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Socked Paws Of A Pup Or A Sneaker Makes Me Wag My Tail

In your mind, what’s your dog race?

Wow, a tough question to start with. For a long time I try to narrow down what sort of pup I am, but failed every time. Parallel with my kink interests, it a blend and there isn’t a particular breed that I fit into. The closest would be a cross between Husky and German Shepard, intelligent and loyal, loving and eager to please. But at times mischievous and independent with a mind of my own.




How did you start out as a pup? What was your first time trying it out? And what was it like?

Like many others, I started out in the scene as a bondage sub. The kink scene aren’t as big in Australia/New Zealand as the US/UK, and pups being a subset was even smaller. Therefore, pups weren’t even on my radar. My first exposure to pup play was when I attended Folsom SF passing the SFK9 booth. Need I say being my first kink event, Folsom Street Fair was absolutely pawsome!! It opened my eyes to the possibility that being kinky was acceptable. Hehe, on that day I got my first exposure to ABDL as well.

Right, back to pup play…

Seeing the adorable pups in the K9 booth, I was totally mesmerised. Their cute pup hoods and playful nature resonated with me. At the time I didn’t know what to make of it. My kink experience up to that point reinforced the dichotomy of Dom/sub role. I also held the assumption that bondage gear is just like the Ford Model T and only came in black. In a way being a pup was liberating. On that day, I spent more than half the fair hanging around the booth. Part of me really want to go up to the pups and ask questions or possibly join the mosh. Due to my shyness I remained on the sideline, nevertheless it sowed the seed of doubt. It gave me a new dimension in kink, I can be subby but receive affection at the same time.

Fast forward almost a year, the images of all the cute puppies have been getting stronger as it stews in mind. Having a pup hood was one thing that I consider important psychologically and physically for me to identify as being a pup. Finally I took the plunge and ordered my first custom Mr S Leather hood. It was a huge step since I was it to be different, instead of black with one other colour, mine was orange/blue/green. I got it just before Folsom and only reluctantly put it on after my head harness muzzle became too much at the street fair. On that day Locky the pup was born.

What is pup play for you? And how do you live it out?

Being a pup encompass a lot for me. To truly get into pup headspace, I would put my day-to-day worries and limitation on hold. With my work, there is a high degree of precision and strict adherence to rules and guidelines. But as a pup I have the freedom to be silly and cheeky as I wish. Generally I also found myself more sociable. Guess I can say my pupsona is my alter-ego. Also I see pup play as a fetish, constantly I get turn on by looking at other pup’s photos on Twitter. At them same time I browse through different websites for gears that I can wear to do the same to other pups. In fact photography is a big part of pup play for me. Capturing the moment an innocent pup in bondage teased by an evil pup allows me to transcend the boundaries and live vicariously through them. The nature of my work means I tend to pup out at home or in a private setting such as a dungeon somewhere. Otherwise I am far more comfortable and found it easier (due to my work schedule) to be moshing or hitting the bar in my pup hood in a different city or oversea. That’s part of the reason this pup travels to far off place such as the US or Europe. Obviously there are pros and cons. Traveling allows me to reach into the wider pup communities but restricts physical contact time with other pups. Ideally I would love to be part of a pack. In case anyone is wondering, no I am not in a pack and I am up for grabs. Hint: to tame this pup you are going to need a cage.

Whats important to you when pupping?

Two of the most important elements of pupping for me is having fun, plus connecting with other people and pups. Whether it is moshing or having a drink and socialising with other pups, putting a hood on generally improves my mood immediately and I am ready to have fun. Getting involve in the pup community also break down many barriers. Looks, gender and social barriers no longer matter, neither is geographic distance. Through social media I am able to connect with pups from around the world. I see it as a giant network for communicating, sharing and supporting each other. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the notion of pup play being either social or sexual and is mutually exclusive. Depending on the circumstance they can co-exist. I am equally at ease moshing socially or being tied down and whimpering with my hood on.

What makes you wag your tail?

Socked paws of a pup or a sneaker. Awrooo!!! *steals socks and dash off to play with it*. Pup also loves a juicy bone. Generally any sort of gear – pup gear, leather, rubber, biker, football, hockey. Lately I also found pup in chastity and padded extremely hot, for that matter I also get excited if someone force me to be caged and padded. (Dunno why any of you will think I am an omega subby pup) Pups without any gear turns me on too. It can be their beautiful eyes, an intelligent pup that can hold a conversation or simply a nice pup.

What would be your ideal day as a pup?

Ideal day for me would be cuddling a plushie and waking up next to a cute pupper as he lick my ear. I generally hate getting slobber, but guess I can make an exception. We would then make brekky together and serve each other in a doggy bowl. After food it’s exercise time when we wrestle each other, and the winner gets to be the Alpha doggo.

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