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Remember when your ass peed on that guy’s floor after you removed your e-stim plug?

One of my long term off radar kinks was electro stimulation. I had known about its existence but could not figure out what it felt like. Nor why people should be so crazy about it.

My first BSDM sessions took place with a couple in Germany. They had some sort of wand that would produce a short but intense electric shock on my skin. Apart from looking snazzy the toy did nothing to excite me. It just produced a type of pain that to me was no more arousing than an insect bite.

Shortly after I landed at a straight guy’s little dungeon. He likes to dress up as a rubber lady wearing way too much makeup. Madame was not only gifted at creating her own toys and gear, a true handyman – she also knew how to use her rather impressive stock of various items.

One of her toys was an e-stim plug. I had never had such an item up my ass, it felt totally new and rather interesting. I later figured that the funky plug had been one of the best moments during that session. She did complain however that I was a pussy because she couldn’t flog me as hard as she had wanted.

The following occasion was with a bondage play partner I sometimes visit. He’s got a tiny apartment but made great use of his space by putting in wall bars. He also showed me a new e-stim device he had ordered, along with a plug. That day my ass accidentally peed on his wooden floor. But let me explain.

It had been a terribly boring afternoon and horny me was lounging in my living room watching porn when the thought of pissing in my own ass crossed my mind. So I peed into a container and shot my own urine through my hole. It felt okay, but well, I suppose you have to use someone else’s pee for the real experience. However, for the first time in my life I was actually able to piss through my asshole. Which is what I was doing, when bondage play partner texted me. He seemed bored as well so we decided to team up.

I had long rinsed the inside of my ass when I arrived at his and he showed me his plug. I insisted on him inserting it into me. Then he bound me well and turned the device on while edging me. A wonderful feeling, at least the ass part. Unfortunately he is not half the edger as he is a bondage expert, but what have you? Still felt good.

When he, or rather I, was finished, he untied me and I slowly pulled out the plug. The same second a surge of what looked like water exited my cute little hole pouring over my hand and on the floor. Unfortunately some remains of my urine had developed quite a stench in there, and triggered by the e-stim and gravity it had decided to flush out. No sooner than this had happened his bedroom smelled like a gay club’s bathroom at 5 AM. I was like: Oops. That didn’t go as planned.

Honestly, it was totally fucking embarrassing. I mean, he invites this guy over who not only pisses on his bedroom floor but actually uses his ass to do so? Wasn’t my best performance. I panicked to clean it up before his mind could figure out what had really just happened.

Luckily such nonsense has not happened to me since that day. I am still a newby at e-stim and keen to figure out more. Since then I have been in a talented dom’s good hands making perfect use of not one but actually two E312 at the same time. He was quite impressed at how much power I could take through the plug.

So let’s say: I’m getting there with e-stim. Still a lot to discover. But no more peeing on anyone’s floor. Unless they beg me to. But I’d probably use my dick next time.

I don’t particularly enjoy sniffing sox, rubbing my penis against sneakers or licking armpits. So I never thought of myself as a kinkster for the longest time. Until I finally went off category while watching porn – and realized what the world hat to offer beyond Belami. I went out to try bondage, cbt and such and fell in love with it. Finally I ran into MasterMarc again. Having known him for more than I decade, I have always totally overlooked who he really was. As to myself? I’ve been a writer half of my life and am more than glad to put my keybord to good use for the benefit of and their wonderful readers out there (as long as MasterMarc lets me use his playroom every now and again).

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