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The Adventures of slave sal (1)

A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 1

Click here to see all published chapters. Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Author’s Note: This story is inspired by/for slave sal of Florida. It is a fantasy of what his perfect slave life would be, and who knows, maybe it will come true. Of course, I couldn’t help but put myself in it as well 🙂 . I’m also conforming to some of his slave voice style of writing. There will be some “inspired by actual events” parts as well. Enjoy!


sal woke to the pulses on his neck, blinking the sleep from his eyes. his arm reached out to touch a control on his phone and the pulses stopped. he could tell his Master was still asleep beside him, and today it would be easy to slip out of bed. It wasn’t always. If Master had an Arm or Leg over his body, he would have to slowly extricate himself, no way would he disturb Master’s rest.

sal pulled back the covers and put his feet on the floor, he got off the bed without making a sound. He listened a second and was relieved Master’s breathing was undisturbed. sal silently padded out of the bedroom and started coffee to brew and a towel to warm. Coffee would be done when he finished his shower. In his bathroom, sal removed his collar, one of only two things he was generally allowed to wear. That and his cock cage. Master called it “Going C&C”. Collar and cage. sal hadn’t had a stitch on him in over a week. He’d gone longer times, but someone had come to the house, and so he had to cover up. As much cover as skimpy running shorts provided.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror sal saw his lithe, muscled form. 8 pack abs rippled under his fingers as he felt his stomach. he was in even better shape than when Master had taken over his life. sal felt pride at what his Master had been able to do to His slave’s body. So much more than sal would have ever been able to do without Master’s strong Hand guiding him. sal passed his hand through his dark brown hair, cut longer at top than the sides, just as his Man wanted. The boy quickly trimmed the beard his Master had him grow, a goatee and also following his jawline. Master liked the look, and that is what mattered.

Placing his collar on the counter, sal realized how lucky he was that Master had gotten it for him. his duty was to awaken his Master properly, and if He overslept sal would be punished. his Master had found a collar that connected to his phone so he could be woken up without disturbing Master at all. sal couldn’t remove his metal cage, but it was designed for showering. his shower was quick but through, and of course cold as sal wasn’t allowed to have warm showers since becoming a slave. sal put his collar back on, this time thinking how much he loved belonging to his Master. The brief time he was without the collar made him feel a bit lost. Snapping it back on made everything right with the world. he was totally controlled, Master took care of him, and all he had to do was obey. sal thought this made life so much more simple.

Getting the coffee and entering Master’s room, sal looked at his Master and his heart skipped a beat. Here was the Man that meant everything to him. The Man he dedicated every waking moment to, and by far the majority of his dreams when he was sleeping. Master was slightly taller than sal, with strong muscles and a short beard wider on His Face than sal’s. Broad chest covered with hair that trailed down to perfect abs and the glory sal always desired to suck. sal put the cup where Master could easily reach it and began to move his head under the covers. This was one of sal’s favorite things to do, not only because his Master deserved to be woken with a blow job, but because getting into position required him to discomfort himself in ways Master never knew about. he had to get his mouth over his Master’s Cock without disturbing Master. The first thing Master should feel was sal’s talented throat.

The first thing Max felt was indeed that very talented throat, He thought it was the best way to wake up. Max let a groan out as sal put His entire Cock down his gullet and kept it there until he just had to pull off to breathe. sal’s full but trimmed beard tickled his Master’s thighs in a way He found most enjoyable. Knowing his Master was awake, sal began to bob up and down more energetically. With a chuckle His slave didn’t hear, Max pulled himself up to prop against the headboard. sal had been paying attention, and when the Cock began to pull back, he kept his mouth where it belonged, the blow job did not suffer from the Top’s movement.

Max reached for the cup of coffee He knew was there, even if He hadn’t looked. sal would never leave a detail like that overlooked. Always in the same spot, always with the handle towards his Master. Max smiled, as little details like that made sal such an exemplary slave. 

