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1979 | 170 cm | 72 kg
Boston (U.S.)

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Several boys have told us here on sadOsam why they love to get spanked and more. Today I’m visiting Mattphomet, a Master from Boston from who I know, that he loves impact play. Hi Mattphomet, please tell us, why do you love to see your boys suffering?

Hello and thanks for having me. Though all of my scenes don’t necessarily involve impact or pain play, most of my favorite ones have. There are a lot of layers to what turns me on about it.

Firstly, though I am definitely a sadist, its not just about suffering for me. It’s about creating a sensation and seeing how a boy and his body respond to it. I love almost any kind of sensation play. So this could run from soft to hard impact play, to using a violet wand, to simply running a pinwheel, ice cube, or feather gently along a boy’s skin. Watching how his muscles clench or relax. Seeing goosebumps form. Making a boys skin become pink and then red. Hearing whimpers and yelps as he reacts to being spanked, flogged, pinched. All of that really gets me off.

The power play is a huge piece of it for me as well. Having a boy willingly submit himself to me. To be used as I please and lead on a journey of sensation and play. With its intense points and more intimate moments. That’s where my love of Dom/sub dynamics lies.

And as I’ve said, I’m a sadist. But that really only comes alive for me in a consensual and negotiated scene. In my daily life I’m not someone who’s inclined to want to hurt anyone in any way. So kink allows me the freedom to access that part of myself freely and in a way that’s both creative and pleasurable for all parties. So the boys I love playing with the most are true masochists.

If I can spank a boy until his ass is dark red, hit him in the balls, twist his nipples, and slap him across the face and it just makes his cock harder, that’s really hot to me. From where I stand, if we’re not both gaining something during a scene then it’s not a scene worth having.

You’ve mentioned something really important: The consensual sadism. For myself I can say that I would never enjoy making somebody suffering I don’t like. So we are talking about positive pain. But also in sessions there can be negative pain. What is for you the difference between positive an negative pain?

Interesting question. From my perspective positive pain is that which heightens the scene as opposed to detracting from the erotic build of it. There’s a level to which you can spank or flog a boy that gets the endorphins and adrenaline flowing. But once this reaches its peak there can be a drop where the pain sensations cease to contribute to the building of tension in a scene and just become straight pain. This can become a distraction from the overall energy dynamic and detract from the level of arousal being built.

So that’s when I’ll often switch up the sensation at play. Work a different part of the body. Use a different tool. Or perhaps change focus entirely and move a boy into some more bondage related play for a while or make him service me for a while to keep riding the energy we’ve built up.

For me good scene is about creating peaks and troughs of sensation, playing with the energy dynamic, and building tension until it builds into a crescendo of release for either the Dom, sub, or ideally both.

There is a place for “negative” pain in scenarios where one is training a sub. If methods of discipline are negotiated before training begins and a sub has failed a task, he must be disciplined. This is where creating pain scenarios which are designed to alter behavior,as opposed to be pleasurable for a sub, come into play. There’s a boy who serves me that hates nipple clamps and cbt, so once when he failed to keep a position he was told to maintain I attached nipple clamps to a cock ring with a bit of rope and made him hold the position again. This time while I swatted his balls with a riding crop. Each time he reacted his nipples were tugged more and more. It proved to be a valuable lesson for him.

But the concept of discipline varies based upon the sub. If a boy is a masochist, giving him a good flogging isn’t likely to be an effective deterrent for bad behavior.

That’s always the point with punishments. You can’t really punish a masochist with pain as you can’t punish a boy who loves to be alone with long cage time. Every boy is different and that makes also the work as master so intersting. If we talk about different tools …. what is your favourite tool to make a boy suffer and why?

Probably the flogger. Largely because for me it’s always been a classic symbol of dominance. It’s fairly versatile and possible to get a fairly wide range of sensations out of it from harder hits, to softly gliding the falls over a boy’s body.

Each flogger has its own weight and feel depending upon the materials and construction as well. I have some which sting more and others which create more of a thud. There are about fifteen different floggers in my current collection. But my favorite is probably this kangaroo leather galley whip that a slave bought for me as tribute. It’s like a hybrid between a bullwhip and a flogger, with the length of it being a bit longer and flexible, but ending in a collection of falls. So has a lot of range.

Floggers are nice. 🙂 How can you recognize or feel if a boy is really at his limits or if he can take even a little more?

It’s largely a body language thing. Watching how and when the muscles tense or how a boys stance changes. This varies but the more you play with a boy, the more you’re able to read his reactions.

Of course, when in doubt it’s best to just ask. When I think a boy is at his limit I’ll check in with him, and if that’s the case I’ll often ask him if he thinks he can take 20-30 more.

This provides him a defined ending to that type of play to anticipate. But also allows him to push himself further and feel a sense of accomplishment that he’s made Sir proud.

