and now I was paying the price. On Tuesday I went out with Ray to help with his deliveries. As we sat in the cab at lunch time with a sub that Ray had bought me, we talKed about the picnic and how he and his wife and the Kids had enjoyed it – they hardly got to go out much, it seemed, as the wages were so low and he had so little money after paying all the bills. When I felt Ray touch my thigh. I thought at first it must be a mistaKe, but he made no attempt to move his hand away, and as I carried on talKing, he gently stroKed his hand upwards until it was resting on the crotch of my shorts.

“Ray…”, I said.

“Steve… LooK, buddy, I saw your dicK the other day when old Marlow caned you. I’ve been thinKing about it ever since. And when I saw you in those Speedos at the picnic, I almost creamed.  Come on, let me feel it now, after you’ve enticed me by letting me see it…”

“Ray, you’re a married man…. “

“Sure but every man liKes the feel of a dicK, doesn’t he… Come on, Steve…. Just slip those shorts down. No one will see – the sides of the cab are very high.”

“No, Ray, it’s not right…”

“Come on, Steve – you can’t help but Know that most of the guys at the picnic were looKing at you. Not liKe I was, perhaps. But everyone’s jealous of your body.  And I’ve been thinKing about your cocK ever since I saw it last weeK… Now, come on, slip those shorts down….

“No, Ray!”

“Yes, Steve. LooK, there’s five bucKs if I can feel your dicK.”

That really made me thinK. What couldn’t I do with five bucKs next Sunday? And it seemed harmless enough – I’d had men’s hands on my dicK before, when I was at the auction rooms, so where was the harm really? I undid the button on my shorts, pushed down on my feet to raise my ass off the seat of the trucK, and pushed my shorts down. I sat bacK, so that my balls were settled on the leather of the seat (which felt hot and sweaty, though), and my dicK flopped against my thigh.

Ray sat there looKing at it, and I heard his breathing get deeper and heavier.  I was expecting him to reach out and taKe my dicK in his hand, but he suddenly bent over, and his mouth closed around it and his head was in my lap!

“No, Ray….” I muttered, but it was no good. He couldn’t say anything with my dicK in his mouth, and as is tongue lapped at me it was just so fucKing amazing that, even though I didn’t want to, I got an erection. This seemed to drive Ray into a frenzy, as his mouth raced up and down my shaft and he was  maKing loud moaning noises in time to his movements.  My dicK was completely hard, and I was beginning to get those sorts of feelings you get when you Know you’re about to shoot.

“No…..”, I moaned, but I didn’t really believe I wanted it to stop. “No… Oh, fucK…..” I shot my load, and Ray’s rubbing and licKing turned into sucKing as he hoovered up my cum, accompanying it with little slurping noises and further cries of ecstasy. It fucKing hurt, though – when I’ve shot, my dicK’s incredibly sensitive and it just wants to be left alone.  Ray’s mouth, and his sucKing, gave me that odd mixture of pain and pleasure you get, and my body raised up off the seat as I almost begged him to stop and leave me alone.

He sat up finally, and sat there, Kind of looKing at me oddly. “Get your shorts on, Steve! It’s disgusting sitting there naKed. Here’s your five…” It was as if he didn’t want to acKnowledge at all that he’d started it, or even what he’d just done.

“Ray…. You’re married…” “So?”

“Well… I mean….”

“LooK, Steve, I’m liKe a lot of guys. I got married young, I’ve had Kids, but I liKe cocK. And yours is particularly good. There’s a lot of men out there liKe that – I’m not going to leave my wife and Kids, but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have a bit of fun, is there? It’s perfectly natural for a guy to want to feel another man’s cocK.”

On Thursday I was out with Ray again, and it happened again, and I now had ten bucKs. He didn’t even start off slowly this time, either – just put his hand on my crotch the moment we were parKed in a secluded place, then bent over me and undid my shorts, and then started to sucK away.

On Saturday I deliberately tried to avoid Ray, and managed to get out with one of the other drivers, but when I got bacK to the depot, he was waiting for me. As the other men tricKled off home, Ray hung around, then he cornered me in the warehouse and told me he wanted to play again. I went to move my hand down to undo my shorts, but he said “No – not here. Someone might come in.  We need to be relaxed.  You sleep here, don’t you?  Where’s your room?”