While watching the covers move up and down as sal’s head worked His shaft, Max moved one Foot to tickle His slave’s side. A little distraction, but the boy didn’t stop his work. Max gave up on His little game. sal’s skills were not lacking, and he gave his all to everything his Master wanted. It wasn’t long before the slave was rewarded with the sensation of cum shooting down his throat. he knew it was coming, of course. he knew how his Master’s Body worked. And he did so love the taste.

Being sure to lick every last bit of cum off his Master’s Dick, sal slid to the floor, got on his knees and put his hands behind his head. He looked his Master in the eyes. “Good morning Master. i am so happy to be Your slave.”

“Good boy.” Max said, getting out of bed and ruffling His slave’s hair. Max headed to the large bathroom part of the suite without another word.

Not needing instructions, sal rushed to the kitchen to arrange things. he knew about how long it would take his Master to be ready to get out of the shower, and he used every second to get things in order.

Hoping he had gauged the time correctly, sal grabbed the towel he had set warming a little earlier and knelt outside of the shower.  Good timing, only a few breaths later, the water stopped. Max got out of the shower and sal rose to towel Him down. Once satisfactory dry, Max stepped away. Going onto his next part, sal folded the towel and quietly returned to the kitchen where he started breakfast in earnest.

Everything was ready when his Master came in and sat at the breakfast table. A light omelette, fruit and toast were waiting for Him. Seeing his Master didn’t require anything immediately, sal sat at his place and started his simpler breakfast as well.

sal heard more scraping, and a moment later there was a Foot rubbing his cock cage. Looking up, his Master had a mischievous grin on His face. sal smiled, he loved seeing his Master enjoy Himself.

Continuing His breakfast, and teasing sal’s caged cock, Max said “I have a meeting that may run late this afternoon. Nothing major, but I wouldn’t make a dinner that couldn’t keep if needed.”

“Yes Master, i’ll handle it, Master.” sal promptly responded.

“Good boy. Tyler’s due today, isn’t he?” Max played a bit more with sal’s cage.

“Yes, Master. He’s due to work me real hard. He said i’ve been slacking.” sal appeared crestfallen as he said it.

Max chuckled. “He’s teasing you.  His reports to me are that you’re doing very well. Don’t let on I told you. Maybe you should beg him a little to keep your failure a secret.” Max gave a conspiratorial wink at His slave.

Tickled to be involved in a subterfuge between two Sirs sal readily agreed. “i’ll make a good show, Master.”

“I’m sure you will.” Max rose, and headed for the garage to His car. sal fetched his Master’s briefcase and met his Master in time to open the driver’s side door for Him.

sal watched his Master’s car leave the garage, then rushed to the window to watch it until it disappeared down the road. With a sigh that displayed his feeling for the absence of his Master, he got to work on his morning duties. He put the kitchen and bedroom in order. He made sure everything his Master might have touched was returned to its proper place. Then he has some general housekeeping duties. sal was checking the contents of the pantry to see if anything was required when the doorbell rang.

Glancing at the clock, he knew it was Tyler. sal rushed to the front door and knelt before opening it. Tyler strode in. “Slacker.” Tyler’s word was insulting, but His tone revealed He was joking.

“Yes Sir. i’m a slacker.” sal wouldn’t disagree with a Sir. Tyler had been a gymnast in college, and now was a bodybuilder. His formerly lithe form had bulked out, with impressive pecs and broad shoulders. A shorter Man, sal was taller when both were standing. Tyler shaved His Chest and Legs for competition where sal was shaved from the neck down because he was a slave.

“Well, let’s get to it.” Tyler headed through the house and out the back. Once outside, Tyler directed sal to begin running drills on the lawn. That was followed by jumping jacks, sit ups and a few more track drills. Once sal had warmed up, Tyler ordered him back inside and into the small gym in the basement. Tyler instructed sal in a number of weight lifting exercises, finishing up with benchpresses. Tyler spotted the bar as sal pressed up and down, the slave’s face showing strain. “Push it, slacker. You can do more than that.”

