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The Slave Show (24)

It was fun to watch the two lads race each other around the course.  They were not experts, but that didn’t seem to matter: the sight of their lithe young bodies more than compensated for the lack of skill. In fact, it made it even more interesting on some parts of the course, as they really had to use their muscles to actually make it all happen, in a way that the more experienced slaves did not.

I forgot who won – or perhaps it was that they kept on going back to re-try parts of the course that they felt they were failing at, so it ceased to be a real competition.  Or perhaps it was that neither of them really wanted to win, or to lose, as they were scared of what might be the consequences, given the discussion we’d had about how the slaves bet their arses on the outcome of races!  And afterwards, as they stood there all muddy and panting with their exertions, they were both smiling hugely, and kind of holding on to each other to remain standing.  I again asked them if they wanted to use my shower, but they threw a glance at each other and then said no, as they’d go into the slave showers as “it was probably more interesting”.

It seemed that Shane and Jason took themselves off for a pizza or something after that, as they didn’t appear at supper than night, and as I had Joe in bed with me, I have to say I thought no more about them – it had been exciting to see the two young bodies together, but with Joe’s strong muscular body at my beck and call, I had other things on my mind!  I went over to the house for breakfast as usual the next morning, Saturday, and as I was sitting there waiting for Julie to finish cooking my fried eggs to go with the bacon and sausage and black pudding, and chatting to Dan about items in the news, Shane came down the stairs – followed by Jason!

Shane was in his usual weekend “breakfast” gear – his boxer shorts and a loose T; but Jason had dressed in the shorts and loose T he’d worn when he arrived the previous night.  Both lads looked freshly showered as their hair was still damp, and there was that whiff of soap in the air.

“Dad, mom…”, Craig began hesitantly, but with his voice rapidly firming.  “This is Jason.”

Julie turned from the cooker and smiled.  “Oh…. What do you like for breakfast, Jason?  We’re always pleased to see Craig’s friends…. But I hope that camp bed wasn’t too uncomfortable!  We always tell Shane he ought to use it and let his friends use his bed, as they’re guests…..”

Jason looked really uncomfortable.  “Could I have bacon and egg, please?   And there was no problem with the bed, honestly….”

“….because Jason did sleep in my bed”, Shane added, his voice now strong and confident.

“The boy’s learned some manners at last, Steve!”, Dan commented, looking over the morning paper at the two lads as they still stood there on the stairs.

“Jason was in my bed with me”.  Shane’s voice rang out, and there was a stunned silence in the kitchen, as if everyone was doubting what they’d heard.  And he added, as if to drive the point home, “Jason’s my boyfriend.  We’re an item….”

Julie’s look had to be seen to be believed.  Dan stood up abruptly, dropping his paper.  “What do you mean?”

“Jason and I slept together.  Had sex.  We’re together, boyfriends.  How much plainer do I need to be?”

“You had sex?  Here, in this house?  With another man?”  Dan’s voice was rising rapidly, so much so that he was shouting at the end.

“Dan, calm down”, Julie pleaded.

“No son of mine is going to fuck in this house until he’s married.  Properly married, that is….”

“Dad, please, you’re so old fashioned….. I’m sixteen, and old enough to do what I want!”

“I will not have a son of mine going with another man, and especially not in this house, with your mother and brother here….”

“So, OK, I’ll go over to Steve’s – he said Jason and me can use his place….”

Dan turned on me in fury.  “You encouraged this?  You knew this was going on?”

I looked down slightly.  I could hardly lie, could I? “Dan, calm down, will you?  Shouting and ranting isn’t going to make it any better.  I knew ‘it was going on’, as you put it, in the sense that I knew Shane was unhappy, and asked him about it, and he told me it was because he liked Shane. And I recommended he resolved it….”

“….by fucking with another boy?  And in this house?”

“Dan!  Calm down, will you?  This isn’t helping….”

“My son starts to do unspeakable things with another lad, and in my house, and all you can say is that you ‘recommended he resolved it’?”

