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A Boy’s MAL Experience

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Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL) is a massive kink event and contest that draws thousands of leather men and kinksters to Washington, DC. Organized by the Centaur Motorcycle Club, the event takes over a hotel near Capitol Hill in mid-January each year. For a three day period,  the Hyatt Regency becomes a wonderland of sexual freedom and opportunity. As such, there are innumerable ways to spend MAL weekend and loads of trouble to get yourself into (pun intended).  

I spent a majority of the weekend at the hotel, with a few excursions out to local bars. On Friday, I went to a party at the DC Eagle with my Daddy.  We had a lovely time together, drinking and watching the drag show. The fun escalated when we got to the dark room, where I was ordered to get on all fours and worship my Daddy’s boots. It was such an exciting experience to do something so submissive and degrading in public. 

Saturday was a HEAVY spanking day for me. Spanking is one of my main kinks, so I always make it a point to take a lot of punishment during MAL. I attended the monthly spanking party at the Green Lantern, which is always a great time. I took five beatings over the course of a few hours (and two more later that night) and tried out some new implements. The wooden spoon particularly sticks out. I wasn’t expecting it to have such a bite! 

After my ass was sufficiently sore, I changed into a singlet and headed back to the host hotel. I think one of the best aspects of MAL is the ability it gives you to dress however you want. It’s so hot to see all of the men in the gear that makes them feel sexy. The lobby where everyone congregates is definitely a dream cum true for voyeurs or gear fetishists.

That same evening I visited the vendor’s market. I tried on some rubber gear and my Daddy bought me my first piece: a red and black rubber jockstrap. I haven’t worn it out yet, but I’m looking forward to joining the latex community. Being able to try on gear is another element that makes attending kink events worthwhile. Gear isn’t cheap, and I think it’s best to feel and try on a garment before investing in it. The MAL market doesn’t disappoint and I highly recommend taking a sex break to check it out! 

Sunday was another day full of brand new experiences. I made plans to do a scene with one of my spanking friends, and we met up in the late afternoon to realize it. During the scene, he whipped me hard for faking an illness to get out of an exam. He shoved a rectal thermometer up my ass to see if I really did have a fever. When the reading came back as normal, he spanked me hard with the thermometer still inserted. It was a really hot scene that left me with quite a sore butt! 

After that, I met up with another friend who’s a very experienced bondage top. With him, I got to try out a heavy leather straitjacket. While wearing the jacket, he muzzled me and placed a blindfold over my eyes. Once I was totally helpless, he marched me over to the window in his hotel room and started jerking me off.

One interesting feature about the Hyatt is that the insides of certain rooms are visible from a look out point on the 11th floor. My friend was in one of those rooms, and he said quite a few people were watching me getting used from the look out point. The thought of being forced to put on a show like that still gets me hard! 

Overall, I had an amazing MAL weekend. I had a number of great scenes, met up with old friends, and made some new ones too. Ultimately, I think leather events are all about fostering relationships and developing a community. Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend does that perfectly by providing people with a space to play, meet their tribe, and deeply explore their own sexuality. In our increasingly digitized age, it’s important to make time and space for “IRL” events and interactions. MAL, and events like it, are perfect opportunities to do so.

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