“Yes Sir.” sal grunted as he struggled to obey and push the heavy weight up. Tyler had loaded it with more plates than before. sal’s arms were shaking. Tyler gripped the bar and aided sal in getting it in the rack. sal gasped for breath as Tyler looked down and smiled. The coach widened His stance and lowered His Hips. sal looked up and saw Tyler’s Cock growing in His shorts. Tyler moved down more. sal knew his duty and move his face, up, extending his tongue. sal used his nose to hold back the Leg and force the fabric up. sal licked the Head. “Please Sir. i’m begging you, don’t tell Master i’m a slacker. i’ll suck You real good, i promise.”

“I don’t know slacker. I take my job pretty seriously. I wouldn’t want your Master to think I could be bribed.” Tyler tried to sound serious, but sal could hear the humor.

“i don’t want to be punished. Master will punish me real hard if i fail You Sir.” sal was licking Tyler’s Cockhead as much as he could while he begged.

“Maybe you shouldn’t slack off so much.” Tyler could barely hold His laughter in.

sal continued with this role. “i tried real hard, i’m sorry i’m such a bad boy. But please don’t tell my Master.”

Tyler slipped His shorts off and squatted enough for His Cock to disappear in sal’s mouth. He let the naked slave suck a bit then leaned over, gripped sal’s thighs and pulled them up. Bent with his legs over his head, sal continued to suck as Tyler rubbed his ass.

Suddenly, Tyler delivered a sharp slap to sal’s right butt cheek. Followed quickly by one to the left. “If you don’t want me to tell your Master, I guess I’ll have to deliver the punishment myself.”

Tyler spanked the boy with slow but powerful strokes for 10 minutes, getting His Cock sucked the whole time. sal’s cock strained in its cage, and he had a good grip on Tyler’s Legs. It was an uncomfortable position, but it was all about Tyler enjoying Himself. Based on the hardness of the Cock, He was.

A couple more minutes of spanking and sucking got Tyler over the edge and He came down the slave’s throat. Tyler groaned and let go of sal’s legs. Tyler straightened up and sal rolled over to clean any vestiges of cum from the Cock he had been sucking. “Fuck that felt good.” Tyler said, not really talking to the slave below Him.

“Sir, i’m trying to be a good boy, i’m begging You don’t tell my Master i’m a slacker.” sal got off the bench and knelt before the Personal Trainer, bending to kiss His Feet. “Sir, please Sir. Please please please.”

“Maybe if you swear to try extra hard next time, I won’t tell him.” Tyler smirked.

“Sir, thank You Sir. i’ll work so hard You’ll be amazed. i swear.” sal kissed Tyler’s Feet a few more times before looking up in gratitude.

“you just remember that. See me out.” Tyler said.

“Sir, yes Sir.” sal got up and followed Tyler to the front door, opening it for Him.

“you’ll work harder for me, will you? 100 jumping jacks, then 100 sit-ups, then 100 push-ups, in the front yard. Now get to it, boy.” Tyler said as He exited the home.

“Yes, Sir.” sal replied respectfully, even if he felt tired, he knew his duty to obey. sal walked down the front steps, then stepped onto the grassy area. At once, he began to count out the jumping jacks he had been ordered to do, feeling his cage bounce against his thighs, reminding him of his eternal servitude.

sal saw Tyler pull down the drive, a smile on the Trainer’s Face, as His orders were followed, and would continue to be followed, even if He wasn’t supervising the slave.

sal worked to take deep breaths, hoping to get as much recovery as possible from his weight work out as he did an unexpected calisthenic work out. his Personal Trainer now departed the good slave never waived in his obedience. Finishing his jumping jacks, sal started sit-ups, his tight abs covered in sweat from the exertions and the warm day. Later sit-ups went slower, as sal felt his abs crunched in exercion. his stomach muscles feeling like that had been burned to a crisp when sal rolled over to do his push-ups. The slave’s arms felt like noodles as he cranked out push up after push up. The boy pulled reserves of obedience up as he cast his mind that he had to do as he was told. Getting an order meant it had to be fulfilled, no matter how difficult. It seemed forever before he got to the high 90s in his count and a rise of euphoria gave him the energy he needed to finish. After 100 push ups, sal just lay in the grass, naked and exhausted, but so happy he had completed his task.