“It was you and Julie who were going frantic about his falling grades, his change of mood….  I did at least try to see what was the problem….”

“…. And told him to fix it by fucking his friend! You’re an idiot, Steve, you know that?  Meddling in things you know nothing about….”

Although Jason was standing there looking bashful and clearly sincerely wishing this had all not happened, Shane looked thoroughly pissed off.  He broke in “Dad, will you stop it?  That’s always your problem – always making assumptions about the way everyone else ought to do things… You’re doing it now, again…. I’m tired of it, and I need to live my own life.  I’m sixteen, and capable of making my own decisions….”

“I don’t make assumptions about the way people act…..”

“You do, dad!  Just listen to yourself!  You’re so pissed off that I’ve got a boyfriend with whom I’ve had sex that you assume it’s me fucking him!  You don’t even stop to ask if it wasn’t Jason fucking me! He is older than me, you know…..”

“Shane, I will not have this kind of disgusting talk in front of your mother!”

“It’s not disgusting, dad.  It’s perfectly natural. I’m sixteen, Jason’s eighteen, and that’s what men of our age do, dad…. We have sex.  And we’re going to carry on having sex, as I love Jason, and he loves me….”

“You will not have sex with another lad.  That stops right here and now.  It’s disgusting….”

“Dad, stop it!  You’ve no right to say that.   You don’t own me, I’m not a slave.  And you don’t control me any more – I’m sixteen, and I make my own decisions…. I love Jason, and that’s all there is to be said.”

“You little pervert!  I never thought I’d hear a son of mine say he’d love another man….”

Dan was almost apoplectic with rage by now, and the veins in his temples were throbbing.  Julie was looking terrified, not because of what Shane had said, but because of the expression on Dan’s face and the way he looked as if he might have a heart attack or something!  I got to my feet, and pushed Dan back a little, getting my body in-between him and Shane as I thought he might otherwise rush at the lad and hit him.

“Dan, calm down!”, I snapped.  “Come on, cool it….”

“It’s disgusting, Steve…. A son of mine, a poofter….”

“Dan, cool it, right?  You’ll only regret saying things like this later.  What would you rather happened?  Would you rather Shane and Jason carried on clandestinely?  Because a lot of lads would, you know – they’d be terrified of what their parents would think.  At least Shane has had the courage to come out and say what he’s doing…. He respects you and Julie enough to know that he can do that”  I looked at Dan straight in the eyes and went on “A lot of men a lot older than Shane wouldn’t do that, you know!  A lot of men are always too scared to admit they love another man…..”  I gave meaningful stares as I said this, and I think Dan got the message, as I went on “You ought to be pleased that you’ve brought up a son who’s not afraid to tell his parents about something like this.  You ought to be glad that he trusts you and Julie, and that he knows he can bring his boyfriend here!  If he were my son I’d be proud that he did this, and I wouldn’t be ranting around like some madman.”

Dan stared back at me, and slumped down into a chair. Finally, he muttered “I’m sorry, son.  It was just a bit of a shock, that’s all.  Perhaps Steve’s right.” He got to his feet as he said this, and went over and hugged Shane.  Then, perhaps just a bit more gruffly, held out his hand and shook Jason’s.  “And welcome to our home, Jason…  It sounds as if we might be seeing a lot more of you…”

“Thank you, sir….”, Jason stuttered, blushing.  “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would cause all this trouble…. Shane said you’d understand…. I wanted to go home last night, but he said it would be OK to stay….”

Julie went over to him “Any friend of Shane’s is always welcome here, Jason.  And as Dan said, it’s a bit of a shock, after all….”

We all sat down then, and a silence fell over the table as we ate breakfast, using the excuse of chewing the food to avoid making conversation.  Finally, Shane broke the silence.  “As it’s the morning for revelations, mom and dad, I suppose I’d better tell you about something else I’ve decided.  I’m leaving school at the end of the term, and….”

“You will not!”, Dan roared.  “You are staying on, and going to university….”

