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There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Inferior And Enjoying Serving Someone

Today I’m talking with a nice boy studying in Berlin. He is calling himself a Fagslut, but at the same time he says that he is shy. 🙂 That sounds like an interesting combination and I have really to know more about him.

Hi boy, if I visit your twitter I’ve to say that I can hardly believe that you’re really a shy boy and that you’re not outgoing. A shy Fagslut … how does that go together, boy?

Ui … I think to explain to you that I’ve to start in my childhood. I started to play with myself more or less at the age of 13. With 15 I’ve done my first real live dates with other guys. If you are a small 15 years old boy it is really hard to find guys who really would fuck you hard. They have been to tender with me. So I spent a lot of time on chatting websites. That has given me a little more self-confidence so that I’ve started to caming and to do my little own videos. You’re outgoing on cam, but still for yourself and safe.

Nowadays, I’m dating more and more in real life … but I’m still not really outgoing. I’m a shy guy, and it is difficult for me to get in contact with people I don’t know in bars or clubs. To be honest, at the moment I try to force myself to be more outgoing. But it is a real slow process. For me, it is much easier to get in contact in the virtual world than in the real one. And please don’t believe that I’m not a friendly and nice guy! 🙂

I think internet has been the first place many of us got connected to other kinksters and during the last years caming have become very popular. Of course, it is a way to live your kinks but remaining at the same time in the safe environment of your own room. But now as you know also the “real” kinkster world do you prefer cam action or real action?

I still like both. Cam is real fun. I love to see the other reacting to the show I offer and you can meet so many people you would never be able to meet in real life. I also see cam time as training. People in real life are often surprised what fits into my ass, how much pain I can take, and also my obedience surprises them. Meanwhile, real life action has always priority and I try to become more slutty recently.

The pushing of limits in combination with being forced is a big turn on for me even if it isn’t an enjoyment.

You’ve mentioned pain and I know you love different kind of pain but tell us what is for you the attraction of pain?

There are really different kinds of pain. I want to talk about my two main categories of pain I have defined for myself. I call the first category the “skin pain”. If you get a slap on your arm, your face, your ass, I mean such meaty parts of your body, it is just a superficial pain. That is not really what I like. I like it harder!

I like to get kicked and punched. This deeper pain us much more fun for me. And a real turn on is ball pain. It is definitely not easy to get hard ball pain as the testicles are really sensitive. And of course that is the man’s crown jewels … so many tops don’t like to hurt me that way. I think they are thinking more about their own balls in such situations. But I love it and I don’t remember how and why I def get the horny idea of destroying my balls.

But don’t believe that I say a master to stop slapping or biting me. Even if I don’t like it so much like the hard pain, the wishes of the master are much more important. The satisfaction of the master makes a fag boy like me happy.

a real turn on is ball pain

Hehe. Can you describe the pain you get during ballbusting? Why is that kind of pain so great for you and what kind of ballbusting action do you like?

If it is softcore it is kinda enjoyable and i get hard pretty fast with the pain. If it gets harder i have to start focusing on my master’s enjoyment and tell my brain to take it like a fag because he is enjoying and as a slave you don’t need to enjoy every moment. To give pleasure to someone is really a turn on for me.

I love to see a smile on my master’s face when I’m taking the pain he gives to me

I don’t know how to describe the pain … but i can tell you some results I’ve had to face after such sessions: Sometimes my balls got big and hard like stone. I’ve had to wait a longer time until they get again smaller and soft. Sometimes I just squeeze them hard to accelerate this process. If it is really a long-term ballbusting my sack becomes blue and i get stomach ache. Of course, I have also more extreme experiences, but I want to explain you the common effects.

I can say that as more as I have trained my balls as more fun, ballbusting is for me. I think if I start to train my back and ass for spanking and whipping, i’ll also learn to enjoy it. 🙂 Short time ago a master told me, that I’m not bad in it for a guy, who says that he doesn’t like it. But I want to be better than “not bad”. To be honest, at the moment it is also a perfect punishment for me if I’m a bad boy just because I don’t like it. 🙂

Means that you can enjoy something you don’t like if you see that your Master is enjoying it?

You’re totally right, Sir. I love to see a smile on my master’s face when I’m taking the pain he gives to me. His satisfaction is my goal. The same is valid for dirty play. Of course as everyone also I have some limits, but I love if a good master tries to push them. This pushing in combination with being forced is a big turn on for me, even if it isn’t an enjoyment.

I Don’t like the taste of pee but I like to be forced to drink it directly from the tap

What kind of dirty play are you talking about?

In general, I don’t really like the taste of pee, but I like to be in the situation in wich I HAVE to drink it directly from the tap. It is a love-hate I have. Like also with unshowered bodies or to lick my master clean after he has fucked me hard. That’s sooooooooooooo hot! I have several experiences also with licking the master’s shoes or to lick up the master’s spit from the street. I have even experiences with scat.

So do you like the dirty action or do you like to be forced to dirty action? Or do you like both?

Both I would say. I like to be forced for anything 🙂 Before the interview you’ve asked me, if i would like to be also a slave in life. The idea made me hard and I would love to be forced to this position … a position in which my master controls even my private and social life.

It seems that to feel inferior and humiliated is your main kink. How would the perfect life who really fits to your needs and desires look like?

Oh, that’s a hard question! I’ve never really thought about. But yes, I like to be inferior because it is nothing wrong being it and enjoying serving someone for his happiness!

I’ve had a vanilla relationship, a guy I really loved, and we still have a good relationship, and I’ve seen what I’m capable to give if I love someone. If I had a master I love as much or even more and if he is able to give me the feeling of real trust and if I feel protected then I’ll be able to give up everything to make him happy … my privacy, some level of social life, my financial freedom etc. I would do everything for him even if he would rent me out.

I really would like to have such a relationship in wich I have to submit step by step more and more. In such a situation, I just want to make him happy. I think that is a natural desire of me I have been born with. I really need to find this master who uses me hard but also he takes care about me. I wish that he keeps me in chastity so that I become even more horny for him. So I’m always ready for cocks and i can easily continue to get fucked and to serve hard even after an anal orgasm.

I would be able to give up everything to make him happy

You are totally right if you say that to be submissive is nothing bad. To be submissive or dominant is not something people should be judged about. It are just to different characters and none of them is bad by itself.

Would you like that your Master sees you as partner or as an object he owns?

I want to be both if possible. I tell that because there is also a lot of “normal” life in such an SM relationship, like going out for dinner or for cinema. It has been more than just hard SM sex, which is the connection to my master. But that doesn’t mean that there will be no SM in these “normal” times. I can also be plugged in the cinema, he is allowed also to hurt me outside the restaurant or pee in my beer in the bar. I want him to have the power to use me whenever and wherever as the faggot I am, but I want also to be his partner in the time he doesn’t use this power he has on me.

It is not easy to define what i really want, and I think it is even harder to find the guy who match with my desires. Probably I have to do some compromise as the master would have to do, but that is my ideal relationship, my own little Utopia.

What makes you sure that such a life as slave and inferior, a life without any power and self-determination, would make you happy in life?

I’m not sure, as I don’t have this experience but the experiences I have showed me, that I like it and I may be happy with this kind of life if I love and if I feel protected and if I get his attention.



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