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To Cum Or Not To Cum, That Is The Question

Hi Nicky, I’ve to say I really love your illustrations. You have the talent to get with your sketches to the heart of several kinks. It seems that you know exactly about the feelings the boys on your pictures are enjoying or suffering … or is that the same? Let us talk about your needs and desires. What are you into?

Thanks! I have a lot of interest in BDSM. I love the power exchange, humiliation, degradation, objectification. Many facets of control (or rather lack of). I’m a submissive, a pup, and am locked in chastity most of the time. My productivity with drawing actually goes up quite a lot when I’m locked, one of its many perks. I should probably channel it into making art more often.

Also, bondage and a ton of other stuff. I find my interests are always expanding, as I think they do with many experimental kinksters. Like, you see a kink on Tumblr or somewhere else over and over, and you get more and more interested until one day you realise you’re into it.

My productivity with drawing actually goes up quite a lot when I’m locked, one of its many perks.

This kind of development is normal in kinks. In the horniness of the moment, gates can get unlocked and opened which seemed to be closed for all time. By watching your illustrations, I’ve seen that cum seems to have a special attraction to you. For vanilla guys, sperm is the climax but also the end of action. What is sperm and the moment a top cum for you?

Cum is amazing, I love seeing it in art, and just in general. I think in the vanilla world cum is often the finale, yeah. But I definitely don’t view it that way. Cum can be the beginning of things, like post-orgasm torture. Or an accidental/ignored side effect midway through a scene, like a locked boy cumming from being fucked. I also think cum is just a great indicator to show what has happened in a situation. For example, you see someone bound, exhausted, with a raw cock and cum everywhere, you know they’re enduring a thorough milking. A guy with cum all over his face or leaking out his ass, you know he’s been used well. Also, cum is definitely aesthetically pleasing, and it has this unique consistency that makes it sooo fun to draw. I really have to resit the urge to include it in every drawing. 

The Master’s Cum is a sign that you did a good job.

Most of the cum in your illustrations is the cum of tops. How important is cum as reward in your eyes?

I think it’s pretty important, at least to boys in submissive roles. Having a top get good use out of you or to please one well enough that they cum is a sign that you did a good job, right? I’m sure every boy would be happy to have a guy blow over their face or inside them, I certainly would. That being said, it’s always fun to think of a boy who really does not like cum, and never gets used to it. Provides some good humiliation opportunities then I think.

How important is the ejaculation of slaves? Do you think it is important that slaves cum too?

Depends on the individual dynamic, but generally speaking, no. I really don’t see the point in it. Perhaps a painful, unpleasant, forced milking every so often to maintain good health could be necessary? But I’m a big supporter of chastity. Improves mood, motivation, of course arousal and horniness, and makes one a lot bolder. Not to mention amps up willingness and enthusiasm. Who would ever want a sub or slave to cum, when they can be a constantly desperate, leaking, horny mess, ready to be taken advantage of basically any time? No I don’t think slaves should cum, on the contrary they should not be able to, and in an ideal world have any release they do have as unpleasant as possible, to sort of condition them in a way and change their associations with what ejaculating is for them. Though this is more so my own desires coming through now haha.

Hehe, I agree with you. 🙂 I like also your statement, that if boys cum than they should be forced in an unpleasant way to do it. Btw. it seems that enforcement is also one of the feelings which people can feel by watching your illustrations. Why do you love to show your boys in situations they are forced to?

I personally love being forced, so I guess that shows up a lot in stuff I draw because of that. I think relinquishing power is very hot, and having it forcibly taken or to be denied control is a very powerful process. A complete lack of control sparks really intense emotions and arousal for me. Even if it’s something as simple as a forced blowjob, the lack of control is still there. Also, it’s a little challenging, and fun to draw too. Setting the task of capturing the look on a boy’s face as he has a dick rammed in his mouth (or different looks throughout the scene, as I have drawn once) is a really fun process. I’m slowly improving with drawing, and I try to capture emotion well, so it’s represented accurately, so the person looking at the drawing can hopefully understand what the boy is experiencing. 

As I have told you, it is something people can feel if they look at your drawings. And for me, it was clear, that you personally love to be forced as much as you love to get punished. Don’t you?

 After having disappointed a Dom a Punishment makes you feel better.

You are correct, yes. Well, maybe not being actually punished. I’d hate to disappoint a Dom, I would feel so awful. Though in that regard a punishment kind of makes one feel better about their wrongdoings I feel. However, yes, punishment for the sake of punishment, I am very much on board. A Dom hurting, abusing, humiliating and degrading me just because he wants to, finds it fun, or for his own entertainment/amusement? Sign me up!

Hehe, don’t say that, or you will get a waiting list of Doms who are looking for their amusement. 🙂 Btw. what kind of new art projects are you planning, and where can people find your artwork?

A boy would be so lucky, haha. I have a lot of art coming, I have a portrait of a master and some subservient boys that’s almost done. Also, I have waiting to paint the next poster in a series I’ve planned, the first one was “Good Boys Swallow” which I did a while back. That one ended up being quite modern looking, though, I sorta changed theme toward the end. But now I’m going back to my original intended theme, which was sort of like propaganda posters. Next up is “Good Boys Stay Locked” with a cheerful locked boy. Also, maybe in the series some product ads, fantasy ones of course, like a miracle formula to stop ejaculation or prevent erections, a wonderful milking machine, that sort of thing. Additionally, advertisements for things like boys for use and the like. I also have some quick stuff like I just sketched out a “locker room urinal” scene I’ll post soon. That’s just what’s underway right now, I have a whole growing list of ideas I’m excited to get to! Time is my enemy for sure.

I post all my art to my Tumblr. Also, I have got requests for prints, so I just made those available on society6. And made some bonus stuff too in case anyone wanted, which I am finding super fun! It would be weird to post a mug on my Tumblr, but it’s fine to do it there haha.

You’re doing a great work and I hope that we can see much more of your illustrations in the future and that you’ll present them on KINKFINITY too. Last short question – short answer: Are you a good boy?

I’d like to think so, yes.

Then shut-up and swallow!


1995 | 180 cm | 72 kg
Cambridgeshire (UK)

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