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Fetish Furniture DIY: The Isolation Box

Isolation Box

Presented & produced by: TapedandTortured & Trikoot


Hello? HELLO? OH sorry I couldn’t hear you. Hi, we’re back again, and we got another tutorial for you. This time tapedandtortured shows us the basics to do an isolation box. 

It is something most people have a basic fear of. To be cut off from your senses. Blind. Not hearing anything besides your breath and maybe the creaking from your restricted movements against the padding of the cell. Imprisoned. Sounds hot? Then turn the page to see how you can build one for your home.

Decisions & Reasons for Iso-box DIY

My thanks to my very kinky and creative friend Trikoot. He very kindly provided slides and feedback on isolation boxes for this class.

Basic Structure

The Box is made out of plywood, built over a lumber frame on a wooden floorboard. The size can be as large as you want, say: 2m long, 50 cm high and 90 cm wide (please measure your largest sub/slave and correct accordingly! ). Best pad the floorboard before adding the plywood walls.

For the doors standard hinges will do, same goes for the latches. Overcomplicated ones are often worse than simple here, as those’d take longer to open in an emergency.

The loops etc. for fixating can be added as you want. Always good would be on the bottom, the middle and upper part.

For more of a “sealed in the box” feeling, use, well, sealing material. A sealing strip or alike over the door frame can make a lot of difference for blocking outside noise.

TEST the box before doing serious and heavy long play. Do you feel temperature increase or dizzy? How’s your breathing through the tube? Do you feel a sting in the back ?

NEVER forget air inlets and means of observation! Those are crucial safety measures. You can find a list of a few of them below.

I very much like the idea of using a bubbler (breath control device) if a top can’t directly see the sub. 

A bubbler is a modified bottle connected to a gas/ breathing mask. It is partially filled with water and the controlled has to push the air through it to breathe, which creates bubbles and lets you monitor the subs breathing. The bubbler can make it more difficult to breathe for the sub. How much depends on the amount of water. For instructions how to build search for “bubbler bottle” on google.

When I sub and go into my deepest, most meditative sub-space, my breathing becomes very shallow. In fact it slows to the point where it is hard for my top to determine whether I am still conscious and alive. Even with direct observation!  

So cameras and baby monitors, while good, aren’t great. The bubbler, however, emits a loud gurgle with every breath – giving the top some badly needed positive audio feedback regarding my well-being.

That’s it!

We hope you enjoyed our short presentation. If you have any additional information or corrections, please write us under

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