“Dad, listen, will you?”  Shane sounded angry now.  “I am not staying on.  I am not going to university….”

“Your lover boy wont be able to support you, you know!  He’s only eighteen….”

“Dad!  Shut up, will you?  Let me explain!  No, Jason won’t be supporting me, as he is going to university. To Cambridge, in fact, as he’s pretty bright, and that’s one of the reasons I love him.”

“You stupid young idiot!  So I suppose you think you’ll be working to support him! There won’t be any jobs for men without degrees…..”

“Dad, will you shut the fuck up, and listen, for once?  I’m leaving school as I’ve been offered a trial with Manchelsea.  They saw me playing for the school, in the top team, and they think I’ve got talent.  As soon as I can legally leave school, I’ve got kind of an apprenticeship with them….”

“You arranged all this without telling me?”

“Dad, I knew you’d say no!  So what was the point of telling you?  I’m a man, dad, and I’ve got my own life to lead.  I know you anted me to go to uni, like you did, but  I want to play football, dad – I’m good at it, some would say fucking brilliant!  Some dads would be proud of having a son with as much talent and skill as I have, but all you want is for me to go to uni…. Well, I’ve got to do what suits me, dad….. And Manchelsea is in the European Super League, ever since Chelsea and Manchester merged, and it’s the best in the country….”

“Hey, Shane, that’s great….”, I cut in.  “Amazing! Andy’s always going on about how well they treat their players, and he knows about stuff like that…”

“Sure, Steve.  It will be tough – I’ve got to go and live near their new training grounds at Milton Keynes as they like all the apprentices to be close to the Club, and that will make it hard to see Jason…  But he and I talked about it last night, and with him going to Cambridge, it means that we’d probably only see each other in vacations and once a month otherwise…. We love each other, and we can survive….”

“Survive just long enough until those Manchelsea players find out you’ve got a boyfriend, you mean!”. Dan’s mood had turned sour again.  “They always look like proper men to me, their wives and girlfriends are always in the papers…”

“Dad, listen to yourself!  ‘Proper men!’  What’s a ‘proper man’, dad?  Someone who knocks up a girl as soon as he can so he can breed, then runs off and does it with another one, and all that crap?  Or someone who’d honest about loving another man?”

I took hold of Dan again, as he looked as if he was going to make another move towards Shane. “Dan, cool it!  Come on…. You aren’t going to resolve this by shouting.”

“Let go of me, Steve!”

Instead of doing that, I tightened my grip on him. “Dan, come on, come outside with me, and let’s try to simmer down.”

Before he could protest, I almost propelled him out of the door.  In the yard, he was shaking with rage.  I held on to him, and tried to keep calm as I said quietly “Dan, you’re the last one who can criticise Shane for sleeping with another man…..”

“He’s my son, Steve – I wanted him to be normal, wanted him to have a happy life, not like me…”

I felt something stab through me.  I was wounded, hurt.  A great feeling of sadness swept over me. “Dan, thanks very much! I thought you were happy, happy with us…..”

“How can I be happy when I’m living a life that’s so false?  I have to lie to Julie all the time, my whole life is a lie.”

“You could fix that, Dan.  You know that.  You know I love you, and I want to be with you all the time….”

“I can’t hurt Julie, Steve, and you know that.  And she’d be devastated if I told her that you and I had been fucking….”

“It’s not just fucking, Dan, I love you…”

“Steve, I can’t tell Julie, and that’s final.  So let’s not go there again.”  Once again I noticed he’d avoided using the “L” word in his reply.

“Anyway, you really can’t go on and on at Shane for wanting to be with Jason…. You’re compounding the lie you’re living.”

“But  I can’t just let it happen, Steve…”

“And why not?  It’s perfectly natural for one man to love another.  I love you, after all, and we’re both regular blokes.”

“…and this football stuff… He’s got to stay at school, go to university….”