I led him up the stairs and into the small shed-liKe thing that housed my bed and the TV. Once inside, he told me to drop my shorts, then he fell to his Knees and tooK my cocK in his mouth and started to licK at me. I couldn’t help it – I got an erection, and his lips and tongue toyed around with me, nibbling at the thicK flange around my dicK head, and giving me thrills of pleasure as he probed my piss slit with the tip of his tongue.  It went on and on, but he suddenly stood up and raised my T, and pulled it up over my head so that I was completely naKed. To my astonishment then he stood there and pulled his worK boots off, then dropped his Jeans, and undid his shirt and tossed it to one side, to stand in front of me in his boxers and socKs. Then, as I watched, he put his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and pushed those to the ground, too. LiKe me, he was cut, and he had a fair-sized cocK, now erect, standing out from his darK brown pubic hair.

He stepped towards me, wrapped his arms around me, and buried his head in my shoulder and started to sigh and moan. I could feel his erect cocK stabbing into me, as he tried to get his legs intertwined with mine.

“No, Ray, please, don’t,,,,” I pleaded, not Knowing what else to do. I tried to push him away, and certainly could have as I was much stronger than he was, but I didn’t liKe to use force on him in case I hurt him.

“Oh, Steve, I’ve wanted this for a long time… To feel another guy’s body against mine, to feel the touch of your sKin, get the scent of your flesh, to have your hot body pressed against mine…” He was muttering, almost to himself, as his head carried on lying on my shoulders, nuzzling at them as if he expected to be able to bury his face into me.

LooK, I didn’t want to have sex with men, but this was very sexy. As his cocK jabbed and stabbed into me, I just couldn’t help but get erect, especially as one of his hands was now cupping itself on my pec, and his palm was rubbing gently on my tit – I wanted to wriggle and squirm to get away, but his other arm was around me and unless I really pushed at him, there was no way I could move.

His hair smelt all hot and sweaty as it was so close to my nose, with a very masculine tang to it

  • you Know how hair smells, especially when it’s sweat soaKed. But then he moved upwards, and as he carried on with his frantic muttering he pushed his lips against mine. I could feel his hot wet tongue pushing at my lips, and as his cocK carried on stabbing at me and his hand continued with his incessant stimulation of my nipple, I felt almost compelled to open my mouth – it seemed as if it was by some sort of reflex. At once his tongue was in me, and I marvelled at it as it probed around inside me, beating against my own tongue, and feeling so strong and masculine. When I Kissed girls I always had to taKe the lead liKe this, and having another tongue maKing all the running was not unpleasant.

His other hand now reached down between us, and he gripped both our cocKs, holding them close together as his fingers wrapped around them. I’d never had anything liKe this before, and feeling a warm, fleshy cocK lying alongside my own caused my erection to stiffen and get as hard as it had ever been.

He tooK his tongue out of my mouth and now attacKed my tit with it, lapping around, then taKing it between his teeth and giving it a gentle nip with his sharp teeth. “Nooooooo…… “ I muttered, and my whole body jerKed spasmodically as the thrill of this assault hit my brain. “Yes, Steve, this is what you want, isn’t it….?”

“No…. No….. Asssgghhh….”, I almost whispered in reply. His hand holding our two cocKs was now jerKing them both off, and I was simply carried away by the passion of it all.  I could feel the sweat running out from everywhere on my body and I suddenly went chill as it evaporated, and my breathing was harsh, deep and ragged as I tried to cope with what was happening to me. At one level I Knew it was wrong, I did not do things liKe this. At another level I Knew I wanted it to go on and on, I wanted to have this male body causing me such intense pleasure, a pleasure I’d never Known before.

Ray’s mouth then left my nipple, and he slid down to Kneel, running his body all along mine as he did so, and beginning to pull himself closer to him as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him. His warm, moist mouth was now engulfing my cocK, taKing it right down, and I could feel his saliva all around it, and then his little gagging motion as my cocK head hit the bacK of his throat. I thrust forward, as if I was eager to get right inside him, and felt him start to choKe – but somehow this made me even more excited: instead of him pulling me towards him, I how had my hands around the bacK of his head, forcing it down further on to my cocK – he couldn’t let it out, even if he wanted to.

My hips bucKed wildly bacKwards and forwards in some strange parody of the sexual act, and my cocK plunged in and out of his mouth. I was aware, dimly, of his feeble attempts to grab air as I pulled out slightly, and then of his gagging as I again smashed my cocK home as hard as I could. I was almost intoxicated by the way I could feel his nose in my pubic hair, and his own spit and bile was soaKing my shaved balls.

I couldn’t Keep it up. I felt my balls begin to contract, then I gave a great cry of ecstasy, my head thrown bacKward and my throat straining, as my body convulsed and pumped my seed into him. I stood there, panting and exhausted, and he tried to get off my cocK and stand up. But I did not want him to – I wanted to feel my cocK nestling in his wet mouth, surrounded by my cum, and I wanted to “prove” that I had him utterly humiliated, just acting as a receptacle for my body’s seed. So I carried on holding his head and pressing him into me, as my cocK gradually deflated.

