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Sharing and Learning in a relationship: Pup Pepp and Fur Camaro

Pepp & Camaro | 32 & 28 | 6’2” & 5’8” | 200 & 185 lbs | New Hampshire (USA)

I essentially forbade him from being celibate and told him to get laid.

Twitter: @badpepp @camarosgarage

Seven: Hi Pepp and Camaro. Thanks for taking some time for us today. You both are a couple with lots of alike interests. But you two also had very different beginnings no?

Pepp: My path started with @tallglassofoj plucking me out of the “normie” gay world, and introducing me to a well-established community of puppies and handlers in Atlanta that were eager to help me explore the darker side of the human condition.

Naturally, I learned about bondage and domination, but with close guidance from OJ and another rambunctious pup named Leo (@ArmyPup86 on Twitter). I also learned how to create a scene, how to enter and maintain headspace, and how to enjoy that with someone else. I also found out that I enjoyed throwing chaos into the mix, and defying what I guess is considered the “old Guard” structure of things. I was kind of an aberration in the group.

I wouldn’t say that I “didn’t belong”, but OJ and Leo noticed the difference in my personality, and between the two of them, they saw similarities between me and their furry friends that they thought might be of interest to me, and sought to introduce me.

I found myself in a large group of the good boy furries in Atlanta, and shortly thereafter started dating someone that was furry, unfortunately one that wasn’t terribly comfortable with me being in the kink scene. So, I stepped away from it for a while, for respect of my boyfriend at the time. It didn’t take but a year or two for me to become immersed in the furry fandom, making friends, attending cons, and eventually meeting @CamaroShepherd.

Camaro: I’m not sure I even remember how or when exactly I started becoming interested in kink of any kind, but I found furry fairly early on in the exploration of my sexual identity, so I suppose that exposed me to most things first. When I was 19, one of my first ever real life furry friends was also really big into the local kink scene and he brought me to an event in Boston where I got a VERY hands on experience as to what the scene was like in practice. It was quite eye opening and definitely cemented my enjoyment of the scene. Sadly though, my friend had a falling out with a bunch of his kink buddies shortly after and we never went back. So now my only real exposure comes in the form of Pepp and the occasional convention hookup, which is something I’d really like to change if the opportunity ever arose.

As for similarities between Pepp and I, there are quite a few, but those very things we have in common make us sort of incompatible as kink partners at times because we both want to be the one in the submissive headspace. My disadvantage is that I haven’t had enough hands on exposure to really understand the psychology behind putting someone into a headspace. I can be put into a headspace, but I really don’t understand the triggers involved to create one for someone else. So for the moment, Pepp tends to end up as the defacto dom when we play.

Pepp: Dom, not top, to be clear. Well, typically.

Camaro: He’s pretty versitile when he wants to be. X3


p style=”text-align: left;”>Pepp: #teampowerbottom ;P

Seven: Hehe I must ask then, Pepp, how was it to grow into that role for you? Did you have some experience of it beforehand? And also, what did you teach him? Behaving like a good boy I hope 😉 ?

Pepp: Well, at this point, Camaro and I are both switches. It wasn’t always that way. In the beginning of our relationship 3 years ago, I definitely outsubbed him. I would say it challenged him, but our relationship was so right in so many other ways that it was something we couldn’t pass up. As our relationship developed further and got stronger, I started exploring my more dominant traits. In doing this, I stumbled across a medical reason for my own personal arousal that had previously prevented me from being able to top much. After I got the chemical imbalance corrected, I had a surge of confidence that enabled me to explore things I haven’t before. Camaro and I are both switches now, which opens up a lot of new possibilities!

Camaro: I’m slowly but surely learning what do do to put him into the places he wants to be. It’s quite rewarding when I can manage to be successful, but I think I really need more exposure to it with a practiced hand to fully understand things from a dominant perspective. I’ve never really been one to be dominant. I’m a top, sure, but usually not a dominant top. At least not to the extremes of traditional kink play. I suppose it’s also relevant to point out that I’ve never actually been interested in pup play, whereas Pepp very much is. I just don’t feel the attraction to that particular headspace and that makes it really hard for me to understand it. I could also say that I’m a bit uncomfortable with putting him in a headspace like that.

