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Alpha Slave – The Position Inbetween

MasterMarc: Hi Preachersboy. Last time you have told us about your experiences with your master “The Shackler”. Today we want to talk a little about the position of an Alpha Slave. But if we talk about this special positions, we should probably give a short definition the other positions. What is a slave and what should his goal be?

Preachersboy: Hello, often times a slaves first and primary goal is a devotion to serve their Master. In this case for me it is my Sir Shackler. Part of servitude is to make sure you filled through this service. It may not always be what you had in mind or something you originally wanted to do but you find honor and pleasure from making sure your Sir or Master is pleasured first and foremost. The goal is to always keep the Master pleased and satisfied.


Minnesota (U.S.)

When Sir first allowed me to play with his other boys and assist Him in this session I was very very pleased and grateful.

MasterMarc: And what is the function of a master?

Preachersboy: The function of a Master is to train develop and mold their slaves and boys into their perfect fit. My Sir demostraits this with ease. Sir regularly changes my hair style, and appearance. I am ordered on what to wear if I am allowed to wear anything at all. I am regularly shown the specific ways in which Sir wants me to serve and it not only serves the purpose of pleasure for Sir but for myself as I constantly grow and develop. To summarize a Mastors purpose is to grow and develop their Submissive just as much as a submissive prupose is to serve and learn.

MasterMarc: You’re totally right and if you are a real master and you know what your responsibility is, than it is a hard work, as it is also to serve to a real master. Most people just see the rights and the power a master has, but not his duties. What would you say are the most important characteristics a real master should have?

Preachersboy: A real Master most important characteristic is adaptability and and awareness. The Master must be able to read the sub. Many subs make the mistake of pushing themselves too much in order to please and harbor resent,met tword their Master. Masters must be able to read these situations to know when they are pushing too far where no amount of after care or recovery will suffice. They must also be adaptable. Not every sub is the same and treating each one can be a fatal mistake. All subs learn to serve differently and have different skill sets. To fully develop the mind of a slave or sub the Master but be able to adapt their routine or way of control to best fit who they are atte,opting to break in or intigrate into service. No amount of force will keep a submissive at your command but if you show the sub that you will never break them too far or are not able to shift to best fit the dynamic then the sub does not fully release power and often leaves or of hesitates when trying to honor their Master.

MasterMarc: You are a young slave but you have also several experience in topping and dominating other slaves. Would you call yourself a master?

Preachersboy: I would not call myself a Master so to say but defiantly an alpha or switch. Although in my kink family unit I am not an alpha rank when there are other boys that play with my Sir I often take a more dominant role or an assistant role. I make sure my Sir is taken care of and has all the tools Sir needs for the scene. Often in my personal play outside of the family I am a more dominant character. (Which sometimes comes out during service in which Sir is ready to punish and correct). Do you feel it is bad to have dominance in a boy? Or does it take a different kind of Master to control or honor a sub of that nature?

MasterMarc: To be able to delegate duties to others is part of a good leadership. That includes also responsibility. Also a slave has responsibility, mostly just for the orders he has got, but that can also include responsibility for other slaves. So alpha slaves can be very useful, which is a compliment for a slave. Not only in sessions but also in long term lived sm lifestyle. But there are big differences between an alpha slave and a master. What kind of differences do you see, boy?

Preachersboy: Well a large difference is in the roles and responsibilities. I often refer to my own house as an example. The Alpha boy is in charge of the house and maintenance of the play rooms. So often he will delegate me to those parts he is responsible for taking care of. So an alpha would have dominion or control over the way in which he must serve his Master to complete the reponsibilities given. I often see it as a right hand man. One that has shown total devotion and earned the trust of a Master enough to show others by example and to use the other slaves to assist in their greater responsibilities. Master is in a grander control and delegates according to the vision the Master creates. The Alpha May delegate according to the vision of the Master. In your own kink experience do you often feel it is beneficial to have more then one alpha or how do you choose to develop a hierarchy within your own life?

MasterMarc: You’re right. The main difference are the responsibilities. As master I’m caring an over-all responsibility. The biggest responsibility is that everyone in this SM family is doing good. The master is responsible for the well being and of course for the set which makes it possible to live this lifestyle. The alpha has just the responsibility for his duties, as a slave has. At the end, and that is important, an alpha slave remains a SLAVE. This is a fact he should never forget. His rights are not given, they have been a reward. And a master has the right to change hierarchies, whenever he wants, for example as punishment. 

I don’t think that to have more than one alpha would be an advantage. For slaves it is easier to have a clear hierarchy. Belive me, if it isn’t given, slaves can be like small children. If dad says no, they go to ask mum, who is on the same hierarchy level, and they hope, she is given another answer, so that they could choose. What do you think about and am I right if I say, that an alpha can be downgraded whenever the master wants?

Preachersboy: I could agree with that very much so. I think changing the hierarchy is in the full power of the Master of course. That will be a difficult challenge for the Alpha being demoted that is for sure. I think if done it should not be done lightly as a Master or must be done very strategically. A slave must always remember their place and often times can get carried away or forget true servitude. That can be the means for needing to be broken once again into that submission. It should also in my opinion be done with care. Loosing a position can be very hard on a truly devoted slave and warrant to a big shift in the relationship as a whole. I believe first and foremost relationships must always be maintained even through great changes. I also agree in a clear order it helps maintain submission and a clear order.

MasterMarc: Do you like to fuck other slave and to torture them?

Preachersboy: I absoulutly do. Being more dominant in nature before finding Sir this was what I was often searching for in my kink journey at the start. Eventually at Sir’s descression I would like to even have my own boy. I have found a great gratitude in service and will always maintain my obedience to Sir and to others I feel have earned my submission. So when Sir first allowed me to play with his other boys and assist Him in this session I was very very pleased and grateful.

MasterMarc: Would you really feel comfortable with having the over-all responsibility, as it has a master, or do you prefer to stay a slave and hope that you get sometimes the duty, to dominate other slaves?

Preachersboy: That is a difficult question to answer. At this point in my life absolutely not. However that would be something I feel i am constantly in training for. Why it becomes more difficult is I am first and foremost here to serve my Sir. Adding someone to my own dynamic may be difficult within that. Hopefully within 10 years or so I’d love to have my own boy but as of now I have a lot of learning to do and hope to always remain teachable in that process.

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