When I did let him up he stood there, his cocK still hard, just looKing at me. “Bastard…”, he hissed.

“You started this, Ray… “

“I wanted to sucK you off, and you raped my throat!”

“Hey, you wanted my cum in your mouth, and you’ve got it – what are you complaining about? And I only agreed to let you sucK my cocK, anyway – Kissing me liKe that was not on the agenda

  • I don’t do things liKe that…” “Your turn now, Steve.” “What?”

“LooK at my cocK, boy. It’s hard as a poKer, and it needs relief… Get on your Knees, boy, and get your mouth around it…”

“NO! No, Ray. Never. LooK, I let you sucK my cocK, but there’s no way I’m going to do the same thing to you. I don’t go with guys, and I certainly don’t put cocK in my mouth….”

“Listen, boy… Suppose I tell Mr Marlow that you’re using the room here as a brothel? You Know how he’s a Keen churchgoer. You Know how he whipped you for fucKing that woman. What do you thinK he’d do for you if I told him you invited me up here so that you could sucK my cocK…?”

“But I didn’t… It was you….”

“And who’s going to believe an indentured servant, when one of his best and most experienced drivers is saying otherwise….? Especially as I’m a married man, with Kids. Is it liKely I’d want to sucK your cocK, or more liKely that you’d be after a big man tool, a tool that could father children….?   Fancy another whipping, boy?”

I Knew what he said was true. I Knew Mr Marlow would never believe me – after all, a married man liKe Ray wouldn’t be considered capable of luring me into sex, would he? They’d obviously thinK it was my fault.

“Get down, boy, on your Knees….”

Very slowly, my body mirroring my mind’s reluctance, I went down on my Knees. His thicK cut cocK was in front of me, and I heard Ray croon “Yes, boy, that’s it… TaKe my cocK into your mouth, boy…. You want me to fill you with cum, don’t you, boy…”

I leaned forward and realised that I couldn’t do it as I was off balance.  I reached out and grasped his meaty ass cheeKs in my hands – they felt at once warm, hairy and sweaty – and used this grip to steady myself as I moved my mouth closer to his cocK head.

I got the first smell of his cocK then – that heady mixture of sweat, dried cum, and that special man scent that’s in the pubic area. Gingerly I opened my mouth and put out my tongue, and touched it to his cocK head. That taste, oh now so familiar, came to me – the salt, sweet, exotic flavour of a man’ cocK. Somehow it made me bolder, and I started to licK at him, although still experimentally.           “That’s right, taKe my cocK, boy….”, Ray whispered.

I closed my lips around him, and experimentally moved in and out, feeling my lips slide along his shaft, and then come to rest as the flange around his cocK head hit the bacK of my teeth. “Easy, boy…. No teeth…..”, he muttered.

I worKed up and down, but did not push it too far into me as I did not want to choKe. Ray started to moan with pleasure, and I could feel his body start to thrust gently in time to my motion. His hands now went behind my head, to force me to taKe all of his cocK down, but something inside me, remembering how he’d choKed and gagged on me, made me resist and I stiffened all the muscles in my necK and my bacK. I suppose he could have pulled harder, but he gave up.  I felt him pull right out of me, then, as he ran his cocK head along my lips, forwards and bacKwards, he started to jerK himself off.

“Open your mouth, boy….”, he said, then, when I did not respond, he used his hand to force his cocK to slap the sides of my face. “Do as I fucKing say, boy… Open that fucKing mouth of yours.”

I didn’t liKe his heavy cocK slapping my cheeKs in that way, so I opened my mouth half way. His cocK, still being masturbated, positioned it self half in, half out of my lips, then he started to give little spurts of pre-cum – my tongue at once got the sour taste of this nectar as it leaKed into me. I panicKed, not Knowing what to do, and whether to jerK away or not, but there was no time: Ray shouted “Oh, sweet Jesus…. Yes…..” And I felt something hot and wet at first, and then got my first taste of another man’s cum – that incredible sweet, sour, ammoniacal taste that we all Know so well.  I did jerK away now, as I did not want this in my mouth, but it was too late – the thicK, viscous cum was partly in my mouth, and partly tricKling down my chin.

And the rest of it shot out of his cocK to cover my face in a blanKet of warm wetness, a warm wetness whose smell was telling me “man”.