After he recovered sufficiently, sal took care of his remaining chores, and prepared a dinner he could finish quickly when his Master returned and was ready. Today was harder than usual, since Master would be late. sal hated separation from his Master, but knew he had to be patient. A bit after his normal return, sal heard the car enter the garage. Happiness shot through his body. Following protocol, he rushed to the door to the garage and knelt, putting his hands before him, he bowed so his face was pointing to the floor. Excitement built in sal’s slave body as he heard the Footsteps of his Master, reaching a crescendo as the door opened. Master was home! Master’s shoes appeared in his field of vision. sal leaned down and kissed each one.

“That’s my boy.” Master said. sal looked up, his face lighting up when he beheld his Master.

“Master, i’m so glad You are home.” sal’s face virtually glowed.

“I’m glad to be back. I really could use a foot massage.”

“Oh, Master, i would love to massage Your Feet!” sal followed his Master to the lounge. Once the Man seated himself in the leather airchair, sal got back on his knees and removed his Master’s shoes and socks. sal began to rub his Master’s Feet.

After a few minutes, Max said “Get me a drink.”

“Master, right away, Master.” sal wasted no time in pouring his Master a brandy and presenting it with a bow. Max took it and sighed in contentment as sal resumed massaging His Feet. Overwhelmed with feelings of servitude, sal places gentle kisses on the tops and soles of his Master’s feet.

sal worked on his Master’s Feet about 15 more minutes when Max wiggled His Toes. “Go ahead and get dinner ready.”

“Yes, Master.” sal planted kisses on each Foot and rose to fulfill his orders. After washing his hands thoroughly, he finished preparations. Master liked dinners in the formal dining room, and sal had that ready. Once everything was in place, sal returned to the lounge. “Master, Your dinner is served.”

Max rose and lead the way to the dining room, seating himself at the head of the table. sal took Master’s napkin and place it on his Master’s Lap. sal gave the required slight bow and went to fetch the salad. Once his Master was served, sal fetched his own salad and took his place sitting next to Max.

“How was your training?” Max asked His boy, a twinkle in His Eyes.

“Sir Tyler worked me very hard, Master. He said He would tell You i was slacking, so i begged Him not to. i sucked Him good while He spanked my ass.”

“He spanked you, did he? Let me see how he did.” Max grinned at His slave.

“Yes, Master.” sal jumped up, turned around, and bent over so his Master could inspect.

“Hmmm. I don’t see any marks or redness. He must not have done a good job. Think I should spank you as well since he did such a piss poor job?”

sal loved to get spanked, and instantly replied “If Master wishes, of course.”

Max chuckled. “I think I will, but after dinner. I don’t want to interrupt my meal. Sit back down.”

“Yes, Master.” sal moved to return to his seat

“Wait.” Max said. sal instantly stopped.

Max got up to fetch something, leaving sal standing at attention. The Master quickly returned, snapping His Fingers. “Bend over.”

“Yes, Master.” sal compiled at once, soon feeling something push into his hole. He quickly recognized it as a butt plug. Once it was in place, Max sat back to finish His salad, waiving sal to take his place.

As soon as sal sat down, Max moved His Hand into a pocket, and sal felt a vibration start in his ass. He looked at his Master, who was smiling at him. “That should make things interesting.”

“Yes, Master.” sal smiled back, glad his Master was enjoying Himself.

When finished with the salads, Max waived for the salad plates to be removed. sal wasted no time in picking them up to remove them to the kitchen and serve the main course to his Master.

