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In Rubber I Feel Like A Latex Plaything

Why does rubber fascinate you so much and how did you first come in contact with it?

Rubber brings me a sense of physical bondage, which I like very much. Wearing the headgear deprives me of the sense of sight and hearing, which makes me feel especially relaxed. I feel like a latex plaything. For the first time, I saw pictures and video sent by others, which deeply attracted me. After that, I bought my first latex clothes.

Rubber Zhang



I wear latex suits for at least 12 hours

How does it feel when you wear rubber?

Wearing latex clothes makes me feel very relaxed and like to be tightly wrapped. Latex clothing and their own every inch of skin close contact, even breathing is particularly feel.It would be the best experience if the collar could be firmly locked. I wear latex suits for at least 12 hours at a time, and even sleep at night. It will affect my sleep at first, but after I get used to it, I will fall asleep safely

What changes for you when you are in rubber?

First of all, mentally, after putting on latex clothes, I am a latex doll for the owner to play with, without their own power,Let the host play at will, they only silently enjoy or endure, enjoy a few hours of time in becoming latex playthings.The second is physical. The enveloping and confining feeling of latex makes me very relaxed. I don’t want to take off my latex clothes after playing with them for several hours.

How often / when do you wear it? (As much as possible, only when fucking etc)

About once a month, because I share a house with my roommate, it is not very convenient. If I live alone later, I want to come home from work and change into latex clothes. Formal outfit for work by day, but change into a body latex plaything after coming from work and serve my Master and doing the chores in rubber.

How important is it that your play partner is wearing rubber too?

It is important. My latex buddy loves also to wear rubber and everytime we me he puts his suit on. As soon as I’m in my latex suit, he collars me and I get also a dog tail into my ass. Then I get strapped on the bed or sling, wearing a gas mask and a breathing bottle. He loves to add an electric shock to my scrotum, turn the electricity on and let me slowly enjoy but he incereases the level slowly so that it becomes as longer as more a torture.

Does naked sex still attract you? How about when they’re in other gear?

Of course, I also like naked bodies very much and to get fucked by cute naked guys. I like to be abused by all kinds of anal dildos, from small sizes to large ones,in a variety of positions, such as kneeling, lying down, binding up or hanging up. I really enjoy if my boy pussy gets really used hard.

What makes playing in rubber so attractive? Are there any particular sexual acts that really turn you on in rubber?

I think this is a personal preference. I really like tight clothes, and rubber is really tight. I like the sense of being packaged. It is like a basic exictment to be ready for heavy CBT electro, wax play on cock and balls, ballbusting, fist, assplay, double penetration, dildos and plugs, gangbang, rape play, dog training, degradation, humiliation, Master and slave action, face fucking, deep throating, cum control, chastity, edging, masks, leather, rope and Shibari bondage, restrains, piss, exhibition and public action.

What is your hottest rubber experience so far? And do you have any fantasies that you have yet to live out?

I was in my latex clothes, wearing the gloves and latex socks and also my head was fully covered with a tight hood. Of course my friend has put the collar on my and he locked me on the sling. In this position he has injected me a special fluid into my ass which has made me feel relaxed and ready for whatever I will have to face. 🙂 I was just waiting for what will come andbecause my hands, feed and body have been fixated I wasn’t able to move and with the mask I wasn’t able to see anything. So I was just listening to my body and feeling his reaction to the fluid. As soon as it has taken effect a really hard and wild session has began. You can imagine it was real fun.

Yes, I would like to be a latex doll for up to a week in a row with no rights of my own so that the Master can do whatever he wants with me.

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