“Dan, he’s sixteen!  The more you protest, the more he’ll be determined to do what he wants.  He’s a man, a man feeling his power now.  He’s made up his mind to be with Jason – at least for now – and that’s a powerful statement about being his own man.  Now he’s done that, he’s not going to back down about the football thing.  The best you can do is to let him go, and hope that he’s not as good as they think he is so he doesn’t stay the course.  Then you can be here for him when he comes home with his tail between his legs, and help him go back to college or something, get qualifications, go on to university….”

“No, Steve.  It’s not right….”

“Listen, you fucking idiot!  If you fight Shane now, you’ll lose.  Either he’ll have his own way anyway and just ignore you, and you’ve lost.  Or he’ll give in to you – and then you’ve really lost as he’ll always be resentful and disappointed that you ‘spoiled his chances’.  You might win the battle, perhaps, but you’d lose the war!  Can’t you see that a man has to be allowed to make his own mistakes, learn from his own experience?  You can advise him, but you can’t order him.  If you love Shane as you say you do, you’ve got to let him go, got to let him try out his wings and fly for himself.  And I don’t reckon it’s a big problem  – it took huge courage to sleep with Jason last night, and that will carry him a long way when it comes to this football training thing….”

Dan looked at me, and I looked at him.  He seemed calmer, and I let go of him.  We walked back into the kitchen.  Shane was still standing there, his whole body tense, as if saying “fight”.  Julie still looked shocked, and worried about Dan and Shane.  Jason seemed embarrassed, and didn’t know what to say or do, not wanting to step into this minefield of family emotions and problems.

“Shane, your mom and I love you, you know that.  We’ll always love you, whatever you do. I think you’re wrong to throw away your future on this football thing, instead of buckling down and getting a place at a good university… But you’ve got to learn from your own mistakes, and we’ll always be here for you.  I can’t say I like the idea of you being so openly homosexual, but I want you to be happy… And if that’s the way you are, son, then that’s it:  I don’t love you any the less, and you must know that…..”

Shane rushed over to Dan and threw his arms around his neck, and it seemed to me he was on the verge of tears as he whispered “Dad… Dad…..”, and then both men opened their arms to include Julie, who was now openly weeping.

I looked at Jason, who was still standing there, as if frozen.  “So welcome to the club, Jason….”, I said, trying to find something to say.  “I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of you around here now…”

Dan broke off from the family hug.  “There’s only one thing, Shane…. I won’t have you sleeping with Jason in this house!”

“Dad, you’re just fucking prejudiced…. All this love stuff, and when it matters, it’s all a load of bullshit….”

I could see Dan about to blaze in anger again, but he made heroic efforts to cool it.  “No, Shane, it’s not.  Your mother and I do love you.  But you’re not sleeping with Jason in this house – your room is right next to ours, and the walls in these old places are thin….”

“But dad, we’re lovers….  And Jason lives in a tiny flat with his mom and dad, there isn’t room there….”

“You heard me!  Not in this house, OK?”

I stepped forward.  “It’s OK, Shane – when you and Jason want to be together, you can use my place.”

“But what about you, Steve?”

“Oh, it’s OK – I’ll kick one of the slaves out of his bed, and sleep in the barn with them.  It’s no big deal – well, not occasionally, anyway… Didn’t you say Jason’s going up to uni soon, so it will only be weekends and stuff then? And your father and I are away at shows most of the times like that.  Just let me know, and I’ll make sure there slaves put clean sheets on the bed!”

Well, it all seemed to go OK for the rest of the day – Shane and Jason hung around the place exercising, all of us had lunch together, then Shane and Jason and me went over to the barn and watched the football on TV with the slaves, with Andy giving his usual comprehensive commentary.  Shane did start to argue with him about some obscure point of tactics, and Andy even forgot that he was a slave to go as so far as to snap at Shane “So what the fuck do you know about it, anyway?”    After the match was over we all had a good laugh when Shane said quietly to Andy “Actually, I know a lot about it.  I’m going to join the Manchelsea Junior squad next week….”

Andy looked totally gobsmacked, and spluttered “You’re bullshitting….”