Experience is really important for an impact player. To play with the limits is really fun. But the top has to be aware of his responsibility. As a Master I have to learn to read a boy first. My goal is to understand better what he wants and needs than the boy himself. That really needs time. But in my eyes it is important because there are boys who think they can take more than they do, and others who would stop it before they reach their limits. What kind of experiences do you have with such different natures of the boys you have played with?

I guess I’ve been fairly fortunate that most of the guys I’ve invited to serve me have been honest with both themselves and me about their level of experience. And I tend to ask a fair number of questions leading up to playing with a boy so I can get a feel for his personality and how sincere he is being. This gives insight into his level of experience as well as his ability to walk the line between his wildest fantasies of being used and abused, versus what he’s realistically able to endure both physically and emotionally.

That said I try not to be overconfident or presumptuous. Regardless of what role you’re playing, nobody is a mind reader, and that shouldn’t be the expectation. Communication and honesty with self and others is vital. And Doms who are overconfident tend to be as much of a liability as subs who don’t honestly communicate.

Yes, communication is important and it is much more than just the verbal communication. To subs I always say: “Be yourself and show yourself” … because it is much harder to read body reactions if he pretends to be something. But now we are really interested to know about some of your best and hardest impact play experiences. 🙂

As I said earlier, I enjoy watching a boys body respond to stimuli, regardless of whether it’s painful, pleasurable, tickles, etc. I like seeing skin welt up, turn red, goosebumps form, muscles contract, that kind of thing. So there’s a fun bit of play I discovered with this boy I play with who has a really lovely and beefy ass.

I had him strung up against a door and had given him a good flogging and spanked his ass until it was a nice dark red. I then started running a pinwheel (what’s also called a Wartenberg wheel) along his body. It’s really a good bit of torture running those pins along the skin after it’s been sensitized with a good spanking. But it’s a major turn on watching as his body reacts and tenses.

And then I bring the wheel down the side of, and just under his ass cheek, and with the combination of his sensitive skin and the stimulation from the pins, the muscles made his ass involuntarily quiver.

Something about that particular response really turns me on. Probably because it combines some of my favorite things, spanking, muscle response, and ass. Haha. And it’s a technique/response I’ve been able to duplicate on several boys.

Beyond that there have been a lot of really fun experiences where I’ve created “ruined” orgasms for boys. As they are cumming I’ll give them a few good whacks with a paddle, a hard smack to the balls, or a good striking with a cane. That’s a favorite bit of play as well. Getting them to that point of release and then either intensifying or diminishing their experience of the orgasm by adding unexpected pain. It’s made all the more better if they’ve been in chastity or you’ve been edging them for a while leading up to it.

But probably one of the more memorable for me was with one of the boys I’ve been playing with the longest. He’s a true masochist and the more he’s hurt the harder his cock gets. It’s a really beautiful thing. Haha.

I had him bound on the floor in a fairly creative tie that left both his ass and back nicely exposed. And I was really working him over. I’d started with spanking him until his ass was nice and red, then moved on to flogging him with a fairly heavy buffalo skin flogger. I finally broke out a whip I had that ends in two leather tipped tails, kind of a cross between a bullwhip and a quirt. And I just really worked him over with it.

As I’m watching the red streaks appear upon his back and ass, and hearing him yelp with each strike, I can just feel the tension of the scene building until finally he starts to cry. And then, also for the first time in our play, he uses a safe word. But it’s not our signal for full stop, simply the word we’d established which means slow down. Here he is, crying in the floor, but he still wants to keep going. This is the first time I’d ever made a boy cry and it was such a bizarre mix of emotions. Of course I wanted to make sure he was alright, he’s someone I care about, but I was also incredibly turned on that we’d gotten to that level in our play and I’d “broken him” so to speak. He’s a boy who can really take a beating so getting him to that point was a new experience for us. My cock was rock hard and so was his.

It’s a strange feeling, beating someone to the point of crying and also being excessively turned on by it. Particularly because outside of kink I’m not inclined towards hurting anyone. Makes you examine your image of yourself in the light of societal expectations of “proper” behavior. But there is something to be said for what we gain through the transgression of what’s deemed acceptable by the general public. So long as we’re consenting adults and taking proper safety precautions.

Anyway, I’m standing over him as he’s crying, running my hands over his red and warm body with streaks raised and welted from the strikes I’d given him. And I unblindfold him. I raise his face to mine and we kissed long and deep. And then, we fucked right there on the floor. Afterwards he said it was the hottest scene we’d had to date, and I was inclined to agree.

That was one of those experiences that really brought me to a new level with impact play as it was a first, and something that made me really examine what it means to be a sadist and experience that in a safe, meaningful, and intimate way.

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