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My Biggest Dream Is To Get Fisted On The Street With A Lot Of People Around

Hi PashaFF. Assplay seems to be really your thing. If you think back, when did you start to push things in your ass and how did that come?

I started putting things in my hole when I was in school. It was an incredible but very pleasant experience. I used all the items (screwdriver handle, banana, cucumber, carrot, etc). I could play with my ass for a few hours locked in the bathroom:)) My hole was burning from such games, but I was very pleased!



Why do you like to get fisted and what makes fisting such an intense feeling?

I like that at this point I am completely owned by my partner. He has total control over me acting through my ass hole! I like the way they ruin my hole. I love to feel like she squishes literally like a real pussy … Sometimes I feel such a buzz that I want all my guts turned out :)) This is a very thrill for me. So same I feel that fists in my hole very humiliating for me – this buzz!

Why do most guys into fisting prefer to get fisted than to fist? And what are in your eyes the sensation a fister gets?

I think, that accepting fist guy receives a certain humiliation (his hole use precisely fists). In addition to the emotional component is very acute physical sensations. This feeling of bursting and the feeling that the hole is about to break-incredible! Fister, me seems, baldeet from his superiority and from moreover that he fully controls his and has full control over his emotions!

What was your best fisting experience ever?

I really like when a partner tears my shorts or panties, then shoves them into my hole and continues Fisting! I love the feel of fabric rubbing against my guts… And again, to feel his clothes at yourself in the ass very humiliating! It’s high! So is the very thrill I get when I get fists on outside the house (in public). I love when people see this show! It’s a very thrill!

What kind of guys are you looking for and do oyu have still some fisting fantasies you want to live out?

My biggest dream is to have Fisting right on the street (in the square). I want a lot of people around. So that everyone can put their fists in me. In the same way that anyone could piss me in the hole or a cumshot in there! It is possible that at this moment I was fixed with a bandage… I dream that from this my intestines had a large prolapse. To barely be able to close my labia :))

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