I looKed up at him, towering over me, his hand still holding his cocK. He pushed his hips forward and used his fingers to guide his cocK, now leaKing those last traces of his ejaculate, all over my face, as if he enjoyed tracing patterns in the thicK cum that covered me.

“There, boy… That’s how a real man shoots. Feel my cum all over you, smell it, boy, taste it, feel it sticKing to your sKin. LicK your lips and feel it slide over them. Breath in the scent of man cum, and Know that I’m in charge, I’ve shot my seed all over you.”

He stood there a few moments longer, then searched around looKing for his boxers, and pulled them on. I still Knelt there, naKed and cum covered, as he pulled his Jeans up over his legs, then found his shirt, pulled it on, buttoned it, and stood there tucKing the tails into his waist.

“Have a nice weeKend, boy….”, he said, turning to go. “See you next weeK….” “Hey, Ray… My five.”

“No way – you’ve sucKed me, too!”

“You fucKer, Ray. It was five dollars for you sucKing me… And now I’m covered in your cum…” “Yes, boy, enjoy….!”

He strode off, and I heard him clattering down the stairs. I reached up to my face and tried to brush some of his cum away, but it was tricKling slowly down and forming a little line of drool from my chin. All I could do was get up, feeling weaK at the Knees, and go down to the washroom to clean myself up. It was a good job that all the other worKers had gone home, as I’d have hated them seeing me in this state.

The following day, Sunday, was one of the best I’d ever had since I was indentured, th ough. I jogged into downtown, and then spent the morning deciding how I was going to spend the ten dollars I’d earned from Ray that weeK. Should I have a soda, or an ice cream? Both things I could normally never have.  Or should I blow it on a pizza – except that I could have pizza at the diner, although there was something very exciting at the thought of being able to choose to spend my own money on this. I watched street musicians and jugglers, and even contemplated giving them a few cents: having someone else worK for me was such a thrill, it almost seemed worth the waste of my money. In the end, I don’t exactly remember what I did do – I was so used to spending nothing, that maybe I did nothing and went home with my ten intact. It was the thought of being able to spend something that was so magic – it was as if I had regained a little bit of my freedom, a little part of my self-respect.

The next weeK, in the cab, Ray again sucKed me off. But on Thursday, I was careful to get told to go with another driver. But Ray must have been talKing, as when we stopped for lunch, he pulled out a five, and unzipped his fly. “Ray told me you sucKed cocK, and the going rate’s a five”, he snarled. “Get busy, boy – it’s cheap at the price. My old lady wont give me head, and I liKe a a good hot mouth around me.”

“No, please… I don’t sucK guys’ cocKs…” “Ray says you do….”

“NO – Ray sucKs me. LooK, I’ll get mine out and you can sucK me off, for five….”

The slap reverberated around the cab as his open palm smashed into the side of my mouth. “You dirty fucKer, boy… Suggesting that a man liKe Ray would sucK your dicK. He’s married, with Kids. No, you sucKed him… Now, get down on my dicK, before I get serious….”

So there it was, in front of me, smelling faintly of dried piss and that man scent that I’d learned from Ray’s crotch. I Knew there wasn’t a lot I could do – the driver only had to complain to Mr Marlow and I’d be whipped again, and I expect Ray would bacK him up.  So I went down on him, gently at first, then, as he bucKed up to meet me, with increasing vigour.

Once you’ve taKen one man’s cum in your mouth, there’s not all that much difference, I suppose – sure, this man tasted a bit different from Ray, but at least his cum was only in my mouth and not dripping all over my face and body. When I’d done, he tucKed his cocK neatly away and got his bill roll out and casually chucKed me a five. “Best blow job I’ve had for a long time – my wife won’t do it, and those bitches downtown charge fifty. You’re good, boy, and cheap.”

That, then was to be my life. Other drivers soon got to learn that I could be used liKe this, and I was amazed at how many of the guys, supposedly married or with girl friends, wanted another guy to sucK them off. But Ray was the only one who sucKed me, and however much I tried to avoid him, every Saturday night, there he was, as the depot started to close, waiting to come up to my tiny space and play with my body. At least he never went further than sucKing me, then blowing all his cum over my face – he seemed to particularly enjoy this, and he seemed to thinK that it in some way humiliated me to have to Kneel there and have his warm, wet seed spew out over me.

The novelty of having my own money to spend on Sundays soon wore off, though, and I began to trail around downtown disconsolately on Sundays.  And some weeKs I hardly bothered to get out of bed – after the excitement of that first time it seemed that the way I was earning the money was now detracting from my pleasure in spending it.

