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To Give Up Control Upon My Slave Dick Is A Big Kick For Me

slave_muc | 1977 | 177 cm | 73 kg | Munich (Germany)

I do a lot of wanking when unlocked, that is not what a real slave and bottom should do.

Our Reader’s Chastity Experiences

sadOsam: Are you a sub/slave/faggot?

slave_muc: I always thougt about being a submissive and a slave, already as a child. I had always fantasies about being naked and bound and get abused by a dominant man. I want to be humilated and used by real men. It is my nature to serve and obey to my masters. The only important thing in my life is to give as much comfort and statisfaction to the top men in the gay world.

sadOsam: What’s your motivation for being in chastity?

slave_muc: Chastity is very important for me. To give up control upon my slave dick is a big kick for me. I do a lot of wanking when unlocked, that is not what a real slave and bottom should do. He has always to be ready for his Master to serve him. Being locked helps a lot to stay als a horny bottom for the Top. I also like to be obviously a chastity slave, everybody should see my cage in public, e.g. gym, so i wear thigt cloth.

sadOsam: How long have you been into chastity?

slave_muc: Into chastiy more than 10 years. It gets more and more important for me, so at the moment the slave is caged almost the whole time.

sadOsam: What device do you wear?

slave_muc: i have much devices but prefer the holy trainer, it is the most comfortable chastiy cage i had hon

sadOsam: Are you locked 24/7?

slave_muc: Mostly locked for about 3 or 4 weeks and then released for cleaning, milking ( or ruined orgasm) and then locked again. In case of damage to the slave cock it remains 2 days unlocked.

sadOsam: Do you have a keyholder?

slave_muc: There are several keyholders, but still not the one and only 😉 so please contact my if you want to be my KH.

sadOsam: What’s the longest you’ve gone locked?

slave_muc: 5 weeks without unlocking, normally the slave is locked about two or three weeks without being unlocked.

sadOsam: Don’t you miss masturbating/cumming while locked up?

slave_muc: i miss it desperaldy, but this is part of the game which is enjoy so much, staying horny for my Masters

sadOsam: How often are you allowed to cum?

slave_muc: i get milked sometimes, just to keep my function to get hard. Mostly I`m in bondage with plug in my ass and than get a ruined orgasm.

sadOsam: What were some of the problems you’ve had with chastity devices and how did you solve them?

slave_muc: The only problem is the morning wood, this is still not solved. The holy trainer or any other cage with anatomic ring helps.

sadOsam: What are some of the positive effects of chastity you’ve noticed?

slave_muc: It keeps the slave in a permanent state of realising my position as a sub and slave. also let me be horny and eager to serve my Masters.

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