Max talked about His day, airing minor gripes from His job. sal listened in rapt attention, occasionally adding respectful remarks, always agreeing that things should go his Master’s way.

When dinner was finished, Max rose and told sal to clear away the dishes and meet Him in the lounge, followed by “You can take that plug out of your ass.”

“Yes, Master.” sal did as instructed, and a few minutes later arrived in the lounge to see his Master in the armchair. “Master, i am here as ordered.”

“Good boy, I think it’s time for a spanking.” Max indicated His Lap.

“Yes, Master.” sal lowered himself over his Master’s Lap, ass in the correct position. Max rubbed His right Hand over sal’s ass cheeks. sal’s skin was nice and the mounds made a perfect target.

Max delivered a mediumly strong strike to the left cheek. He knew sal was not seeing this as a punishment, not even the mock punishment Max and Tyler had teased him as deserving.

“One, thank You Master.” sal said, the excitement of the spanking sending a shiver through his body. he almost did not feel the impact. Little caused sal to feel so completely submitted to a man than being over His Knees and being spanked.

A second slap hit sal’s left ass cheek “Two, thank You Master.” sal’s cock had reached the limits of its cage as he had placed himself over his Master’s Knees. Now, it was trying to push beyond the metal limits.

“Three, thank You Master.” Still just the left. sal’s cheek was gaining a faint rose tint. sal’s caged dick had completely filled its confines, the boy took a breath in, feeling the pressure of the cage and the warming of his ass.

“Four, thank You Master.” Another spank had struck his left cheek. sal wanted to shift, but he could not discomfort his Master.

“Five, thank You Master.” sal’s left cheek stung as the result of the impact.

“Six, thank You Master.” sal followed his appreciation with a whispered groan as his left cheek was again spanked.

“Seven, thank You Master.” Master continued giving His attention to just the left.

“Eight, thank You Master.” The left cheek was redder now.

“Nine, thank You Master.” sal’s left ass clenched slightly.

“Ten, thank You Master.” Max rubbed the spanked area, letting His boy recognize the punishment he had received.

Max drew the tops of His Fingers across sal’s right ass cheek, from thigh to back. Master’s hand withdrew. sal expected the next strike to his right ass, but it came to his left again. “Eleven, thank You Master.” sal’s eyes widened as they continued to look at the floor. he had been expecting a spank to his right cheek, but Master had other plans.

“Twelve, thank You Master.” sal’s brows knitted in confusion but it was his Master’s choice to use sal’s body as Master wanted.

“Thirteen, thank You Master.” sal naturally accepted that Master was just spanking his left cheek, but wondered what the plan was.

“Fourteen, thank You Master.” sal felt this left cheek tingle, and knew it had to be showing the results of the assault his Master was making on it.

Left. “Fifteen, thank You Master.”

Left. “Sixteen, thank You Master.”

Left. “Seventeen, thank You Master.”

Left. “Eighteen, thank You Master.”

Left. “Nineteen, thank You Master.”

Left. “Twenty, thank You Master.” 

Left. “Twenty-one, thank You Master.”

Left. “Twenty-two, thank You Master.”

Left. “Twenty-three, thank You Master.”

sal’s cock was as hard as it possibly could be in his cage. he was so turned on.

Left. “Twenty-four, thank You Master.”

Left. “Twenty-five, thank You Master.” 

Left. “Twenty-six, thank You Master.”

Left. “Twenty-seven, thank You Master.”

Left. “Twenty-eight, thank You Master.” 

Left. “Twenty-nine, thank You Master.”

The next spank did not come when sal expected it. he felt nothing. A instant after he thought it to be due, sal felt Master’s Hand draw across his right ass cheek. Master’s touch always thrilled sal, a sensation heightened by the contrast of pain and comfort on the different sides of his ass. One cheek burning with discipline, the other caressed by the Man he adored. Each side felt so different, just like the spanking, sharp stings of pain, but the undeniable pleasure of the contact.

