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What it means to be a Master

I’ll start out with the warning that this essay is purely an opinion piece, mine alone, and your experiences will most certainly be different. I will use the pronouns he and him for the slave, My slave is male.

For Me, one of the fundamental rules I believe is that the slave is in service to the Master, however, the Master is also in service to the slave. The rules of engagement and expectations are very different for each.

I’ll address the concept of the Master in service to the slave at the outset, as that’s the concept that is likely unexpected to some. In My opinion, a true slave is owned, has no assets, limited choices and the modus operandi of the slave is “Yes, Master, as You wish, Master.” For a slave to reach this level, he must know in his core that he’s safe, that he will be cared for, have a place to live, and that his long term future is secure. In the words of My slave, “The rug won’t be pulled out from under him.” My role is to provide that infrastructure to the slave, so that he can bring his best self into service.

I use the analogy of crossing the Grand Canyon. Many submissives can envision the life of being a slave, and from where they stand, it’s far, far away, on the other side of the metaphorical abyss. At this point, the potential slave is excited, and scared. They know what they want, but are not sure how to get there. There are many ways to get to the other side. You can be Evel Knievel and attempt to rocket your way across the Grand Canyon and get on with things. Another approach and the way that I believe will have the highest success rate is to slowly climb down the wall of the canyon, walk across the bottom floor and then slowly climb the wall on the other side. This takes a long time, however once on the other side without crashing and burning, the life of servitude can be enjoyed by both Master and slave. It’s a series of small “baby steps” to get there and takes a long time. It’s been nearly five years since zi agreed to become My slave, and W/we are still on the journey of getting to total ownership with no way out. My role in all of this is to allow the slave to see the potential of what he can have, and at the same time metaphorically holding his hand as he transitions from free man to slave.

The slave is also in service to Master. In this case, My expectations of the slave are fairly simple – that he will do whatever I ask, when I ask, in a reasonable timeframe. While this sounds simple, the slave is not entitled to say no, and often there’s a lot of hidden complications involved in making something look easy. The expectations can be as simple as a request for sexual service, or to be available for play, or more demanding, such as to make changes to his appearance, shaving his head or getting tattoos. The slave, with time becomes even more comfortable with requests, assuming I’ve done My part well, and have allowed him to feel safe in his role.

Being a Master has many rewards, and many responsibilities. In the simplest of terms I am fully responsible for another person, and all of his needs. In return, I have a life-time of devotion from the slave, and he will do anything I wish.

Good luck on your journey – stick with it. It takes time.

Looking forward: Why do I want a slave? There are several facets, one is mentorship, I enjoy sharing knowledge and seeing others grow. One is a pure power play – I very much enjoy having someone that will do what ever I wish.
When is slave training and development done? Short answer is never – it’s the journey not the destination. I’ll expand more on these topics in future articles.

Master Zahlen's House
Master Zahlen's House
Welcome, and thank you for taking an interest in Me, My boy and My slave. I’m Brad, and have been a part of the BDSM world off and on for nearly thirty years, and have had My full-time slave approaching five years. Recently a boy has joined Me, and makes Me very happy with this dedication and service to Me. I’ve been asked to write periodic articles for Master Mark as a way of documenting the ZAHLENmen, and to give back to the community. I’ve committed to writing about Me and My men quarterly, there will be something coming out at the start of each new season, with some periodic bonus pieces in between. If you’re interested in seeing more, you can also follow along with U/us on social media or contact us on recon: | |

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