Seven: That is interesting. Many people from outside always think furry and pups go hand in hand. Where do you draw the differences for yourself then?

Camaro: In my personal opinion, I do see some overlap, but not much. Both cultures definitely derive a sense of escapism in the form of a pup hood/headspace or a fursuit/fursona that takes them away from the person they perceive themselves to be in daily life.

That’s about where the similarities end for me. Furries combine human and animal traits to create a headspace for themselves where they feel safe and confident and strong and that leads people to feel more comfortable trying new things and/or admitting to others that they’re interested in certain things that they may not be comfortable talking about without the mask. Pups strip away most of the human element so as to remove themselves entirely from the responsibilities and complications of their daily lives. It’s a much deeper headspace IMO.
Neither need to be inherently sexual, but both can be.
Pepp: Yes, I feel like furry is about humanizing animals, while absorbing some of the traits of the species they wish to personify, and pup play is about dehumanizing humans, and simplifying emotions and interactions to more of what you’d want a puppy to be.

Seven: I can see your points. That is quite the insight. But going away from that topic, you two still delve into other headspaces together?

Camaro: We do indeed :3 Pepp makes an excellent power bottom and he likes to tie me up sometimes. Also Pepp is kind of a huge fan of cuckolding and I very much enjoy assisting him there. That’s probably the kink we explore most often. At least recently.

Pepp: Heh…..well, it kind of has a dark beginning, because I wasn’t always into that. I had an ex boyfriend that was…free-thinking…and I had somehow convinced him to get into a monogamous relationship he didn’t really want to be in. Several months in, I noticed he was chatting with some other people that he had a strong attraction too. Now to be clear, I enjoyed a good chat roleplay session, too, but he started talking about actually playing with others, and how attracted he felt to them. This was a sort of freethinking I wasn’t really used to. I came from a religious background, so my ideals were…different than they are now. Anyways, the next couple years were tough because of a distinct lack of communication with him. We ended up breaking things off when we brought to light that we had vastly different priorities in life.

Near the end, there was a boy that was playing with both of us without knowing that we had quietly broken up. I found out that they had played around at a party I had left early at, so I staged a threeway with my now-ex clued in at the last moment. He was surprised about the turn of events, but didn’t back down from a challenge. He walked in on the both of us fucking….interrupted us and stole the spotlight AND the boy, and inadvertently gave me one of the hottest displays burned into my mind. Him with someone else, and me being privileged to watch. Ended up with some super-hot breakup sex, and being left wanting more.

When Camaro and I started dating, we were engaging in a difficult undertaking. A long distance relationship of 1200 miles. Our first week together was explosive, and absolutely Unforgettable. All the pieces fell into place. And although both of us we’re strongly against long-distance relationships, we both felt there was far much more to gain by taking a chance and trying to make it last.

As you might imagine, sex over long distances was a difficult thing. We tried doing the monogamous thing, but we both admitted within a couple months that it was an unrealistic expectation. We had rules about who we could play with, and required disclosure of events and pictures if requested. Camaro had a rough time enjoying himself, this being a situation and a freedom he had never been given before. He was also a little anxious about some of my friends that he had never met, and my engagement with them. I told him I wanted to strike a deal. That I was going to be a good boy and stay celibate to ease his mind, but he wasn’t allowed to stay celibate himself. I trusted him, and I wanted him to ease his anxiety about the distance. I also really wanted him to get laid, because a sex-starved boyfriend is a really difficult thing to have.

I essentially forbade him from being celibate and told him to get laid. He initially didn’t understand how he could be so fortunate. He was certain the game was rigged. How was it that he had a boyfriend that wanted him to have sex with other guys, and even got off on it? It didn’t take long for him to get on board. And that exercise gave him the confidence that I really wanted this to work, and he chose to open us back up to others, and release us both from the unreasonable expectations of celibacy and a long distance relationship. About a year-and-a-half later, I moved from Atlanta to New Hampshire, and closed the distance between me and my life partner. An insanely strong bond of trust we share today. Also some smokin hot sex.

Seven: Sounds like a story straight out of a modern-age fairy-tale 😉 And a good point to end on. Thank you pepp and camaro for taking some time to share a bit of your lives with us. I am happy for you two that you have found and keep yourselves like that, and hope you will have lots of fun experimenting further with each other.

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