“Andy!  Watch your fucking manners!  You’re a slave, remember?”, I snapped at him.  “How dare you question a free man like that!  But it is true – master Shane is going off to Manchelsea, at least for a trial.”

Shane and Jason wandered off after the match – I think they were a bit shy still of being seen to be “together” in company, especially the company of so many strong, clearly masculine men.  I’d kind of assumed Jason would go home that night, and I was pretty tired myself so I let Joe sleep in his own bed, and went to my own alone.  I lay there, naked under the cool sheets, thinking about Shane and Jason and how lucky they were to be able to live the lives they wanted to, unlike how I’d been at their age.  I had just decided that I was never going to be able to get to sleep until I’d done something about my erection, when there was a knock at the door.

I suppose having been a slave makes you less concerned for your own nakedness, as it never occurred to me to pull anything on as I padded across to the outer door, to find Shane and Jason standing there.  “You said that if we wanted a bed, Steve…..”

I motioned for them to come in, and I realised at once that Jason was staring at my hard cock as it jutted out from me.  I felt a bit embarrassed, actually, and I can’t really explain why that was:  after all, we were three men together, and I had been disturbed late at night in my own room – it ought to have been perfectly natural.  But perhaps it was having this handsome eighteen year old looking so intently at me, and eighteen year old who, if he had been a slave, I wouldn’t have hesitated to have fucked.

Shane noticed this “atmosphere” at once, and kind of laughed.  Pointing down at my cock, he asked “Have we disturbed something….?”

“Oh no, I’d decided to have a night without a slave in my bed.  So you’re welcome to it – do you want clean sheets?  I think the domestic slaves changed them this morning anyway and I’ve only been in there about an hour….”

“No, it’s OK – Jase and me are going to be making so much sweat that a bit of yours there already won’t matter.  But are you sure this is OK?”

“Yes – I’ll turn one of the slaves out from his bed in the barn, as I said.  It’s absolutely no problem….”

Without a touch of embarrassment, Shane  put his hand behind Jason’s head and pulled it towards his own, and kissed the lad full on the lips, then I could see his tongue getting to work as the kiss turned to a sensual exchange.  He broke off after what seemed like a long time, and said calmly “OK, Jase, strip off and get into bed….”

Jason looked at me, and hesitated.  “Get a move on! Don’t mind Steve – he’s seen more blokes naked than you’ve had hot dinners….”

It was really interesting to see Jason strip – he had one of those long, lean bodies that are not overly muscled but where there’s no trace of fat at all.  He wasn’t tanned, and there was a suggestion of hidden strength in his long limbs as he pulled his long-sleeved T off, then fumbled around allowing his jeans to slip to the floor.  Actually, I like men with a bit of hair on, and Jason had a pleasing little thicket on his chest, and a straggly trail running past his navel to disappear into the top of his grey cotton briefs – briefs that were stretched at the front, suggesting a cock that would certainly be in proportion to the rest of him.

He went across and slipped into my bed, pulling the covers over him, and lay there as Shane stripped off. As he did so, Shane called out “Jase, you know what I said last night!  I don’t care how you go to bed normally, but when you’re with me I want to feel all of you against me, so get those fucking briefs off, mate!”

Jason looked at him, and then did that sort of shuffling motion that blokes do in bed when they’re trying to take their underpants off when they’re lying down.  His arm emerged from under the sheets and dropped the grey cotton on to the floor.  Andy, totally naked now, strode over to my bed and I just couldn’t help admiring the sheer physicality of the hard, very pronounced muscularity of his bum.  He pulled the sheet right off, so Jason was totally exposed to me as he lay on his back, and I saw that the trail of hair that has been so interesting as it crossed his belly almost exploded into a  huge mass of very black, very curly pubes – a mass that made Jason’s cock at first sight look small, whereas it was in fact perfectly in proportion to the long, lankiness of the rest of him.

“Shane….”, Jason protested.

