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When I Make A Bound Piece Of Meat Struggle And Whimpering, I Know I Am In Control Of It.

Kyle Brandon

1970 | 185 cm | 82 kg

Chicago (US)

Kyle’s Twitter

Hey kinksters, today I’m talking to a Fallen Angel. At least from the profile of Kyle Brandon. What do you like to do to your slaves to have that nickname, if I might ask? πŸ˜‰

So, while I actually have the words Fallen Angel tattooed on my back, My legal name is Kyle Brandon. A little bit of back story on my name. In the 90s, I was a well known adult porn star. Back in the days VHS tapes where used 4 distribution.

Unlike alot of today’s internet porn stars, It involved more than a camera and an internet connection. My name 2 fame in the industry was the Titan movie “Fallen Angel”. The first mainstream hardcore kink video. For those who are curios, google Porn star Kyle Brandon.

As far as what I like 2 do kink wise, it would b easier 2 say what I dont do since I am into a bit of everything.

Started at 16 when the first guy I lost my virginity 2, tied my face down spread eagle bent my dick down and made me cum. After that I was hooked into the world of kinky sex. Since then I have been a bottom, a boy and like most with over abundance toys and talent, I moved into the driving position.

This is where I take a boy/pup/bottom ( I dont really care how he labels himself ), as long as I am in control and I can use him as a bondage toy. That means while I always listen to likes dislikes and limits, I take control of the scene.

With a playroom full of gear, most have an idea what there looking 4. Every scene includes bondage struggling moaning and sometimes whimpering.

My most popular toy is the electric milker and fuck machine. While I will b happy 2 wreck a hole, its the bulge that gets most of my attention and eventually I take a load or 2 for my effort. πŸ˜‰

Haha I am sure there are lots who would love to give you that for some time with you in your dungeon πŸ˜‰ Now you like to control. That is not always easy and and a difficult thing to master, as you need to ensure both your and your subs good time. How do you do it with your subby toys? πŸ˜‰

Let me first correct u in the fact, I dont use the term “Master”. For me it represents a complete and full surrender of someones Will. I play to take what I want or force the bottom 2 give what I want. While I completely understand the role play that titles make it clear who has what role, I prefer being Kyle and treating the bottom as an equal.

If there is a form of roleplay its best described as being captured off the street with a rag doused with chloroform and waking up in some insane bondage position and being used. (not abused) Its a rather common fantasy but no, I do not actually use chloroform to subdue a piece of meat.

I make it clear when I play that I take control during a scene and while I do my best at paying attention how a scene is going, I dont let the bottom run the show.

Having plenty experience as a bottom, I know every trick there is 2 hold on 2 control and I become a bit sadistic 2 keep control as the top.

A lot of my scenes include complete sensory control. Taking away someones sight hearing and vocalization which makes it that much more difficult 2 control from the bottom. Although U R correct in asserting it isnt always easy 2 take and keep control. Whether its someones first time playing or they have little experience, it becomes a balance of what they want and how I will take it.

Every scene and every bottom i play with is tailored 2 us both enjoying the scene, although I always make clear theres no guarentee a scene is what exactly they want. If it was, I would rather they find a robot or pay me big bucks to fulfill there needs. In other words, If I cant have control, i get bored quickly and the scene will do a crash and burn.

I happily stand corrected πŸ™‚ and robots are never as much fun. They can never surprise and experiment, and that’s always some of the most exciting stuff in sessions. Wouldn’t you agree? And is there a thing that you’d say is the most pleasurable thing or moment for you as a dom in a session? Or is that difficult to say?

As far as robots go, alot of boys/pups r into the “being converted into a drone” and I am happy 2 take them there with some kewl hi tech toys. Now as for excitement, Its the taste of the unknown and a bit of fear that makes the best scenes.

Its knowing once u get on one of my rides, your on the ride until it ends or falling down the kink rabbit hole, not knowing how far it goes.

And favorite thing, thats actually an easy question. It making someone suffer (in a good way). When I make a bound piece of meat struggle uncontrollably while moaning or whimpering, I know I am in Control of a bound man.

Although almost tied with suffering, is forcing a load or 2 out of them. Not by edging (which as a top I find boring) but when the bottom is in sensory overload and has no say or choice when they cum. Yum.. boy protien, now im getting hungry.

XD I won’t hold you back from getting yourself a snack much longer, don’t worry. Just 2 more questions. 1:What is important for you in a play partner?

The top of the list of importance is being into heavy bondage and looking for a kink memory that will last a lifetime. Secondly (and equally important) is the preference of who turns me on.

Its the younger boy/pup who is lean 2 skinny. Approx my height, (the gear fits better) smooth and maybe a bonus of a big bulge.

Since I have a thing for bulges in jocks or speedos, it makes my deviant thoughts go wild. If you need more details of looks etc, go stand in front of a mirror.

Let me point something out about what is important in a play partner. I prefer quality of play over quantity and its the ones who r looking for more than a scene 2 check off there list. I moved 2 Chicago and post vids in search of a potential 24/7 boy/pup. Although I wont turn down an opportunity if there is a kinky connection.

2. Is there something you havent done to a boy you still want to try out once(besides 24/7 of course), or if not is there a fantasy you recently had the chance to fulfill?

My list is still long on things I want 2 do 2 A boy. Upside down suspension while owning a hole and Securing a boy for a heavy 24 hour bondage scene R A couple.

As for recent fantasies, I have had the pleasure of a few scenes with a boy whos recreation time normally involves a fist or 2.

Taking him in my world and combining heavy hole play seems 2 fulfilling his (and my own) bondage fantasies.

That sounds very hot πŸ™‚ alright, I wont keep you from getting your protein snacks any longer. Thanks for taking some time for us Kyle. It was a pleasure.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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