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Bodymod Chastity in Real Lived Permanent Slavery

Today I’m visiting a very interesting guy from Canada. He is owner of a permanent slave but he has also served as boy in his past. So he is a guy who is living a real fetish lifestyle. Hi Zahlen, nice to be with you. You know meanwile both sides of the medal. Overal what would you say which is the position who is serving more?



Zahlen: Hello, MasterMarc, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. That’s an interesting question. I’m going to answer the question in the masculine form, as both I and my slave are cis gendered male. Feel free to exchange the pronouns in any manner to fit the reader’s needs. From my perspective both are serving each other, and with very different expectations on each. The slave’s service is more physical in nature, be that domestic work, or sexual service. The Master’s service to the slave is more intellectual and in service to the slave’s emotional well-being. In order for the slave to fully devote himself to his Master, the slave needs to feel safe. The slave needs to know, that the completely vulnerability he’s exposing to his Master will be treated with respect, and the slave will be supported. The kind of slavery that my slave enjoys, is devoid of assets and worldly possessions. he needs to know that allowing himself to live in this state of service will not put him in harms way. I believe its the Master’s role to create the environment where this level of power exchange is successful.

the relationship between a Master and a slave is symbiotic

If people ask me the same question I often use the analogy of a theatrical performance. The slave has, as the Master has, a leading role in this play. But the master is at the same time the storybook writer, producer and the director of the theater. A good master should not search for power, he should search for responsibility and he shoud know, that he is the first servant of his slaves. Even more if he is owner of 24/7 slaves as he will always be in charge, even if he is not in the mood for it. But can you tell us, why is such a lifestyle including total power exchange such a desire, you become addicted to?

MasterMarc, I completely agree – the relationship between a Master and a slave is symbiotic. Addicted is a bit strong, but I do thoroughly enjoy the services of My slave. I can’t think of anything that I could order him to do, that he would not do. I’ll let you think about that more a minute, and let your mind wander. It’s a huge responsibility of mine, and at the same time, it’s intoxicating to have someone deliver to you, with a satisfied smile on their face, anything I want.

Imagine you’re in Zurich, and you and your slave wish to go to Paris. There are many routes you can take to get there, and what you see and experience along the way is different on each of the routes. The same is true of My view of slavery. When I met zi, he wished to become a full service slave. The training, rules and lifestyle that I have put in place for him are of My design, but ultimately they also respect his wish to become a full service slave. As I tell him often It’s My interpretation of what needs to be done to get there. I do the things that appeal to Me, but in the overall picture, I keep his wishes in mind.

You’ve told us, that he wants to become a full service slave. What is for you a full service

slave and can you tell us a little about his slave life? How does his normal day look like?

A full service is slave, for Me is a slave where the word “no” does not exist in his vocabulary. There’s nothing he will not do for Me. At the same time, the slave prioritizes My needs and wants above his. A good example of this is he long term chastity. zi has not cum since May 2016. At first it was Me subordinating his wants to Mine. It’s now become something much more. As an unexpected byproduct of his chastity, My orgasms have become a huge reward for zi. It’s now to the point that when I orgasm, it’s a similar effect for him. Imagine how enjoyable it is to have someone that wants you to cum as much as you to, because its his sexual outlet and reward too.

A full service is slave, for Me is a slave where the word “no” does not exist in his vocabulary.

There’s no typical day for the slave. I’ll describe a two week period though. zi currently has an outside job that he works four days per week at. In a two week period, he works three days, is off for two, works five days and is off for four. During his days off, for the last several months I have had travel to his mother’s home. She is quite elderly, in declining health, and would not be able to stay in her home if were not for zi’s help. This is a short term experience, but its also allowing zi to create some great memories he will be able to hold on to once she’s going. She’s the only person in his past life that he’s close to.

During the 8 days every two weeks he’s here, aside from the outside work, he’s also responsible for all the property maintenance at both my home and the dungeon where he lives, and service to Me. There’s not any free time for zi at the moment, truly a slave’s existence.

You’ve mentioned some of the non sexual services before. But now we have also to talk about the sexual side of the slavery. What are you into? Does the boy still have own limits? And what kind of sexual developmend has he done and are you planning?

I’m into all sorts of things, but if you had to boil it down to a word, it would be intense. I enjoy playing with pain, and view the tears of My slave as a reward for a job well done. I particularly enjoy flogging, paddling and singletail. There’s very few acts more intimate than fisting, and I do enjoy that as well.

zi has a triple tongue piercing specifically for providing vey rewarding oral service, to which I partake in regularly. 

zi has no limits. It took some time to get to this point.

zi has no limits. It took some time to get to this point, and again, its a position that W/we have arrived at after a long time, and established trust. I’m protective of My slave, he’s outstanding, so while he has no limits, I play within what I know he can handle. (Which is quite a lot)

With respect to developing zi sexually, there’s very little to add to his training. W/we have discussed having his tongue split so that he can perform better orally, but that has yet to happen. It may happen if the opportunity presents itself, and W/we ready to move ahead with that.

I’ve seen you’re into bodymods and one of the real interesting things is, that both of you have a special chastity device in combination with bodymods. Let us first talk about your chastity device, I think it is a tribute to your past as boy. It is a real special one. Can you show it and explain how it works?

Yes, the chastity cage is from my days as a boy. It was self directed, and started off as one form of body mod and morphed into another. It was originally a series of piercing implants around the base of my cock, I included a photo of what it originally looked like. Then one day I was visiting the piercing artist that I went to and saw a transdermal implant for the very first time. I was awestruck by it, and had never thought of such a thing before. My mind immediately went into overdrive on what could be done with these things.

