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The Three Main Ingredients For Me Are Risk, Power, And Subversion.


19XX | 1XX cm | XX kg
Melbourne (AU)

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I bought a hood and set up a spreadsheet to decide on a pup name, because I’m a massive nerd ;P

Hey readers, I got a sexy pup here today. Arco, can you tell us a little about yourself? What are your major kinks? What do you all like?

Arf! Thanks for having me. I’m Arco, a 26-year-old gay cis male pup from Melbourne, Australia. When I’m not working you can usually find me playing video games, lifting things and putting them down again, or reading in bed.

As for my major kinks, hmm… Pup play, obviously: I love being in pup space, and the community is great. I’m very into exhibitionism and being naked in places I’m not supposed to be, showing off outdoors, taking photos of my adventures.

And recently I’ve been enjoying the aesthetics and sensations of rope bondage as well as chastity cages (in fact, I’m locked up right now!). Those are a few of my main interests currently, but I’m always keen to explore new activities and fetishes.

How did you discover you were kinky? And how did Arco come to be?

It was a slow burn over several years. Being a horny teenager is a generally confusing time, so I don’t remember a specific moment of anagnorisis or whatever. I would fantasise about losing a bet and being forced to strip in public, or being led around by a rope, that sort of thing.

When I found out about BDSM (because a friend joked about it, I think?) those vague desires sharpened, and I started experimenting on my own. It wasn’t until much later that I did anything kinky with other people.

Since then, I’ve discovered my place in kink communities and learned lots about our varied cultures and histories.

I started pup play at the tail end of 2018, but had heard of it about five years prior. Even then I was enamoured by the playfulness, physicality, and freedom of pups.

After finally attending a mosh run by VIC-PaH, the local pups and handlers group full of incredibly friendly people, I bought a hood and set up a spreadsheet to decide on a pup name, because I’m a massive nerd.

Arco has a double derivation linguistically: it’s a corruption of argot (slang) and 阿狗 (a term of fondness for a dog).

I favoured the /k/ phoneme to emphasise the stress on the first half as trochaic names are more fun to say.

Haha well if you choose a name you’re gonna use for the next few years in a community, it makes sense to put some thought into it 🙂 You said you like being naked in places you’re not supposed to be 😉 Is that what makes exhibitionism so exciting for you?

Definitely. The main three ingredients for me are risk, power, and subversion. The thrilling vulnerability of being totally naked in a public place heightens my senses and puts me in an adventurous headspace. I might walk far away from my clothes while jacking off. There’s a feeling of being simultaneously in and out of control as I recontextualise a space with my nudity and walk the line of what’s socially acceptable.

All this requires thinking through ethics and risk management, and doing appropriate preparation. I’ve stepped on the wrong side of the line before; it was irresponsible. Now I keep this stuff in the front of my mind when planning my exploits (even when they’re spontaneous). Having other people come lend a helping hand is best, as they can serve as lookout, cameraman, and audience. Or they can get naked with you!

…Oh and now that I think about it, the fourth ingredient might be documentation. I really enjoy trying to capture in a photo or video the way I feel when I’m exposed: sexy, daring, playful. Images of naked guys in public really turn me on, and it’s exciting to know that other people might find the same pleasure in my adventures.

Was the anonymity you get online with the pup hood when exhibiting yourself also one of the reasons you felt attracted to it?

It’s a convenient upshot! Though I’ve had a couple of friends recognise the hooman behind the hood. (To those friends: don’t tell my parents.)

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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