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Bodymods – About Freaks and Beginners

Simi (33) lives in London and Zürich and is totaly passionate about bodymods. He made a profession out of his passion and works in this field for many years now.

MasterMarc: Hi Simon. For many years you move into the fetish scene. How did it come about and what are your preferences?

Simi: Thanks for your question Master Marc, I have been involved in the fetish scene now since I was around 17 years old, so around 15 years; I always had a love for the feeling of rubber clothing and the way it clings to your body, almost like a secondary skin, almost dehumanising you and making you into something else. To start I had dabbled a little bit with an interest in water sports, proudly wearing my yellow socks and hanky to clubs, or out cruising in skin jeans and rubber fred perrys- but that was only in the beginning- nothing was set in stone, I was still experiencing the whole scene and all its passages excuse the pun:) growing up hearing and having peoples tell me about the London Fetish Scene had always sparked a great fascination for me and as soon as I was old enough to enjoy and really have an understanding of the how, what and why we do the things we do I, I was there, in Berlin, London, Amsterdam and anywhere else that posed interest to me, wanting to try everything and anything I could, being completely open minded, and inquisitive – I had always had a feeling of being a little different in terms of the things that i would find sexual and always found myself “hard” when watching films or scenes on films or TV shows, that some viewers would find offence haha-but also different in my human nature alone.

I met a couple of guys in Birmingham,, that still laugh to this day of how i arrived with my bag full of rubber clothing, to them still a little bit amateur, but still more experienced than most- These guys were well equipped with their own dungeon and playroom, from slings, to ass toys, to heavy rubber hazmat suits, anything and everything hedonistic you could think of they had a way, the materials or the experience to allow me to carry out my conquests. There I found a small group of friends, good friends even to this day. We met regularly to experience the things we all so long desired- Im a complete versatile in the fact that I can switch roles, this in essence was a benefit within our group as most of us were, so we had the opportunity to learn from both perspectives in that sense, and in turn gave us all more experience from both sides. Since I was young I always had a need to dominate and be dominated in certain aspects of my life,sexuality or scenes; this group allowed me to do that and become the hedonistic Pig I became- after all how can you be an experienced top if you never experience the role of the bottom-when I found the fetish scene it had been like a door opening for me as to where i actually belong.

Within my group we evolved and introduced ourselves to the harder scene and developed a taste for medical play, most of my playmates are involved as medical professionals so it was a natural thing to have such a part of. Inflation, cutting, branding, needle play, sounding, pegging, catheters, forced human piss recycling between two people, gallows, mind games. human and dehumanised isolation and having a particular fondness for mummification, breath control,anything tight, isolating and uncontrolled when bottoming, and offering that as a top when topping-you are always learning and with everything, no two things are ever the same.

MasterMarc: Could it be that to play medical games with your friends who are professionals in the  medical field has given you the motivation to change your job? You are piercer and tattoo artist now, which is also visible on yourself. What for an importance have bodymodyfications for you and what kind of sensations and feelings do you have about it?

Simi: Not at all, i think it is in fact the other way round, I had always been strangely into body art and after spending over 2 years on and off visiting Africa, I discovered I had a fondness for traditional modification such as the stretching of ears in Kenya or cutting of the face representing “belonging” with tribes in Nigeria; People that always were portrayed or came across a being unconventional to certain circles or cultures had always fascinated me and I would most definitely say that in itself has influenced the person I am and still want to become- its always an ongoing project.

In my experience after very detailed and honest conversations with numerous different people from all walks of life within the “mod”, sex and fetish scene, body modding attracts just as much, if not more the “collar and tie community” than others that are modded themselves . A lot of admirers seem to be be raised in well to do- aristocratic lifestyles, had premium schooling or are in high powered jobs that absolutely would not stand for that type of declaration of individual expressionism. In a way, we are their alter egos, an ego that they can’t possible have without detrimental effects to a lifestyle that they are expected of; I suppose in essence it allows them and gives them the chance to have that “first hand” experience and knowledge of what it is to be modded without the problems they would endure if they decided that permanent body modification was the way forward for them.

I love the fact that now, more and more extreme methods of modification are available and is definitely more and more acceptable here in Switzerland. I was in fact quite tattooed from a very early age, the first being when I was only 12, by 16 I had a number of tattoos and had my back and rib piece started at 17, my back piece consisted of a 5 to 6 hour sitting once a month for almost 2 years. In the knowing and obviously visible; being heavily tattooed probably in someway introduced me to the kind of communities I was so fascinated and intrigued by….and also its admirers. That in-itself probably came across in my personality showing everyone my more extreme nature, and of course the fact that I had a basic understanding of tattoo and piercing set ups from many tattoo sittings was always a bonus.