I did avoid any further trouble with Mr Marlow, though, and the dreadful whipping frame went bacK into the recesses of the warehouse, and although the worK was physically very taxing, it didn’t really challenge me all that much.  Still, at least it Kept me fit, and I Knew that my body was in superb condition for a young guy – I’d seen enough of the other’s drivers’ bellies and chests as I sucKed away at them to Know they were mostly going flabby – sitting there all day driving just wasn’t as good for them as hauling the heavy cases on and off the trucK and into the customers, as I did..

Time passed, and Mr Marlow called me into the office one day and told me that my yearly interview with the banK, on the anniversary of my contract renewal, was due the following day. “After that little difficulty when you first came here, Steve, you’ve been an exemplary servant”, he told me. “And, you may have seen, the whole team of drivers somehow seems to be a lot happier, a lot more relaxed, recently. I’ll be glad to taKe your contract for another year, if you want to come bacK and there’s no better offers.”

I thought for a moment, and considered my options. Although the worK was hard, it was well within my capabilities. Mr Marlow seemed to be a good employer – sure, he’d had me brutally whipped at first, but then, perhaps I deserved it for taKing time out to appear in a lude sex show. And whilst I didn’t really liKe sucKing cocK for all the drivers, I now did have some money – tucKed away under my mattress was around two hundred, that I’d managed to save. I could do a lot worse, I Knew – I might not find a contract again and be stucK there in the auction rooms and the holding centre, clocKing up charges.  Or I might go to another job where the conditions were not nearly as favourable. I looKed Mr Marlow straight in the eye, and said “ThanK you, sir. Assuming the BanK doesn’t mind, I’d really liKe to come bacK here.

After this year here, sir, I’ve got two years and five months left to do, and if you’re agreeable, sir, I’d really liKe to spend them here.”

We left on really great terms, and I didn’t even bother to taKe my two hundred with me the next day – for one thing, I Knew it would be awKward to deal with it when I had to strip at the banK, and for another, I was confident of coming bacK.

I was used to the routine at the banK now, and as soon as I was in front of the loans officer I pulled off my T and shrugged my shorts so that he could thoroughly inspect my body and maKe sure it was in good shape. He had my file open in front of him, and after he’d walKed all around me, made a notation in it. “Good, Steve. No disasters this year. No silly modifications to you, and no misdemeanours.  Now, you owed three years and five months before you went to Delta DrinKs Distributors…. So, after a year there, with no additional time for bad behaviour, you owe us….” He Keyed something into the PC screen on his desK, looKed a little surprised, Keyed it again, then gave a little nod of understanding. “Yes, you owe us six years and eight months.”

“Sir, please, sir, that can’t be… It was three years and five months before this last year, and now it should be two years and five months.”

“Yes, Steve. But unfortunately interest rates have risen sharply. You owe not a time, but an amount. You pay off that amount by the monthly financial value of the worK you do – and that’s basically static once you’ve signed the yearly contract. Labour rates for unsKilled labourers are falling – mostly because there’s a whole lot of you unsKilled indentured labourers chasing the same small pool of worK.  But interest rates are rising…  So the value of your worK is not able to service the loan properly:  the amount you owe is actually going up.  And the bad news is that Delta DrinKs will renew your contract, but only at seventy five percent of what they paid last year as there’s so much supply of labour. If we taKe that into account, and the fact that interest rates are set to rise again, I expect that this time next year you’ll owe us even more, perhaps ten or even twelve years.”

Oh, fucK me! I realised I could be stucK being an indentured labourer for life. “But sir, when I first got my sentence, they said it was fixed…”

“Yes, it would have been, if you’d gone to one of the Government agencies.  There it’s more liKe a prison term – the amount you owed the court is translated into a time sentence once and for all. Mind you, the worK’s pretty unpleasant. But you opted for a voluntary agency – a much bigger variety of worK, but the banK charges commercial interest rates on the outstanding loan, on a daily basis, just liKe any other banK loan. You get the rewards of better jobs, but have to taKe the risKs of changes in the labour marKets, and in the financial world. RisK and reward, boy, that’s what banKing’s all about.”

“But no one told me… No one told me I could be indentured for life. I might never get out of this…”

“True, Steve. It does seem that some indentured servants are liKely to become perpetually indebted to the banK. But, there you are. Now, are you going to accept Delta DrinKs’ offer of another year, or go bacK into the auction?”

“But you say labour rates are falling….”

“Yes. I thinK you’ll be lucKy to get an offer even as good as theirs….” “But no one told me this could happen….”

“It’s all in the contract, Steve, didn’t you read it?”

FucK me! It looKed as if I was headed for a lifetime of slavery.

To be continued …

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