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Adult Babies and Diapers Lovers – A Former Taboo Fetish Becoming Trendy

One of the kinks which is becoming more and more visible is ABDL (Adult Baby / Diapers Lover). On social media you can see pups in diapers, cute twinks with pacifiers, rubber guys with baby bottels, etc. Seems that ABDL is becoming a new trend fetish. Today I’m talking with Jack Jack (his nick as little) who is organising ABDL workshops. Hi Jackson, why do you think that ABDL is becoming more an more popular and can you tell us about the attraction of this fetish?

Hello, thank you for having me! I find that in the pup community there is a lot of cross over with the headspace. Some people will start out with Just the DL side of things for a few different reasons I’ve heard, could be the texture and feeling of the material, the water-sports aspect of it, humiliation, etc. For me I originally crossed over on the DL side of things it was more of a humiliation aspect. I also think the more common it’s getting the more people are willing to try it and feel it out, a few years ago ABDL was a bit taboo even for the kink community and was not always accepted.

Pup Jackson


Washington (U.S.)

Why do you think was ABDL for such a long time such a taboo and what has changed?

In my experience when ever I would bring it up to people they always thought that all ABDLs did was poop (also referred to as messing) and pee their diapers. There is a stigma attached to it that it’s a very messy kink and in my experience and opinion it is not. Some ABDL’s (actually a lot) do not even mess their diapers me included, not saying there’s anything wrong with those who do but it’s just not as common as most people think.

There’s just a stigma there and a lot of times it’s just people not understanding the kink and what all it could entail. For each ABDL just like a pup or a slave boy there could be many different interests. For me I identify both as AB and a DL.

Probably we should really start from the beginning and talk a little about the two different aspects of ABDL. Can you explain us the essentials of the
“Adult Baby” and the “Diapers Lover” fetish which are often brought together in the abbreviation ABDL?

The aspects of the adult baby side can range but over all some of the things include being diapered, wearing onesies, bottles, etc and some activities could be watching cartoons, coloring, playing with toys baths and stuff like that. There can be many different roles in the abdl such as a little who usually identifies as a toddler or younger (5 and below) a big brother or sister, a middle who is somewhere in between a little and a big brother, and of course a daddy and mommy. The different roles can mean different things depending on what the person likes. For me I usually identify as a little or a big if I am taking care of a little. Middles and bigs don’t always wear diapers necessarily in the scene or sometimes even at all. There are some who have a sexual aspect to it and others who don’t at all. AB can go along side any other kink really such as bondage, WS, impact play etc.

The DL side is not as complexed and can be just what it sounds someone who enjoys wearing diapers for which ever aspect that might be such as humiliation/degradation, texture, or WS. The options are endless after all kink is about having fun and exploring all the fun stuff within.

Can we say simplified that the AB fetish is more a kind of a mental fetish (i don’t like the word role play) which is connected to the famous headspace like for example also being a pet or a slave and that the DL aspect is more kind of a gear fetish where the sensation of the gear you’re wearing and its look are important?

Yes I can agree that AB can be more of a mentality or a head space. You don’t actually need gear to do any of it all though you would need a diaper or the little may just pee everywhere (it’s happened before)

You have been talking about littles, middles and big brothers before. How would you categorize those different roles and their usual traits?

It can all very really, littles tend to be bratty, cuddly and one that needs to be taken care of quiet a bit. Little require a lot of attention when in the head space. For example if a little is wearing a diaper during the day they may require multiple diaper checks from the big/daddy etc, with these checks if in person requires the dom to physically check to see if the diaper is wet and may need changed or when apart a picture of the diaper it self. Littles like to be taken care of and made to feel safe but they can have there extreme fits and bratty spells as well.

Middles are something that I don’t have much experience with but have started hearing more and more about it. From my understanding a middle so someone who sometimes identifies as a little but might not always wear the diaper they could be wearing kid themed undies and stuff like that, however they also lean a little to the big bro side so they enjoy taking care of the AB and playing that role sometimes.

A big brother (or sister) often referred to as a Big takes care of the little and is like a caregiver/baby sitter. In my experience with having a big being a little the big took care of me, changed me, smacked my butt when I was bad, gave me cuddles when I wanted them etc. But also for me it has a naughty boy side and this is where the sexual play can sometimes come in for some. I’d say primarily though they are a care giver of sorts.

I know there are many ABDLs who are living their fetish without the sexual aspect but can you give us some examples how sex can be integrated in this fetish?

Of course, now I can only speak to my experience and fantasies with it. From a little perspective it is very much a turn on to be strapped down when I’ve been a brat and a hole ripped in the diaper while the big bro or daddy punishes me and diaper fucks me. Usually when you are diaper fucking it’s more fun when it’s wet because the texture is what really gets the little going. It can be very squish and almost feel like a flesh jack kind of does in a way. There’s also the fantasy of big bro taking advantage of little bro because you got him in trouble and doing something similar. I’ve also been facefucked and wet diapers shoved in my face while I get fucked by the big bro. I also enjoy being plugged while wearing a diaper as a little and being told it’s a toy for big bro to play with.

My DL side is also about the humiliation and such so having my diaper pissed in, getting used while wearing a very full (wet) diaper. I also enjoy being plugged for this as well matched with chastity.

It is important to mention that living a fetish is living a fantasy, a role play. It has nothing to do with reality. It is a consent game between adult guys. I just say that for the readers who make a wrong connection to pedophilia. Have you ever been confronted with that topic as an organizer of ABDL workshops?

I get this reaction occasionally and while i have never been confronted at a Workshop about it I get it online. My response is this, we all have an attraction, my attraction to a little does not start with the diapers and such it starts with the person. I think the person is cute and even more adorable when placed in diapers and such. For me I see children as children and could never find myself attracted to one (and no one should as it is wrong) just like with pup play the person isn’t actually into bio dogs. It’s the person under the hood or the person in the diaper we are attracted to. It’s adult babies not actual babies. It’s always very difficult to explain this as you are unsure if your answer is going to get miss construed. Like I said we all have our attractions and types. Me personally I struggle to play with anyone under the age of 22 because at the end of the day I’m also attracted to a certain level of maturity that I still want to connect with. Not saying I don’t play with ppl how are 18-21 but connection wise I found myself connecting with people a bit older.

I know you’re a real kinky boy and you have many fetish. But why is for you the ABDL fetish such an important one and can you tell us, how you motivate others to try it?

For me ABDL actually isn’t my main kink but it is very important to me because I’ve seen it oppressed a bit in the kink community and unwelcome at many large events. It’s becoming more common so we are seeing it at the events but I’ve been told by coordinators of these larger events that it’s a “leather” centered event and that’s why we can’t do a diaper social or diaper party, however we have rubber socials, pup socials, daddy socials, speed dating, etc and it just seems to me a lame excuse. So for me I am fighting for it to be included in the community by pitching my “Diaper Up!” Party that so far only one event has picked up and that’s CLAW based out of Cleveland, Ohio where we had a great first year and they are amping it up this year and giving us a larger space as we couldn’t hold everyone in the Space last year. As with all kinks it’s important that we as a kink community are inclusive of everything and everyone. I felt I had a following and a platform to do that with and so this is why abdl is motivating me and also I love being in diapers and letting go for a while so I don’t have to be an adult.

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