“Oh don’t mind Steve – as I said, he’s seen more blokes naked than you’ve had hot dinners.  But I wanted him to take a look at you….”.  Turning to me, he went on “I’ve been trying to persuade Jason to trim his pubes as I think this lot it almsot grotesque, and spoils his look…. Don’t you agree?”

“Jason’s not a slave, Shane!  It doesn’t matter what he looks like.”

“Well it matters to me – I like to see a bloke’s cock properly.  And when I feel his balls, I want the warmth of his skin in my hand, not some mass of hair! I keep telling him it would be fun for me to trim him, and then to shave his balls…. And his arse, for that matter…. But he won’t let me.”

“…And I’ve told you, Shane, that I’m not going to”, Jason added.  “All the rest of the team would laugh at me when I was in the showers after a match…. It’s bad enough as it is, with the whole school now knowing that we fuck….”

“Tell him, Steve…. Tell him what he’s missing!  You trim your pubes and shave your balls, I can see…..”

I laughed.  “But that’s only because I used to be on show – I won a lot of trophies, remember?  And habits die hard.  But it’s a personal kind of thing – you need to work it out for yourselves…. And what about you, Shane?  Aren’t you going to do the same, so that when Jason licks you or nuzzles you he doesn’t get hairs in his teeth…?”

Shane gave a sort of shrug.  He clearly didn’t want to debate that, and instead threw off the rest of his clothes and bounded across the room to almost hurl himself down on top of Jason.  I felt so completely jealous – these two young lads were going to have a night of amazing fun and excitement, something I’d never been able to do when I was their age.  I wanted to stay and watch, to see them begin to kiss, and stroke and then go on to fuck, but Shane saw me and called out “OK, Steve…. We’re not ready to give a public show, you know….. Off you go…..” And so I left.

In the barn, Joe and Andy were snuggled up together – Joe was awake and saw me immediately, but Andy was deep asleep, his arms draped around Joe’s neck and his body lying almost on top of the big man.  Before Joe could do or say anything I’d made the couple of strides over to the bed and pulled back the covers, and slapped Andy’s bony arse.  He woke up with a start.

“OK, Andy – go and find somewhere else to sleep – I’m with Joe for the rest of the night.”

He stumbles to his feet, rubbing his eyes as I think he must have been going through one of those interludes of deep sleep, and went off down the barn. I lay down beside Joe, feeling the slightly sweaty skin where Andy had been pressed against him, he curled his arm around me, and I pulled the covers over us.  It felt good to be close to him, and I even vaguely apologised.  “Sorry about that, Joe, but my need is greater than Andy’s – Shane and his mate have had my bed, as master Dan doesn’t like them shagging in the house…”

“Don’t worry, Steve!   Once Andy’s woken up – he’s a really deep sleeper – I reckon we’ll hear some fireworks from whoever he picks.   He’s had his eye on the new slave you bought last week, and has been itching to get his cock up the bloke – it’s only because he always sleeps with me when you’re not using me….”

“Is that how you think of it, Joe?  That I’m ‘using’ you?”

Joe was quiet for a moment to two.  “Steve, I’m a slave, you know that.  And when you want to, you fuck me.  I love Andy, Steve, and I’d much rather be with him, there’s no denying that…. And I reckon you are ‘using’ me as you’d much rather be with someone else, wouldn’t you?”

My heart skipped a beat, as I realised that Joe knew about Dan.  And we’d thought we’d been keeping it a real secret.

“It’s the difference between making  love, and having sex, I suppose.  We all do it, don’t we, Joe? We’re men, after all.  And a man’s needs aren’t always capable of being satisfied by one bloke….”

“You’re right about that, Steve.  Look at Andy – I only want to be with him, and yet the moment he can, he’s off….”

