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Wanking Fantasies: I Would Love To Get Sissificated And Have Sex With My Father

Wanking is the most honest sex you ever do. It is the sex you haven’t to take care about the needs of others so you just think about what you like, what your desires and needs are. That’s the reason why I start today to talk with people about wanking fantasies. I know it is a topic in which we will get confronted with weird things but is that a reason not to talk about. Of course not all fantasies should become reality, some because they are illegal others because they are to weird. But let us watch a little behind the facades of kinky people and their dirty minds. Today we’ll start our new series about wanking fantasies with a cute Brazilian pussyboy.

Hi Apolo. We are in the middle of LOCKTOBER. Is the little pussyboy wearing a chastity device this month?

I never wore a chastity. I think it would be hard for me since I’m a sicko wanker.

Apolo Sanchez


Brazil Central

Oh … I’ve known that you run behind every dick, the bigger the better. But you are also a guy who loves to wank? How often do you wank normally?

At minimum twice a day. I normally wake up horny as fuck everyday. So I chase some guys to do sexting with me talking about the most diverse things. That’s the first time a day I cum. And of course without having rescued my balls from the heavy load they have got during the day I can’t sleep normally.

At minimum twice … and what is your record?

I remember I’ve been masturbating 7 times in a day being a kid. That was as I have found my father’s porn magazines he hid in his closet. He had lot of porn stuff hidden and when I found it, it was like heaven to me. It was all new to me but it was super horny.

Just as kid or do you still have such hard wanking attacks nowadays?

Nowadays I’m more calm and twice a day is enough haha. But my wankings can take 4 hours. I love to masturbate for hours so that my balls become really full and start to hurt. I accumulate the lust and that makes me more and more kinkier. At the end I really love this heavy release with an explosion full of cum.

I see you’re more into quality than quantity now. 🙂 As I’ve told in the introduction, wanking fantasies are the most honest sex as you just have to take care about your own needs. Are you just a porn wanker or do you also love to follow your own fantasies while you’re wanking?

As I said I’m a sicko wanker. Started out my sexuality really young so now I can say it needs more than a conventional porn scene to achieve my pleasures. So sometime I have to use my darker side and fantasize about unusual things.

That sounds interesting. Yes you have told us in your last interview that you have been an early bird with your first sexual experiences 🙂 But now the interview is becoming interesting. Let us talk about the darker sides and fantasies you have. What about are they in genereal?

Incest, zoo, rape, domination ….

Oh that’s really not the usual program. Let us talk a little about your fantasies. You have told us that your first sexual experiences have been with your cousin. Are that the incest fantasies you still have?

Yes you’re right. I’ve lost my virginity with my cousin. Probably that is also the reason why I’m more open to this topic than others. But to be honest, it’s not my cousin that’s the guy I’m really thinking about in my dirty wanking fanasies. It is my father!

One day I went to my parents bedroom and saw him showering with his dick hard as a rock and pulsing. It was big and he’s black so it excites me even more. I ran to my bedroom and I’ve started to wank like crazy. I was shaking full of adrenaline. It was the first time I saw my dad’s penis and I loved it.

I’m a little confused. For most of the people there is nothing more asexual than the own parents but you’re telling us that you love to see your fathers dick? Is it just because it is big and black or what else is the attraction of it?

It’s all together. I love the fact that desiring my father’s cock is a taboo. To desire the dick which has produced me makes me feel dirty and I like to be dirty. I know most of people aren’t attracted by people who are so close to them but I do. Of course I’m a dick lover and I’m a size queen but I love my fathers dick. And sometimes I let the door of my room open when I’m playing with my dildos so that he can hear the moans of the faggot he has produced.

To be honest just to think about a dick, probably in my case an ass, don’t make me horny at all. I hate in chat rooms if people are sending me their dick pics. That is not horny … that’s just boring. So is really your fater’s dick the fantasy or is it more?

Listen, my father really loves to watch tv on the couch. I often fantasizes about what would happen if I would go to the living room, just wearing a towel, let it drop and show him my butt to present him my hole. Or how he would react if i would walk around with my hole plugged just wearing a thong so that he can see the volume of the toy in my ass.

Would he start to play with my hole, would he let me go down on my knees to suck his big meat and would he spend me the same load he shot many years ago into the vagina of my mother?

Ok, just to be sure …. that are all fantasies and it never happened. Am I right? And I can’t imagine that you really would like to make it happen. Or am I wrong?

I would love to make it happen. I feel my pussy needs his dick but it depends on him. 🙂 As long as it don’t happen I love to fuck with guys who could be my dad.

OK …. too much information … Let us change the topic … lalalalala …. Disneyland, peter pan, unicorns, … lalalala …. fairies, pony yards …. uff fairies and pony yards … seems we are back to the topic of the interview. But I really prefer to talk about the fairies or better about feminisation. 🙂 What is the attraction of it to you?

I have a huge turn on about being a girl in sex. Having a real man treating like his girl, putting me on girl’s clothes, talking about my pussy. Treating my ass hole like a vagina itself. To assume he is superior, the man. And I’m just a hole. Actually operating my dick into a vagina is a dream to me.

I understand that a bottom like you sees it as advantage to have a hole more. But that sounds like you’re transexual. Do you think you’re in the wrong body or do you just want to have a hole more? Do you watn for example also titts?

Can be. Not fully a trans thing. I don’t wanna have titts. I enjoy being gay, but it turns me on when it comes to sex to have another hole but at the same time I want to have a masculine body. I’m a total bottom so I kinda envy ladies when I watch heterosexual porn and see how man can use them to the fullest. In this way I’ve to say that I’m a fem in sex.

What means it to you if you say that you are a fem in sex?

Assuming the opposite position of the alpha man. He’s superior, dominating virile man using my pussy. I love to obey and feel used.

Of course that is not the way I think a woman should be seen nowadays but in my wanking fantasies I am the type of women of ancient times. I’m the fragile part of the relationship. I need to be protected but at the same time I’m there to serve, to please and to be used for his pleasure. The man is the boss and I’m existing to satisfy him in all aspects of life. It doesn’t matter what I want, if he is happy I’m too. But please don’t confuse my wanking fantasy with my way of seeing women in real life. 🙂 A modern women has to be strong and independant. But in my wanking fantasies I’m definitely not a modern woman. I’m submissive, inferior and taking care about all needs of my man.

Are you a bitch in your dreams? Should your man share you with others without asking you?

Absolutely. I dream being in girl’s clothes while he’s in the couch watching tv with his friends and I’m serving them food and beer while they do man stuff. And then he starts to humiliate me like spitting beer on the floor and ordering me to clean with my mouth. And tells me to clean his friends shoes with my tongue asking me if cleaning isn’t what a woman should do. My orders are to make his friends feel good. Strip in front of them and I’ll beg them to fuck me. But it is my man who decides.

I love the idea of being abused. It is degrading to be just a hole, that your own needs aren’t important but it turns me on. Sometimes I’ve asked myself if I would like to be beaten. I haven’t such experiences yet.

In my wanking fantasies I want to be the type of women who’s husbands should be punished and castrated in real life. But that are my wanking fantasies. Fuck yeah, I just want to be seen as a walking vagina.

Ok. That are some of Apolo’s wanking fantasies. If it would be good to live them in real life is another question. Important is, that in real life consent has always to be given and it should be legal and not injure and offend others. But it is nice to see, how weird all of us can be in their imaginations. I just want to end this interview with the first line of an old German song written by Hoffmann von Fallersleben: Thoughts are free … who can guess them? … and probably we should amend that nobody should judge them. Aren’t we all a little bit weirdos?

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