My first idea was to have some implants placed in my upper groin so that I could wear a cod piece without having to have the jock strap – straps, and use the implants on the top side, and a guiche underneath to hold it in place. That was the first phase of the project.

Then once this was done, I decided to have more implants placed lower down over the base of my cock, to be used to attach a chastity cage. One of the biggest complaints of most chastity cages is that they can slide off, so I “solved” the problem by attaching it directly to my body.

It took a long time as the implants needed to go in, and then they had to heal, and settle into the location. Then once they were in place, the bracket that holds the cage on had to made precisely to the mm respecting the locations of where the bases had settled. It’s not symmetrical if you look at the pictures. All in all it took about 5 years from the time the idea first sparked until I was able to wear the cage. 

Now it’s more cock art than anything else. While I can wear it, I don’t wear it that often, and it’s purpose of chastity is no longer the main attraction. I do enjoy being unique.

It looks incredible, Zahlen. But even if you as Master aren’t wearing it because of the chastity we have to talk about if it is a good and practical device for longterm chastity. What kind of experiences do you have with it?

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag – while it’s VERY effective while it’s in place, long term wear has issues with infection of the implants. When wearing it, the implants are moved around, and sweat gets into the opening around the base. In the ideal world it would be worn by a submissive that is always naked, so that any sweat in the area evaporates as soon as it appears.

But am I right, that it looks nice but it isn’t really useful for longterm chastity for slaves?

Well, I’m not sure if that’s completely true. I’m the only one in the world that I’m aware of that has this sort of mod. So, I consider myself a sort of prototype. Doing it all over again, I’d use only two implants instead of 3 to hold the cage on, and place them higher in the groin, and farther apart. This would certainly have less propensity to get infected, and possibly it might be “good enough”

Hehe, I see like a good engineer you are working on the improvement of your prototype. But at the same time you have decided to try another solution for your slave. Before you present us the chastity device of your boy you have to tell us, where have you found this solution? I am asking because it’s amazing and I’ve never seen it before.

Similar to the chastity cage for me, it’s something that i came up with, but it was sparked in part by some images that I saw online over the last several years. I wanted him to have something that’s really easy to maintain, elegant in its simplicity, 100% effective, and something that he can wear 24/7.

On some levels it’s a reward for the slave. zi has not cum since May 2016 – that’s 2.5 years of mental chastity – the ring is an acknowledgment of the work he’s already doing. Most people scoff at the idea that a slave can do that long using self discipline, so the ring will, I hope, quiet the disbelievers.

Now you have really to show and explain us the solution you have found for your slave and which he is wearing with the pride of a slave.

The ring is made of titanium so that it’s light weight. In the pictures you’re seeing version one. It’s 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter, but tha’s really too big. It becomes unwieldy for the slave when he sits, consequently there are issues with the exit of the ring from the reroute hole behind his balls. I’m having a new ring created that will be just under 3 inches (about 7cm) in diamter, and this ring will be a continuous loop so that its even easier to clean. The new ring should weigh under 1oz (28 grams).

Basically the ring will hold the slave’s cock in a downward position, and curving under his balls all the time. There’s no way he can penetrate anyone, or have any oral service. Getting an erection will be painful, and with the passage of time his body will adapt to this new reality.

Again, this supports the “full service” desire he had when he wished to become a slave. Not only is his orgasm unimportant, it’s now virtually impossible.

But to use this ring the boy need to have a hole at the perineum. Could you tell us a little how that works and how it is connected to the dick?

Earlier this year zi had a procedure to cut a hole into he Urethra in the perineum – the hole was cut 20mm long, and healed to 8mm long. The procedure took about an hour, and then zi wore a catheter for 19 days for the initial healing.

It took about 4 months to fully heal, and now, he effectively has two exits from his urethra – one between his legs, and one at the end of his penis that he’s always had. The ring travels down the urethra and out the new exit.

zi now has to sit to use the toilet all the time, and a small portion of his urine goes the old route, while most comes out the new route. This is what’s wanted in order to keep the urethra rinsed out, and free from infection.

How do you lock the chastity device? Has he ever described you how it feels to wear this very special chastity device and can you share this information with us?

There is a ball that slides onto the ring and is locked in place. Originally the ring was intended to be held in place by the shackle but there had been some shifting of the shackle over time and migrated out of the urethra – leaving only a small “scratch” so the original plan to have the ring held by the shackle needed to be revisited.

The ring was revised, and the slot for the shackle was removed. At that point, the ring had three indents put on the outer edge, and a ball was created wtih a hole in the centre, so it looked a bit like a small bagel. The ball slipped onto the ring, and was locked in place so that once the ring was placed into the urethra, it could not come out.

As far as describing the feeling of wearing the chastity ring – it makes him feel full, yet totally controlled. he feels surreal wearing it as it has been something W/we talked a lot about before it finally happened, so when he started to wear the ring, it was like the dream had become reality.

There have been some challenges with the original design, and we’re working on creating a smaller ring that will allow him more freedom of movement.

he also described it as a real shift in headspace as now there was the ring in his cock, so he could not really move it around at all. It became more like a rudder on a ship, the whole package moved, there was a significant reduction in the flexibility.

Your chastity devices are as interesting as your fetish lifestyle is. If you look forward …. what are your next goals for your boy and your way to live the tpe lifestyle?

When zi and I first connected, he wanted to ultimately leave his old life behind and fully embrace his desire to be a full-time slave, as much as one can in the modern world. By this July it will be 4 years since W/we started the journey together, and to mark that he is having a body suit tattoo done. It will move fairly quickly with an eye to being done by the time the 5th anniversary comes around. It’s a big undertaking, and will be the entirety of “what’s new” for at least a year.

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