Left.  “Thirty, thank You Master.” sal had almost no time to prepare after he felt his Master’s soft touch leave his butt before the strike landed.

Left. “Thirty-one, thank You Master.”

Left. “Thirty-two, thank You Master.”

Left. “Thirty-three, thank You Master.”

Left. “Thirty-four thank You Master.”

Left. “Thirty-five, thank You Master.” The impacts seemed to reach further into the single abused ass cheek.

Left. “Thirty-six, thank You Master.”

Left. “Thirty-seven, thank You Master.”

Left. “Thirty-eight, thank You Master.”

Left. “Thirty-nine, thank You Master.”

Left. “Forty, thank You Master.”

Left. “Forty-one, thank You Master.”

Left. “Forty-two, thank You Master.” Again the spanking paused, Master’s hand feeling just the right cheek, seeming to almost massage half of His slave’s ass. One finger slipping slightly into the crevice that led to sal’s hole. The tenderness shown, the intimate contact almost brought tears to the boy’s eyes. So different from the pain on the other side. sal was so totally engulfed in the feelings his Master forged for him.

Left. “Forty-three, thank You Master.”

Left. “Forty-four, thank You Master.”

Left. “Forty-five, thank You Master.”

Left. “Forty-six, thank You Master.”

sal expected another spank, but it didn’t come. Submissively, he waited, not moving, not assuming he was done until Master indicated.

Left. “Forty-seven, thank You Master.”

Left. “Forty-eight, thank You Master.”

Left. “Forty-nine, thank You Master.”

Left. “Fifty, thank You Master.”

Max’s Hand came down gently to rest on the abused cheek. In contrast to the spanking, the touch was tender, loving. As soft as the hits had been hard. his Master’s Hand seemed to create sparks on the spanked skin, sharp and biting. sal’s cock strained even harder on the metal binding it. sal felt he might burst its confines.

Max reached around his boy and pulled the slave first up, than around so the slave was seated on His Lap, tender ass between the gap in Master’s Legs, preventing the pressure of sitting on Master’s Lap from causing pain.

One Arm wrapped around His boy’s back, the other feeling up His slave’s chest. sal leaned his head against his Master’s Neck in response to a slight pressure from his Man.

Both remained silent, the boy feeling the comfort of his Master’s Body, His strength. The very aura of command that the slave could not resist. This Man who administered pain and chores, also provided a complete sense of security, being in His arms made the boy more contented than any other time in his life. sal never wanted to leave the hold of the Man he had dedicated his life to.

Max raised His Hand to sal’s chin, feeling the short beard that He liked on His slave, and raising His servant’s head to face His own. sal acceded to the unspoken wish, looking his Master in the Eyes. The slave felt himself lost in the Eyes of his Master. his Master’s eyes showed compassion and domination in equal measure while sal’s shoulders twitched as he felt a desire for submission that echoed throughout his very soul.

Max’s Hand traced down sal’s chest, Fingers tracing the rings of the cock cage. The attention of Master excited sal more, and the encased dick fought so hard against the metal a small groan escaped the slave’s lips. Max’s Lips turned up in a slight smile. The Master leaned forward, starting to kiss his slave. sal responded, letting his Master’s Tongue to invade his mouth, returning the passion of his Master.

Their lips stayed locked to each other, tongues in full contact, as the Master played with the caged cock and freed balls of His property. Such intimate contact carried sal to higher and higher planes of ecstasy, the attention of his Owner and the close proximity. Max’s Hand along his back moved up and down, almost tickling his side. The pressure on his cage greater than anything he had ever experienced before. The dulling ache of his left ass cheek and the softness of his Master’s Lips on his. Uncontrollably, sal shook, a caged orgasm causing him to twist and grunt.

Master continued kissing sal an instant longer, before letting His slave lean back, waves of pleasure rocketting through his body. sal’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he gripped his Man. Gasping for breath, he looked at Max and whispered  “Thank You, Master.”

To be continued …

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Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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