I always will love modification and see it as art; not mutilation as some would suggest. Having experience in the industry and having a few good friends that are heavily modded, sharing a similar passion allows us ways and means of achieving what we as a mod community always want for ourselves, comfort in self worth, bringing confidence in the people we are, in our eyes-enhancing what we have naturally, a form of individualism not rebellion. Piercing and tattooing has allowed me to start the journey of a person I forever want to become, however long that may take- ever evolving and changing, thinking outside of the box, and ultimately being comfortable and confident enough to make them changes in life ever lasting decisions. Where it all ends, who knows? but so far its been a fantastic journey of self discovery, one i wouldn’t change in the slightest.

MasterMarc: You’re living a more extreme lifestyle now which isn’t the lifestyle everybody would be happy with. What do you think about people who just have a small tattoo or one piercing and they are satisfied with it, and about guys for whom a tattoo or a piercing is just a “souvenir” and not a lifestyle?  

Simi: That is a really good question Master Marc, and agreed my lifestyle choices certainly are not for everyone and are, even “if” more acceptable are still frowned upon by some. For some people a small tattoo is enough, they feel satisfied, and that is absolutely great, thats how we all in the bod mod community start, its never a full on thing at the beginning, our love grows for bod mod procedures and over years change in body and in mind; we continue to decorate our bodies with memories and lifestyle past influences or influences of that particular time, either way these are our passions. All tattoos represent a persons inner-most love and desire whether that is for love of a person, pet or that it is just ascetically pleasing to them, whether it is a phase, or a long term love-it is a part of their life and a memory of that time in particular, reminding them of who they are or once were. I have tattoos that now would be considered slightly old school in the sense that such better needles, machines, inks and techniques are being applied, however I do not regret them one bit, I wouldn’t change them; they are my memories of my life; when I see them, i can reminisce back to them times, feelings and passions.

MasterMarc: A real cute guy, innocent as you aren’t anymore for decades, is comming to your studio and is presenting his sporty body without any tattoos and piercings and he is telling you, that he want to start with bodymods. What would you advise him?

Simi: I would advise especially if he is considering major modding including life long changes that would effect his life and the perception of people towards him that he would first have to go home and think about exactly what he really wants. To get a portfolio together of interests and ideas that gives the artist a chance to really understand what he likes and of his personality. He doesn’t have to choose a design he found off the internet, he doesn’t haver to chose a wall design someone was to suggest, but to come up with a design that he will love for the rest of his life. We always and will never tattoo peoples, heads, hands or faces as first tattoos unless we would be allowed to get to know him first or really believe he understands the implications of his actions, in which case good tattooists would only do it when they are satisfied that he is doing it for all the right reason.

My suggestion would to be; always take time to research your design and the right artist, some artists specialise in portraits, tribal, old school, new age etc and have a better eye in certain styles of design, make sure he chose an artist that has a keen interest in his chosen style. Dont skip on price or try to go for cheap- very often it doesn’t pay in the long wrong, good artists sometimes have waiting lists for months, if its right for you, its worth the wait. Always provide a portfolio of ideas and likes and don’t be shy to ask for an artists one- they will often have a online portfolio, or folder within the studio itself, they won’t be offended, its shows your integrity to find the right artist, last but not least, Do it for the right reasons, for you and no one else!

MasterMarc: How about piercings? What is a typical beginner piercing and how do I recognize a good piercer?

Simi: To be honest there are no real good beginner piercings, if you are going to go to all the trouble of having something done, best have something you want and not what is best to start with; all piercings have the similar needs and requirements in terms of good hygiene and time to heal, it is very important these are kept too. Depending on what your having pierced would vary on the how to, how often and how long they would take in healing times, its important not to under-clean your piercing but also not to over-clean them, a lot of people make this mistake.

You will always recognise a good piercer when they offer you an in-depth understanding with the caring for your piercing always using high quality jewellery and also suggesting you a personalised and good cleaning routine informing of what and how the procedure works prior to piercing. The piercer explaining to you what they are doing during the procedure shows good working skills. In my own experience a good piercer is understanding and empathetic, yet brutally honest in the fact that if the piercing would not suit your face shape or body contours they would tell you prior and perhaps make a suggestion as to what would. If you seem unsure they will send you away rather than just doing it for the money- always reassuring you, making you aware of what they are doing, explaining their piercing set up, placing and marking the piercing in as a central, symmetrical, placement or as the piercing requires, but also showing you good hygiene with disinfecting areas, new sterilised quality jewellery, gloves prior, during and after (sterile gloves with fresh piercings), and many glove changes between and during everything else.- A good piercer will also have a portfolio available, offer an aftercare set and take home leaflet that suits your piercing type with all information required and contact details as to when the jewellery should or can be changed and their contact information if you should have any questions or issues.

MasterMarc: Dear Simi, thanks a lot for all the information you have given to us. I would be happy if we can continue our conversation soon, because i think there would be a lot more to talk about.

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