“He’s young, Joe – eighteen now, isn’t it?  You’ve got to expect that.  A man is trying out all the stuff he likes at that age.  But if I don’t need you tomorrow, he’ll be back, won’t he?  You can’t make him come and sleep with you, after all: he must want to…”

I felt so sorry for Joe as an older man so clearly besotted with a young bloke, that  I said all this to try to make him feel better.   Joe thought for a moment.  “I suppose that’s right.  I could force him to sleep with me of course, be he seems willing enough.  And he does need to exercise that cock of his, like all young lads do… He doesn’t get a chance with me, after all…”

“…because you’re always up his scrawny arse!”, I laughed.  “Really, Joe, with all these real muscled guys in the barn to choose from, I can’t understand why you fuck young Andy whenever you can.”

Joe shifted slightly in the bed, and his hand, which had been resting on my cock in that companionable way that a long-time lover’s can, began to stroke me gently to a full erection.  “You’re avoiding the question, Joe…”, I murmured a few moments later as I bit into the soft skin of his neck.  “You think that if I get really aroused I won’t ask you why you like fucking Andy….”

“You’re right,…. sir.  And I won’t ask you why you like fucking me!  There are, as you say, a lot of other really handsome well-muscled guys here in the barn….”

Just at that moment we heard the unmistakable sounds of vigorous fucking beginning, with the slap of skin against skin, and the shouts and cries of pain and ecstasy sounding as if they were being muffled.

“Andy’s away, then….”, Joe smiled.  “The trouble is that he’s so eager, and impatient – well, the first time he cums, at least – and he’s not strong enough to really force the face of one of those strong studs right down into the mattress…. So we’ll have to put up with their noise…..”

Joe carried on stroking me, and bent his head to tease and even bite my nips, and I began to writhe in ecstasy.  Then more noise began, and Joe whispered “He’s woken up some of the others now, and they al want to do it rather than just lying and wanking…..”

“Me, too, Joe….. It’s got me excited as well….”

“Steve, be gentle with me…. Please…..”

Joe saw me looking at him, and added, seeming to be almost embarrassed “I wasn’t expecting you to fuck me tonight, Steve, so I’m not lubed or anything.  And when you get started, you’re a bit like Andy – kind of impatient, to get right in…. No one would ever think you weren’t still in your prime….”

I bit down on his nip now, causing him to give a little shriek and a laugh.  “Now you’ve really asked for it, Joe!  Let’s see what a couple of older blokes can do…..”

It was nice, actually, just to have a bout of really good fucking with a body I knew well and which responded in the ways Joe knew I liked.  It was just sex, of course, not like I did with Dan, but then you wouldn’t expect it to be the same, would you?  Dan’s body was nowhere near as good as Joe’s, but when I was fucking Dan we were lovers.  Joe and I were, well, just buddies, that’s the nearest thing I could say. But not even that, really, as he was my slave.  Still, there’s nothing like a good fuck to make you sleep, is there?  And perhaps we worry too much about this “love” stuff – a good fuck is not a bad substitute for some of it.

The next morning Joe and I showered with the slaves, and I have to say that the one Andy had clearly been with was a real stunner – although he was in his mid twenties he seemed to know that Andy was “the boss” when it came to sex, and he stood there amongst all the others really taking care of Andy, soaping his back, and even going down on his knees to soap Andy’s cock and arse.  He was getting some good humoured ribbing from some of the others, and Andy seemed to be revelling in this as he must otherwise have felt a bit embarrassed amongst all these lusty men with his thinner, scrawny body.  I suppose he got much the same thrill from being seen to be “on top” of this bloke as  he did when he won an agility race.

I wrapped a towel loosely around me afterwards, not of course because I’m ashamed of what I’ve got, but because it’s a bit easier to hide the start of an erection, and strode the length of the barn and went in to my room.  Shane and Jason were still asleep, completely intertwined with each other and with their heads close together. I pulled the sheets off them, and that pang of jealousy went through me again as I saw how they’d contrived to be cock-to-cock.  And they’d evidently had an epic night, as the bed was a wreck – there were cum stains everywhere on the sheets, and they were all crumpled and creased.   It was such a temptation, of course, and  I couldn’t resist it – I slapped both their bums to get them awake, and then stood there pulling my own clothes on as they kind of scuttled around trying, vainly, to hide their morning hard-ons from me.  

To be continued …

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